Sex Club with My Hairy Mom

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Note: The characters in my stories are all the same. The following story is a continuation in the lives of the mother and son in the “I Love My Hairy Mom” stories. Please refer to those before reading the following story to have the necessary background information about the two. Feel free to contact me at any time. All of the events I have written about are legit and true.


Mom’s P.O.V

We have always talked about the possibility of going somewhere together where we could explore one another sexually in a public area without others knowing that we were in a mother/son relationship. There has always been the fantasy of performing sexual acts in front of others, but we never truly explored our options.

After doing some online research together, we found a place where would could go that was far from where we live and where nobody would know our identities. The rest of the family had school, fun, and work schedules already planned so we passed off our trip as a mother and son seeing the sights together in a touristy city for a short weekend. We booked our hotel, each packed a small bag, and set out!

We took the long train ride to the city, where we then rented a car using a cheap car service so we could have our own ride for our stay. Money wasn’t really an issue but we didn’t feel like having to solely rely on cab rides. The hotel we were staying at also offered free valet parking for our car, so we had one less worry when it came to finding parking for the night. After we checked into the hotel, we grabbed dinner and spent the night walking around the city looking at all of the beautiful sights.

When we got to the hotel at night, we agreed with one another that we would not do anything until the next evening at the club. We wanted to save up all of our sexual tension and energy so that we could unleash all of it when we got to the club for all to see. It was very hard not touching one another when we got into bed completely naked that night, but the teasing and build up was definitely worth it in the end!

The next day, we woke up early and ate breakfast before heading out to do some shopping and more sightseeing for the day. The city had so many different areas to explore, which actually ended up wearing us out! It was around 3pm when we decided that we would go back to the hotel for a rejuvenating nap before getting ready to go out for our highly-anticipated night together.

We got showers separately, but had no problems with teasing one another with our naked bodies by doing innocent rubbing up against one another as we moved throughout the room as we dressed and prepared ourselves.

Once we were all nice and ready, we went out to a very nice dinner together. He was such a gentleman by opening the car door as we headed out. He also serenaded me by singing along to the songs on the radio as we drove through the city. All of the city lights lit up the car as we passed through various beautiful colors and people along our way to the restaurant. The drive was very nice and relaxed because of how excited we were to be with one another that night together. All of the honking, aggressive drivers, crazy pedestrians, etc. did not matter to us because nothing could ruin what was in store for us.

At the restaurant, the valet complimented me on my black dress that wore especially for that evening. I had also put on my lingerie, which included a garter and thigh-highs. He (my son) had made very clear over the years that he loved the look of a garter belt and stockings framing an abundant bush, so I was more than happy to oblige.

During dinner we talked about everything from how our relationship started and built over the years to how excited and nervous we were to be going to an adult club together. Dinner was lovely, and it was one of the nicest meals I have had with a person in a very long time.

We left the restaurant and drove to where the adult club was located. We had seen on the club’s website that phones were not allowed and to leave any valuables in the car so that we would not have to worry about putting them somewhere once inside the club. We left our phones, cash, and jewelry in the car before we went in and only had the entrance fee amount and our IDs with us.

We were posing as a married couple, and the bouncers definitely looked at the IDs more than once when checking us before we entered. They gave my son a fist-bump when he said that I was his wife and how he couldn’t pass up marrying such a beautiful sexual woman. The bouncers laughed and agreed with his statement, which made me smile and give him a nice soft kiss on the lips. The two also complimented me on my looks and didn’t believe my age. Nothing like a confidence boost when heading into a sex club!

