Please Give it to Me Daddy!

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‘Hi Mr Clark!’

‘Please Fiona, you’ve always called me James. Anyway, come on in’.

Fiona stepped through to the warm hallway, lugging a heavy weekend bag. James smiled.

‘Give me that. And I’ll put your coat in the cupboard. It must have been a tiring journey’.

Fiona nodded. She was indeed exhausted. On her way back from visiting friends, her plane had been grounded by heavy snow. She had been stranded at the airport for hours, and would have had to wait until the next day to take off and get back to college. In desperation, she had called her parents, who reminded her that an old friend of the family now lived in the city. James Clark.

When he opened the door, she was surprised at how similar he looked to the way she remembered him. They had last met 7 years ago, when she was 13. Although now in his late 40s, he had a mischievous air about him which made him seem like a younger man. Even though she was a shy teenager at the time, he always used to make her laugh, and she had been transfixed by his tousled hair and sparkling eyes.

James ushered her through to the lounge.

‘Please sit down and put your feet up princess. Sorry…do you mind if I called you that? Force of habit!’ His shoulders raised in a hapless shrug.

She smiled as she sat cross legged on the sofa: ‘No, don’t worry at all’. Although it did feel strangely intimate now that she was grown up.

‘Great, I’ll just go and make us some tea.’ He strode out towards the kitchen, leaving her alone.

She settled back into the sofa and felt the warmth wash over her. Even though she had never visited this house, it felt strangely comforting. She glanced at some photos on the windowsill, and saw one of her parents among them. Her father had known James since their college days, and he used to live near their family home with his wife. They never had children, and eventually divorced. The last time she had seen James was just before he had moved cities to start a new life on his own.

She wondered if he ever had women over here. For some reason, the thought irritated her.

‘Here you go princess. Just get warm and relax.’ James stepped back into the room and handed her the hot tea, before sitting on the armchair opposite, legs spread nonchalantly. He looked at her intently.

‘How’s college going? I heard you’re doing well!’

‘Oh…it’s fine I think, yes. Just about managing! Some of the classes are difficult, but it’s interesting’.

‘Made some good friends?’

‘Yes, I’ve been lucky I think. I just got on with the people I met in halls. We had a great time on holiday. Shame it had to end with this disaster!’

She felt strange as she said it, as if she was somehow insulting him. It didn’t feel disastrous to be sitting opposite him at all. In fact, she felt a calmness she hadn’t known for a long time.

He chuckled. ‘Of course. Any boyfriends? I’m sure those boys go crazy for you.’

She squirmed in her seat, looking down into her tea. ‘Hah, not sure about that, but yes I have been going out with someone’.

His eyes narrowed, as if to decode the expression on her face. ‘That’s great. Be careful though princess, I know how young guys can be!’ His gaze broke abruptly, and he glanced at the clock.

‘Anyway, I’m sure you’re dying to get into bed. I’ll show you your room’.

Fiona blinked, startled at the sudden change of pace, but followed him out and up the stairs to a guest bedroom. It was tastefully designed, with dark wooden floors and framed paintings, the bed clothed in white sheets.

‘Wow Mr Clark, you do have a lovely home. Thanks so much for having me, I don’t know what I would have done!’

He turned to her, grinning, and rested his hand on her shoulder, ‘Princess, it’s the least I could do. To tell you the truth, it’s nice to see you after so many years. And I told you, please call me James’.

She smiled back at him, and noticed how tall he was, now that they were standing so close. She thought she could just about smell his cologne, subtle and woody.

Suddenly she was aware that they had been looking at each other for slightly too long. She bit her lip and looked at the floor, not sure what to say.

‘I’ve just realised, I know just what you need. A nice warm bath. I’ll go and draw you one right now. There’s a robe on the back of the door so that you can get comfortable.’

James left the room, and she soon heard a stream of water join the sound of his footsteps.

