I’ll Teach You

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Nicola was the girl next door – literally. Her parents moved in next door just after I bought my own place and I’ve effectively seen her grow up, maturing from a bit of a tomboy to a nice young lady.

Currently she’s around eighteen, has grown out of her puppy fat and acne, and has a decent taste in clothes. She is now tall and elegant, slender with blonde hair and a bust that tries to tell you that her slenderness is a lie. All around a lovely package.

Personally I’m a big lump of a man. Slightly over six foot and two hundred pounds and it’s beef and muscle, not fat, even if I am pushing forty.

I was going to have a reasonably early night one night and I strolled into my bedroom, flicking on the lights as I went. My blind was still up so I crossed to the window to lower it. You know how it is. If you’re standing next to a window you automatically look out of it and that’s what I did.

Standing in the room opposite me was Nicola. I’ve known that that room was her bedroom for a long time but had never really considered it, except to make sure I pulled my blind down at night. I didn’t need to give a young girl a fright.

Anyway, seeing Nicola there I lifted my hand in a casual wave and she did likewise. I started to reach for the blind to pull it down and Nicola reached for her blouse and started undoing it. I blinked and froze to the spot.

Not looking at me she continued to take off her blouse, her head turned to the side as though she was talking to someone. She had a skimpy lacy bra on under her blouse, not that it mattered because as soon as she tossed her blouse to one side her bra followed it.

A very nice pair of breasts on the girl with no noticeable sag to them. I paid them their due by keeping my eyes on them, while wishing that her window was deeper so I could see more. Nicola turned back to glance at me and she had an amused smirk on her face. Then she turned and walked deeper into the room, far enough that I got my wish about seeing more.

Turning back to face the window she started undoing her skirt, still talking to someone in the room. Once her skirt was gone she kicked off her shoes and then slipped down her panties, lifting one foot to kick them to the side.

She was over there, standing naked next to the bed, and this young lad strolled into view, his eyes patently glued to her body. I could tell from his gestures that he was telling her to lie down on the bed but she was shaking her head. She was telling him something, probably to strip, seeing how fast his clothes vanished. Then she bent over the end of the bed, still plainly in my sight, and indicating that he should move around behind her.

I assume that he did as he vanished from my view and I had the impression of someone standing behind her. I could have moved to one side to check but I was quite happy with the view I had. Yeah, he was there all right. I could tell from the way her body suddenly jolted that she’d just been shafted from behind. After that it was on, her boyfriend giving her everything he had just as fast as he could, with her head turned to look out the window, watching me watching her.

(When I mentioned that her boyfriend was giving her everything he had as fast as he could I had to surmise that he didn’t have much as everything was over in a pretty short period of time. Maybe he’d be able to recharge and give her a longer running lesson later.)

I blew her a kiss, pulled down my blind, and went to bed.

I wouldn’t have done anything about that little incident but for happenchance. I saw Nicola’s parents heading out to the football just after lunch, them both being keen fans, and Nicola arrived home from work almost immediately after they departed. One could almost think she timed it so she wouldn’t have to go to the football.

I strolled around to her place and rang the bell and she promptly answered it, still in her fast food uniform. She looked rather taken aback to see me, blushing quite fiercely.

“Nicola,” I said by way of greeting.

“Ah, Mr Anderson,” she acknowledged me. “Um, what can I do for you?”

“Please, call my Conrad or Con. I think you’re old enough and we’ve seen enough of each other to be on first name terms.”

Apparently she hadn’t been blushing quite fiercely when she answered the door. Now she was blushing quite fiercely.

“When I say you’re old enough I was assuming that you have turned eighteen?” When she nodded I continued. “Of course, you never can tell these days,” I said with a sigh. “These youngsters get into mischief at such an early age. Not like when I was younger.”

“Oh, you poor old man,” she said with a touch of snark in her voice. “I suppose you never did anything wrong or ill-advised when you were young, lo those many years ago.”

“Well, nothing that I was ever caught at,” I admitted, “so that means I never did them, right?”

“Anyway, the reason I came over was in regard to your little performance last night.”

She hastily started to apologise but I held up a hand, shutting xvideos porno her down.

