Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 72

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Chapter 72
The 3rd Meeting of the Club

“God, you didn’t say there’d be so many people here,” Val’s sister Heather said as she sat down tentatively in the plush chair.

Val reached over and patted her thigh. “There will only be about 15 or 20, and they’re all women, Heather, so relax.”

Val looked around the room at the chairs and sofas ringing the stage. “Looks like we’ll have a good group tonight.”

Heather began to gnaw at her cuticle. “This is so weird.”

“You’re going to like it, trust me. Your shyness will go away quickly.”

Val fought back her nervousness as thirty or so women arrived; mostly in pairs or threes. Val left her sister to greet each one, getting introduced to those she had not met before. None were accompanied by men. Among the women were, Gladys Loudon, the District Attorney’s wife, and Wanda Carlson, first timers, but looking as excited as those who had been at previous meetings. And except for Bernie, who was conspicuously absent, Val saw all the women who had been to at least one prior meeting. She was also pleased to see that each of the members had brought one or more ‘guests’ to the meeting, all of whom were women.

Usually talkative, the women were remarkably quiet, although Val sensed an electric intensity among them as they sat staring straight ahead at the stage in the small theatre Val had hired for the evening.

Val also noted that each woman was dressed as sexily as they dared too; many being married had felt a need to use certain restraint, but still had managed to look highly desirable. Val had leaked word that there would be men on stage, performing for the women and doing God knows what.

The small stage had black velvet drapes behind it and on the sides as backing. Anyone standing on the stage would be outlined sharply by the black, depthless velvet. Pencil-point spotlights suddenly stabbed through the gathering darkness of the room. The guests shifted around in their seats, made themselves comfortable and sat back anticipating what was to come.

The room darkened, and a communal thrill ran through the gathered guests who felt safe sitting anonymously in the dark. Unseen, they thought they could behave as they wished without anyone objecting.

The first notes of Stravinsky’s “The Rites of Spring” filled the air and the excitement and tension in the room mounted. The hall grew darker, cloaking the room with an inky blackness. The only light in the room was on the right side of the small stage where spotlights stabbed down and the black velvet acted as a frame around what was at the very least, a suggestion of a woman’s boudoir. A large canopied bed occupied that side of the stage. The stage itself was tilted, set at an angle so the audience could better see what was going to happen there. On one the side of the bed was a woman’s vanity, on the other a window of sorts.

The audience waited tensely, becoming first quiet then silent, as the music played on.

Val calmly strode to the stage and walked up to him, picked up a microphone from a small table and said: “Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the third meeting of the Wilmington Women’s Club. Up to now our meetings have involved having a few drinks and telling stories about our, um, sexual adventures. Tonight we will depart from that pattern and move into a … shall I say somewhat darker area. We have some very special entertainment tonight. You’ll get the picture right away, that I guarantee you. But enough small talk. Ladies …” Val permitted herself to smile out at the audience and raised her hand, “… The Wilmington Women’s Club is proud to present our first performer, the amazing, Mr. Solo!”

The light illuminating the boudoir went out and another focused on Jay Carter, who nodded once at the audience, and began removing his clothing.

The audience murmured lightly, and excitedly began debating among themselves what the man’s performance would involve.

“Good evening, ladies,” Jay said, as he shed the last of his clothing and stood naked with his appendage dangling enticingly between his legs. Two women started toward the stage, but were intercepted by Valerie, who shooed them back to their seats before taking her own.

“What I do, ladies … what I do, is suck my own cock.”

A startled murmur filled the small hall. He had succeeded in shocking his audience.

“Yes I do. I can’t actually fuck myself, but I guess I get as close to it as is humanly possible. Now, might I ask for a member of the audience to come up on stage and assist me with what I’m going to do?”

No one volunteered. Carter glanced at Val, who nodded and went into the audience, looking at row after row of women’s faces. Some registered shock, some excitement and anticipation. She found one in particular whose facial expression was one of near rapture and knew this was the volunteer.

Val moved to the woman and tapped her on the arm. It was her sister, Heather.

