A Bikers Holiday

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Big Dicks

My name is Steve. I am a biker guy, 26 years old, with a brand-new Harley that I love to ride. I live by myself in a small apartment but who cares, I am never home. If the weather is half-way decent I am out riding.

I got a call from an Uncle in my home town to tell me that my cousin Gary was killed in a car accident. I was never close to Gary, I always thought he was a jerk, but it was sad to hear what happened to him.

I now have a request (demand) that I show up for the funeral. My home-town is almost 300 miles away but that’s nothing for me. A little over four hours of fast riding and I will be there.

I packed as much as I can carry on the bike and hit the road.

I have been offered a room with my Aunt Sharon. She lives alone in a big house since her husband died a couple of years ago. I don’t know her well, but I think it will be OK. At least I won’t be in a house full of relatives driving me crazy.

I enjoyed the ride even though it was on the interstate. I prefer two-lane blacktop, but I had to make time. I did a steady 75 and cruised along. The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot.

I pulled into her driveway and rang the doorbell. She answered with a hug and a kiss and invited me in.

I had not seen her for a while, but she is looking good for a fifty-something woman. Tall and slender and well dressed. Tight pants that show her cunt-crack and high heels.

She offered me a beer which I was dying for, and she poured herself a glass of wine.

We got through the obligatory pleasantries and small-talk. Then we went a little deeper and personal.

“So tell me, Steve, what have you been up to? How is life treating you in your new town?”

“It’s fine, Sharon. I’ve got a decent job, a place of my own, and my Harley. Life is good.”

“I am a little surprised to hear that you live alone. I thought you would have a live-in girlfriend or maybe even be married by now.”

“No way. I do have girlfriends, but I practice catch and release. Much more fun that way.”

“But how about you, Sharon? You still live alone in this great big house? How come you haven’t hooked up with another guy? Its been years since you lost your husband.”

“I lost more than my husband. I guess I lost the ability and the desire to be with a man. More than you wanted to know I suppose.”

I am young but not that young. I was pretty sure I knew what she meant.

“So the fire has gone out? Is that it?”

She blushed and softly said, “I guess you could say that. But you might say it in a kinder way.”

“I’m sorry, Sharon. I apologize. I didn’t mean to pry.”

So now we knew the status of each other’s sex life, but we didn’t have too much more to say. I finished off my second beer and said I needed a shower and a bed.

8:00PM is early for me to call it a day, but I needed to get the road grime off me and get some rest. Sharon had given me the guest bedroom which has its own bathroom. I stripped down and took a long, hot shower.

I dried off and flopped down on the bed naked and on my back. I closed my eyes and relaxed and the miles of riding melted away. I wasn’t quite ready to sleep but this was nice.

You know how you can feel it when someone is staring at you? I had that feeling and I opened my left eye just a tiny slit. I could make out the shape and form of Sharon in the doorway.

I hoped she was enjoying the show, and then I had an idea to really give her something to look at.

I grasped my limp dick and began to stroke it. The response was immediate, and it stiffened into a big hard-on. With my left eye slightly open I could see the blurry image of Sharon in the doorway. I kept my eyes closed as I jacked myself off, and in a few minutes, I blew my load. It shot up in the air and fell on my belly and my pubic hair.

I caught my breath and looked at the doorway and fully opened my eyes. I had hoped to catch her in the act. She was gone.

I went back into the shower and rinsed the cum off me. I dried off again and this time when I crawled into bed I was asleep in a few minutes. I laughed out loud before I drifted off, thinking about Aunt Sharon watching me drain my lizard.

I was having an intense dream and I thought what I heard was part of the dream. It was Aunt Sharon in the doorway again, saying something.

“What is it, Sharon? What do you want?”

Barely audible, she said, “I am starting to have one of my panic attacks. Can I come in with you for a while?”

She anadolu yakası escort was in a stylish pair of silk pajamas, and clearly nothing else.

“Sure, come in and join me.”

She came in and climbed on the bed, outside of the covers. She was careful to not come too close.

“I am sorry to bother you, but sometimes in the middle of the night I get anxious and I can’t sleep.”

“It’s OK, Sharon. You can stay here with me as long as you want.”

“Thank you. I will be quiet. You can go back to sleep if you want to.”

We were silent for a few minutes, and then she said, “I am getting cold.”

“Get under the covers with me. That will warm you up.”

She slipped under the blanket and snuggled up to me. I was naked, but she acted as if she didn’t notice.

“That’s much better. This is nice of you.”

Her silk pajamas didn’t hide much, both of us might as well have been naked, bodies close together.

She touched my hairy chest, and then lightly caressed me all the way down to my equally hairy belly.

She whispered, “Steve, I have to confess something. I saw what you did when you went to bed. I am ashamed of myself for spying on you. But it aroused feelings in me that I haven’t had for years.”

“I don’t mind, Sharon. I am not modest.”

“You shouldn’t be. Your body is beautiful.”

