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Joelle was barely 18; she had decided that she just needed to get away from her life for a while. Her mother was controlling and her father was clueless. If her mother had her way Joelle would be stuck wearing long unflattering dresses, no make up, and living the life similar to the Amish. Her parents did not know that for the last year Joelle had been wearing one outfit out of the house and changing at the gas station along the walk to school. Her parents would not even let her learn to drive. She had a running understanding with the man who ran the station during the day that she would leave her decent clothing at the station and change each morning.

It was a Friday night, only 6:30, but her parents thought that she was going to be in her room working on her homework for the rest of the evening. She had never actually left the house before nor had she done anything that would make her mother or father upset before, tonight was going to be different though. Tonight she was going to do something just for herself, to have fun, to actually get out and learn something of the world. Opening the window she climbed out.

She didn’t even worry about her parents seeing her as she walked down the street to the gas station. She walked straight in and to the back to the bathroom where her clothing was kept.

As she left the bathroom looking like someone new she heard her name called out.

“Joelle, what are you doing here at this time of the night? Shouldn’t you be locked in, so that the sin of the world doesn’t wash you away?”

“According to my parents I am working on homework, in preparation for finals coming up in a month. Honestly, Al, I needed to get out of there. I have decided to see what the world is actually like.”

Al did not really like hearing that such an innocent girl was going out on her own. Even her ‘unacceptable” clothing was modest, they were just tee-shirts and jeans. “Joelle honey, are you sure that you want to be doing this?”

“If I don’t do it now then I will just do it when I get to college and who knows what will happen there.”

“You don’t know what will happen hear either.” Al really did not want her going out by herself, he may let her use his station bathroom to change out of the horrible clothing her parents expected her to wear, he even took her few jeans and tee’s home with him and his wife, who knew the whole situation, washed them for her. Al made a snap decision. “Joelle, I cannot let you go out by yourself, me I am way too old to take you out to show you a bit of the world. I have a son who is home from college for the summer. I am going to go and call him, he can take you to a few places in town and let you get a small, and I do mean small, taste of life.”

Hearing that she would not be alone and lost looking from something that she did not know was a huge relief. In a moment of impulse she threw her arms around Al’s neck and gave him a hug as she thanked him for being so wonderful.

It was about half hour until Al’s son showed up at the station. Joelle was sitting behind the counter talking with Al when he walked in. “Hey Dad, Mom told me that you had a huge favor to ask me, but that I would not mind it that much. So what do you need . . . hey who is that sitting with you?”

“This is the favor that I need from you. Jeremiah meet Joelle. Joelle has lived a very sheltered life. She has not done many of the things that most teens do. She would like to experience some things before going to college so that she is not over whelmed and scared when she branches out by herself in a few months time. I promised her that you would take her out and about for the evening.”

Jeremiah stared at his father for a few moments. “I get to take the truck, and you’re paying right?”

Al did not comment, just pulled a set of keys from his pocket and tossed them to Jeremiah. Then he reached in a different pocket and handed Joelle $50.

“No, Al, no. I have money. It is ok.”

“Joelle, take the money, save yours. Who knows maybe you will find something that you like to do while you are out with Jeremiah and may want to sneak out again.” Al said as he closed Joelle’s fingers over the bills.

“Well, come on Mademoiselle. Let’s hit the town.” Jeremiah said as he walked toward the door to the station.

Joelle was excited; she had never actually thought that she would get up the nerve to go out by herself. She would probably have ended up at the library it Al had not gone all protective on her and required his son to take her out.

Jeremiah was holding open the passenger door for Joelle. “So how much did my father give us to spend?”

“$50,” Joelle said softly.

“Good, I am going to guess from what my father said about you being sheltered that you don’t have any clothing more suited for going out than that outfit there?”

“Ummm . . . not really.”

“No problem, we will just hit a discount store on the way. You can pick something out there.”

“Thank you Jeremiah, you have no clue how much this means student sex parties porno to me.”

“I have an idea, and please do not call me Jeremiah, only my parents call me by my full name any more, I go by JB.”

