A Sister’s Salvation

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Raven Adams cast a sideways glance out of her second story office towards the driveway as her brother pulled up, revving the engine of his new toy, a Porsche Turbo Cabriolet, before cutting it off, casting the house in relative silence, save for her Erin Mccarley CD playing in the background.

“Sis, I’m home!” Jericho Adams bellowed as he hit the door.

She got up and padded towards the stairs, curious to see what he had planned for dinner as he loved to cook, proclaiming himself a self taught chef, and was always surprising her.

Her office was on the second of a three story villa overlooking the ocean, her brother’s house. She had been there about seven months, looking after his books.

Raven’s brother Jericho was a Hollywood star, he had been in nine movies thus far, and was filming his first major starring role, a big budget summer action flick that had him working crazy hours. Well known about town for being a “Ladies Man”, he had cooled off since she had been there, but he never denied the tabloid dalliances when she asked, and had even filled her in on a few that had never made the news wire.

Raven was fresh off of a divorce, wallowing in her own misery when Jericho called her at her home in Chicago, asking her help. Jericho’s business manager had siphoned off his money, hundreds of thousands, in fact. He had counted his blessings that his big sister was an accountant and financial advisor and had always made him invest his money wisely, so he had some cash. He wanted her to come to California and help him get his things straight. Luckily, they were able to recover a little over half of what was stolen, but not Paul, the former business manager. It was perfect timing for her, as she and her husband had built quite a clientele in their business together in Chicago, but with the divorce, she wanted nothing to do with him or her former livelihood, long story short, the ex bought her out of her half and off she flew to L.A.

She whispered barefoot down the stairs and into the kitchen where her younger brother had started cleaning veggies, his back to her. Raven always amazes herself as she gets taken aback by her brothers ravishing good looks, admonishing herself when she does so, only to do it all over again…and again. Jericho’s body was in the vein of Christian Bale, muscular and defined, standing at six foot two and about two hundred pounds, his hair a dirty blonde.

He turned.

“Hey, sis, ready for a nice steak, some shrimp and grilled veggies?”

“Sounds great, Jer. How was the shoot today?”

He pittered about the kitchen, happy as a clam, telling her about his day, about the bitchy female lead, about how he was so pumped up to be working with this great director. She just kept her eyes on him, surveying the way that his Smiths t-shirt hugged his large biceps and was taut over his defined pecs. She knew that she shouldn’t want him, which was wrong, but he was a gorgeous hunk.

‘It’s not like we grew up together,’ Raven would rationalize.

Their parents had divorced when Jericho was three, Raven fourteen. Mom took Jericho to California, Raven stayed with Dad in Chicago. Their divorce was as nasty as could be, and it wasn’t until their father passed away a few years ago that the lines of communication opened back up.

“What do you think about that?” Jericho asked.

“Huh, wha-?” She stammered.

“Lost in the sauce again, huh, sis?”

“I am sorry, what did you say, hon?”

“I was telling you about my costar, the entitled bitch?” He started gyrating his hips. “I should give her the magic stick and change her attitude!”

They both laughed.

“Stop talking about sex, Jer, it’s been almost two years!”

“TWO YEARS!” Jericho exclaimed raucously. “I knew that it had been awhile, but two fucking years? I need to set you up with some hard dick, knock those cobwebs off!”

Raven curled her lip up and threw an oven mitt at him, missing wildly.

“Fuck you!” She bellowed, “Besides, no one in this fickle city will want an old woman.”

“C’mon, now, Raven, old? You are fine as shit, babe! You have a smokin’ hot body, a great ass, you are gorgeous, and if I may add, remarkable tits. If you weren’t kin, I would knock the bottom right out of it!”

“JERICHO ADAMS!” Raven squealed, crossing her arms over her 32C breasts. “You really know how to get a woman all riled up, don’t you?”

“Well, you know how to get a guy worked up, my dear, what with the way you dress around here!”

Raven had been sitting on the kitchen counter, Indian style, while they talked and she pounced off of the counter, fixing her hands on her hips and smiling.

“What is wrong with the way that I dress, young man?’

“Absolutely nothing, believe me, absolutely nothing. I mean, just because I am your brother doesn’t mean that I can’t admire from afar!” He fixed her with his award winning smile. “Now, go put on something really sexy for dinner.”

“You are just saying that to make me feel better.”

