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Honestly, I don’t know how we got here. But I guess that’s how most couples go from a vanilla sex life to the specific world we live in now.

It started with us joking about a threesome. Jokes. Jokes are never really just jokes, right? I’m pretty certain he brought it up but I probably kept putting drops of gasoline on the fire. It was a matter of time before we had an online profile and were chatting with potential thirds to our party. With every inch we got closer to finding a real date, our vanilla sex got hotter and hotter. Just the idea made horny.

But as the conversations got closer to an actual outing we had opposite reactions. I enjoyed the dance with the girls but I was itching for us to finally set a date. Unfortunately, I’m the shy one. My husband is the flirt. Yet I felt as though he was stalling. Somehow the thought of us fucking someone else was alluring to him, but maybe the reality was overwhelming. I couldn’t wrap my brain around why he wasn’t diving in with both feet. He was this stud and I was his quiet librarian giving him the go ahead to fuck someone else.

I could see if we were talking about another guy. He mentioned from the beginning that he couldn’t picture being okay with that. Quite frankly, neither could I. But I was quite okay to let him fuck someone else. I’d come to that realization early in our relationship when I was sick and had this perfect guy that waited 6 months to have sex. With me. I never told him but I would have totally let him fuck other people had he asked. As long as he was honest I would have understood. But I never told him because I knew he would say no. We were young and romantic.

Now, though, I was in a different place and wanted to see things move a little faster. “I’ll try anything once,” is what I told him so he would feel comfortable bringing fresh naughtiness to our love life. He always wants me to take the plunge and ask for something new, but I can’t. I never ask for something raunchy because I can’t imagine anything feeling better than what we already have. It’s too much pressure. I can’t. I need him to suggest it and I go along. But once we go there I’m in heaven.

So at the doorstep of fucking another woman together I felt like he was afraid of opening the fucking door. Three times we were ready to seal the deal when he found a reason that it wasn’t going to work. Three unicorns and we turned them down. Each rejection was logical but I was getting frustrated. I knew he wanted this, right?

“You want this or not?” I asked him in the shower after reading his third cancellation – a Spanish woman whose accent I could hear through her texts.

“Maybe the fantasy is better than the reality,” he offered. This, of course, was total bullshit because we tried everything just for the sake of trying. He didn’t want to and I needed to get the truth out of him.

As we talked nose to nose in the hot shower I took his limp dick in my hand and caressed it slowly.

“The thought of us being with another woman is something that turns you on, right?” I bluntly asked as his dick stiffened and his balls tightened. I took a scoop of coconut oil from our shower stash and liberally slathered it on his shaft. This typically meant he was about to get some sort of job, but he owed me information before I’d let him finish.

“I do,” he nervously replied. As my hands slid from his tip to his taint I felt him shudder. The hot water warmed my back as he stood in the steaminess of our conversation.

“You know that I’m okay with this, right?” I asked. My well oiled index finger circled his anus while I continued to stroke his hard dick. “You know that I want to do this?” I stared at him waiting for him to make eye contact. My oiled finger slowly finding a resting space.

“I think,” he started to talk as I started to push my finger into him, “I don’t know if I can put my dick into somebody other than you.”

I stroked his dick, massaged his prostate and whispered in his ear my truth – “I really wanted us to fuck that last woman.”

By now his hand had found my pussy and was caressing my clit. I usually don’t get off from this but the honesty was working both ways at this point. I was still stroking him slowly but I was losing the coordination I was using to control him.

“So maybe you should fuck her,” he whispered in my ear. I was confused at this remark because I’d shown no interest in women and he knew this. It didn’t excite him to think of me having a lesbian experience so where was this coming from. Naturally, I refocused my probing.

“How am I supposed to fuck her, huh?” I asked as I sense his orgasm getting closer. Unfortunately I could feel the same happening with my pussy.

“We will get you a dick,” he whispered. “Your very own dick.”

The thought of being harnessed with a strap-on was comical because I’d always coupled it with fucking his ass. This had zero appeal to me. But I’d never considered fucking a woman with one. The thought of fucking someone with my dick bakırköy üniversiteli escort brought on a tidal wave of feelings. I lost focus. My hands were no longer caressing him. I found found myself leaning against his arms while he rubbed my clit and whispered in my ear over the pouring water.

