My Saucy, Sweet and Salty Satyr

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So this week began with me in a rotten Monday mood. I had not heard a peep from Julio all weekend and I was suffering. Being impatient and demanding and bratty I had texted too many times since Thursday! He did not reply at all. I knew he must have been busy, but it made me feel blue… I am pretty much addicted to this guy. I felt like calling but had gotten too ‘down’ to even try. So I just ate a lot of sweets I shouldn’t have and watched stupid stuff on TV, unable to do a thing. I needed my Julio ‘fix’! The late afternoon came and went; it was nearly 7 pm. Suddenly my phone rang! I answered in a very soft and shaky voice: “Hello?”

“Alo, bay-bay, how are you — you are ok?”

“Kind of,” I mumbled.

“Ah, babee, I want you be fine,” he said, and I thought I could hear a smile in his voice.

“Say you are fine for me. Quiero que estas feliz, para mi, dulce corazon. (I want you to be happy for me, sweetheart) I come see you now? I love you.”

I was instantly elated. I really am a total fool over this guy.

“Oh, I love you so much!” I crooned happily. Are you really coming now? It’s so late!”

“Yes, I come now. Is ok? Me extrañaste? You miss me?”

“Oh my God, yes, yes, always!” I did my best to freshen up and got all ready for the moment he’d walk in. A few minutes later I heard the door open. I rushed over to him and fell into his arms and we held each other and just kissed softly for a few moments. I felt really sheepish about bugging him for days on end and I began apologizing.

“I’m so sorry I texted you so much. Don’t be mad! I just miss you a lot!”

He slipped his hand between my legs, over my stretchy pants, rubbing gently.

“Bay-bay, you are ok, I love you. My life is very complicated. You need understand this. I will come when I can be with you. I no can come all the time when you say. Yes, i am angry, you are like a child, you cannot wait for what you want! Pero, no te preocupes. Te amo.” (Don’t worry, I love you)

He described some problems that he had going on — his rent, his vehicles, whatnot. He was holding a can of Red Bull soda drink, glugging it as he spoke. He hadn’t had dinner he said, but he didn’t want food or any beer either. So, as each time before, when I realized that I had been entirely annoying, thinking only of myself, disregarding any of his obligations, I felt quite ashamed of myself. Of course, I was grateful that he was going to disregard all my immature behavior. Yet as I had done so many times already, I was acting just like the spoiled brat teen-age princess; it’s obvious I have never learned not to do that — nor will I, it seems. Over and over, I make a promise to him and I myself resolve never to do it again – and then I do!

But it was late; he wanted to go straight upstairs, where I had left a long leather strap from a new tote bag I had bought on the bedroom dresser. He noticed it right off and picked it up, folding it in half.

“Eres una niña mala,” he joked with a grin. (you’re a bad girl) He set his jaw tight and gave me a mock angry look, then lifted his arm high and deftly swung the strap around in a loop, like a lasso.

“Oooh NO!” I was giggling nervously, but not really worried at all.

He nodded his chin at me: “Take off you pants,” and he tugged at my clothes. I was laughing as I did not believe he’d really do anything to me. But he just pulled my pants all the way down with his left hand as I stood by the bench at the foot of the bed. I actually was tangled up with the leggings still around my ankles and he grabbed my arm and gave me a few swats with the strap! No, no — not too hard, it was just playful… Then he slapped me a bunch of times with his bare hands, very sharply on my bare ass. I did cry out with that, since it really surprised me. He pulled me to him, grinning broadly, and felt and squeezed my butt cheeks. I was panting over all of this — excited and hotly marmaris escort nervous with this little spanking game.

Why do guys like to do that! Whew, well – I know I get hot with these sharp little slaps and stuff — why? Well, honestly – I really don’t know, but it starts those hot waves… of course, pretty much anything he does makes that happen to me. It’s just such a surprise too, the way he does it. It seems to come out of nowhere, he might be kissing me and caressing me gently and then whooo! He does these hot quick slaps on my ass, then he grabs my butt cheeks and the next second he is softly nuzzling me again…oh God, it makes me so hot! And wet!

And tonight — well, it was different — it was intense and kind of rough. He does get kind of crazy! My tights were pulled off, but his clothes were still on. He sat on the little bench at the foot of the bed, yanked me to him, lay me across his lap and spanked me over and over with his strong bare hands, as I squealed and gasped, struggling as he held me prisoner with his left arm. “Chica mala! You are very bad girl! I give you nalgas rojas. (red buttocks) You are sorry?”

“Yes! Yes, I am very sorry! Oh please — no — no more!” I wailed, as he continued to slap my ass for several minutes. Then he let me up. I put my hands on my butt. It stung a lot! I wasn’t crying or anything, but I was petty shaken. He made kissy lips at me and chuckled. “Now it’s ok. Te castigo!” (I punish you)

He stood up, whisked my shirt over my head and flung his clothes off in all directions, then came toward me. I hung back, but I was so very excited, hot and really turned on.

