Campbell’s Soup

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This story was written for someone who enjoys my writing. I hope it does the trick and that he will remain a fan. Thank you, and lots of kisses – Betty

* * * * *

Monday 12:38 PM. I was bored. Incredibly bored. Summer had barley begun and I was missing the daily grind of college classes. So, as any woman would, I went shopping. I needed a summer touch in my wardrobe anyway. Five hours later and sizable dent in my credit card I found my self at home and bored. I had no intention of sitting at home watching reruns on a nice summer night and made a plan to get out of the house. I took a long bath and fixed my hair in an up do leaving curly blonde tendrils dangling from my temples. I painted my nails to match the light shade I had picked for my lips and dressed in my new frilly blue sundress and high heeled cork sandals. Since it was a hot night I left the house without a bra and panties.

With purse in hand I walked to the quiet pub less than a block from my apartment. Happy hour was still on, I sat at the far end of the bar and ordered a Jack Daniel’s Lemonade. Mandy, the bartender, slid the small bottle and glass in front of me. She poured an additional shot of whiskey in the glass and commented on my dress. I wouldn’t say that I was a regular to the establishment but the bartenders knew me and Mandy always hooked me up. She and I had shared Jason the other bartender on his birthday after closing last year. None of us spoke about the event but, I was always treated very well. I knew by our raised eyebrow looks that the three of us thought about it and were bound to do it again given the right circumstances. I watched her whisk away to serve another customer and turned my attention to the baseball game flickering on the screen above me.

Patrons streamed in at a steady pace looking took shake off the edge of a grueling Monday. Most made their way to the patio to take advantage of warm night air after eight hours in stuffy air conditioned buildings. Sometime into my third lemonade a deep voice shook my attention from the television.

“What’s the score?”

Without looking towards the speaker, I said. “Five, one, Indians. Thome’s up with two on and two outs in the fourth. Finley gave up the only hit and homer to Delgado in the second.”

I love baseball and spouting sports back to guys that use it as a feeble line always shakes them up. I turned on the stool and smiled. My nipples nearly bursts through the thin fabric of my dress when I saw the face attached to the voice. He was gorgeous. Dark hair, dark eyes and a wonderful tanned body. He was dreamy if I dare say so. He was smiling back with a awestruck look on his face. I wasn’t sure if it was me or my reply that had contorted his expression.

“I’m Lora.” I said offering my hand.

“Campbell.’ He answered shaking my hand lightly His eyes made a scan of my body then quickly darted back up to my eyes knowing bahis firmaları he had been caught. I flashed another smile with a scolding raised eyebrow.

I had two options a this point; swoon at his looks and let him take me panting into his bed, or play the game and make him work for my affection. I usually don’t play games but the JD had done it’s job and I was still bored. Campbell seemed like the type I always steered clear of. Cocky with irresistible looks that said I can have any woman I want. Normally I would blow this guy off if just to see that smug expression waver for just a second. Today wasn’t exactly normal and like I said I was bored. I glanced around and saw now immediate threat of competition and said.

“Should that be stitched to the back of your shirt or is that your first name?”

“My first, my grandmother was Scottish.” He replied.

I smiled and took a sip of my drink. His eyes poured over my body and I uncrossed and crossed my legs for effect. His eyebrows raised signaling the first pitch of our game. He sat down and we talked and watched the game. Like clockwork Campbell’s friends came over every ten minutes. Each asking a mundane question just to get a closer look at me and to give Campbell the silent but all to obvious high five. We talked about baseball, and our plans for the remainder of the summer. Occasionally his hand would brush my knee and occasionally I’d put my hand on his chest making sure to rake my nails hinting to possibilities. I was still careful to let him work for that stolen contact. Each time his hands touched me it sent a buzz of electricity straight to my pussy that was getting wetter by the minute. Our game went on long after the Indian’s had closed the ninth.

Always teetering on that fine line of vamp and bitch I continued to allow the random touch, or peek of my thigh. My dress was cut low enough that he always had a full view of cleavage. He was still sitting next to me so I knew I had him. Weather or not he’d say what I wanted to hear was another story. I could tell that his confidence level had diminished low enough that he was the one waiting for me to make a move. In reality, any other time and any other woman would have been in the third round of a sexual frenzy with this man by now. The hour was getting late for a Monday and his group of friends had straggled out the door leaving me, him and Mandy alone in the bar. He checked his watch and I for the first time thought his endurance for the game had ended. His cockiness was waning and had been for the last hour or so, but that smile was still as sexy as ever.

“It’s getting late and I should get going. Maybe I’ll see you here this weekend.” Campbell said admitting defeat.

I smiled and putting my hand on his thigh I said. “Maybe, but if you’re up to it we could go back to my place and fuck.”

I tossed cash on the bar and waved to Mandy leaving him sitting kaçak iddaa there with the same look on his face as when I first spoke to him. I heard his stool slide across the floor and he caught up to me. “I’m going to assume I heard you correctly so lead the way.”