“We will get you a nice, black dick so you can pound her pussy,” he described as I began to shake. I could imagine our thighs slapping together. The image was startling and eye-opening and magical but it was missing something. I didn’t know how I could see this happening until he said, “and I’ll be right behind you – fucking you into her pussy.”


I came so hard I nearly collapsed in the shower.

And as usual we left the bathroom and said nothing of our conversation. That’s just us.

I spent the next few evenings checking out strap-on porn but couldn’t find much on the particular arrangement I was looking for. The thought was getting me wet, but the conversation disappeared.

A month went by and our lives seemed to have moved on from the threesome conversation that had overwhelmed our world. The break from heavy talk was needed.

Then a box arrived.

Like any package with his name on it, I didn’t bother to open it. It was usually some overpriced sneakers that he was too embarrassed to open in front me so I just let them be in our closet.

After a month of it collecting dust I asked him to put it away with his other sneakers.

That’s when he took me by the hand so we could sit on the couch. He began to speak only through awkward smiles, so I realized that there were no sneakers coming out of that box. After two well placed slices into the edges, the package opened to reveal the most perfect dildo I had ever imagined – I’d never really held one – and the most complicated harness. Nervously he looked to see if I was offput by the present he’d given me.

I suppose the proper reaction would have been to get naked and see how this equipment was going to fit my body. Unfortunately my response was no better than his reaction when the package first arrived – I said something along the lines of “Wow” and “Thanks” before putting them back in the box and saying that it was time for dinner.

Now, it was my turn to be shy.

The opened boxes sat on the shelf for months. Occasionally we’d reference the idea during foreplay but it was never as hot as that shower conversation.

At some point we forgot it was there.

And then we received a text.

The Spanish woman was going to be in town that weekend. Were we interested?

I read the text at my office and wondered how we would respond. For months we had talked dirty to this lady and she was down for anything. We’d also become friends so perhaps we could simply have dinner. I talked myself into answering with a modest invitation to dinner. Perhaps we could just be meet without the pressure of sex.

But I was too late.

“The Jeffords Hotel at 7PM, Saturday. We have new toy we’d like to try!”

“It’s a date!”

It would have taken me a month of liquid courage for me to send that text. But the two of them were already in the runway. That’s when I started to lie to myself and say that I’d do anything for the man I loved.

Instead I typed the truth.

“If it’s okay with you, I’ll be fucking you until you come.”

Her response was immediate.

“A welcome surprise.”

I rushed out of the office as soon as I could and got home to that box.

I was naked and thigh deep into a harness when I heard the front door open. As I checked myself out in the mirror with this dick between my legs I heard a chuckle from behind. I was embarrassed, but I couldn’t stop staring at myself.

“Does it…,” he began to question before realizing he wasn’t sure what the question should be. “…fit?”

I just stared in the mirror with a giant grin.

The next three days we teased each other but steered clear of sex. Our texts with our new partner became more descriptive of what she wanted and what we wanted. She was an event planner and was in the city to do research for some corporate event in 2 months. She was so polite and friendly and open and thoughtful.

“I hope not to disappoint you on your first time.”

I melted.

At the hotel bar we met like old friends. We finished the first bottle of wine quite quickly. She told us her real name wasn’t ‘Rosa’ but she liked to keep it that way because she felt like an escort. She was actually widowed young but didn’t want another relationship beyond sex. She tried being a mistress, but that was just another type of relationship. She thought the only way she could have a man without having a relationship is if the other woman was there. Our new dynamic – dildo and all – was even more interesting because it was something she had never considered.

“Can I see it?” Rosa asked like a nervous teenager.

“It’s bakırköy bdsm escort already in the room,” I answered knowing that was our cue to head upstairs.

As we walked and giggled together I recalled choosing her profile because of how much it matched mine – height, weight, build. It was clear then that my husband was simply trying to fuck me, but I had a flash of worry that this woman might be too much for me. For a second I wished she was smaller so I could properly fuck her. But as the elevator doors opened she leaned into my ear and said, “Please be gentle until I say not to be gentle.”