Once we finally entered the club we paid our fee, which was cheaper since we were a couple, and left our IDs and wallet/purse (which only held a few things with the rest being in the car) with the beautiful czech first video porno girl who was in charge of the coat check/valuables area. She also gave us a half-smile/confused look when she saw us. She said how we looked more related than like a married couple, but we assured her that’s what happens when you spend so much time together 😉

Upon entering the main area, we saw a huge crowd of people surrounding the bar area and lots of people on the dance floor. There were people kissing, fondling, dancing, laughing, watching, sitting, and even a middle-aged couple where the woman was giving her man a full on blowjob! His pants were down around his ankles and he was drinking his beer and smiling as a small crowd stood around and looked on. At the sight of this, my boy put his arm around my waist and pulled me in for a full-on kiss. It lasted for a good 20 seconds, and, when we finished, we looked up to see a good amount of people looking at us and smiling. The age group was about late 20’s to mid 50’s judging by whom we saw throughout the night in the club.

With our entrance fee, we both received a coupon for a free drink at the bar, so we decided to get our drink first. We went to the bar where we were greeted by a husband and wife who were in their mid 30’s (We will leave their names out of this for obvious reasons). They said how they had never seen us around before, and we explained how we decided to take a trip to the city and wanted to visit the club. We talked about how they were regulars at the club and how it was a way for them to let off steam from the workweek and life at home. They also explained how nudity was allowed anywhere in the club, but not to forget to put our clothes somewhere safe, carry them, or give them to the girl at the coat check to hold onto (great advice!).

They asked about our story and were impressed with the fact that I had landed such a stud and how he had landed such a sexy older woman (so many compliments!). We loved talking with the two of them and they even bought us our second drinks since our cash was in our car with only a little at the coat check. We hadn’t planned on drinking much anyway, so it was a nice surprise for those two to have bought us drinks.

After we finished our drinks, we decided to go out onto the dance floor with the couple. My son and I love to dance so we wasted no time dancing closely together and enjoying the music selection that was playing. There were many people on the dance floor, but that didn’t really seem to get in the way of our dancing space. We stayed next to the couple, too, so that we could talk and have fun as we danced. As we continued to dance, my boy turned me around so that we were face-to-face and put a hand on my back and pulled me in close.

He moved his hand down under my dress and up against my bare butt. I did not wear any panties to go along with the garter belt because I wanted to be naughty for him. As we rocked our hips back and forth, he moved both hands on my butt and was squeezing my butt cheeks tightly as he grinded his groin into mine. My dress was up near my waist due to his hands being there, and I could see the couple next to us being turned on by the view. They were smiling and touching one another as they watched my “husband’s” hands ravish my behind right in front of them.

Son’s P.O.V.

As we danced I had my hands tight around my mom’s ass and I could feel the wetness dripping out of my fully erect penis inside of my pants. We were slowly dry humping one another to the beat of the music as I slid my hands lower on her butt cheeks and into the crack. I could feel the soft hair on my fingers as I got near her asshole and moved my hands softly up and down within her cheeks. Her heavy breathing, wetness, and fully flushed face told me that she was getting extremely turned on by my actions.

I looked over at the couple next to us and smiled as I turned my mom around to face them as I stood behind her and lifted her dress up. I could immediately see the surprise on the face of the husband and wife as they looked down and realized that they weren’t looking at big black panties. They were looking and a huge black-haired bush.

“Oh my god! You don’t shave!” the wife said in shock. “Its so thick and wide! I haven’t seen a bush like that in here, ever! Does he like it?” she asked referring to me.

“I fucking love it!” I said to both of them. “Her hairy bush is the hottest thing on the face of the earth and it is incredible.”

I noticed other people on the dance floor looking over and whispering to one another, but I didn’t notice any disgusted looks, which made me happy. These people seemed to appreciate my mom’s bush and being so free and sexual about it being on display.

I played with all of the hair with one hand as I undid my pants with my other hand. My mom had her head back on my one shoulder as she kept dancing and rocking her hips into me in sync czech game porno with the beat. She felt me pull my pants and underwear down to about my mid-thighs and reached back and started slowly stroking me between her butt cheeks. She pulled the foreskin down and rubbed the head of my penis through the hair inside of her ass cheeks as she stroked it. She then turned around and kissed me deeply before she got down on her knees and started slowly kissing my penis.