“No, no, you misunderstand. It was obvious from that little performance that you need a few lessons in certain areas. So does your friend, Speedy Gonzales, for that matter, but him I couldn’t care less about.”

“His name is Jason. Why do you call him Speedy Gonzales? You’ve never even met him. And what do you mean by lessons?”

“I called him Speedy because I was judging him on his performance and damn, but it was just about over before he started. I hope he did better with his subsequent efforts.”

“Oh,” I said, interpreting the glowering look on her face. “There were no subsequent efforts. Hard luck, girl. Anyway, as to the lessons. I was talking about the way you made love of course. Really, wham, bam, thank you, ma’am is so passe. I thought I’d come over and show you what to expect and what to do. No need to thank me. It will be my pleasure, and yours, too.”

I lounged comfortably against the door-frame, smiling at the blank look on her face as she tried to digest what I’d just suggested. The blank look turned into surprise as she finally worked it out. I was surprised, myself, that she hadn’t clicked immediately. The offer wasn’t that hard to understand.

“You’re kidding,” she said.

“Why would I kid about something like that?” I asked her. “Remember, I saw your performance last night and believe me, it was pathetic. You were so busy watching me watching you that you couldn’t even give your full attention to the poor schnook who was trying to please you. I will admit that was probably as much his fault as yours. Possibly more his fault as he should have been in control.”

“Pathetic,” she yelled. “You’re pathetic. Why the hell would I want to have sex with you?”

“Let’s see. Because you’re curious? For the short time Speedy was in action you were wondering what it would be like if it had been me. You also need someone to take you in hand and show you what to do and who better than me, your old friend and neighbour?”

She was glaring at me, not giving an inch, when I reached out and took hold of her hand. I pressed it against my groin and her hand automatically closed over me before she realised what she was grabbing.

“What the fuck is that?” she yelled, snatching her hand away with some alacrity. I had to admit she did a lot of yelling.

“How can you ask a question like that after being visited by Speedy last night?” I asked in return. I mean, the boy must have had one.

“It doesn’t matter what he had,” she snapped. “It certainly wasn’t anything like that.”

“Are you sure? Would you like me to unzip so you can check?”

“No!” That came out with a bit of a squeak and then she paused. “Alright, yes. Show me.” Now she was sounding defiant.

I calmly unzipped.

“There you are. Just reach in and pull it out,” I said. “You’ll find it’s just a normal one.”

She dithered, blushing, not wanting to but also curious. Finally she took a deep breath, slipped her hand into my trousers and pulled my cock out into the light.

She looked at what she was holding and snatched her hand away, leaving my erection swaying slightly.

“That’s ridiculous,” she exclaimed.

“Hey, be reasonable,” I said. “It will get bigger once it’s erect, you know.”

“You’re kidding,” she said, and this time she sounded horrified.

“Yeah, I am,” I said with a laugh. “This is as big as it gets. Had you going for a moment, though. Don’t worry. You’ll find that you can handle me with no problems.”

“No you didn’t,” she denied. “I knew you were kidding. Put it away and go away.”

As obedient as always to a woman’s wished I adjusted my trousers slightly, hiding the goodies. Of course, if asked for multiple things by the time I’ve done the first I’ve forgotten the second, so I stayed right there.

“Ask me in,” I said gently.

“And if I don’t?”

“You’ll regret it, of course.”

“I knew it. You’re trying to blackmail me about last night. Well let me tell you. . .”

“Whoa,” I broke in, giving a scrub it wave of my hands. “No such thing. I wouldn’t dream of mentioning anything about that. No-one’s business but yours. And mine I suppose, seeing I was acting the voyeur. No, what I meant is that you’ll always be wondering what would have happened if you had invited me in. Your best bet is to ask me in and find out.”

“Yeah, and have you jump me as soon as you step inside.”

“Don’t be silly. I wouldn’t have sex with you until I had your firm agreement. No agreement, no sex. Mind you, I am fairly sure that I can persuade you to agree, if not today, then in the near future.”

She slowly moved back from the door and I took that as implicit permission to enter. She glanced towards her bedroom but I got in first, placing a hand on her arm and indicating the lounge room. She had an air of slight relief as she moved towards it.