Raven turned and halkalı escort sashayed up to her room as Jericho watched her go.

“Oh, no I’m not,” he whispered, “no I’m not.”

Jericho had seen his sister for the first time in years when he and his mom flew to Chicago for his dad’s funeral that turned out to be quite an emotional reunion, especially for his mom. Jericho appreciated her geniality, noting that she was very smart and could hold a conversation on all sorts of subjects.

They had kept in contact via text messages, phone calls and emails as often as possible, and she jumped at the chance for a change of scenery when he called her to see if she would move, albeit temporarily, to Cali to help fix his finances.

When he saw her coming out of the tunnel from the plane, he was blown away; she was nothing like he remembered. In Chicago, it had been cold, so she didn’t wear anything that revealed her body, and she had mainly kept her hair pinned up, however, this vision that made her way towards him oozed sexuality, long blonde hair flowing about the middle of her back, she wore a short denim skirt that showed off her taut thighs, flip flops and a tight t-shirt that molded to her ample breasts.

They embraced in the middle of the gate’s waiting area (which pictures of hit the tabloids the next day) tightly before she broke the hug.

“Damn, sis!” He grinned, “You look amazing!”

Since that day, he stole as many glances her way as possible, trying not to get caught. He knew that she was his blood; however, he couldn’t help it. Raven had gotten more and more comfortable around him and started wearing less and less, nothing slutty, but revealing in their own right. He loved the days when he could stay home and hang out by the pool with her, especially when she wore the micro-kini that he bought for her.

Jericho shook his head violently to get the images of his sister out of his mind, not so surprised to see that he had the beginnings of an erection. He grabbed the meat tray and made his way out to the grill.

The following month was MTV’s Movie Awards, and Jericho thought that his sister would get a kick out of going with him. She would still get a little agog when she ran across a celebrity, and he knew that she would have a blast, and Jericho was looking forward to the after parties.

“Damn, sis!” Jericho yelled up the stairs. “Hurry the Hell up, we’re already going to be late!”

He wanted to get there in time to give his sister the thrill of walking down the red carpet with him. Jericho drained his water bottle and went to toss it when he heard the clomping of high heels on the stairs, then across the tile floor.

“Does this look okay?” Raven asked.

Jericho spun about and his jaw nearly dropped. Raven had on a pair of 6″ open toe pumps that showed off her fresh pedicure, her dress highlighted her tanned calves, stopping just below her knees. The dress itself was exquisite, form fitting, like a pencil skirt and kept its snugness up to her breasts, the sleeveless dress clutched her bosom, forcing her tits together to where her woman flesh popped up, forming a mountain of cleavage.

“I would take from your eyeballs bulging out of your skull that you like what you see?”

“Good Heavens, Miss Sakamoto, you’re beautiful!”

Raven laughed and grabbed her clutch, “Ready?”

Jericho followed her out the door and to the car where he opened the door for her, eyeing her ass the whole time.

“Why do you have to be my sister?”

Raven had the time of her life, especially at the after parties. The champagne flowed freely and she met most of her celluloid idols, trying hard not to be star struck. She stayed damp the whole night as Jericho lavished attention upon her, holding her hand and doting on her.

They got back a little after 2 a.m., Raven good and drunk, and Jericho feeling a little tipsy himself. She kicked off her heels and curled up on the couch. Jericho put on some music and sat next to her, offering another glass of wine.

“You were the most beautiful woman tonight, did you know that?” Jericho told her, looking her in the eyes.

She blushed prettily.

“You were the most handsome! I felt like I was in “Pretty Woman” with you tonight.”

She tilted her face closer to his, putting her hand on his muscular chest, and kissed him, just pressing her lips to his with the lightest pressure. They pulled away from each other slowly and stared at each other, gauging their mutual reactions. Neither of them spoke, but the look in their eyes confirmed the desire that each of them had secretly felt for each other for months. He kissed her this time, waiting as she pulled up her dress as he pulled her into his lap; her knees straddling his thighs. Their chests pressed against each other, Ravens nipples growing stiff as she felt the warmth of his body, she could feel his growing erection and thrust her hips against him.