More silence, and then she continued, “Especially your penis. It is incredible.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that, so I said nothing.

She said softly, “Please don’t be offended by this. Can I do it for you now?”

She carefully and tentatively moved her hand down and touched my flaccid cock. I didn’t object so she grasped it and began to stroke it.

She practically molded herself to me and her breath was hot against me as she jacked me off.

Her delicate feminine hand with her elegant long fingers surrounding my erection aroused me.

I surrendered to it and in a few minutes, I could feel myself about to cum.

She sensed it too, and said, “Let’s not make a mess in the bed.”

She dived under the covers and I felt her take my stiff cock in her mouth. Her expert hand-job became and expert blowjob.

She slid it in and out and gently sucked until the cum shot into her throat. She gagged and then recovered and swallowed it eagerly.

She licked and sucked my cock clean and then moved back up into my arms.

She said, “Thank you. That was wonderful. I haven’t tasted it for years. And that was more than a taste.”

She kissed me with her slippery lips and tongue.

I didn’t mind, I hugged her affectionately. So many women I have known act like they have a mouthful of raw sewage and they run to the bathroom to rinse out their mouth. Sharon thanked me for it. The fact that she wanted to swallow it gave me warm feelings for her.

After a while she asked if she could stay with me all night.

“Sure, no worries.”

She stayed glued to my side all night.

We both woke up when the sun came through the window.

“We don’t have to get up. The calling hours are this afternoon, so we have plenty of time.”

She started to fondle my cock and play with my balls. This woman is insatiable.

I tried to be humorous and I said, “Do you want the breakfast of champions?”

She blushed and said, “Well I will, but I wish we could do more. I would love it if you could fuck me. But I know you can’t.”

I slid my hand under the waistband of her pajamas and touched her pussy. It was a tightly closed, dry slit. I tried to find the entrance without success.

She said, “See, it is not possible. I have been like that since menopause.”

I answered, “There is a way, if you will trust me.”

I reached further down and touched her asshole. I gently pushed the tip of my middle finger into her.

She squirmed a little and said, “Are you sure that’s safe? Will it hurt me?”

Without answering I slowly pushed my entire finger up her ass, all the way to the last knuckle.

“That doesn’t hurt, does it?”

She thought for a moment and then said, “No. It feels good.”

“But your penis is so much larger than that!”

“You will get used to it. You’ll see,”

She thought for a moment, imagining what it would be like to be fucked in the asshole. Apparently she convinced herself to try it.

She acquiesced and said, “I have some lubrication I bought when I first got ataşehir escort this dryness problem. Let me get it.”

She went downstairs and came back up quickly with a tube of KY in her hand.

She applied it generously to my cock which was hard as a rock.

I guided her into a prone position and hovered over her.

“Please spread your butt for me.”

She did and exposed her light brown asshole which was tightly closed.

I put the head of my cock against it, and not wanting to give her the chance to change her mind I quickly shoved the head in.

Her response was, “OH! Wait! It’s too big.”

I waited for her to settle down and then I shoved another inch or two into her. This time her reaction was not as strong. She squealed a little but didn’t ask me to stop.

After she got used to that I continued to push in, little by little.

She looked back over her shoulder, trying to make eye contact with me. The look in her eyes was a combination of apprehension and curiosity.

When the last inch of my cock disappeared in her tight asshole I began to fuck her. She put her head back down and closed her eyes as I worked my cock in and out of her.

I went at it with a regular pace, and the bed creaked and squeaked as it rocked back and forth. The heat rose off her body along with her hot musky breath. She raised her hips to see if it would go in any deeper. She might have accomplished another half-inch or so of penetration.

I knew the finish line was approaching so I said, “I want you to concentrate on feeling it go into you.”

She murmured her approval.

I stopped all the way up her asshole and shot my load.

With each spurt she whispered yes, so along with my grunting she said, “Yes… Yes… Yes… Yes…”

When I was finally empty I pulled out of her. She made a sound of dismay when the last inch came out. I guess she wanted me to stay in her. Oh well, I’ll be back.

We embraced like teenage lovers. Kissing and caressing and hugging.

She got up and went to the bathroom, returning with a warm, damp washcloth which she used to wipe off my still-hard cock. I don’t think there was anything to wipe off, but I guess she wanted to be sure.

She said, “God, I am so turned on. I have never felt it like that.”

“Let me help you finish” I said. I moved down to her crotch and she spread her legs for me. I kissed and licked her dry slit. The clit was still sensitive and functioning, so I concentrated on that, licking and flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

She exploded with an intense orgasm, bucking like a rodeo horse.

We spent another hour or so in bed together, and then we got up to get ready to go to the Funeral Home for calling hours.

I showered and shaved and dressed in the best jeans I own and a decent shirt. Sorry but I do not own a suit.

I went downstairs, and Sharon was just finishing her routine. She came out of her bedroom looking great. She does not look like a woman in her fifties. Tall and slender with beautiful legs. I was already planning to fuck her again as soon as possible.

