Sisters-in-law Valentine’s Surprise

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This is a Valentine’s Day contest story. Please vote.


Brother-in-law has a special Valentine surprise for his three sexy sisters-in-law.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the day of love and romance. Only for me, after I seduced my three sexy sisters-in-law, is was a day filled with sex. Payback is a bitch and I paid back my brothers in spades for the way they not only poorly treated me all my life but also how badly they treated their wives over the years.

My three brothers, Paul, Peter, and John are assholes. My Mom is very religious and just because they were named after three of the apostles, who were religious messengers and ambassadors of God, they think they are holier than thou. I’m the baby of my family, my mother had me when she was 42-years-old and my brothers, Paul, Peter, and John were 12, 14, and 16. Don’t laugh, an unplanned surprise, a gift from God, because she thought I was a miracle baby, she named me Jesus. I know, I hated my name when I was a kid but have grown to love it now. If it wasn’t for my three, big brothers protecting me, nailed to a cross by the neighborhood kids, I never would have made it out of high school.

“There’s Jesus! Let’s beat the bejesus out of him.”

We moved to Vegas years ago, when it was the old Vegas, before the real estate boom, before the big, billion dollar hotels were built, and before I was born. Since there’s no personal income tax in Nevada, my Dad saw an opportunity to buy a house for cheap money and to start a business. Much like the wild west, much like the California gold rush, and much like the Alaskan land grab, the state was wide open, back then. No one wanted to live in what was mostly a desert. Except for the strip, which wasn’t even rehabbed with the billion dollar casinos, yet, it was still mostly undeveloped sand.

No offense to God, the Lord Almighty, and to all those people of faith, but this is a true story. Besides, if you’re such a holy roller, instead of a Vegas high roller, and take offense at my story, what are you doing here on a porn site? Never mind. We all know that many of the loudest Bible thumpers are hypocritical closet perverts who think that it’s okay to have extramarital affairs, so long as they are the ones having them and so long as God forgives them, while the rest of us are chastised for so much as having an impure thought.

Anyway, my Dad, Godfrey, his first name, bought a rundown bar. With some paint and repairs, he turned it into a combination strip club, casino, and restaurant. This is Vegas, don’t forget. No doubt, because of how religious my Mom, Mary, was in naming her sons after three of the Lord’s disciples and naming me Jesus, don’t laugh but everyone called my Dad, God. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but my Mom gave all of our dogs, over the years, the same name of Joseph. Knowing how religiously twisted my Mom is, it wouldn’t surprise me if my Mom purposely went looking for a man named Godfrey, just so that when she was having an orgasm, she could call him God.

“Oh, God, God! Oh, God, God! Oh, God, God!”

I always wondered if she called him, Oh, God, God, instead of just Oh, God. Anyway, since everyone called my Dad God and because, no doubt, my Dad poked fun of the fact that there were so many wedding chapels in Vegas, he called his combination bar, casino, and restaurant The House of God.

The House of God is off the strip and in the seedy part of town, but since it’s been there forever, so long as there’s no trouble, it’s given special status and extended courtesy privileges by the Las Vegas police. Not as regulated in the way that the big, mega corporate casinos are by the Las Vegas Gaming Commission, especially back then, my Dad supported the police with kickbacks and payoffs. As did many of the casinos and businesses in Vegas, he helped their families, whenever one of the cops were hurt or killed in the line of duty.

Without looking like a bribe or a payoff, fortuitously winning sudden family vacations or a new car, college scholarships for their children was a good way for casino owners to reward the police for special favors without actually having to give them cash. The police knew that had they stopped turning a blind eye to the illegal activity at my Dad’s House of God, their sudden good luck in winning trips, cars, and college scholarships would suddenly and coincidentally stop, too. Except for the dirty business he was in, married to my mother, Saint Mary, basically he was a good man and a God fearing man. For sure, he was a better man than any of my three brothers, Paul, Peter, and John.

The cops all know there’s prostitution going on at the House of God, but they close their eyes to it, so long as there are no other problems, such as drugs, underage drinking, and violence. Prostitution wasn’t the problem in Vegas then, that it is now with so many freelancers, and as it is in so many other communities, where it isn’t legal. After the legalization of it in Nevada, so long as the state gets their cut, no one complains about selling sex for money.