As soon as we entered the lounge room I sat in a nice big arm chair yerli porno and pulled her down onto my lap. Then I started stroking her, arms and legs mainly, my hands just feathering across them, giving her little shivery feelings.

“If a boy wants you naked,” I murmured, “then let him make the effort to take your clothes off. If he’s too lazy to do so then he’s not worth the effort. This doesn’t apply every time, but it certainly should the first time where a boy is concerned.”

To show her what I meant I unzipped her skirt and eased it off, leaving her panties on. This also gave me better access to her legs and I have to admit I took advantage. I stroked her legs hand running up the inside of her thigh, high enough that the edge of my hand brushed her mound without actually pressing against it. From the way she was moving she was expecting my hand there at any moment.

Instead of following through my hand slipped under her top, stroking her tummy and moving up towards her breasts. I could feel just a touch of under-boob peeping out from her bra. I took my hand out and started flicking buttons open.

“One shouldn’t rush into undressing. Take your time and enjoy the sensation of your clothes falling away, revealing a little more each time.”

I brushed her blouse off her shoulders, revealing a nice bra with some even nicer cleavage. I just naturally leaned forward to drop some light kisses against that cleavage. Lifting my head I allowed my hand to slip inside her bra, seeking her nipple. (It’s usually a lot easier to slip your hand into a bra from the top. The bottom tends to have bracing that’s irritating to push past.)

At the same time as my hand slipped under her bra my other hand moved up and rubbed against her mound, giving her a double shock. (The advantage of being a big man. I could circle a hand around her and down her bra even as I was stoking her somewhat more intimately.)

Nicola was twisting about slowly under my touch, making noises indicating that she thought I was going a bit too far. I ignored that suggestion, giving forth one of my own.

“You do realise that once a man starts stroking you intimately it’s only fair that you return the compliment a little. You don’t have to do too much. Just hold my erection for a bit, getting a feel for it.”

It wasn’t until my hand slid inside her panties that she relented and slipped her hand back inside my still unzipped fly and closed over me again. This time, instead of snatching her hand away she started getting a proper feel for it, something that I’ll admit I found a bit disconcerting.

I took advantage of her current preoccupation with her new toy to unclip her bra and let it drop away. It didn’t drop too far as Nicola’s arms were in the way, what with one hand being tucked inside my trousers. Still, as far as I was concerned it dropped far enough as her breasts were now on display.

I started paying some serious attention to her breasts. Her nipples were erect and there was an added heaviness to them and Nicola was shivering slightly when my tongue drifted across them, followed by me blowing softly against the damp trail I’d left. And all the time my free hand was molesting her somewhat more intimately.

Eventually Nicola pulled my erection free from my trousers and this was my cue to move to the next step. I swung her to her feet, freeing my cock, so her bra could drop away. At the same time I was sliding her panties down, finally getting her naked.

My hands closed around her bottom and I pulled her closer to me, at the same time sliding out of the armchair and going down onto one knee. I pressed my face against her mons, my tongue starting to tease her. She made a startled sound clutching at my head, apparently not knowing what to do.

Quite frankly I was wreaking havoc upon her. I’d already been touching up all her more sensitive places and now my tongue was accentuating the damage. She gave a small scream when I trespassed too close to her clitoris, trying to pull away, hands clutched tightly in my hair. A few more touches and she gave a much louder scream as she climaxed, nearly tearing a handful of hair out of my poor head.

I gave her a chance to recover, rising to my feet as I did so.

“Your turn,” I told her and she gave me a bemused look.

“If someone does something for you it’s only polite to return the favour,” I told her lightly touching her lips. From the blush and the slightly frightened look I don’t think she’d ever given anyone a blowjob. Still, she had to learn sometime.

“Just remember one little thing. If you’re not willing to put something in your mouth then you shouldn’t be willing to put it anywhere else in your body. That rule will help you determine those boys that you’re never going to bed with, no matter what.”

Very hesitantly she went down onto her knees and took hold of me. Eyes looking up at me she slowly closed her mouth over me and then stopped, not knowing what else to do. I waited, figuring that she’d work it out. youjizz porno It’s all about motion, after all.

First her tongue got into play, and then her teeth. Those teeth grazing the head of my cock made me very nervous indeed. Finally she started bobbing her head, giving me a little bit of suction. I guess she had friends whose advice she’d listened to.