My panties were drenched.

We had already set the mood in the room. We let Rosa freshen herself up in the bathroom while I perched on his lap on the couch. I could feel his dick begin to shift but I didn’t acknowledge it. I just kept shifting my weight around like I was nervous.

I wasn’t.

When Rosa reappeared into the room, she was wrapped in the oversized hotel robe and smelled of heaven. The robe was open so you could see her manicured pussy. I shifted my ass more, as she walked over to us.

Most people enjoy the spontaneity of sex. Not us. Our menu was preplanned and we acted accordingly.

As I took my place beside my husband, Rosa replaced me on his lap with her legs over my legs. My hand rested on her thighs while she recapped what was going to happen so we we’re all happy. While she ran down the show I kept distracting myself with my hand on her pussy. As she talked her thighs spread until I could feel how wet she was. Had she changed the plan, I would have missed it.

We finally moved to the bed and began kissing Rosa’s body from head to toe. She lay naked while we stripped to our underwear and caressed every inch of her magnificent skin. While I kneeled over her head and rubbed her petite breasts I saw my husband slide between her open legs. He looked up at me for approval and I nodded accordingly. Personally, I don’t get turned on by his tongue. I definitely don’t appreciate his magical skills because it’s not my thing. Rosa, however, was trembling with excitement with every lick of her pussy. I thought I should be a little jealous at that moment, but I was far from it. He was enjoying ravaging her pussy and I was enjoying every lick.

I then had to do my part. I leaned over her face while I filled her breasts into my mouth. I sucked on them and was terribly happy that they were no bigger than mine or I would have been lost. She began to tremble from our coordination and I felt a since of accomplishment.

What I didn’t expect was that my breast would also be hovering over mouth. Without pause she pulled them down to her mouth started sucking my nipples.


I wanted to be fucked right then and there. She caressed me in a gentle way that was sweet, but she was sucking my breasts like an animal. I wanted to squeeze my legs together to ease the tension but her head was between them. No relief. Just beautiful torture. I could feel her moaning on my thighs and I was afraid for a second that I would come too quickly, before I got to fuck her.

That’s when her hands simply dropped to the bed and cliched the sheets. She lifted her pussy into his face and quivered so hard that I thought she was having a stroke.

Then she collapsed.

I’d never felt a woman come before. It was intense.

I kept kissing her softly while my loving husband bolted to the bathroom to get some towels. “I made a mess down here,” he joked. He also took off his underwear. His dick was beautiful. I wanted to see him fuck her. I really did.

As he cleaned her gently I kept kissing Rosa, with my knees pushed against her shoulders and my panties over her mouth. While she relaxed, he straddled above her with his thighs around her waist. I cupped his balls and began sucking his dick slowly. She was now propping up her knees and swaying as I sucked him faster.

I then felt her lips kissing my thighs. I didn’t want to come. Not now.

I slid back and Rosa sat up with his shining dick in her face. Rosa has said that she was okay with sucking his dick, but we never really gave a final answer on what we were comfortable with.

As I slid off of the bed I politely placed his dick in her mouth. Then I whispered in his ear, “Please keep her entertained until I get back.” Then I stepped back and marveled at the spectacle that I’d created before hurrying off to the bathroom to put my dick on.

I’d practiced putting my dick on so many times that I could have done it blindfolded. This time I looked in the mirror and thought the same thing – I looked amazing!

By the time I’d reached the bed I noticed that nothing had changed. Rosa was slowly sucking his dick in a way that only teased him. If you’re not yanking and sucking and fingering and moaning, you’ll never make him come. But he was definitely enjoying himself.

When they finally noticed I’d returned they laughed. They bakırköy elit escort were completely into the moment. Again, I felt like I should have had a twinge of jealousy, but I didn’t.

“I’m so sorry,” Rosa apologized. “But I’m guessing you know how wonderful it is already.”

She wasn’t wrong. His dick was beautiful. Not too big. Not too small. And it was as brown as the rest of his body. I only fantasized about his dick. His alone. So it was understandable how much she wanted it. I would have offered her a quick fuck from him but she was already eyeing my new appendage.