My ass was red-hot and so were the cheeks on my face. He started by laying me down, right on the floor of the bedroom. He just straddled me, pushed his cock between my tits, while pressing them tightly together and then thrusting his hips forward so his cock pushed into my open lips. I sucked hungrily, getting at least a third of it into my mouth, all the while looking up at him as he watched me. To see him — his shoulders, his broad chest and his steady hot gaze on me, with his lips parted a bit and his chin kicking back each time he moved forward… ooh, he is so damn gorgeous, like a young god from some ancient time! I marveled at the sight of him, my heart going like mad and my pussy soaked, just aching for that cock inside me.

We did that for a little while; then, as I lay there on the floor, he stood up and went to the bed, taking a couple of the big pillows that were heaped up at the headboard. On his knees beside me, he put both hands on my middle and carefully turned me on my tummy. He leaned over me and tenderly kissed my shoulders, my waist, the small of my back, and pulled my hips up high. He shoved two pillows under me and then began licking my back and ass luxuriously, with long strokes of his warm, wet tongue. Like a wild dog or something! He was so eager now to start fucking — his cock was hard against my vagina from the back, and he really pushed it in fast. I was grunting with the force of his actions, and he held his hands firmly on that place between my neck and my shoulders, keeping me in position. He was breathing hard and fast. “Ay, bay, so beautiful, ahh, I love you big ass! I love you!”

All this going on right on the floor of my bedroom — yes it’s all carpeted, but still, it’s on the floor! His face at my neck, he was panting, and with a low moan, he came, and moved off me. He kissed my head gently, offering his outstretched hands to help me stand up. He led me to the bed and I simply flopped down, entirely needing to rest, while he tucked several pillows around me, and went to get a warm wet cloth. He spread my thighs and carefully washed my pussy, holding the labia open and stroking slowly, from the mound, downward to the vagina, like cleaning a child’s bottom. It touched all my sensitive nerves, making me gasp and squirm, but he held marmaris escort bayan me firmly in place. Then he lay next to me and got very tender, caressing my face and my body. I relaxed, snuggling into the nook between his chest and his shoulder, savoring his scent, his delicious odors. I love his primal earthy smell, like a savage beast of the forest. I am very sensory and very sensuous – oh yes!

“Mmm, cariño… talk to me en Español — me gusta,” I begged. He smiled, “En Español? Ok… te amo, te quiero tanto, eres mia…eres hermosa, muy bonita mujer. Ay, bay, me gustas mucho…” I love you, I want you so much, you are mine, you’re beautiful, a very lovely woman, you please me greatly)

“Necesito tus besos,” I told him and offered my lips. (I need your kisses)

He teased, making a classic kissy face. ” Ahhh, si? Mis besos? Me amas? Si? Cuanto? Ah? Cuanto me amas? Poco? Mucho?” (Ah, yes? My kisses? You love me, yes? How much? A little? A lot?)

“Mmmmm! Te amo mucho! Please, kiss me sweetly, like you do! Please!”

So he did, his even, white teeth tugging at my lips and then his fat tongue pushing down my throat. Ohh those kisses! Deliciously long, so sweet, so warm. My eyelids dissolved somehow and my eyes closed instantly and stayed shut, locking me in a dizzying dream. His hands moving freely all over my breasts, squeezing, his thumbs tweaking my nipples, sending electric currents all through me and zapping my clitoris. The divine sensations swirling over my body, I am lost in his embrace, moaning, twisting, pulling myself closer to him, oblivious to anything else, anywhere… Oh My God… I simply melt with his kisses.

Now his cock was so very hard again, pressing insistently against my thigh. His voice was gutteral in my ears. “Babee, now I am hungry. I need eat you pussy.”

He sat up, motioning with his hands for me turn horizontally on the bed so we could do that 69 thing. I did just as he wished. In one smooth move, he swung his body around, and his balls were instantly above my face, and in my mouth, first one and then the other. Sucking softly, I tried to swallow even just the head of his cock and a couple of inches more, letting it go quite deep, but I really cannot stand to have too much of it go far into my mouth; surely I cannot get all of it in. Then he pushed downward just a bit; ohh too much! I instantly started to gag and he quickly pulled up.

He had let himself enjoy all of it for a bit, while he was just kissing and nibbling at my thighs. And then he put his mouth fully on me, licking and sucking so incredibly divinely, my voice hit a high pitch and I was almost crying with real tears in an agony of pleasure. He put his best skills into it, his tongue darting and rolling on the clitoris and I was completely gone in just moments.