Their kiss deepened, becoming olgun escort hot and passionate, their tongues dancing together as if in a choreographed ballet. Her hands stole to the back of his neck and up, rumpling his soft hair, while his hands gripped her plump ass, pulling her further into his lap. She could feel his hardness against her panties, and she moved up a bit, causing the now soggy material covering her vagina to rub against his stiff cock. He emitted a soft moan into her mouth, and thrust his hips up into her. They sat there intertwined, fucking through their clothes and making out like horny teenagers, her feeling how hard that he was, him cupping her large breasts and rubbing his thumbs over her erect nipples through her dress. Their thrusting had caused the material of her thong to slip between her folds, her bare cunt lips rubbing faster and faster against his trousers and the stiff rod underneath, her pussy ached to feel his cock inside of her.

“Oh God,” Raven whimpered softly into his neck, overcome with an orgasmic wave that took her breath away.

She pulled on his shirt, jerking it out of his trousers and running her hands over his washboard abs.

Suddenly, Jericho grabbed her wrists, stopping her.

“Raven, I’m sorry, I can’t, we can’t do this,” he blurted out weakly, panting heavily, “You are so fucking gorgeous, DAMN!”

He sat up on the couch as she slid off of him; he ran his hands through his hair.

“We’re both a little drunk, and you’re my sister, I, I can’t tell you how hard that it is for me to stop, but we can’t. We’d be sorry about it later, and I just got you back in my life.”

Raven smiled at him despite her feelings of frustration and anger, trying to hold back her tears.

“Don’t be sorry.” She said, shaking her head. “I’m the one that practically attacked you. I think you’re right about the drinking. I don’t know what came over me.”

He leaned into her, kissing her on the cheek.

“Goodnight, Raven.”

“Goodnight, Jericho.”

When she heard the door to his bedroom click closed, she wasted no time in pulling her panties to the side, furiously rubbing at her swollen clitoris, imagining the feel of his hard cock being swallowed by her greedy pussy. She came in no time, biting down hard on her lower lip to stifle her from crying out. Unbeknownst to her, upstairs in the Master Suite, Jericho couldn’t even wait to undress; he had his engorged penis in his hand, pumping at it wantonly as he imagined his sister in his bed, waiting for him to pleasure her, sniffing at the lady trail that Raven had left on the front of his trousers. They came simultaneously, him upstairs, her down, both wanting to go back to each other, but not doing so.

Raven woke early the next morning, taking a cup of coffee out to the deck, enjoying the warm morning sun. Her heart sped up a bit as she heard her brother moving in the kitchen, she admonished herself for being such a slut last night. She didn’t want to face him, didn’t want to talk about what happened last night. She decided to stay out there until he left for the set.

“Raven!” He yelled. “Come here!”

She walked into the house; following his voice and dreading ‘The Talk’ that she knew was going to take place. She found him in his office, sitting behind his computer twirling his keys between his fingers. He was looking at something on the screen.

“Yes, sir.”

He looked up and smiled broadly at her, putting her at ease.

“You made the internet, come check it out!”

Jericho showed her the MSN Entertainment news that had a picture of the two of them on the Red Carpet, her arm linked in his, one foot crossed over the other and posing for photos. It was something about what the celebrities were wearing, the caption read: ‘Jericho Adams and date…’ then mentioned something about his suit.

“Great!” Raven laughed, “I am forever known now as ‘The Date!’ I wonder what those paps would think if they really knew that I am your sister.”

“I think that you were a great date, the most beautiful woman there.”

“Jer, about what happened last night.”

He smiled broadly at her.

“Yeah, sis, trying to get Angelina’s autograph—”

“Jericho Adams!” She squealed, cutting him off. “I’m being serious!”

He wrapped his arm around her thighs, pulling her close to his chest.

“Sis, it takes two to tango, y’know? If I can tell you something…I liked it, and I promise that I won’t try anything on you again, but let me warn you, I won’t stop if we are in that position again.”

Raven cocked her head and looked at him, raising her eyebrows.

“Is that so?”

“Trust me, it’s true.” He vowed. “Remember, my annual pool party is this weekend, so don’t forget to call the caterers today. I’m late, gotta go!”

Jericho stood quickly and hugged her, kissing her warmly on the forehead before quickly heading out the door. She stood şişli escort transfixed, staring at the picture of them on the internet until she heard the roar of his Porsche winding out the drive, a thrill chill running up and down her spine.

“Is this okay, it’s not too much, is it?” Raven asked Jericho for what he thought was the umpteenth time.

“That is the best one yet, sis! That is the one.”