“Come bakırköy escort on, Heather, I need you on stage.” Heather rose from her seat and followed Val, trance-like until both women stood on the stage.

“Mr. Solo, let me present your volunteer. Her name is Heather.”

“Hello, Heather. Thank you for coming to my assistance.”

Heather remained mute, but her eyes were riveted to his cock.

“Ladies,” Carter said amiably, “when I was a fairly young man I was inspired to try sucking my cock. Believe me; most young men have tried to do it. I imagine some of you may have attempted it — I don’t mean sucking your dick — but you may have tried to lick your pussies. Don’t deny it, it you haven’t tried it you’ve most certainly thought about it. Some of you have tried, and I know it. Most men fail. Some might have succeeded, but gave up thinking it was too difficult.

“As you can see I am somewhat gifted in my sexual apparatus.” He flipped his dick up and drew a gasp from the women seated before him.

“As a horny teen I experimented one day. What I did was, I walked my feet up my bedroom wall, and then flipped them over. I used a soft pillow to hold my head in place. This had the remarkable effect of dipping my penis straight down toward my mouth, I grabbed hold of my hips and pulled down … and wallah! I was able to fuck my face.”

Some of the women in the audience drew in their breaths, some laughed and others sighed. Still others began shifting around in their seats. Carter had them all enthralled. A keen nose would have smelled the initial stage of their arousal.

“Now, um, Miss, or is it Mrs.?”

“Err, call me Heather,” Val’s sister replied nervously.

“Fine, Heather it is. Heather, you may have noticed there is no wall for me to walk my feet up …” Jay noticed Heather’s fixation with his penis and stopped his pre-arranged spiel. “Come closer, Heather.”

She took a step closer, and stopped.

“No, come closer. I want you to touch it.”

“I … I couldn’t!” Heather protested.

“Is there anyone out there who is curious enough to come up on stage to see that this cock is real and not something fixed to my genitals?”

The audience grew nervous, until a woman stood up and made her way toward the stage. Val was stunned to see that it was Gladys Loudon, Wanda’s guest and the wife of the District Attorney.

“And may I have your name, please?” Jay inquired.

“My name is Gladys. Is that really your cock?”

“Please, see for yourself,” he replied and without hesitating, Gladys reached out and took him in both hands and began jerking him off.

“That’s lovely, Gladys,” he said as she continued stroking him. “Let the other ladies see how it’s growing under your loving touch, Gladys.”

She released him and now his penis was no longer dangling, but protruded outward, supporting itself against the pull of gravity, and while not jutting skyward as a teenager’s might, it was obvious to all concerned that his penis was indeed, real and quite long in its length.

“Heather, please step over here, if you would?”

Heather moved closer and stood alongside Gladys.

“Touch it Heather,” he said, the authority in his voice caused Heather to quiver and to everyone’s surprise, Heather sank to her knees and took the head of his penis into her mouth, supporting the remainder of his shaft with her left hand.

The audience went wild. Several women left their seats and climbed up on the stage. Val was stunned. She thought at first that she had a riot on her hands. But Jay had seen this reaction from other audiences and quelled everyone by shouting, “Down girl!”

Heather let him fall from her mouth. “Now listen to me, all of you. If you want to see, or taste for yourselves, I’ll allow it, but in an orderly fashion. Form a line over there,” he pointed to his left where Gladys stood.

Val watched with relief as the women obeyed his directive and stood chastely waiting to touch, kiss or suck his cock. Val counted fifteen women approach Jay, and pay homage to his lengthy phallus. She recalled her own feelings on seeing him perform fellatio and began to understand the feelings coursing through the women in the audience.

When the last of the women had finished with him, his cock stood straight out at the rest of those who remained seated.

“All right, except for Heather and Gladys, the rest of you can be seated for the time being.”

The women on stage complied and left the stage in an orderly manner quietly taking their seats.

“Good, and now if you will ladies, I will perform self-fellatio for your viewing pleasure. Gladys, there is a chair to your right, would you bring it over here please?” Gladys bought the backless chair to him and took a step back. Jay sat down with his back to the audience. “Ladies,” he said, “I will need your assistance as I have no wall to climb. I would like each of you to take a leg.” Both bakırköy eve gelen escort women took hold of his right leg.