The couple next to us said that they loved how we wasted no time having fun, and I could see the man’s hand inside of his wife’s pants and was fingering her as she moved her hips side to side with random spasms in between the motions of his hand.

My mom licked the head of my penis and put me inside of her mouth as people on the dance floor naturally made a small circle around us to watch. More and more people came over to take a look and the crowd was made up of all ages and body types. A few women were topless, men bottomless fondling themselves, some people were fully clothed, some women were playing with themselves, and a few women were jerking their men and talking as they watched. If they only knew what they were witnessing! I could hear people saying how big I was and how my “wife” could even fit the whole thing in her mouth. Some women said they wanted to try and some men even patted me on the back for being so big, which was new for me to have happen.

After a solid ten minutes of humping my cock only half way into my mother’s mouth, I pulled her up to her feet and kissed her deeply. I lifted up her dress and put my cock between her legs and humped between them and felt all the hair of her bush, groin, and thighs tickle my cock as it moved in and out.

“Are you two going to fuck or what?” asked the wife of the couple we were hanging with. We told them that we didn’t want to have sex on the dance floor, so they pointed us to an area on the side where there were couched, stools, and chairs.

We walked over to where there was an empty couch that seemed to be like a VIP Area, but it turned out if was only for couples who wanted to have sex in front of onlookers. After the couple talked to the suited guard who was standing there, the four of us sat down on the couch. The two of them started kissing while my mom straddled my lap facing me and started kissing me.

I pulled my mom’s dress up over her head revealing her bra, garter and stockings to the crown gathered around. Her ass was sticking straight out at them as I spread her cheeks so everyone could see the amount of hair that came from the front of her stomach to the top of her ass crack. We could hear all type of comments, compliments, discussions, and reactions to what they were seeing, which turned us on even more.

My mom reached down and grabbed my penis and put it out between her ass cheeks and started rubbing it around for everyone to see. Even more reactions about my cock and its size came from the crowd as they watched it being rubbed around in all the hair. We could hear plenty of people yelling for her to put it inside, and she didn’t want to let the people down.

Mom’s P.O.V.

I was so turned on by hearing all the things the people were saying about my bush and my son’s penis. I was so wet and dripping all over myself and my son that I couldn’t wait any longer and I put him inside of me. I rode him hard as I kissed him deeply and undid the front of my bra. I caressed the back of his head and made him suck on my nipples as I rode him, as if I was breastfeeding him once again. His mouth and tongue on my breasts made my whole body fill with goose bumps, as I looked around at all the people who were watching with lust-filled expressions and sexual acts being performed along with us. There was a woman who was getting done doggy-style as they both watched us, and other singles and couples doing all types of sexual things to themselves and one another.

I kept riding him as I looked over at the couple next to us and saw the wife riding her husband with her full front facing the crowd. Her breasts were slightly smaller than mine but tighter to her body. Her stomach was tight as well and, to my own amazement due to her earlier comments, she had a bush!

Hers was trimmed up on the edges like you would do while wearing a bikini, but her bush was very thick and dark brown. The fake blonde hair on her head was given away by the color of her dark bush, but it was so sexy and made her look so beautiful! Her husband was completely shaved (not my preference) but he was quite long but not too thick, which seemed to give it quite a different shape and look.

The wife said I should do the same position of facing the crowd along with her, so I turned myself around and put my legs up on the coach and rode my son as he squeezed my hips. His grip lifted me up and down on his hard wet cock and I could hear his heavy moans and soft whispers of “mom” as I let out czech gangbang porno soft cries of my own. He was so deep inside of me I could feel his huge size hitting against all areas of my insides.

