Sexy Shoes Ch. 05

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Julie woke again in the middle of the night from the same dream. She was running through the street naked in a pair of high-heels. She was going from house to house searching for Jake. When she found him, he was fucking that woman, Alexia. They started laughing at her as she masturbated. Jake came towards her, he shot cum all over her hair, face, and tits.

Julie called her friend Marla as soon as the sun came up. She was having sex dreams and masturbating in her sleep. She needed to talk to someone quickly. Marla had a way of simplifying every situation. That’s exactly what Julie needed.

The two ladies sat at the kitchen table making small talk until Julie was sure that Jake was gone out of the house.

“What you need is a young stud to come over and make your toes curl,” Marla said. “You know what I’m talking about.”

“I’m still married,” Julie protested.

“You’re the only one that cares about that, because they surely don’t,” Marla said. “They don’t care if you’re married or even their mommy. All they want is to screw you. You should satisfy your needs and make them pay for satisfying theirs.” She crossed her legs and dangled her new high-heel slide from her toes.

“Where did you get those shoes?” Julie asked. “Those are the ones that I had on in my dreams; the same ones that, that woman had one. Alexia.”

“Holt bought them for me,” Marla said. “I’m willing to bet that Jake is paying that woman to pretend she’s you.”

“What!” Julie exclaimed.

“Look, Jake knew what time you’d be home,” Marla said. “He knew that you’d catch him. He just wants to show you that he is a better lover than his father. That is exactly why Holt not only bought this shoes, but he also bought the dress I been wanting. He wants to show me that mofos porno he’s a better man than his father.”

“I can’t believe this,” Julie said.

“They did get one thing right,” Marla said. “The best way to get to a woman’s heart is through her feet. I’ve been hearing it all over the radio. Buy her sexy shoes if you want to get laid, they say.”

“Those are some really sexy shoes,” Julie said.

“Yes, and he came very close to getting what he wanted,” Marla laughed. “I tried to slap him silly. I wouldn’t be surprise to find a pair of sexy shoes somewhere in his room just your size.”

“That’s crazy,” Julie said getting up from the table.

Marla shot her a look and got up to follow her. They entered Jake’s bedroom and sure enough a pair of the sexy clear open toe slip on platform shoes sat beside his bed. Julie held them up.

“Try them on,” Marla said. “I bet they fit.”

Julie slipped her feet into the shoes and she felt a tingling sensation running right up her legs. She walked around in them loving the way they looked on her feet. She caught a glimpse of her butt in the mirror and did a double take.

“Yep, they make your butt look nicer,” Marla said. “The boy definitely wants to sleep with you.”

“He could be trying to butter me up for something else,” Julie said guessing.

“Face it,” Marla said. “He’s a young man is trying to get the woman of his dreams, and that’s you my dear. You are officially a piece of ass.”

“I’m sure as hell am not going to sleep with my own son,” Julie said.

“Do those look like a gift a son gives his mother?” Marla said. “I’m here to tell you, it’s not going to be that easy to turn him down.”

“What did you do?” Julie asked.

“I let him keep his fantasy naughty america porno about me without having to actually sleep with him,” Marla said. “When you look him in the eyes, all you’ll see is lust. He’s going to get to you because he’s your son and you love him. Make it easy on yourself and sleep with him, but make him pay you for it every time. It might make you a whore, but it’s better than being his slut.”


Jake left a message on their answering machine that he would be staying over at a friend’s house when he knew his mother would not be home. He had seen his mother watching him with Alexia out of the corner of his eye, just as he planned it. He knew that she had been masturbating when she thought he was asleep, so he knew that she was sexually ready. What he had to do now was to make sure that she would be worried and happy to see him. He left several messages telling her not to worry and that he loved her without telling her where he was or what he was doing.

He was well rested when he arrived home at three in the morning the day after he told her that he would be home. The lights came on as soon as he pulled his car into the driveway.

Julie had drank several drinks to calm her nerves. She grabbed him by the shoulders looking him up and down, and then slapped him hard across the face. She then wrapped both her arms around his neck and weep quietly.

Jake held her tight enjoying the feel of her entire body against his. He moved his hands up and down her back. She was in a more desperate state than he thought she would be. He held her for a while before he slid a hand down to her butt-cheek and squeezed it firmly.

Julie pulled back looking into his baby blue eyes. She saw and felt exactly public agent porno what Marla said that she would. His manhood was pressing against her pelvis and fingers pressed into her butt-cheeks. She looked down at his thin moist lips and met them with her own. She decided to just give into him, because it was the only thing she felt she had the strength to do.

Jake parted her lips with his tongue and tasted the liquor she had been drinking. He swooped her up into his arms and carried her to his bed. Julie held onto his neck until laid her down. He removed his shoes and shirt, and then laid down next to her.

Jake looked down at her heaving breasts under her housecoat. He opened the buttons one by one until her tits were fully exposed. He took one in his hand and massaged it gently.

“Jake, look at me,” Julie said as she lay motionless. She saw a cloud covering his face. It was nothing but pure lust. “I am your mother. Is this something you really want to do with your own mother?” She felt his fingers slid under the waist band of her panties to her swollen cunt. “That is were you came out of, do you want to use it like this?”

Jake said nothing. He dropped his mouth down on one of her nipples and shoved two fingers into her pussy. He wasn’t wasting any time. He pulled off her panties and then his pants. His cock was so shiny it looked like it was painted. He had been using stroking it using lubricating jell.

Julie closed her eyes tight when she felt the head of his cock stretch her vagina. Marla words had come back to haunt her. She was going to get fucked by her son because she loved him. The only thing she could do was to try and get the most out of it.

Jake ramped up to hard fucking. He thrust his cock so hard that the recoil bounced him back off of her. His cock felt almost num.

Julie held on to him tight as she had a much needed orgasm. She felt the passion in his thrusts. The feel of him comforted her. She slid her hands down to his tight butt and squeezed them as his cock sent her into dream land.

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