Never outdoor sex porno having been inside, to this day, my Mom thinks that the House of God is a private gentleman’s club. If only she knew it was a strip joint and worse, if only she knew what really goes on in there, she’d disown my Dad and all of her sons, but for me. Hmm, maybe I should tell her.

So, why are my brothers assholes? Well, for one, they think I’m gay. Constantly teasing me, ragging on me, and gay bashing me, embarrassing me, and humiliating me, they make my life miserable, a holy Hell. Maybe because I’m so much younger than they are, we don’t have the close relationship that my three brothers enjoy with one another. Why do they think I’m gay? Because I won’t have anything to do with their strip club. Like my Mom, I’ve never even stepped foot inside the place. Seriously, wouldn’t it be wrong for someone with the name Jesus to frequent such a place?

In reality, I have no desire to see women humiliate and pander themselves by stripping off their clothes in front of horny men for money. Many of these women are single mothers and for men to use and abuse them, gawk at them, and grope them is just wrong. I have more respect for women than that. Yet, it’s okay that my three brothers think I’m gay and I play up that angle, whenever we’re together, mostly so they won’t ask me to be a part of their dirty business. There’s also another reason why I don’t tell them that I’m not gay. For the sake of ogling my sexy sisters-in-law, I use their ignorance to my horny advantage.

The last reason why the three of them are assholes is because of the way they treat their wives. Always at the club, they are never home. I know they cheat on them with some of the skanky ass women they have working for them. Yet, not making any sense to me, I don’t understand why they’d cheat on their wives. Why have leftover hamburger in the form of skanky strippers, when they have filet mignon in the form of beautiful wives at home is beyond me?

My brothers, all average looking guys, are married to absolutely gorgeous women, my three sisters-in-law, Angelina, Gabriella, and Grace. Understandably, maybe because my Mom is so religious, I wonder if my brothers purposely went out of their way to find women with religious names just to throw my Mom off the track of their House of God shenanigans. It’s so divinely weird how that all worked out for them, finding three women that my Mom adores, no doubt, because their names are Angelina, Gabriella, and Grace.

Sometimes, when we’re all together, because of the religious symbolism that all of our first names have, I feel, as if we’re a religious cult. Only, when it comes to religion and in the sense that their business has nothing to do with a house of worship, but in name, along with their first names, all their names are oxymoronic, that is, except for my name, as I’m the good one in the family. Yet, with me now planning to seduce their wives, my three sexy sisters-in-law, that’s all going to change. In that regard, crossing the sexual incest/taboo line, I’m going to be as big of a bastard, even much more so, than my three brothers could ever be.

Anyway, one sister-in-law is better looking than the other and when the three of them are together, surrounded by three angels, Lord Almighty, I died and went to Heaven. For sure, being that I’m tall and well built with my blonde, curly hair, big, blue eyes, and round cherub face, my Mom must have had sex with the milkman or the mailman because I look nothing like my Dad and don’t look anything like my brothers. My brothers are all short, like my Dad, and have brown hair and brown eyes, again, like my Dad.

Coincidentally, as it so happens, the reverend at our church has blonde, curly hair and blue eyes. Pardon me for being sacrilegious, but I can’t help but wonder if, one day, Mom was trying her best to get just a little too close to God by having sex with Reverend Dick. Reverend Dick and I look so much alike and if my Dad and brothers ever darkened the door of our church, they’d realize that Mom was surely injected with more than just faith, religion, and the holy spirit. She was injected with Reverend’s Dick’s dick and semen for her to beget me.

“Amen! Praise the Lord!”

“Get down on your knees, Sister, and pray with me.”

When I saw the man for the first time, I couldn’t believe the resemblance. Wanting to scream out, “Daddy!”, without a doubt, I know I’m his son. Just as grateful that I look more like Reverend Dick than I do my dad, for sure, I’m glad I look nothing like my brothers. We couldn’t look any more unalike, unless we were Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins. Reverend Dick is a good looking man. Yet, when I think of my mother kissing Reverend Dick and him feeling my Mom’s big tits with her sucking on his cock, before he fucked her and begat me, I get sick to my stomach.

“Eww! Gross. Mom? How could you?”

Even though I wanted to, I never confronted my mother about her obvious affair with Reverend Dick. public agent porno Even though I never asked her if she had sex with Reverend Dick’s Dick, I always suspected she did and now, with me appearing so much alike the man, I know she did. I just have to look in the mirror to see what Reverend Dick looked like when he was my age.