The couple and onlookers did not realize that I also had a “happy trail” to my belly button because of my dress earlier, but they could now the how large the size of my bush was and how much of an area it covered. Everyone was slack-jawed and wide eyed at the sight of my bush, but that only made me more horny as I fucked my own son in front of a crowd of people.

The wife next to me said she couldn’t believe how turned on she was by seeing my bush and asked if she could touch it as she rode her husband and I rode mine. Before I could respond, my son grabbed her hand and put it right into the hair of my pussy and moved it around. Her reaction was that of complete bliss and amazement as she played with my thick curls and ran her fingers through the dark wet hair. She even tickled my clit as her fingers moved around with the motion of my fucking, and I couldn’t believe another woman was touching my bush as I fucked my son.

The different feelings made me orgasm so hard that my legs gave out and my son had to catch me from under my thighs. He held me up in the air as I came, but he didn’t take his cock out of me. He kept fucking me harder and harder as my orgasm would let up. My eyes were completely rolled into the back of my head and my mouth was wide open as I yelled out in complete joy for what seemed like forever.

The couple next to us came together at the sight and let out moans and cries as he came deeply inside of her. People were cumming as they watched us and were calling out for my son to cum. They cheered him on to cum and his pace picked up very rapidly as he humped up into me as he was holding me up. He got faster and faster and yelled out as he came hard inside of me. His hold gave out, but I was able to brace myself as I felt my feet hit the couch again.

I wasn’t going to let him cum sitting still so I turned around and rode him as hard as I could as he was cumming. His entire body was shaking and he was squirming out of control as rode harder and faster. He begged me to stop riding saying the feeling was too much for him, but I ignored him and kept riding. He was yelling and moaning louder and louder and I could feel the cum leaking out of me onto my legs and his lap. I used this as lube to keep riding him and slowly lessened my pace.

After I got to almost a complete stop, he started slowly humping into me again. He wasn’t as hard as he was at the start, but he wasn’t going limp. He kept slowly humping into me as I felt the hot cum all over his lap, but bush, and my legs. I leaned my head on his shoulder and kissed his neck as I moved up and down in the opposite direction of his humping.

I turned to look at the couple next to us whose faces were completely flushed with passion as they held one another and watched us. The husbands cock was still inside of his wife and I could see the cum leaking out of her as well. I smiled at them as I rode up and down on my son for what probably amounted to about 10 minutes after he finally came inside of me. The crowd never dissipated and people were still watching and playing with one another as we continued with one another. A few people in the crowd cheered at the performance, which then led to the crowd giving us a full applause.

Whistles, claps, yells, and cheers filled the area around the couch as we looked out and smiled at everyone. My son didn’t want to take his cock out of me, so I turned around to sit on him with my back to him and put the whole front of my body on display again as he continued to hump my completely drenched hairy pussy.

After another twenty minutes of humping and minor orgasms, I stood up and we wiped off with a towel provided by the staff, which also smiled and thanked us for the show. We went back to the bar area with the couple and guzzled down water to rehydrate ourselves.

People steadily came over and offered their thanks, compliments, regards, suggestions, thoughts, ideas, and stories throughout the rest of the night. We talked with the couple for a while as my son played with my bush and body as the couple laughed and mentioned how we couldn’t get enough of one another. I even ended up sitting on his lap on the bar chair and he put his penis back inside me at the bar and we had slow sex as we drank and chatted with people that eventually ended up in an intense orgasm for the two of us.

We exchanged email addressed with the couple (easier to maintain our made-up identity as a married couple) so that we could stay in touch regularly and plan our next trip to the club with them. We did not reveal our true relationship this time because we know we want to go back to the club and to stay in touch with the couple that we met.

Quite simply, it was the most freeing and amazing experience we had ever had in our entire lives. We felt so free, loved, horny, appreciated, and euphoric all at the same time. We never envisioned a trip to an adult sex club being as amazing as it turned out to be. We are so happy to have had the experience together and are even happier to have gotten to share it with all of you on here.

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