They road in silence on the way to the store, when they got there JB took Joelle in and together they went to the women’s section. “JB, I am going to have to ask you a huge favor.”

JB just cocked his head to the side, “What?”

“I . . . um . . . don’t know what to buy.”

JB looked over Joelle, taking in her form for the first time. She was probably about five foot seven, nice curves, and a very nice chest actually. With her soft reddish brown hair and light brown eyes she was very attractive. JB glanced at the clothing, grabbing her hand he took her to an area full of tank tops and other summer clothing. “Choose a top from here and either tighter jeans or a short skirt. You can’t go wrong. I am going to go look at the magazines near the check out. When you have decided what to go with we will go pay and then we can hit the town.”

Joelle wanted to go with something completely daring but was a little afraid, but then she decided that she was doing something that she never expected to do so why not dress like she had never planned to. Seeing a bright yellow halter top she knew instantly what shirt she was going with. Moving over to the jeans she chose a pair of blue jeans that were two sizes smaller than she usually wore. It had only taken her about 10 minuets to find her outfit. She walked quickly up to the magazines where JB was waiting for her. “I am ready.”

“Ok, let’s go pay and then you can go change in the bathroom.”

Joelle nodded and moved to the express lane. Setting her clothing down on the belt Joelle started getting excited all over again. She did not even notice when JB through a magazine down on the belt. She was hardly listening as the cashier told her the total; she just handed over $40 dollars and got her change back. Grabbing her clothing she told JB she would be right back.

“I’ll head out to the truck and pull it forward, meet me at the entrance that we came in.”

Joelle waved her acknowledgement as she went to change. When she was changed into her new outfit and looked at herself in the mirror she was completely shocked by how she looked. Smiling at her refection she left the bathroom and headed outside to find JB.

JB saw Joelle coming out of the store. He knew that she would look night but he did not expect exactly what he got. The jeans were not just tight but were form-fitting and had a worn look to them even though they were brand new, and the top fit her nicely especially across her chest. He could tell before that she had a nice rack but damn the shirt she chose made them look even better. As she got up to the side of the truck he leaned across and opened the door.

Joelle climbed in, “Ummm . . . JB did you grab a . . . ummm . . . magazine?”

“Talking about the Playboy? Yeah I did?”

After a few moments of silence Joelle simply said “ok.”

JB started laughing at her, “Are you embarrassed by a little pornography?”

“Honestly I don’t know. Where are we going to go?”

“Well that depends on what you want to do. I have a friend in the area that is having a party tonight, or we could go to a movie or something like that.” JB was not sure what he wanted her to choose, but he did know that he did not really want to have to share this beauty tonight.

“I don’t think that I want to go to a party, I mean I have never really been around people my age, and the thought of being around that many scares me.”

“Let us go out for dinner, and we can decide something from there. Now here is another choice for you, true teen meal, or something fancier?”

“I want to experience a true teen evening, so that would include a true teen meal right?”

JB smiled and pulled into the first fast food joint he saw. He ordered them both a burger, a fry to split and two chocolate milkshakes. As he ordered the food JB could not help but wonder how far he could get with this absolutely hot girl sitting next to him. Deciding to see how far he could push it he drove them to a small park that was deserted at 8 in the evening. It was still bright outside, being that it was spring and all. JB suggested that they eat in the box of the truck.

Joelle climbed out of the truck and moved around to the back JB was waiting for her when she got there and helped her in to the bed of the truck. She reached down to take the food from him. He also handed her the magazine. When she looked down at him with a quizzical expression he told her it was dinner reading.

The two sat side by side as they ate their food. About half way through the meal JB pick up the Playboy and opened it to the story with pictures that is in every issue. This one was of a couple fucking on a swing set. JB read the story lines out loud to Joelle so all she had to do was focus on the pictures. He hoped submissive cuckolds porno that this was turning her on as much as it was him.

“I have never seen anything like this. Does your penis look like that one?” Joelle was mortified to hear herself ask JB that. She had known him for 2 hours and she was asking about his penis.

JB almost choked on his milkshake when Joelle asked him about his penis, but he decided to use that for his favor. “Would you like to see?”