She closed the door and started to take off her clothes, folding them on the erotik film izle bed. The sheets were incredibly soft. She thought ruefully of her own student accommodation, with her superstore brand bedding, thin mattress and blu tack stains on the walls. College life was fun, but she could certainly get used this.

She stepped into the fluffy white robe he had left her, and wrapped it around her naked body.

‘Come through, it’s ready!’

Fiona padded through the hallway towards the sound of James’s voice. She stepped through into the bathroom and her eyes widened in surprise. The bath was large and luxurious, with stylised clawed feet resting on the white tiles. It was filled to just the right depth, and she could see steam rising from the warm water. A candle was lit on the counter, filling the room with a floral scent. The bulbs were dimmed, and as she looked at James standing beside the bath, his eyes were sparkling in the flickering light.

‘I hope it’s the right temperature. Just step in and give it a try.’

‘Thanks so much, that’s very kind’. Fiona paused, waiting for James to leave the room.

Instead, he sat down on the closed toilet seat, leaned back and crossed his legs, his smile relaxed.

Fiona wasn’t sure what to do. ‘Um, so I’ll just get on with my bath then’.

‘Yes, let me know if it’s too hot’.

Still, he didn’t move. Paralysed with the strangeness of the situation, Fiona made a split second decision, and started to untie her robe. She expected him to start and walk out of the room, but he just kept looking up her with that easy smile.

Now that she had started, she couldn’t exactly stop, so she opened the robe, and slowly dropped it from her shoulders, unveiling her pert breasts, flat stomach, hips, and long legs.

She couldn’t look at him anymore, but stared fixedly at the steam curling upwards from the bathwater. She felt like her mind had gone blank, and as though in a dream, she walked towards the tub and slowly lowered herself into the warm water.

She was facing away from him, and in her panic, tried to pretend he wasn’t there. But his voice soon cut through the silence.

‘How is it princess, relaxing?’

‘Y-yes. It’s just the right temperature thanks’.

‘Fantastic.’ His voice was a low purr, and she felt him leaning closer to her. ‘I’ll help you get clean, just like your daddy, how about that?’

Her breath caught in her throat, and her muscles tensed. She was shocked and confused, but something in the tone of his voice had moved something within her, deep in the water, between her legs.

She said nothing, but gave a small nod. She didn’t dare to turn and look at him. She wasn’t sure if she was more frightened of what was to come, or of breaking the spell they both seemed to be under.

She sensed motion, and out of the corner of her eye, saw him roll up the sleeves of his shirt. He grabbed some lotion from the side of the tub, squirted it into his hands, and reached over to firmly grasp her bare shoulders.

His hands were slow and strong, and he dug into her shoulder muscles with his fingers, massaging her with the lotion. Quickly, the tension flooded away from her, and she relaxed into his touch, leaning her head to the side to let him reach where he needed to expel the tightness. Then he moved down her back, rubbing the lotion into her skin.

Fiona bit her lip to prevent a moan from escaping. He really knew what he was doing.

‘Lie back, princess. Let me get all that tension out’.

Enjoying the pleasure of his touch, and the tantalising warmth of the water, Fiona leaned onto the back of the tub, and laid her arms on the rim. She closed her eyes.

His hands touched her chest. She should have been shocked, but there was something about James’s presence that was so comforting. Whatever he was going to do, she somehow knew that she would be safe.

His hands moved over her breasts and gently massaged them, squeezing and releasing. He was now completely behind her, his arms resting beside her shoulders, as if he was cradling her.

Thanks to his attentions, her nipples were now standing erect, and she felt her knees pressing against the sides of the tub, as if her legs were trying to spread wide open.

‘Well, I can tell these little ones want some attention. Am I right princess?’

He didn’t wait for her reply, but tapped each nipple lightly with a finger on each hand,

before gentling rolling them between thumb and forefinger. This time, she moaned out loud, as she felt the sensation film izle spread right down between her legs.

