She Knows

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It was early on Friday when I woke up. I was headed to the bathroom and just made it past my bedroom door, when I realized I had better change out of mom’s panties before walking through the house. I changed into some shorts and headed to the bathroom. Someone was in there so I waited. While waiting Mom called out to me. She cracked the door open as she normally does, trying to hide her nakedness, not knowing I had positioned a mirror so I could see around the door.

What she said next was rather unusual but no big deal at first. “Please bring me a pair of panties.” That was unusual but I could handle that. As I headed past the bathroom to her room she said, no, get me a pair from your room. That stopped me DEAD in my tracks. Seeing my shock and my inability to move, Mom pulled the door open and nude walked out and stood next to me. Then she grabbed my hand gently pulling towards my bedroom.

As she walked in front of me holding my hand I snapped out of my shock to take in the full beauty of her wonderful naked ass. Before now mom had not been completely naked in front of me. Daily I did get to she her strip down to her panty briefs as she changed clothes and talked to us kids after her work day. Sometimes she would stand there for minutes or even walk around with her lovely full, firm, C cup boobs freely exposed, wearing nothing but her panty briefs as she talked. That is what got me started wearing her panties.

She would often take her panties off and hang them in the bathroom. One day I decided to try on a pair. It really felt good as I replayed the many times I had seen her in just the panties. That night I got brave and wore them to bed under my pajamas. As time went on I stopped wearing pajamas, feeling more comfortable in mom’s panties. I got hooked on them after one night filled with dreams of her I woke up anime porno just before I ejaculated into her panties as I lay grinding into my mattress imagining it was her under me.

Naked, mom lead me into my bedroom and straight to my bottom drawer where she dug under my clothes to pull out a few pair of her panties. She throw them on the bed as I enjoyed her nakedness. I watched every move of her body enjoying the view of her tits jiggling and her ass wiggling. Her back was to me mostly so I did not get to see her pubic area until she turned towards me, put her hands on her hips, then told me to undress.

When I did not move, she came to me, her breast touched my chest and made my dick harder as she put her hands on my shorts and pulled them down and off my body. There we stood naked with several of her panties on my bed. She sat down on the bed then handed me the first pair of panties to model for her. I pulled them up over my hard on then was told to turn around. Facing her again I took in the sight of her beautiful naked body as she sat back with her legs spread giving me a view of her hairy pussy, broad hips, narrow waist, and full breast with big, hard, dark nipples pointing at me.

As I modeled the panties she told me how she had discovered me wearing her panties one night when she came into my room as I was sleeping. The covers were slightly off, exposing my panty covered ass. She walked to my bed and stroked my ass through the material to make sure it was her panties. Days after, when I was out, she would go through my room finding where I had been stashing her panties. Throwing one leg on the bed fully exposing her pussy and the wetness between her lips, she reached under my pillow and pulled out a few more pair of her panties.

By the time she looked at me again I had fully tented her asyalı porno panty briefs with my hard on. Then she wanted to know why I was wearing her panties and what did I do with me. I began to tell her how I got turned on watching her strip to her panties and eventually tried on a pair. I told her of the wet dream that got me hooked on them. By now the front of her panties was wet with my precum and did not go unnoticed by mom. She told me she was flattered that I was so excited over her body and her panties. She then reached out to put her hand on my panty covered erection and started to stroke it through the panties. Mom pulled me closer to her then began to kiss the head of dick through her panties. Looking into my eyes she stuck her tongue out, pushing it into my piss slit through her panties. She tasted my precum then took the entire panty covered head into her mouth.

Her hands came up to touch mine then put both of them on her breast. I squeezed and pull at them as she continued sucking my dick head through her panties. Reaching behind me mom pulled the panties down to caress my ass. Eventually let go of me with her mouth only long enough to tuck the panties under my balls as she took my entire length in her mouth. She held it there as I played with her luscious tits.

Releasing my dick, mom grabbed both my hands pulling me gently on top of her as she laid back on my bed. She reached between us, grabbed my dick, aiming it at her wet pussy. Pulling me down with her other hand she raised her hips until my dick was completely buried in her tight pussy. Mom put both legs around my body and hugged me with her arms and legs as she began to tell me of our new life. As her pussy squeezed my dick she told me how from this day on I would wear ONLY panties when at home and panties under my clothes when going backroom casting porno out.

She also told me that since I was so turned on by her in her panties she would do the same or be naked. Her pussy squeezed tighter on my dick as she went on to tell me that I could have her body anytime I wanted it. After that she kissed me and started moving her hips. My hips got into the rhythm of hers as I enjoyed the full depths of her pussy and her mouth with our tongues mingling. We kissed for a long time as my dick moved in and out of her tight, wet pussy. Slowly, intensely we fucked like this until we both, simultaneously felt the first signs of our mutual orgasm.

Our pace quickened until eventually we were bouncing up and down on the bed in a mother son fuck. Mom was throwing her pussy up at me as I was plunging my dick as deep in her as I could. Adjusting our bodies I got both hands under her allowing me to fill both of them with the globes of her glorious ass. And that is when it happened. I was squeezing her ass and slamming my dick deep in her pussy when suddenly we both burst into powerful orgasm. We both fucked harder bouncing up and down on my bed until the orgasm subsided.

As we calmed down, mom wrapped her legs around me again. My hands were still squeezing her ass. She smiled and asked if I liked her ass, because if I do I can have it to. Mom told me that her entire body was mine to enjoy whenever I wanted to. She then unfolded her legs and tapped me on the ass. Reluctantly I raised up, pulling my mostly limp dick from her tight well fucked pussy. I rolled over and mom stood. She went to my dresser and removed all of my male underwear then tossed them in the trash can.

Mom and I spent that day fucking and sucking and eventually took a shower together. When we finished she put me in the panties she had worn the day before. I put them on and we headed out of the bathroom. As we came out of the bathroom we could hear my sister coming home. I headed towards my room but mom stopped me and we both sat on the sofa. Her in her naked splendor, me in her panties with a growing erection.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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