I let her go for a while but I certainly had no intention of letting her get me off this way. I wanted to take her properly. I pulled back from her, pulling her to her feet and then pulling her flush against me so she could feel the hard length of my erection pressing against her.

Hand around her bottom I lifted her, telling her to wrap her legs around my waist as I did so. Then she was clinging to me, hands clutching my shoulders, legs around my waist, and my cock between her legs, pressing gently against her.

“So are you going to say yes or no?” I asked her and she glared at me.

“You’re asking me now? You’re already inside me.”

“Um, no, not quite.” I let her drop a half inch, my cock pressing that much harder, her lips starting to part to let me in.

“What if I don’t say yes or no?” she asked defiantly.

“In that case I guess I’ll just hold you like this until you make up your mind. Um, be careful that you don’t slip because I haven’t given permission either.”

“The hell you haven’t,” she muttered, still not willing to say yes.

I just remained where I was, considering the situation.

“Maybe you’ll be able to make up your mind better in your bedroom,” I suggested. “Why don’t we wander down there and you can think it over on the way.”

I headed towards her bedroom and I wasn’t really putting any extra pep in my step. I’m just an energetic walker. Still, it seemed to me that my cock was bouncing against her with every step, with Nicola’s arms clutched tightly around my neck, trying to ensure that she didn’t get shafted by chance.

As soon as we were in the bedroom she was yelling at me to put her down, which I did, dropping her onto the bed. Almost in the same motion I was spreading her legs far apart and kneeling between them, cock now hovering just above her slit, ready and poised for action.

“Oh, fucking hell, do it, damn you,” she groaned. “Do it now.”

As obedient as ever I pressed forward, my cock pushing between her lips and sinking deep, helped by the vigorous effort she put in in rising to meet me, watching eagerly as I sank into her. She gave a groan of relief when I finally slid home. (I was tempted to do the same. By this stage I really needed this.)

I started moving at a reasonable pace, finding, for some reason or other, that Nicola wasn’t really moving with me.

“Come on, love,” I told her, my voice nice and soothing. “You do know you’re supposed to move with me, don’t you?”

For some reason she seemed to tense up slightly and then she moved, continuing to move with me quite nicely. Not exactly practiced but willing to learn. I kept going, building up a nice head of steam, watching to see how she was reacting. Deciding she was reacting very nicely I suddenly rolled over, bringing her around on top of me.

“Your turn to be on top,” I told her, pushing her up into a sitting position. “Let’s see what you can do.”

She found herself straddling me and looking confused. I calmly suggested she try rocking back and forth or, alternatively, start bouncing up and down on my cock.

“Twerking is good,” I added. “This is what anyone watching a girl twerk is thinking about.”

She started rocking, leaning forward and leaning back, enjoying the movement of me inside her. Probably enjoying my movements outside her, too, as my hands were now all over her breasts.

For all her enjoyment what we were doing wasn’t enough for her. She was starting to feel a little frustrated and I wasn’t too surprised when she suddenly slumped forward so she was lying on me and started humping her hips a bit more vigorously, moving up and down my cock with my enthusiastic help.

I was starting to sweat and holding back as best I could, watching Nicola have her fun. It was, I decided, almost time for a final change of position.

Nicola went sliding up my pole and then gave a shriek of shock as I popped her right off it. She was all, “What, what, what,” and I hastened to put my bit in.

“Roll over onto your hands and knees, sweetheart,” I ordered, “because I’m about to start ravishing you.”

She rolled over, bum up, head down but looking around at me, and I slid neatly into place. Then I proceeded to give her the promised ravishing, thrusting in hard and fast and often, my arms around her as I grasped her breasts, urging her on.

It seemed ravishment was right up her alley as she was bucking under me, urging me on to even more depraved depths, wanting everything I could throw at her. I finished up climaxing on a big way, while she climaxed in an even bigger (and noisier) way, putting to shame the climax that she’d had earlier.

“As a matter of curiosity why were you so reluctant to move with me there at the start? I could tell you wanted to.”

She blushed. “Um, Jason said only sluts move like that. A proper lady lies still while the man does what he wants and he’ll fix her up properly.”

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