“No, No! Gladys, take the right leg. Heather, please take the left one.”

Laughing nervously, they did as requested.

“Now, remember, I’m not a wishbone. Please don’t tear them off of me,” Jay said knowing it would get a laugh from the audience, and it did.

“Okay, girls, take a step toward the back of the stage … slowly, now.” Jay’s spine was now on the chair where his bottom had been moments before. “That’s wonderful, girls. If you would, please push my legs back toward the audience.”

When they did the audience saw his penis closing in on his mouth. Jay reached out with both hands and took hold of his asscheeks and pulled.

The audience gasped. His lips were around the tip of his erection. Jay took a deep breath through his nose, relaxed his lower back, pulled on his ass and then as a yogi might, slowly let his breath out, while adding a difficult stretch. Sure enough, another four inches of serpentine cock slithered into his mouth.

Gladys, still holding Jay’s leg in place, leaned in toward him and began licking his right buttock. Several women in the audience began to moan as Jay let his wet shaft slip from between his hollowed cheeks a millimeter at a time until the crown of his now nearly purple head popped out and wagged stiffly in the space above his chin.

He recaptured it, licked around the corona, then swallowed several more inches and several more until some six, or possibly seven inches were lodged down his throat. In his present position it was physically impossible for Jay to deep-throat himself, if indeed he could absorb his full eleven inches at all.

Using herself as a judge, Val knew every woman in the audience was wet. She glanced guiltily about and saw Deidre Kaminski, the saleswoman from Talbot’s, and Ursula Smith, the petite 2nd grade teacher exchange ever more passionate kisses. Val found it difficult to tear her eyes away. Within a minute or two, Ursula unbuttoned the few buttons that held the front of the diaphanous blouse the other wore. She pushed aside what little fabric concealed one breast and began to gently pet and fondle the nipple. Their kisses grew more intense and both were making little sounds of passion.

Val turned back to the stage, but soon found herself looking at the two women again. Finally the women broke their kiss, and Ursula took Deidre by the hand and pulled her toward the exit at the rear of the theatre.

One row behind that of the two women just leaving, Val saw two other women Val didn’t know with their hands up their respective skirts masturbating furiously.

Forcing herself to look back at the stage, Val saw a feral gleam in her sister Heather’s eye as Jay offered his spittle coated cock to Gladys Loudon. Gladys sank to her knees and absorbed Jay’s jutting pole. She gave a feminine shake to her head and her ash blonde hair covered her face, depriving the audience of seeing her fellating him. Heather moved in, swept Gladys’ hair off to one side and started caressing Jay’s ass with one hand while fingering her pussy with the other.

Anyone in the audience who was paying attention heard Jay’s plaintive moan, “Fuck me! Fuck my ass!”

Val was astonished to see her sister pry his asshole open then plunge her hungry tongue into it.

“YES!” he barked enthusiastically, causing Gladys to stop her blowjob and look quizzically up at him.

“Keep sucking!” he admonished Gladys, and she immediately snaked her tongue over his balls while her hand went in search of his asshole only to meet Heather’s face.

“OH!” she said, completely surprised by Heather’s actions, but not enough to abandon her oral lovemaking with Jay’s huge appendage.

“Finger ME!” he yelled at Heather, who did just that, ramming her index finger into his rectum.

A portion of the audience was mounting the stage, wanting a closer look at what was happening; some members of the audience remained in their seats, too stunned by what they’d seen to do anything else. Others were fondling the person in the seat next to them, or blatantly masturbating, not caring, or even hoping someone would join them.

Val was among those having climbed on the stage. She was concerned about her sister’s well-being, fearing the other women might hurt her in trying to get at Jay.

But Jay had been in a similar situation before and seeing the women rushing the stage reacted accordingly. He stood up, wrenching his donkey-dick away from Gladys and inadvertently knocking Heather to the floor where she sat stunned looking at the legs of the women now surrounding her.


Val couldn’t believe that they would listen, but they did. Every woman froze in place.