He sat up and wiped his mouth, licked his lips, smiling at me, clearly pleased. Then he flipped my legs sideways and jammed that cock into me over and over with all his might for a really long time. I was getting kind of overwhelmed with the hard knocks and I felt I could not take much more. But he would not let himself come yet. I was actually getting sore and I said, “Oh, Julio! Can we rest? Please!”

He stopped. He got up and pulled my feet to his shoulders, flung my legs backwards, and bent down to my pussy once more, licking and sucking, trying to make me wet all over again. Now that cock was back inside me and wow – it hurt. I pushed at his chest.

“Aaaiiii! Please, no puedo! No no no mas!”

He stopped again, got the coconut oil, and I got alarmed.

“Oh, Julio, please not now! Let’s wait — espere, por favor!”(Wait, please!)

“No puedo, bay, no tengo tiempo!” (I can’t, I have no time!) “I need work very early tomorrow.”

He’d arrived late and I knew he’d have to leave soon. But I was already satisfied a-plenty! And sore!

At that moment, it flashed through my mind, how escort marmaris he’d told me about his former wife refusing him sex. He had said, ‘she don’t want it’ — and at that time I couldn’t imagine any woman not wanting him — so I had said, “I don’t believe that.” But now, on second thought, it was actually pretty believable! We had been making such hot intense crazy love without any break at all! I can see why his poor wife (probably after a long day working herself and what with kids, cooking, etc.) did not want so much sex! But this guy has the energy of a bull! And then it occurred to me: he was drinking from a can of Red Bull when he came tonight — what’s in that stuff anyway!

He was watching me, trying to assess the possibilities. He looked me up and down, biting his lower lip, wiggling his eyebrows. Then he cocked his head and said,

“You tell me ‘no’? Ok, I stop, pero, todavia te quiero…” (but I still want you)

He persisted: “Me quieres otra vez? Si o no? Si no me quieres ahora, esta bien; te amo, pero tu puedes decir ‘no’, y ya me voy.” (You want me again? Or not? If you don’t want me now, it’s ok; I love you, but you can say ‘no’ and I will go).

He gave me a kissy face and a slight smile. Wow! He still was so hot, and I gazed at him, thinking how gorgeous he is and how sexy he is. There’s no help for me — I can’t say ‘no’ to him and he surely sees that. He gets me wanting him anytime all over again.

I am a perfect mistress-sex-toy for this guy, I know it; he knows it. He is always so divine-looking to me. I stretched my arms towards him. He was on me in a second, more kisses, more sweet love talk. He turned me on my belly, flat on the bed. Ah — the coconut oil… in my anus… he spread my legs just a little, and I stayed that way the whole time. He can easily get his cock way into me, no matter what!

I pleaded: “But please — despacio y cuidado — ok? Go slow and be careful, ok?”

“Si, mi amor, I make slow.” He found the love songs on his phone and played ‘Mi Eterno Amor’ by Marco Antonio Solis… and as the music flooded my mind with those sweet, longing words, he pressed his whole body onto my back, holding me as he does, with his right arm from behind. His mouth on my ears, soaking them with his tongue, his warm voice vibrating in my head, as he sang along with his phone music. And then… yes, his cock slid gently into my ass, very slowly. I gasped and made quiet little whimpering cries and he just moved very gently in and out, for a few minutes, so I felt I could bear it. In and out… in and out… a slow, even rhythm, and I let the waves of it ripple through me, my entire being almost sinking into a dreamy slumber.

Then suddenly, his passion became fierce, he started thrusting hard, holding me so tightly, his chin digging into my neck and there was nothing I could do. I began howling — I felt my anus and vagina contract, I was coming so hard, it was out of control, but it felt utterly fantastic… and wham, wham, wham — just a few moments and it was over. Me moaning, him silent, we lay together. It was now well past 9 pm. He turned me on my side, kissed my face lovingly, then went to shower. Back in the bedroom, he dressed and couldn’t find one of his socks. Searching all over he finally saw it – on top of a bookcase! Yeah — he had flung his clothes all over the place! He was at last ready to leave and he gave me yet one more sweet, long kiss. Beautiful and tender, but I absolutely was mashed and trashed, could not even move. However, I did open my eyes. I looked up and said to him, “Do you take sex pills?” The question was in my mind — and it just popped out of my mouth.

“Ah? What?”

“Do you take sex pills? Tu sabes, para hacer mas sexo.” (You know, to have more sex)

He shrugged and laughed. “No — no pill, I never do this.”

One more quick flurry of kisses all over me – and he was gone.

It was nearly twenty minutes before I could try to stand. When I did look at the bed, it was so completely messed up, even the mattress pad cover was all yanked off, let alone the sheets. It would be a big clothes washing day tomorrow!

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