Seriously though, doesn’t Reverend Dick sound like a good name for a flimflam man, a charlatan, or a magician? I can only imagine the line Reverend Dick fed my Mom for her to cheat on my Dad to have sex with him and for him to impregnate her with me, baby Jesus. For sure, my Mom would never have an abortion, thank God, ergo, the reason why I’m here, the spitting image of Reverend Dick.

His real name, of course, is Richard, but everyone calls him Reverend Dick because, I found out later, he has a really big dick. How they all know that he has a really big dick, I have no idea, unless he makes a habit of having sex with all his female parishioners. Come to think of it, there are more than a few blonde, curly haired and blue eyed children in church. Conceivably, they could be my stepbrothers and stepsisters and I may have a bigger, extended family than I ever thought I did. Maybe Reverend Dick thinks it’s his personal responsibility to add to his flock by creating them in his image.

“Surprise!” I imagine him standing in his pulpit to address the congregation. “We have a bigger congregation this year. Three more women in the congregation are pregnant. It’s a miracle! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.”

Anyway, enough about my family history, this story is not about my brothers, my mother, or my Dad. This story is about me having hot, incestuous or taboo sex, however way you consider it, with my three, sexy sisters-in-law.


Fortunately, for me, my sisters-in-law think that I’m gay, too. I’m really loving this ruse. Because they think that I prefer men to women, I get away with murder. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my sisters-in-law in their bras and panties, topless, and even naked. Don’t forget. This is Vegas, baby!

If only they knew I was a heterosexual man, I’d be in deep shit or maybe not. By their looks, stares, and leers, they all like me well enough, but do they like me enough to cheat on their husbands and have sex with me, their brother-in-law? Hmm, now that I’m thinking more about them in the Biblical sense, in the way that Adam thought of Eve, I wonder. Certainly, with their husbands never home, they must be sexually frustrated and horny enough to want to have a little fun with their sexy and handsome brother-in-law. That’s when I thought of a plan to bed my three sisters-in-law.

Valentine’s Day is when I finally decided to put my plan to have sex with my sexy sisters-in-law into action. I knew my brothers wouldn’t be home, big stretch. They’re never home. Vegas the city that never sleeps, my brothers go to their club early and leave late. I can only imagine the stories they could tell with all the pussy they must get between banging dealers, cocktail waitresses, strippers, and customers.

With all of their sexual energy spent, no doubt, none of them have any libido left for their wives. My brothers are such pigs. Yet, it’s my turn, this time, to take a walk on the wild side and experience the Garden of Eden and to take a bite from the forbidden apple. Armed with the knowledge that my brothers are constantly sexually satisfied, I knew their wives would be sexually frustrated and horny, and I used that to my advantage.

It all started a year ago, today, on Valentine’s Day. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Wow, time really does fly, when I’m having hot sex with my three sexy sisters-in-law. Where does time go? Leave it to Albert Einstein to figure that one out with his theory of relativity and space travel. Still, I didn’t need to be a genius or a physicists to know that my sisters-in-law were ripe for sex and there for me to seduce them.

I went to my sister-in-law Angelina’s house first. She’s married to my oldest brother, John, and she’s the oldest sister-in-law, not that she’s old. Since my brothers are all such pigs, Angelina is much younger than my brother John. God forbid any of my brothers should marry a woman their own age. My brother John just turned forty and Angelina is 29-years-old. I know that because she’s fretting over her 30th birthday. Because it was Valentine’s Day, I went to her house bearing flowers and candy, of course.

“Oh, how thoughtful,” said Angelina greeting me at the door with a hug and a lingering kiss, before accepting the Valentine’s gifts of flowers and candy. For sure, if my sister-in-law knew I wasn’t a gay man, she’d never kiss me like that, or would she?

With her long dark hair and bright green eyes, she’s pretty in the way of a Tiffani Amber Thiessen, only taller, younger, with bigger tits, and a better body. Since the first day I saw her, lusting over her, I fell in love with her. A long time coming, today is the day that I am hoping to finally have reality kings porno sex with my sexy sister-in-law.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Angelina,” I said taking a step back to look at her.

It was early, barely 8am, and Angelina was still in her nightgown. Hoping she’d stand in front of the sun drenched window and she did, her nightgown suddenly became completely transparent. With every curve of her perfect body revealed to me, I needed little imagination to wonder what she looked like naked. Still, not really having a seduction plan, I was playing everything by ear.

