The Garden Party Pt. 01

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Apprehensively Sara surveyed the rounded brass surround of the the large ceramic button with “Bell” written on it, positioned just to the left of the ridiculously shiny and imposing black door. As she pressed she could hear a rich “Ding Dong” come from within, as though it was a real bell not an electronic version. She heard a bright English voice shouting “I’ll go” followed by the sound of heels clicking across a stone floor.

Sara breathed deeply making her full breasts rise and fall. “What the fuck am I doing here?” she thought.

She’d only been in London a few weeks, seconded with the bank she worked for, and was still getting accustomed to the way of working, the attitudes and the climate. She never really knew when people were being serious either, and there seemed to be an awful lot of what she now knew was called “banter” and a huge amount of “piss taking” even in serious work discussions.

She hadn’t made many friends yet in her new town, so was grateful when her colleague, Hugo “call me H” Robinson had invited her to his family’s summer party. “Lots of folk there, not just the fam'” H had said, “Don’t worry old girl, I wouldn’t expose you to my family without lots of backup!” he’d laughed in the characteristic baritone of the English privately educated banker. It was certainly a long way from Warracknabeal her little country town in rural Victoria.

The clicking of heels stopped, and the door swung open revealing a tall woman in her late 30’s. Her long dark hair fell in waves across her shoulders, a pair of large sunglasses perched on the top of her head. She had high cheekbones and as Sara quickly found out a devastating smile that made her whole face come alive.

“Well, hello” the tall woman chimed in a cut-glass accent “you must be Sara.” With that she leaned in for a hug across the threshold, kissing the younger Australian on both cheeks and, as Sara became very aware pressing her breasts into her own.

“My, aren’t you pretty as a picture?” the Englishwoman exclaimed still holding Sara’s arms and looking her up and down. “What beautiful hair” she smiled and ran one hand down the side of Sara’s blond locks, her full deep-red lips breaking open to reveal a set of perfect teeth.

“Gosh, forgive me though, I’m so rude” the older woman laughed, “I’m Gemma, H’s sister. He’s told me all about you and he wasn’t wrong darling, you are stunning!”

Sara hadn’t said a word yet but was both transfixed by Gemma’s classic English beauty and embarrassed by the compliments, especially as her work colleague had obviously been talking about her. She found she was blushing a little as she eventually found her voice.

“Hi, pleased to meet you.” Sara smiled back, her long Aussie vowels a contrast to the clipped tones coming from Gemma’s mouth. “Sorry I’m late, I had to find my way from the tube and I got a bit lost.” She explained.

“Oh, don’t you worry darling,” Gemma beamed back at her “the afternoon is still young. Plenty of time for fun and games still! Now do come inside and I’ll get you a drink, you must be positively baking if you’ve walked all that way.”

With that Gemma reached for Sara’s hand, turned on an elegant heel and led her through the aged black and white tiled entrance hall, past various doorways and a double staircase and out into a large kitchen, the sun beaming in through vast sliding doors through which Sara could see fifty or more people mingling on a beautiful green lawn.

Surveying the scene she realised that all the women were dressed rather like her hostess, in long flowing dresses, each of them looking expensive and elegant. All the women seemed to be tall and beautiful, loose hair in various colours flowing down their perfect, tanned backs.

As she was about to apologise for being under dressed, Gemma spoke.

“Let me look at you properly darling, now we have some light.” Gemma reached out and held the Australian’s hands in her own, sending a nervous jolt into Sara’s stomach. “You really are very beautiful, sweetie. You do know that?”

Sara had always worried about her looks; of course, she’d had plenty of compliments, but they were always from men who were trying to get in her pants, coming from this gorgeous older woman it somehow meant much more. She blushed and stammered looking down at her feet.

“Gee thanks, Gemma but I’m just a plain old country girl.” This was always her self-depreciating response when complemented.

“Far from it, look at you? If we took a bit of time with some makeup and popped a good frock on you, you’d put all of us old things to shame!”

Talking of which sweetie before we go and meet everyone let’s do something about what you’re wearing.”

Sara was taken aback, she’d put on her best summer dress, to be fair she’d bought it in Melbourne eryaman escort bayan a few years previously and it had only cost $75 from a vintage shop in Fitzroy but she knew it fitted her nicely and she loved the little swishy skirt that ended halfway down her smooth tanned legs and, the large flower print of the fabric.

“Oh darling, please don’t think I’m being rude, but if you wear that sweet little dress out there, half the chaps will have a heart attack! The poor dears will do nothing but stare at those gorgeous legs. They’ll be swarming round you like bees around a honey pot and believe me darling most of them are simply dreadful bores. Now come with me.”

It was said in a tone that brooked no argument and before she knew what was happening Sara was being led by the hand, out into the hallway again and up one of the sets of stairs. Little did she realise that as her skirt swayed around her thighs one of the male guests had emerged from the garden, intending to find some more ice but seeing the two women disappear had followed them wondering where they could be headed. As Sara climbed the stairs he was taking a long hard look at her toned legs, he took in the movement of her hips and could clearly see the curve of her buttocks and the flimsy pink lace that barely covered her cute bottom.

“Well, well, well,” the man exclaimed under his breath “Gemma seems to have captured a live one there!” With that, accompanied by a suitably satisfying swell in his groin he turned on his heel and strode back out through the kitchen and into the garden, a smile playing around his handsome mouth.

