Late Night Encounter

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I was lying in bed after my shower, relaxed and drowsy. My eyes were closed and I heard the shower running. In my mind I could see you clearly as if I were there. The hot water running down over your body, massaging the tired, aching muscles of your neck and shoulders. Doing to you what I wanted to do. I can’t wait for you to get out so that I can dry you off with my tongue. I want to explore every inch of your wonderful body.

I hear the shower turn off and I roll over on my side to watch you in the mirror. I watch as you dry every inch of you. I let you continue because I know that once you hit the bed you are mine. From your neck and ears all the way to your toes. You come into the room and lie down on the bed next to me. You lean over to kiss me, I let you and then gently push you back onto your back. I have never taken control like this before and you let me continue, curiosity shining in your eyes.

I suck lightly on your male nipples, making them hard as nubs and then flatten my tongue, and lick around it. Playing and teasing. I look into your eyes as I play and they are half closed and you are ready for anything. I reach down and lightly stroke your hardening cock. It jumps in my hand as I nip at your nipple. I continue stroking as I move over to the other nipple. I love seeing what reaction I can get out of your wonderful sexy body.

I move my hand bahis firmaları down to cup your balls, gently squeezing, first one and then the other… cupping them in my hand., loving the feel, knowing that I’ll soon make my way down your body with my mouth and tongue. I start my journey down your stomach, leaving little butterfly kisses along the way. I have started to stroke you again, loving the feel of you. Feeling the heat and sexual stirring. It’s a very heady feeling knowing that I have this affect on you. I have never felt this with another.

I love the power you have given me. I tongue your belly button as I make my way past down your belly to my prize. I lick around the base, feeling it stir. I lick your balls, first one and then the other and then gently suck one into my mouth. I hear you moan. I look up at you and your eyes are closed. I moan when I see this because I know how it intensifies the feeling when you can’t see. I decide to continue down your body.

I lick your inner thigh feeling your body twitch and then I raise your leg. I continue licking and kissing up the back of your thigh and pause behind your knee. I lick along there and you jump. I have found a sensitive area. I’ll have to keep that in mind. I lick up your calf to the ankle and foot. I lick up the sole of your foot and lick at the base of your toes. I then take each kaçak iddaa toe into my mouth and lick them like I do your cock. As if they were miniature cocks. You don’t jump so I know that you aren’t ticklish so I continue my ministrations.

I go to the other foot and give those toes the same treatment and work my way back down your leg and inner thighs. Once again I am at your wonderful cock. It is harder now than when I started my exploration. I raise up to look in your eyes and they are still closed. I get an idea. I crawl over to open the bedside table drawer and remove a blindfold that I have used before. I lean over, kiss your lips and gently put it on over your eyes and then work my way back down to your hardening cock.

I lick the precum off of the head and then go down to the base. I lick from the base to the head again and again until your cock is all wet. I then take the head into my mouth, working my tongue around the tip and ridge, enjoying the feel of you in my mouth. I then take a little more, again my tongue playing around the head, until I take you completely into my mouth. I stay completely still for a minute, enjoying the feel of you and listening to your breathing. It almost stopped for a minute.

I know the feeling. You have that affect on me also. I hear your trying to control your breathing and take that as my cue to start kaçak bahis stroking you in and out of my mouth. I start slowly, enjoying every inch of you. My mouth gets tighter as you get bigger as I stroke you. I cup your balls again and stroke a little faster. Your breathing is getting faster and more shallow. You are moaning. I love that sound. It gives me encouragement.

I start pumping your cock in and out of my mouth, faster and faster. I can feel the vein throbbing. I know that you are fighting the urge to cum. I moan, wanting to taste your cum. Feel it shoot down my throat. You hear me and it triggers the reaction I want. I can feel your body tense in preparation and I jam my mouth all the way down to the base of your cock. The tip is at the base of my throat as you explode. Jumping up to hit the tip of my mouth as it releases. Your essence shoots down my throat and I swallow every drop.

I hear you groan as you cum. A guttural sound and it thrills me. I tighten my mouth around your cock as I slowly move my way back up to the tip, milking every drop from your cock. As I release it you moan. I look up at you, you have left the blindfold on but there is a smile on your face. I kiss the head of your cock and then move up your body to kiss you. You draw my tongue into your mouth to taste yourself.

I moan my pleasure. Our kiss lengthens and I don’t ever want it to end. When you finally break the kiss, you raise your hands to take off the blindfold. What I see in your eyes thrills me. There is excitement, amazement and want all written there. I want you more than ever before but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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