For sure, without a doubt, I’d marry any one of my sexy sisters-in-law. They are all so hot, hotter than any women my brothers have working at the club, no doubt, I imagined, as I’ve never been in there stupid strip club. Only, knowing the pigs they are, I can just imagine the type of lowlife women they’d typically hire.

“Grab some coffee,” she said. “I’m going to take a quick shower. We can talk in the bathroom.”

What? Am I hearing things or do I so lust over my sister-in-law that I’m imagining hearing her invite me to talk to her, while she showers. I couldn’t believe it. Quickly I grabbed a cup of coffee and followed her up to the master bathroom.

It’s one thing to see a beautiful woman naked, but it’s quite another thing to see my sexy sister-in-law, who I’ve been lusting over for years, naked. This is what I mean about my sisters-in-law thinking that I’m gay. I realize that it’s many a brother-in-law’s fantasy, but what sister-in-law invites her brother-in-law to talk to her in the bathroom, while she’s taking a shower?

For my sister-in-law to freely strip in front of me, shower, and parade around the bathroom naked, she thinks that I’m gay and not interested in women to care that she’s parading around naked in front of me. Oh, my God. Even though I’ve seen flashes of her panties and bra and even topless once, I was finally going to see Angelina naked close up and personal.

“Why don’t you take a bath instead of a shower,” I said. “A bubble bath. It’s Valentine’s Day.”

“You know, maybe I will,” she said with a laugh and a wink. “Can you wash the places that I can’t reach?” No doubt, because she believes I’m gay, she loves teasing me.

Be still my heart and hard-on.

“Sure, it will be my pleasure,” I said knowing full well that it would be my pleasure for me to touch my sister-in-law where no brother-in-law should ever touch his sister-in-law.

As soon as we entered the bathroom, Angelina stripped off her nightgown. Oh, my God. She has big, natural, shapely tits and her ass wasn’t so bad either. My brother, John, is such a knucklehead not to know what he has at home. I’d bang this broad every day and every night, if she was my wife. None of my sisters-in-law have any kids. Either they don’t want them, what woman wouldn’t want a child, or their husbands don’t give them sex enough to make them pregnant. Bingo. I believe it’s the latter reason rather than the former.

So there are am sipping my coffee, while Angelina is standing there naked in front of me and tying back her hair, while waiting for the tub to fill and bending at the waist to check the water. Then, she started looking at herself in the mirror, turning that way and this way.

“I’m getting a little bushy,” she said standing, turning, and holding up her pussy lips for me to see and inspect.

Brazenly, I reached out my hand and cupped her pussy, as if to inspect her bush, but I so wanted to finger her, instead.

“Yeah, you are growing quite the forest, Angelina,” I said. “I’m shaved,” I said.

“You are? Really? I’ve never seen a shaved man.”

“Do you want to see?”

“If you don’t mind showing your sister-in-law your cock and balls,” she said with a nervous, albeit sexy laugh.

“Sure,” I said. “I don’t mind at all. Since you’re standing there naked and allowing me to inspect your pussy, I don’t mind returning the favor. I’d love to show you my cock and balls.” She had no idea how much I wanted to show her my cock and balls.

With my Dad being Reverend Dick, don’t forget, the man with the big Dick, like father like son, I was proud of my body, especially one particular appendage. Knowing I wasn’t built like any of my brothers in any way, including, of course, my package, I couldn’t wait to show her what I had in my pants.

She watched me undress, as if I was a stripper on stage. I could tell by her stare that she was horny. Yet, was she horny enough to entice me, her brother-in-law, a perceived gay man, to have sex with her? Maybe she didn’t care that I was her brother-in-law and thought she could change my sexual orientation from a gay man to a heterosexual man, just by having sex with me, but whatever her reason, with her standing there naked and waiting for me to show her my cock and balls, we had already crossed the brother-in-law and sister-in-law line of appropriate behavior.

Remotely interested at first, I watched her cheeks blush and then her eyes widened. She never removed her stare from my fingers unbuttoning and zippering my pants. I already had an erection from watching her parading around me naked and as soon as I stripped off my underwear, my cock sprang up ready for action. When her mouth fell open and I so wanted to fill it with all of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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