A cool breeze swept up my dress cooling my steaming pussy as we hurried to my apartment.

Slamming the door behind me I sauntered into the living room, let my hair down and dropped my dress to the floor as I strode through the house. Except for my shoes I sat naked on the back of the couch, legs spread waiting. Campbell tugged at his belt and quickly stripped. His body was glowing in the dim lighting from the hall and his cock jutted forward proudly. I ran my hands through his hair and down his chest grasping his rigid shaft. I planted kisses on his neck and chest taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking.

With my nails I traced the veins along his manhood and around his hanging balls. A drop of pre cum glistened at the tip and I wiped it away with a finger tip and deposited the moisture into my mouth. I smiled and pulled the head of his thick cock to the opening of my flooding pussy. I gave Campbell a quick kiss and wrapped my legs around him impaling myself onto his beautiful cock. I grunted as his thickness stretched me wide and louder still when the head penetrated deep within me. The anticipation had me on the edge of orgasm as he thrust into me filling my pussy and sending my head spinning, I came. He carried me to the front of the couch and brought my legs over his shoulders and proceeded to pound into my clenching pussy. I clawed at the upholstery as Campbell hammered his cock into my tightness. I was moaning in bliss and screaming “Fuck me!” repeatedly when he grunted out. “Oh God, I’m going to cum!”

He pulled out sending thick ropes of semen splashing onto my stomach and breasts. I sat up and engulfed his still squirting cock and drained it into my throat. His salty load had a hint of sweetness combined with my own juices that coated his shaft. I bobbed my head determined to keep the wonderful cock erect. His hardness slipped slightly but then stiffened to it’s former glory and I pushed him to the floor. I straddled him and lowered my self just above the swollen head of his cock. Letting it rest just at my cum slick lips I swiveled my hips. He moaned looking straight into my eyes then his eyes dropped to the massive amount of semen clinging to my skin. I looked down and scooped the gooey globs into my hungry mouth. Campbell watched in awe then suddenly gripped my hips and drove into me with his throbbing cock. I balanced myself with my hands on his chest and begun to bounce. I sped my pace and he took hold of my swinging breasts pinching at my sensitive nipples. I was buzzing all over, I slammed my ass into his lap and wave after wave ripped through my body. My legs shook violently for several minutes, Campbell was kaçak bahis gracious enough to keep his cock firmly planted inside me as I came. I collapsed on his chest and whispered “What do you want?”

With gentle hands he picked me up and positioned me over the ottoman. He swung my legs over his strong shoulders and kissed his way to my throbbing pussy. Expertly his tongue rolled around my engorged clit as his fingers explored my wet opening. Campbell devoured my pussy and as he sucked both my lips and clit into his mouth I came again. I could feel the rush of juices flood into his mouth as my hips bucked against his face. When my convulsions subsided I sat up kissing my glistening juices from his beautiful face. I looked him in the eyes and pulled at his stiff rod then flipped over begging him to fuck me doggy style. Campbell needed no further hints. With a handful of my blonde tresses in his fist Campbell buried his shaft into me. We both grunted like animals. I dug my nails into the cushion as he yanked my head back forcefully. I felt his fingers penetrating me along side his cock stretching me further. He removed his fingers and began to work his middle finger into my puckered ass. I let out a squeal of pleasure and he forced another into my ass.

“Oh Yeah baby fuck me! Fuck my ass with your fingers! OH God!” I was consumed by the rawness of our passion and drove my hips back into his meeting his flesh with mine in a fury. His finger, now three pistoned in and out of my asshole while his pulsing cock did the same to my dripping pussy. Campbell’s grunts grew louder and I knew he was near. ‘Cum on my face baby I want to taste you!” I belted out. With that he withdrew and I flipped around face to face with his throbbing cock. I opened my mouth, tongue extended when a stream of hot semen splashed across my cheek. I looked into his eyes and he smiled. He was squeezing his cock letting just the smallest amount of his seed dribble onto my hungry tongue. I swallowed and he released another glob onto my lips. I slid my tongue in it’s gooeyness and swallowed it down.

Finally he let go of his pumping shaft and thick ropes of cum poured onto my face, dripping from cheeks to chin. I took hold of his cock and with the head pushed the salty mess around my face and into my waiting mouth. Campbell stared at me in quiet satisfaction. He ran his hands through my hair and scooped his seed from my cheek then fed it to me. I sucked his slimy finger clean and smiled. I spent the next several moments licking and kissing his beautiful cock and staring up at his gorgeous face trying to burn the moment into my brain.

His shaft grew hard in my mouth and I sucked him to another orgasm swallowing his sweet load. His hands pushed on the back of my head pushing his fabulous cock into my throat. I struggled to keep it deep my nose buried in his dark pubic thatch as his seed pumped. We sat quietly chatting then he excused himself to the bathroom to clean up. We thanked each other for a fantastic night and kissed passionately. I stood naked in my doorway as I watched him leave. I’d have to say that tonight we both won the game.

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