Joelle’s blush got even deeper she figured that this would be her only chance so she nodded and looked down at JB’s lap.

“Well, if I am going to show you my cock, I think it is only fair that you show me your tits. Deal?”

“Deal, but you first.”

JB unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, then lifted his ass so he could slide his pants and boxers down his legs. His cock sprang free and stood at attention like a good little soldier.

Joelle was mesmerized by the sight of JB’s cock, it was not as long as the one in the pictures but it was thicker, she had the sudden urge to reach out and touch it. Before she could stop herself she did just that. She ran her fingers over his heated hard flesh amazed that his penis felt so hard yet so soft all at the same time.

“Ok, mon Amour, you need to stop that, and fair is fair how about you remove the top now.”

As Joelle was reaching behind her neck to until the stings holding the shirt up, she asked JB, “Parle vous François?”

“Un pue.”

Joelle laughed softly as she lowered her shirt revealing her bared breasts.

“Very nice.” JB caressed one, since she did not comment or even stiffen up when he started to roll her nipple between his finger and thumb JB opted to try to go one step farther. He lowered his head and sucked her other nipple into his mouth. As he did he could feel Joelle’s hands holding his head against her as she moaned deeply.

Having JB’s mouth on her breast felt so good, no wonder people gave into the temptation of the flesh.

JB pulled his mouth off of Joelle’s tit and told her that he wanted to make love to her, right here in the bed of the truck, where no one who knew them would see them. As he said this he moved a hand down to rub over her pussy through her jeans.

“What your doing feels so good JB. If you can make it even better I will let you do anything that you want to me.” Joelle could not believe what she was saying to JB, all she knew is that her body needed something and he seemed to know what it would be. Joelle could see the Playboy where it had fell between them when JB slid his pants down. It was on a picture of a couple performing oral sex on each other. “Could we try that?” she asked pointing at the magazine.

JB almost shouted with joy when he saw the picture she was referring to, he wanted to feel her lips on his cock but he had decided not to ask her to suck him tonight, afraid it would scare her. “Hell yes we can!” JB pulled his shirt off then helped her take the rest of her clothing off. He laid down in the truck bed and told her to climb on top of him like the woman in the picture.

Joelle did as JB told her. She could feel JB spreading her legs even farther apart than she had. Tentatively she stuck her tongue out and licked the head of his penis. She head JB groan right before he licked her entire pussy flicking his tongue on her clit. Joelle gasped and then continued licking JB’s penis.

JB was a little surprised how wet her pussy was. Her juices tasted so good as they coated his tongue. Joelle had not even been sucking on him for two minuets when JB knew that if she went much farther he was going to cum before anything really exciting took place, hell she hadn’t even taken his cock inside her mouth, she had only licked and sucked on the head. “Joelle, mon Amour, I have a wonderful idea, since you seem to like this position from the pictures how about we look at the rest of the pictures in the magazine and we can try a couple more, how does that sound?”

Joelle started to move off of JB. “As long as you promise that you will not do anything that will hurt me.”

Pulling Joelle over onto his lap JB whispered in her ear, “I would never hurt you, mon Amour.” He opened the magazine from the beginning, even though he knew that the first half would be women touching themselves, hell maybe he could get her to masturbate for him.

Joelle gasped at one of the pictures, it depicted a woman putting a ten inch dildo in her pussy. As they kept looking at the pictures JB started to rub his hands along her sides. When they got back to the story of the couple fucking in the park JB could feel Joelle’s pussy juices coating his lap, damn this girl was so very aroused, he could probably stick his cock in her with out her hardly noticing right now.

“JB could we try this?” Joelle asked pointing to a photo.

JB was a little surprised to realize that he had not been paying any attention to the photo’s that she was flipping through, but taboo heat porno then again he had a hot woman sitting on his lap coating it in hot pussy juice. Looking down at the picture JB smile, the couple was in a reverse missionary style with the woman on top of the man. “I will not say no to anything that you want this night, mon Amour.”