We went in Sharon’s car which she drove. I didn’t want to show up on my Harley. We got to the Funeral Home and we both had to stand in the reception line. My cousin was not a social lion but there were a lot of people paying their respect. I shook more hands than a politician.

When the calling hours were over the rest of the family invited us to go to dinner with them. Sharon adroitly got out of it saying she was exhausted and wanted to go home.

She wanted to go home all right, but not to sleep. As she drove us home she had my cock out of my pants stroking it and making it hard. I controlled myself so I didn’t coat the windshield with cum.

We hurried to get in the house and we went to her bedroom this time. Our clothes flew off and we got on the bed naked.

She played with my cock and I rubbed her clit. We didn’t need any foreplay, we were both ready.

She turned over face-down, and I took one of her pillows and got her to lift up to place it under her hips.

She smiled at me and said, “I hope that will make it go in farther.”

I nodded my head and moved into position over her. We didn’t use the lube this time. I pushed the head past the tight ring at the entrance of her asshole. Sharon didn’t even flinch this time.

There was more resistance without the artificial lube and I liked it. Not just her ümraniye escort anus, but all the way up into her she was gripping my cock with a soft, warm squeeze.

As I slid in and out her anus tried to follow, grasping and moving with my thrusts. I decided I would never use lube again.

She murmured with sounds of pleasure as I fucked her like a sailor fucks a whore.

I reached the conclusion and pumped my load into her belly. Her murmuring got louder as she experienced the sensation of being filled with cum.

We both struggled to catch our breath.

I asked her, “Did you feel that?”

“God, yes. It is all the way up in my stomach.”

“Your turn.”

I helped her turn over onto her back and moved down to her crotch. Like before, her cunt was dry and closed up, but I worked on her clit and brought her to an orgasm.

When we recovered we got up and went to the kitchen. Imagine this picture, both of us completely naked as Sharon fixed some scrambled eggs and toast. Fortunately, she didn’t try to cook bacon nude since it spatters everywhere.

When we got back to bed I gave her another quickie up the ass and we fell into deep sleep.

In the morning I wanted to screw her again, but she refused, saying we needed to get dressed and get to the Funeral service and then to the cemetery for the burial.

We got through the service and the burial and once again we got out of an invitation to join the family for food and refreshments. I am sure they just think I am a dick for not being sociable, no one could possibly think that I am busy fucking Sharon like an animal. But I am.

We got back to the house and did it again. I was surprised that Sharon’s asshole was not too sore, but she wants it so bad that she doesn’t complain.

By now I must have injected a gallon of jism into her, and I reminded her that I was going to leave tomorrow for the long ride home.

Maybe I wasn’t diplomatic enough because she got emotional and cried. She said she couldn’t get enough of me and she didn’t know what she would do. She said that being so dried up she couldn’t have sex with anyone else.

I pointed out that two out of three is not bad, and explained that I am not the only guy that likes anal and oral sex.

I tried to calmly give her some advice. I said that now that she knew what she had been missing she should find a guy to hook up with. Any guy that is offered a regular ass-fuck is going to take her up on it.

She was miserable and not interested in that.

“No guy I can find is going to do what you do! If he is my age his dick will never get stiff enough. And if he is able to get it up my ass it will probably only go half as far as your does!”

I didn’t have an answer for that. We spent a quiet evening.

She turned on the 11PM news and the weather report said 100% chance of rain tomorrow, all day.

“Steve! You can’t leave tomorrow! You can’t ride all that way in the rain!”

I agreed that she was correct. I would have to spend another day being her fuck machine.

The next day we never left the bedroom. As the rain fell I stretched and filled her asshole several times. It’s not that I am Superman, but at 25 I am at the peak of my sexual life. I can recover quickly and be ready for another go.

I had an idea which she reluctantly went along with. The last fuck of the day I held my cell phone and took a video of it. I didn’t show her face or mine, just a close-up of my cock going up her asshole. It wasn’t professional quality, but it was at least as good as some of the internet porn.

I copied it onto her computer and told her it was something to remember me by. I kept a copy for me as well. I bet we will both masturbate to it frequently.

The next morning the sun was up, and I was ready to take off. The few things I brought were loaded into the storage units on my bike.

She begged me to come back and visit her again. I said I could probably do a weekend sometime.

She made me promise that I would come back soon.

She said, “Steve, I …”

Oh no, not I love you.

I fired up the bike and pulled out of her driveway.

As I rode down the highway I thought why not? She is 25 years older than me but her post-menopausal situation makes it great for me. She not only lets me fuck her in the ass, she wants it as much as I do. It’s the only way for her other than oral, which we both enjoy too.

Of the several women I can call for a fuck session many refuse to take it up the ass. They think it will hurt, it is dirty and disgusting and morally wrong. Most of them won’t even suck me off all the way, I must promise that I won’t cum in their mouth.

Sharon does it all and loves it.

I would be crazy to not go back and visit her again.


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