Weekend in Galveston

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My name is john and I had just graduated high school. My buddy Brandon and I had both signed up to join the armed forces, he was going marines and I was keeping with family tradition and joining the army. As one of our only free weekends before shipping off to boot camp (it also happened to be Memorial Day weekend) we decided to take a road trip down to Galveston.

Loaded up in his pickup truck, we had food clothes, and a thermos of vodka we had swiped off his dad. We left early on Friday planning to stop and eat with our buddy Dustin who was staying in Crystal Beach, about 45 minutes from the Galveston ferry at his grand pops beach cabin. Dustin had chosen to go Air Force and seeing as he was in a serious relationship they were having a romantic weekend together.

We met up with Dustin and Rebecca, shortly after 1pm down at the Stingaree. The Stingaree is an impressive restaurant, the dining area is on the second floor and it looks out over the water of the intercostal canal, they also have some of the best fried flounder I’ve ever had. After stuffing our faces, we headed on down to cruise down the beach in our trucks. The section of beach we headed to was called “the zoo” because that’s where all the crazy partiers were at.

Dustin had to keep his eyes on his girl, but Brandon and I were allowed free roam seeing as we were both going stag. After a few passes on the beach, Becca had us stop the truck. She climbed out running along the beach and came to a stop to hug two girls that looked vaguely familiar. Now Becca was hot being a Capitan of the schools drill team, with a tight slim body with long dark hair.

The two girls were Carrie and Stephanie, both were on the drill team with Becca. Carrie was tiny 5′ even 95lbs soaking wet with pert little A cup breast and long blonde hair. Stephanie on the other hand was 5’4 bahis firmaları a thick 125 with a nice ass and generous C cups and short brunette curls. Seeing we weren’t leaving anytime soon the 3 of us hopped out and headed over to the girls. As we were standing there looking around pretty much with our thumbs up our asses, the girls managed to coax us into playing a little bit of volleyball (it didn’t take much to get us to say yes).

As we played the girls were really kicking our asses, they had all played in high school and we were at a huge disadvantage due to bouncing distractions. After a while of losing we spit up to go shower and change before meeting back up later that night.

We meet back up at Stephanie’s cabin, Carrie was staying with her for the weekend and her parents had gone out to a local bar. So we cracked open the vodka and proceeded to drink the night away. Somehow during the night I ended up going down on Stephanie on a bench in the downstairs bathroom, just as I was starting to unbuckle my belt her parents pulled up. Now I was scared, I hid in the shower as Stephanie walked out to greet her parents.

I was texting Brandon and Dustin like crazy, “Hide the vodka parents home!”

What I didn’t know is that Dustin and Becca had excused themselves to Stephanie’s parents room and Dustin was have his life sucked out of him through his cock. My warning is the only thing that kept my boy from getting caught with his pants around his ankles. I finally made my way out of the bathroom and ran in to Stephanie’s dad, he seemed to think that I had been in there the whole time. It was only after Carrie came downstairs and gave me a sloppy kiss right in front of everyone did Stephanie’s dad back off.

We managed to make it out of there in one piece, my mind reeling. Carrie had covered our asses, but had also got kaçak iddaa a good taste of her friend’s pussy when she kissed me. I don’t think my cock had ever been that hard in my entire life up to that point. Brandon and I ended up crashing on the couches in Dustin’s cabin, wondering what the rest of the weekend would bring us.

The next day Brandon and I met up with Carrie and Stephanie down at the beach, Dustin and Becca had locked themselves in the room and it was quite clear they were going to be busy for most of the day. So we laid out on the beach just talking away passing what was left in the thermos between us. After we all had a good buzz, we decided to go take a dip in the salty water.

Now high school crushes are complicated matters, apparently Carrie liked me, I liked Stephanie, and Stephanie had a thing for Brandon. Brandon on the other hand was super shy and had trouble talking to any female that wasn’t his mom. (The Marine Corps ended up fixing that problem.) but for now he just kept his eyes down and mumbled when talking to one of the girls. Out in the water we ended up pairing off dunking each other and trying to cop a fell under the water.

Carrie being the bold and assertive one latched herself to me keeping my attention off of Stephanie so she could go flirt with Brandon. Now being young and dumb I lost all track of Stephanie and this tiny blonde vixen worked me over with her limber body. Before I knew what was happening we were kissing out in waist deep water in easy view of the shore. Her hand had snaked down into my swim trunks and I couldn’t believe I was getting a hand job under water in view of an easy 500 people crammed on the beach.

Testing to see just how far I could go, I reciprocated the favor. Working my hand into Carrie’s bikini bottoms and feverishly working a finger in and out of her tight kaçak bahis young sex. I thought I was in heaven, that is until Carrie pulled my hard dick out of my shorts, wrapped her arms around my neck and told me to fuck her right there in the water in front of hundreds of people. Now up until now third base is the farthest I’ve ever been with a woman so if you can imagine the anxiety I felt of losing my cherry and doing it while 500 people unknowingly watched. She had me lift her up and lower her onto my virgin cock while she held her bikini bottoms to the side and guided me in.

Then I felt it for the first time so wet and warm with a suction tug that was hard to fight just to pull out a bit and thrust back into her. I was in heaven, I could now go off to war and die a very happy man. She rode me for only about a minute before my balls started to tighten. She was panting hard as well and working me my cock like it was the last one on earth. She actually came first, milking my hard cock and I erupted inside of her. She sat there limp on my still raging hard cock trying to catch her breathe. Brandon wadded over to us and he had fear in his eyes I quickly dropped Carrie into the water before she had her feet under her. She came up pissed looking at Brandon as well.

“What dude did someone see us?”

“Just me and Steph.”

Hmmm Steph that’s interesting.

“Ok, so what the hell what gives?”

“Dude we would have done the same, but I don’t carry condoms in my bathing suit, did you use one?”


We excused ourselves when we got to the beach to go change into dry clothes. We just hopped in his truck and drove the hour back home. Never actually making it to Galveston. We both shipped out a week later, leaving our little home town for the next four years. From what I heard Carrie moved off and joined the Navy, I haven’t seen or talked to her since. Losing my virginity started a fetish in me that is still running strong. I hate using condoms and have to force myself to pull out of a nice fertile, unprotected pussy.

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