Incident at the Park

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Jodie was a fit and healthy girl, intelligent and quite good looking. She would never be called a supermodel, but she was the sort of girl next door that the boys all wanted to date.

She was not a virgin, after a couple of previous incidents had introduced her to sex in an interesting fashion. She had still only ever had the one partner, but was not averse to looking around. Her encounters with Sebastian had not predisposed her to believe that he would be a serious boyfriend.

Right now, however, Jodie was having a late lunch in the park. Earlier rain had left the grass and the benches too wet to sit on, so Jodie had climbed the steps into the empty bandstand, where she currently sat in solitary splendour.

It was probably a combination of circumstances that had led to the small park being relatively empty. The recent rain, with the potential for more, plus the fact that it was late for anyone to have lunch and yet too early for an afternoon break. All of these would have contributed.

Looking around, Jodie could only see a couple of people strolling around the park, and the decorative fence around the bandstand meant that she, herself, went unnoticed.

At least, Jodie hoped that she was unnoticed, as she watched one figure strolling through the park. Tall and blond, she could recognise Sebastian easily, and she nestled next to a pillar, hoping he’d just pass by.

“Fat chance,” she thought grumpily as Seb climbed the steps, the look on his face telling her he was laughing at her.

“Jodie,” said Seb happily, settling onto the bench next to her. “Not hiding from me, are you?”

“Certainly not,” retorted Jodie indignantly. “I have no reason to hide from you.” She smiled. “We’re in the middle of a public park. It’s not as though you’re going to be able to ravish me here.”

“You wrong me,” protested Seb. “When have I ever ravished you?”

“That first time we met, in the gym,” pointed out Jodie indignantly.

Seb looked at her, disbelief radiating from him.

Jodie flushed, remembering the gentle motions that had rocked her in the gym.

“All right,” she said, yielding the point. “What about the dojo?”

Sebastian seemed to consider that. It had been a rather energetic encounter. He spread his hand flat in front teen porno of him, tilting it one way and then the other. Jodie remembered her enthusiastic participation and blushed again.

“It doesn’t matter, if you’re going to be all picky about it. The point is we’re in public and you can’t do anything here.”

“You’re such an innocent at times,” murmured Seb. “Stand up.”

Puzzled, Jodie stood, and Seb gently tugged her around until she was standing in front of him, facing him. Moving slowly, giving her time to object, Seb ran his hand up the inside of her leg, disappearing under Jodie’s dress. She gasped as his hand stroked her through her panties, gently stirring up her pussy.

Seb watched Jodie’s face as he slipped a finger under her panties, pulling the crotch down and to the side, sliding his finger back and forth along the panties. Effectively, Jodie’s pussy was now free, the panties reduced to a side issue.

Jodie trembled slightly as Seb teased her. Fortunately, she thought, no-one could see under her dress to see the way her panties had been disarranged. Then she hear a zip moving and looking down in surprise she saw that Seb had undone his fly, letting his cock come out to play.

“If you think I’m giving you a blowjob or anything in public, you’re mad,” she hissed at him. “Put that away before someone comes”.

Seb’s answer was to gently turn Jodie around so that she was facing away from him.

“Now sit down” Jodie heard him say, feeling him take hold of her hips and gently pulling her towards him.

“What do you mean, sit down?” she demanded, horribly sure that she knew.

“Just that. Sit on my lap,” came the answer.

If she did, Seb’s cock would be pressing against her, rubbing against her, and they were in the open. Jodie hesitated, not really believing Seb meant it. She felt the pressure on her hips increasing and she gave a little puff of fury and slowly sank down onto Seb’s lap.

That’s when she got her next shock. It turned out that Seb had no intention of rubbing his cock against her pussy, or at least not the outside of it. As she sank down onto his lap Jodie felt Sebs’ hand dart up under her dress and move her pussy lips apart, guiding his cock into her.

Scarlet, Jodie tried to rise, travesti porno but Seb held her firmly where she was.