“I WANT YOU TO FORM TWO ROWS IN FRONT OF ME!” Jay said slowly and distinctly.

Val performed bakırköy grup yapan escort a quick count of the women on the stage. Including her sister and Gladys, there were fourteen. Unbelievably, they shuffled quickly into two lines of seven each.

“YOU AND YOU,” Jay barked pointing at one woman in each row, “GET OVER HERE NEXT TO ME!”

Val saw that Janet was one of the two. She didn’t know the other woman. The two women shuffled forward and stood waiting for his next words.


Both women nodded affirmatively.


A meek chorus of “Yes’s,” filled the stage.


Janet moved first. The other woman, a petite, short-haired blonde seemed to falter before joining Janet in front of Jay.

“Look at my cock, ladies. It’s for you. Do you like it?”

“Yes,” they replied almost in unison.

“You,” he said pointing at the petite blonde, “Tell me what you think.”

“I love your big cock… Master.”

“And you?”

Janet quickly replied, “I love it, and want to suck it. May I?”

“You want to taste it?”

“Yes,” they replied, this time they uttered the word together.

“Good, then take me into your mouths.”

In one fluid motion the petite blonde placed her mouth on him and took the head of his cock between her lips. Janet reacted a split-second later, kissing and licking her way down and back up his shaft until she met the blonde.

They kissed, Val now on the stage with the others, saw their tongues meet briefly before the blonde relinquished his cockhead to Janet, who immediately took him as deep as she possibly could, which is to say, about six inches.

A murmur of approval could be heard from those on stage. Janet sucked him for several more seconds and then returned him to the blonde, who tried to take him deep, but gagged, and coughing handed him back to Janet.

Janet went to town on him. Val saw that Jay had to be approaching his orgasm, for his eyes were tightly shut. But after permitting Janet to blow him for several more seconds, he wrenched his penis from her mouth and said, “Give the blonde another shot at it.”

The blonde looked up at him with those beautiful blue eyes as she enveloped his cockhead and sucked furiously.

It occurred to Val at that moment, that Jay must have his cock sucked almost daily by various women around town. How was it that she’d never heard of him and his prodigious prick?

She made a mental note to ask around or perhaps to ask Jay himself. She refocused on the trio just as Jay grabbed the blonde by the back of her head and began bucking his hips. With long, slow strokes she took over seven inches without gagging, and then he removed his hand from her head and proclaimed: “I’M ALMOST THERE, LET ME BE!”

The blonde kept sucking.

Jay yanked his cock from between her lips and held it in his fist. He rubbed the pre-cum smear from his member on the blonde’s lips first, and then over Janet’s.

Janet managed to flick her tongue out and sample him one last time before he walked away from them to stand in front of the two rows of horny women.

Jay pulled on his cock and grunted. “Huh! Huh! Huh!” When he erupted, his ejaculate shot at least three feet in the air. Hot dollops spattered the three closest women, who shrieked with delight.

Jay turned slightly and sent a second volley among another three women. And then those women in the second row converged on him, fighting amongst themselves for a taste of his seed.

He stood his ground and to Val’s astonishment, none of the women came close enough to actually touch him. Jay didn’t seem surprised by this, and he aimed his third shot at those women furthest from him and his last at the closest.

He stood there, hands on hips, his cock jerking up and down as if it had a life of its own. A dark haired woman’s mouth closed around his penis. Another woman’s fingernails tickled his testicles; two others were licking the floor in front of him, lapping away at the tiniest of splattered semen off the filthy floorboards.

Val let them go for another minute, and then one by one they slowly returned to their seats, not looking anywhere but at Jay who was still standing in front of them, cock in hand, waiting patiently for order.

Val got up and slowly made her way back onto the stage, picked up the microphone and spoke softly. “Thank you for a fabulous performance Mr. Solo. Ladies, did you enjoy his performance?”

To her surprise, there was only a light applause from the women seated in the dark before her. “He will be back later in the evening ….”

“I can’t wait!” a woman called out then the others began applauding wildly, two even whistled like men. Val waited them out then said: “We have additional entertainment for you, but I think a fifteen minute intermission is in order.

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