The Green Fairy

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The Green Fairy

They seemed like such a normal couple

Stepping into the lounge of the Des Moines Downtown Holiday Inn seemed like stepping straight into a scene out of the Blues Brothers. It was old, dark and dank, smelled musty and even featured an out-of-tune lounge lizard band playing cover tunes from the 70s. There were only two or three couples sitting at random tables around the room and five lonely business travelers sitting at the bar — each one separated by at least one or more bar stools.

I was just one more of those solitary business travelers and I was determined not to add to the misery of that room by joining the lonely-hearts club at the bar. I turned back towards the parking garage, jumped in my rental car and headed out into the Central Iowa night in search of something better — and anything would have been better than that scene.

My company had a long-time client in Des Moines, and we maintained a small office there to service them. At least once a year, we felt obligated to send someone from the corporate office to make a courtesy visit, and that someone was generally me. I’m not what you would call a ‘road warrior’ but I do travel enough to be bored with it.

I don’t so much mind eating breakfast alone — in fact I think I actually prefer it. As for lunch, I can generally take-out a client or the staff of our local office. But now for dinner — that is much more of a problem. I can’t take the client out every night I’m in town and I don’t feel comfortable over fraternizing with my employees. So that ankarada yeni escortlar leaves me alone and to my own devises one or two nights per visit. Being forced to eat dinner alone is absolutely the worst aspect of the whole business travel scenario and in conjunction with the crowds at the airport this is what makes me generally dread business travel.

I refuse to eat alone in my hotel room as most women business travelers are forced to do, so just like those poor saps at the Holiday Inn lounge, I’m generally forced to sit alone at the hotel bar hoping that someone interesting will sit down next to me and start-up a conversation, so I don’t look and feel like some sort of leper or pervert.

I’d heard of an area of town called Woodland Heights that probably had some interesting bars and restaurants, so I thought I’d give it a try. Fifteen minutes from downtown I spotted the Hops I turned to see Frank helping Carly into the hot-tub. And as I headed through the open door onto the patio to join them in the cacophony of swirling and bubbling hot water, Etta James’ voice came on the stereo:

At la–ast,

My love has come along,

My lonely days are over…

It could not have been more perfectly timed as I now realized I’d been ‘selected’ for this little Ménage à trois. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s just that I’ve never had a three-way with anyone in my life, and I just naturally assumed that if and when I did — it would be with two girls. Not a married couple and especially not a married couple like Frank and bayan escort elvankent Carly that I had only met just an hour earlier.

As I slipped into the hot-tub, Carly immediately snuggled up next to me and again started running her hand up and down my leg. Only now she didn’t stop a few inches shy of my crotch; she was now running the back of her hand up and under my balls. And within a matter of minutes, she was actually stroking me. Now again, that didn’t bother me all that much — as she was a very hot looking MILF, the weirdness was that her husband was sitting only two feet away and all three of us were involved in some sort of creepy game of footsie.

After about three minutes of us all sipping our ice waters and allowing our feet to get to know each other much better, Frank turned to me and said, “Dean, you know Carly really wants to suck your cock.”

I think I actually started to blush, but with very little hesitation, I started to raise my hips so that my hard-on would rise above the surface of the churning water.

Taking this gesture as my silent acceptance of their offer, Frank reached over and placing his hand on my shoulder, said, “How about on the bed — I think we’ll all be a little more comfortable.”

That comment didn’t just sail over my head; he plainly said “… we’ll all be a little more comfortable.” But at that point I assumed he was referring to the ‘Royal We’ as he clearly said that Carly was the one that wanted to suck my dick. And if Frank wanted to watch — well, why should I care? Besides, escort bayan etimesgut I was more than ready to have my dick sucked — boy was I ever ready.

As we exited the hot-tub, Frank handed each of us a plush bath towel that had previously been neatly folded and stacked on a table near the door. Blotting myself dry, but still maintaining a raging hard-on, I plopped down in the middle of the bed and Carly immediately laid down beside me with her head just below my waist. She ran her finger tips several times up and down my bare legs, across my balls a couple of times and then began to gently stroke me.

Just as a glistening drop of pre-cum appeared at the top of my red-headed stranger, she leaned over to lick it off, and then I watched in total amazement as my entire pole disappeared effortlessly between her ruby red lips. I’ve had numerous blow-jobs in my life (no such thing as too many), but never anything like this. She started-off deep throating me all the way to my balls, and after lingering there for maybe a minute, her lips began a slow and luxurious trip back to the top. All the while her tongue danced and massaged every square millimeter of my shaft — leaving no nerve ending untouched.

Upon finally reaching the top she continued the same treatment to my throbbing dick head, before starting the entire process in reverse. After only five or six round trips of this pampering I was about to explode — but I just didn’t want her to stop.

I glanced over to see what Frank was doing — only to find him sitting just six-feet away, slouched in an overstuffed arm-chair, slowly stroking his own cock. As we made eye contact, he smiled and seemed to acknowledge my dire situation. I guess he’d been here many times before, and as his smile seemed to imply, I had permission to let go — and let go I did, Oh My God did I ever.

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