“It’s ok,” Seb said soothingly. “Just sit down and I’ll slide in as you sit. When you’re seated it will just seem as though you’re sitting on my lap. Your skirt will cover us quite nicely.”

“You have got to be kidding,” Jodie snapped. “We’re in public. Anyone could come and catch us. Let me go.”

“I don’t think,” said Seb, laughter in his voice. “Think of the thrill. You’ll be sitting up here looking over the entire park with a cock all the way up inside you, and no-one knows.”

“It’s not funny, Seb,” protested Jodie. “How can you do this?”

“It’s easy, sweetheart. Now sit.”

Nervously Jodie sat, feeling Seb moving deep into her as she settled onto his lap. Finally seated, Jodie spread her dress down over her knees. Then she smiled, knowing Seb couldn’t see her face, and wriggled her bottom energetically, nestling comfortably onto his lap. The gasp Seb gave was her reward.

Jodie sat there, looking around. Seb was right, she decided. She was getting a kick out of sitting here, neatly spiked, and no-one knew. She looked around and then enthusiastically wriggled her bottom again, enjoying the sensations that spread up through her. Also enjoying the groan that Seb gave. Yes, this was going to be fun.

Satisfied that Jodie was entering into the game with enthusiasm, Seb pressed forcefully upward, pressing firmly into Jodie. He could feel Jodie pressing down to meet him, and then heard her giggle. He didn’t trust that giggle, which showed that he was a wise man. For the first time, Jodie felt in control of the situation. During her other encounters with Seb, he had definitely been the master of the situation. Now, however…

Laughing, Jodie bounced, high and hard. Then she bounced again, relishing the way Seb’s cock slammed up into her as she dropped back down onto him. She turned her head around to look at Seb, her eyes shining with excitement as she bounced with glee.

Laughing back at her, Seb let her have her way. He might as well, he thought resignedly. There was no way in hell he could stop her, so he might as well enjoy it.

Jodie bounced, rising up off Seb and the gleefully tricky masseur porno dropping back. She was going to take her time with this, drag it out and make Seb sweat. She bounced some more.

Then it was her turn to sweat as Seb suddenly hissed, “Company.”

Freezing in place she looked out at the park to see a couple walking towards the bandstand. “Go past, please go past,” thought Jodie, watching aghast as they climbed the bandstand and settled onto a bench.

She settled back against Seb, now even more acutely aware of that cock inside her, which Seb, damn him, was stirring around inside her through a series of gentle motions.

Seb twisted her around slightly, kissing her deeply. She heard the couple mutter something to each other, and then they were rising and moving away, leaving Jodie and Seb to enjoy their necking alone.

“Enough is enough,” Jodie told Seb, intending to rise off him and call a halt.

“True,” said Seb, giving a deliberately hard thrust into her, making her tremble, “but we haven’t had enough yet.”

He laughed. “Want to bounce some more?”

Jodie glared at him, but the feel of him inside her was intruding. She sighed. It appeared that yes, she did want to bounce some more.

This time, Jodie noticed a difference. Rather than just letting her bounce on him, Seb was taking a more active part. When she sank down onto him, Seb was driving hard upwards, and when she lifted herself up, Seb was managing to pull back a little, so the strokes were now longer and harder and far more exciting.

The tempo was increasing, and Jodie knew that time was running out. She could feel her eyes glazing as a climax started building rapidly, and she frantically jammed her hand against her mouth to muffle her screams.

Seb exploded, spraying deep into Jodie, groaning with the relief he felt. He could feel his cock throbbing while Jodie massaged it, trying to extract every last drop within him. Then they relaxed, just a young man sitting on the bench with his girl on his lap.

Jodie heard her phone give a little trill. She sighed. That was her reminder that she was due back at work. She slowly stood, taking a moment to adjust her panties. She would she decided, stop by Big W on the way back to work and buy a packet of panties. She suspected that she was going to need to change these ones. They were already feeling a little damp.

She glanced back at Seb, who was still sitting on the bench, looking relaxed and without a care in the world. Jodie shook her head and headed back to work.

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