“Oh, my,” she moaned. “It didn’t look that big on the counter.”

I tried to look sexy but her smile was contagious. I thought I would show up with my big dick and somehow be a serious stud. Instead I was the same nerdy geek – just with a dick attached.

As I went to push my husband back, I noticed how big his eyes were. When he saw me wearing my dick for the first time he was probably more entertained than turned on. But here I was with this dick that he bought me, about to fuck another woman. He was surpassing all of his wildest dreams and I was enjoying every moment. I gave him a loving kiss and a smile before whispering, “Be careful back there.”

As I pushed him back, I kneeled between Rosa’s legs. Her smile was now mixed with a lip bite that was as naughty as it was loving. Had she given me that face in a coffee shop I’d have masturbated right there. I wasn’t into women, but I was so into that moment. I was into fucking Rosa.

I planted my hands on either side of her while she carefully pulled my dick into her. She whimpered as she adjusted to my size but she took all of me. I could feel her writhing below me but wasn’t sure what to do. Then I felt his hands on my waist – rocking me back and forth.

“You have to fuck her,” he explained.

Oh yeah.

I wanted to start slowly, but she was already ramping up. I found myself trying keep up with the rhythm of her gyrations. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me tighter. I thought I’d be doing the fucking but Rosa and her pussy had other ideas.

At that moment I felt like a big dildo. It was sexy times but I wasn’t feeling all that sexy.

Then I felt him kneeling behind me. He was moving with our thrust until his lubed dick was in me.

Fuck. It was hot. But I wasn’t.

Sandwiched between Rosa and my husband, I felt as though they were fucking each other through me. I felt as though she was double his pace. I was having sensory overload. I wanted a mirror to see what was happening. I began to panic a little.

Was I not enjoying this? Was it too much? Was it better as a fantasy? I was not in the moment.

Somehow, Rosa sensed me tensing up and slowed her pace.

“Your dick feels amazing,” she said with a smile, “but you’re probably still thinking about his gorgeous dick in my mouth.”

I wasn’t. But now I was.

“It was so good to feel his dick at the back of my throat,” she continued as they began to grind in unison. “I wanted him to come in my mouth so I could swallow him.”

I took a deep breath and thought of her sucking his dick again. She was sucking my man’s dick while I was getting dressed. She was caressing my man’s balls while I was in the bathroom. I’ve never deep throated him. She was deepthroating MY dick.

“If you had taken one more minute I would have put my finger in his ass,” she said loud enough for us both to hear.

I began to rock into her. She knew that I was the only person who’d ever touched his ass. That was MY ass. That was my come to swallow. That was MY man.

As these thoughts raced through my head I realized I was fucking her really hard. At first I thought it was my husband thrusting behind me, but it wasn’t. She was getting me worked up and I was the one doing the fucking.

“Are you fucking me because you’re jealous of how much he liked having his beautiful dick in my mouth?” she asked as I sped up my thrust. “Or is it because you liked seeing his dick in my mouth?”


I was thrusting so hard I thought I might break her or him or the harness. I felt trapped between them but I didn’t want any space between us. I could feel the dildo rubbing my clit. I could feel her licking my nipples. I could feel his calves with my toes. I could feel his hands on my shoulders.

Then she whispered in my ear so only I could hear, “Maybe you want to see him fuck me, too?”

I lost it. Jealousy. Lust. Whatever. All I could feel was my pussy as I rocked uncontrollably. I was coming and I couldn’t stop. She began to moan and he began to grunt. It didn’t matter. My orgasm had taken over and my body and mind no longer belonged to me. I could feel her body clenching below mine with every thrust I gave her. I could feel him come inside of me as I continued to grind. I couldn’t stop the grinding. I couldn’t stop my orgasm. I couldn’t stop anything.

And then, out of nowhere, I collapsed.

He rolled off of me. I rolled off of her.

We laid there in lump of sweaty orgasms for ten minutes.

In silence.

Then Rosa started playing in my curly hair. And my loving husband pulled off my strap-on. I could feel the bruises but I didn’t care. I hadn’t come that hard in a long time. The reality exceeded the fantasy thanks to Rosa.

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