As JB laid back in the bed again he realized that he did not have any condoms, but all the sudden he did not care if he got her pregnant, a vision of Joelle round with his seed made him even harder, damn he was falling in love, and he had only known this girl a few hours. He pulled Joelle over him and told her to start with she would have to kneel over him and slide her pussy down his cock. As she moved into the position that he described, JB helped to guide his cock to her slit.

She started to move slowly down his cock marveling at the feeling. When he was only a little ways inside her she felt something solid blocking his entrance.

JB felt the barrier of her virginity at the same time that she did. Knowing that she was not going to know that she had to break through the barrier he put his hands on her waist and pulled her down a little as he slammed his cock into her all the way.

Joelle felt a slight sting but that soon gave way to the incredible feeling of his cock being all the way inside of her.

“Ok, now lay down on top of me and move your ass up and down,” JB whispered to her. As she started to move JB knew that it was going to be over for him pretty quickly. Reaching between their bodies he started to rub her clit in time with the motion of her ass. Soon she was moaning and gasping loudly, her hips and ass moving quickly against him.

“Oh oh, that feels so, ohmmmmmm, good.” Joelle gasped out. She had never experienced anything like this in the past.

JB stared up at Joelle watching her face as she neared climax. As she screamed out in pleasure her pussy squeezed down against his cock. The feeling of her tight pussy getting even tighter against him caused JB to cum.

Joelle was breathing hard as she completely collapsed against JB. She could hardly believe that she had just had sex with a guy that she had just met.

JB wrapped his arms around Joelle’s back, whispering in her ear, “You were so awesome. I have never experienced anything quit like that before mon Amour.” JB just held her for a few moments. “Let’s get dressed and maybe head somewhere else.”

Joelle nodded but did not make any motions to climb off of JB. “You make a comfortable bed.” Slowly she slide to the side of JB and reached for her halter top. Sliding it over her head she started pulling her clothing on.

After they were both dressed JB jumped out of the bed of the truck and reached up to help Joelle down. Pulling her body against his so that she slid down his body as he set her on her feet. Walking her to the passenger door JB helped Joelle get back into the truck. Walking around the truck JB climbed in. “Joelle, mon Amour, I want to keep seeing you. I really like you, and not just because you had sex with me.”

“Well, I don’t know how often I will be able to get out of my parents house. They may be completely behind the times but my mother is not quit as dense as my father. If I sneak out too often my mother will learn something is wrong. But I do want to see you too.” Joelle reached over and clasped her hand against JB’s. “I don’t want to go home yet. Take me somewhere we can be together alone.”

“How about this, we go back to the station and I’ll tell Dad that since he was nice enough to let us use the truck and have fifty bucks that we will watch the station until it closes at midnight. Since it is only going on 9:30 it will be 10 when we get to the station. Hardly anyone comes into the station after 9 any ways. Does that sound ok?”

“Yeah, I would like to help give Al an evening off. Do you think he will care if I stay there for a few hours with you?”

“If he doesn’t ask we won’t tell.”

The two talked happily together on the drive to the station. Together they walked in to the station.

Al was expecting an irate Jeremiah to be coming to the station pretty soon, he knew it was not right to volunteer your own children to escort people about, but he really like Joelle and did not want to see her get hurt. He was not surprised to see his truck slam into a parking spot on the side of the building. He saw a girl wearing tight blue jeans and a yellow halter top jump out of the truck and walk around to join Jeremiah. Al started to feel a little upset. If Jeremiah had dumped Joelle somewhere and hooked up with some other girl, he was going to have to beat some sense into him.

JB smiled at Joelle as she joined him, “Let’s go let Dad go home and surprise Mom.” They hurried towards the door to the station. JB could see that his dad was upset about something, but he was not sure what. He had just opened the door to let Joelle inside when his dad started yelling.

“Where and why did you ditch Joelle? I thought I told you that she was from a sheltered background?” Al yelled at Jeremiah.

“Al, hey Al!” Joelle said cutting into his tirade.

Al stopped yelling and actually looked at the girl beside Jeremiah. “Joelle, honey, I didn’t recognize you in that outfit with your hair like that. Sorry Jeremiah.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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