Giving her breasts one last squeeze, he said ‘I think it’s better for you to get on your knees. There are some more places that need to be cleaned’.

Fiona opened her eyes, and slowly did as she was told, moving her naked body around on the smooth ceramic until she was on her hands and knees, her ass facing him.

Her breath was heavy, and she knew her pussy would be flushed with pink. She was intensely aware of his gaze on her most private parts.

Moments passed, and she began to miss his touch. She widened her knees and arched her back, so that her inner lips were spread towards him.

‘Don’t worry princess, just pausing to enjoy the view.’

Finally, she felt lotion pouring onto her ass, followed by the heavenly feeling of his big hands spreading it all over her buttocks. He moved his hands in slow circles, squeezing as they went along, until they reached her inner thighs.

She twitched and panted, moving her hips backwards. She was desperate for his touch on her pussy, and could feel wetness dripping there that wasn’t bathwater.

Yes! She felt a finger touch her clitoris, and wiggle back and forth deliciously, sending thrills all through her body. She sighed. ‘Oh yes James’.

‘Mmm, you look very sexy princess. You really have grown up’.

With that, she felt another finger push into her opening. Suddenly, she snapped out of her trance and sprang forward. She sat down on her haunches and put her hand over her mouth in shock.

‘James, you can’t’; she blurted out, ‘My boyfriend… I was planning on…’

He moved to face her and placed his hands on the sides of her face, looking intently into her eyes.

‘What is it princess, what was it you wanted to do? Tell me’.

‘I wanted to… give him my virginity’. She looked up at him fearfully, knowing that she had ruined everything. But to her surprise, his eyes were still warm, and his mouth curved up into a smile.

‘Don’t worry princess! I have the perfect solution. There’s something we can do that your boyfriend won’t mind at all, trust me.’


‘Really. Now get back on your knees, and concentrate on relaxing’.

Relief flowing through her, Fiona moved back into position. His hands rested on her buttocks again, but this time, they moved to a different place. With surprise, she felt his fingers circling her asshole.

For a moment, her mind rebelled. She had never thought much about that place, only knowing that her friends had warned her not to let any boy mess with it. She had heard it hurt, a lot, and if anyone heard, they wouldn’t respect you ever again.

But…James’s voice had been so comforting, and his fingers felt so good. In fact, his touches on that place were sending thrilling little feelings directly to her pussy.

He squirted more lotion on his fingers, and after moving one back to expertly rub her clitoris, he slowly pressed a broad finger inside her asshole.

Ahhhh… it felt…so different, but so good. His finger firmly moved deeper inside, before starting a slow rhythm in and out. In combination with the teasing touches on her clitoris, she felt her mind going blank and an orgasm rising inside her.

He sensed her growing excitement, and pushed another finger inside. She felt her entrance stretching to accommodate him, and his fingers thrusting slowly inside felt incredibly intense. She totally gave in to his touches, pushing her hips back against his fingers and opening her lips in a steady moan.

‘Yes princess, come for daddy’.

His words turned her on so much, and his fingers were so deep that she couldn’t bear it anymore. Yelping, she arched her back and shook in an intense orgasm, her asshole spasming around his fingers.

Panting, Fiona dropped her head towards the water and shivered as the afterglow washed over her body. James’s strong arms wrapped around her wet body, and lifted her easily to stand, dripping, on the cool tiles.

She stood still, happy to give in to his attentions, and he gently dried her body with a fluffy towel. When she was dry, he lifted her again, cradled in his arms, and carried her into the bedroom.

As they walked, she looked up into his face and felt as if he could protect her from anything, if she could just stay in his arms like this forever.

He lowered her slowly onto the bed, until she was lying naked on her back. He was still fully clothed, face flushed from the steam of the seks filmi izle bathroom.

‘Daddy, why don’t you take your clothes off? I want to see’. She surprised herself with her words, but they felt so right. She wanted to feel closer to him.