She had been trying on different bikinis for the past hour, trying to find the best one. This latest one was tan with black accents, cupped her breasts lovingly and rode low on her hips.

“Boys can just throw on any old pair of shorts and be just fine! Boys suck!” Raven yelled as she clomped back upstairs.

Jericho rolled his eyes and went to check on the caterers and the set up.

Two hours later, the party was bumpin’, no Hollywood A-listers, however there were a lot of actors, actresses, several agents, some L.A. sports guys, a slew of models, both male and female, and a lot of flesh. Jericho was grabbing a drink at the bar when he noticed that Raven wasn’t downstairs yet.

Good grief, he thought, women.

He then noticed a stunning blonde striding confidently towards him from the far side of the pool. Her long, blonde hair was flowing behind her, face mostly disguised from large Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. She was sporting a white monokini that scooped down her chest, exposing her ample mounds. A sarong was tied at her waist, but her tanned, firm legs were still on display, high heels topped off the look.

“Raven?” Jericho looked puzzled.

“I thought that you might like this one.” Raven smiled and touched him on the bare chest, then grabbed his drink from him.

“You look amazing.”

“Thanks, bro, I mean, Jericho. Let’s not be brother and sister today, okay?”

He was speechless as she sashayed away from the bar, and he ogled her as she mingled with the other guests.

The party was intense, a few girls got topless, and a couple of guys passed out from the free flowing spirits, yet Jericho continually spied Raven. They made eye contact constantly, and as the party began to wind down, as the last few stragglers were shoved into cabs and the party coordinators collected their checks, Raven and Jericho sat hip to hip by the pool.

Jericho leaned into her, smelling the freshness of her.

“You look amazing.” He whispered.

Raven looked at him coyly, twirling her hair in her fingers.

“Why thank you, Mr. Adams!” She whispered back.

He rubbed his hand over the small of her back, causing her nipples to tighten up and poke out through her swimsuit.

“Jericho,” Noel Wace, his agent, shook his hand, “another great party!”

Both Raven and Jericho stood and began walking with him towards the door. Noel was in his fifties, not completely portly, but he bore a nice sized beer belly. He had a young girl on his arm that could not have been twenty, plenty of boobs and puffed up lips. Jericho cupped Raven’s ass as they walked towards the door, then squeezed gently. She looked sidelong at him.

“I have the tickets arranged for you.” Noel snapped his fingers as if he had forgotten to mention this to Jericho. “First class, as always!”

“Where are you going?” Raven looked up into Jericho’s smiling face.

“We. Where are we going.”

Raven just looked at them both quizzically.

Noel spoke up.

“We are filming in London for the next few weeks, and Jericho wanted to make sure that his lady was with him.”

Jericho smiled at her as she looked up at him, a smile tracing her full lips.

They stood at the door as Noel squeezed himself into his M6 and waved as he pulled away.

No sooner had the door shut than Raven was all over him. Her hands ravenously tugged at his shirt and pulled at his belt. He was taken aback, but excited, his hands did their share of roaming as well, cupping her rounded rump, and as she began to grind against him, he boldly brought one palm up her body and pressed it against her breasts, feeling her nipples poke strongly into his palm.

“I like that,” she purred like a kitten.

Jericho started to reach for her with the other hand, but she pushed him away just enough to pull his shirt up and over his head.

“Jericho Adams,” she cooed, wearing a wicked grin, “Mr. Hollywood, I hope you’re all that you are cracked up to be.”

“Ha, ha, Miss Raven Adams, I promise that you in five minutes, you will be crying ‘Uncle’!”

“You’d better last a lot longer than that, I am tired of masturbating while you sleep in the other room!”

They kissed again, hungrily, feeling the heat built up between them, goose flesh breaking over their skin. His lips lingered on hers, licking her lower lip sensually, Jericho could feel her nipples pressing into his chest, turning him on even more.

Raven yelped with delight then broke into laughter as Jericho picked her up and carried her up the stairs to his bedroom.

She nuzzled up against his neck, drawing in the scent of his manhood as she left a trail of soft kisses across his skin.

Jericho gently set her down on the bed, then stood before her, desire rife in his eyes. He gasped with pleasure when her hand went to the bulge in his cargo shorts, squeezing his full erection. Raven’s fingertips ran the length of his cock, then traced around his head, sending shivers up and down his spine.

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