He gave her a lopsided grin; ‘Whatever you say princess. But you know, I’m not as buff as those college boys’.

He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, before starting to undo his belt. She gazed up at his torso. His chest was spread with dark hair, and his shoulders were wide, with strong, bearlike arms.

His belt unbuttoned, he pulled off his trousers and boxers in one motion. He was naked, revealing a long, curved cock, standing proudly straight ahead.

She gasped. She had only seen one penis before, her boyfriend’s, when they were fumbling around, trying not to wake her roommate. It was no comparison to James’s. This one took her breath away.

As she stared, riveted, she noticed thick pre-come oozing from its tip. Her pussy was drenched by now. She wanted that cock, any way she could have it, even if it split her open.

James reached out to grasp her hips and pull her to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs wide and upwards so that her knees were touching the soft bedsheet. She was completely open before him.

Satisfied with her position, James ran his hands over her body. First over her breasts, toying with and teasing her nipples until she moaned, and then down over her waist and onto her thighs. He rubbed his hands up and down her bare flesh, torturing her. She tried to raise her hips towards him.

‘Please daddy. Give me your cock!’

He growled. ‘Oh princess, you know I can’t wait to give it to you.’

Grasping her thighs firmly, he pushed his cock against her asshole, teasingly hovering for a second.

‘Tell daddy what he wants to hear’.

‘Oh please daddy, ram it in my asshole!’

He grinned wide and pushed his cock slowly and inexorably inside. She cried out; it felt huge, spreading her entrance wide until she thought she would break. She reached down and rubbed her pussy as he went deeper, moaning as she experienced sensations she had never felt.

As soon as she was able to take his width, she had to contend with his length. He kept going deeper, and every time she thought she couldn’t take any more, more came until she felt completely filled to the brim. She looked down to see her pussy twitching and throbbing as he entered her ass right to the hilt.

He leaned over her and pushed her hair out of her face, kissing her on the forehead.

‘You’re doing so well princess. You’ve made me proud’.

Her heart fluttered, but then she cried out again as he began to move. Slowly at first, he rocked in and out, sending shudders and thrills coursing through her body. Any pain turned into pure pleasure as Fiona writhed on the bed beneath his thrusts.

‘I’m going to keep moving until you come on my cock princess. Daddy wants to feel you tightening all over his big cock’.

He started to move faster and faster in her ass, his hands gripping her thighs before moving his thumb over her clitoris. She moaned again and again in delight, and felt her second orgasm approaching. His cock felt so hard and hot moving within her, and so deep that she felt like she was losing her mind. She loved how powerful he was over her, so wise and so experienced. And he cared so much about her pleasure.

‘Yes daddy, yesss, yessss!!’ The orgasm crashed over her and she screamed, her head thrown back into the sheets, chest rising off the bed until her breasts bounced as he slammed into her.

‘Yes princess, now daddy’s going to come deep in your ass!’

His thrusts become harder and harder until he was pounding her, rough hands moving over her body from gripping a breast to slapping her ass until she yelped in pain. He leaned over her again, this time kissing her hard on the mouth and biting her lower lip.

Finally, he shuddered and slammed his cock into her one last time, holding it deep within her as hot seed coursed inside.

‘Uuugggghhhhh’ His groan was deep and ragged.

She felt the warmth spread through her, all the way to the tips of her toes. She fell limp, and vaguely felt his cock pull out until she felt strangely empty. She closed her eyes, and heard him leave the room. After a few moments, he returned, and wiped the seed spilling from her ass away with a warm cloth.

James picked up her motionless body and lifted her into the bed, tucking the sheets around her.

He leaned close and whispered. ‘Sweet dreams my princess. I’ll see you in the morning.’ She felt him kiss her forehead again, before slowly walking out, switching the light off as he went.

Fiona fell into a long, sound, dreamless sleep.

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