Sara found herself in a large cream painted bedroom with a high ceiling, light flooding the room from a set of four oversized sash windows overlooking the garden and the throng below. They were partly open allowing a gentle breeze to waft across the room. There was a king-sized brass bed covered in tasteful scatter cushions; an overstuffed sofa with a small coffee table was at one end of the room, while a dressing room was located next to an ensuite bathroom. The walls displayed large pieces of modern art by painters Sara thought she’d vaguely heard of while against one wall a giant mirror leaned casually. It was quite the largest and most comfortable bedroom she had ever seen.

Gemma had disappeared into the dressing room and could be heard opening cupboards and pulling clothes from their hangers. Sara walked around her new surroundings stopping to study herself in the mirror. “I guess I’m not too bad” she thought as she studied her own legs, her curvy hips and full breasts, running her hands up her sides and throwing a few poses. “And I do love my hair” which was long and golden possessing a natural wave “And I suppose I’m quite pretty” she mused, though in truth she was more than that.

She noticed through the reflection behind her there was a nightstand displaying a selection of interesting looking sculptural objects. She thought they were more pieces of modern art, but as she wandered over to them realised quite quickly, they were far more interesting. She picked one of the objects up, it was about 7 inches long, made from dark pink silicon and had a gentle swell along its full length all the way to the bulbous rounded tip. Sara held it in her hand, softly running her fingers up and down. She was gently biting her bottom lip as she thought about how it would feel to slip the beautiful dildo into herself and experience its swollen curves fill her now moistening pussy.

“Ha, Sara darling I see you’ve found the toys” Gemma had been watching Sara from the doorway of the dressing room, she’d noticed the faraway look in her eye and recognised the signs of a woman who enjoyed a good orgasm. She strode over to the younger woman dropping the pile of dresses she’d gathered onto the bed.

“Now don’t be embarrassed, sweetie” she said brightly as Sara shocked, experienced a deep blush rising across her cheeks. “I wouldn’t leave these lying around if I was.” trilled the older woman, “but darling that lovely little thing you have in your hand is more of a starter toy really, if you really want to cum hard can I recommend one of these.” With that she lifted a black toy, curved like a horseshoe but made to fit into the palm, it had a chrome band just below a large round head at one end, with a smaller bulb at the opposite end of the curve. Like all the objects on the table it was smooth and sculptural with no threat of danger just the promise of personal enjoyment.

“This little darling,” said Gemma “is called NOA,” she dropped her voice to a husky whisper “smaller end in the old fou fou to tickle your G and the larger end to rotate around your clit. Oh My God Sara sweetie, I can’t tell you, it makes me cum like a fucking train!” as she laughed ankara escort out loud and planted a kiss on the blonde woman’s cheek.

“Now come on enough time to play later, let’s see how you look in one of these lovely frocks?”

But Sara was lost in thought, her mind consumed by the idea of a little machine thrilling her G-spot and her clit at the same time. Her pussy was now quite wet, leaking her slick secretions into her pretty pale pink panties, making her squeeze her thighs together, needing a little relief with the thoughts of “cumming like a train”.

She’d been on her own all the time she’d been in London, but this glamorous woman and her little collection of sex toys had woken her inner minx, and without even thinking she picked up the NOA. With hooded eyelids she looked Gemma directly in the eye,

“Could I?” she asked quietly “Could I try it?”

“Well now’s not really the time sweetie, we are in the middle of a party after all.” Gemma responded putting on her best school ma’am voice, “Maybe later, if you haven’t charmed one of the chaps down there, now come on let’s get that dress off and see which one of these suits you.” she said holding up a couple of designer sheaths in deep blue and canary yellow.

“Here darling, I’ll help” and before Sara could respond, Gemma was behind her lowering the zip of her dress, all the way down to the top of her panties. Sighing, Sara let the sleeves fall away from her arms and wiggled her hips slightly as Gemma helped the fabric over her waist and let it slip to the floor.

Now it was Gemma’s turn to become distracted. Even standing behind her she could see Sara had a magnificent body, athletic long tanned legs, a beautiful blemish free back, strong hips and a delightfully rounded bum.

Gemma’s mouth had become dry and her voice husky when she next spoke.

“Let me see you?” she rasped, reaching around the gorgeous Australian to take hold of the hands Sara had automatically used to cover her naked breasts. Placing her own hands over Sara’s she could feel the firm but pliant flesh and sense its warmth. Both of the women’s hearts were beating a little faster. “Turn around Sara” she commanded softly “I want you to see how magnificent you are.”

So, using a little pressure from behind Gemma turned the two of them without losing contact so they were facing the mirror.

“Drop your hands darling and look” Gemma whispered softly into Sara’s ear as she moved her hands to Sara’s smooth hips.

For some reason Sara’s heart was beating even faster, her chest rising and falling as she did as requested, taking her hands from her C-cup boobs she looked at herself, as the older elegant women admired her from behind.

Perhaps for the first time in her life she was seeing herself through someone else’s eyes. She looked at her high cheek bones, full cupid’s bow mouth, deep blue eyes, her mane of golden hair. She admired the strength in her shoulders and the symmetry of her ripe breasts, her prominent rose-coloured nipples, her slim stomach, deep navel and curvaceous hips. She took in her strong slender legs all the way down to the cute arches in her feet.

“Maybe she’s right”, Sara thought “maybe I am attractive.” All these years she’d been racked by self-doubt, had ignored male compliments, had thrown herself into sport and her work. Her previous boyfriends had mostly been pricks, using her as a trophy without really wanting to know her, undermining her confidence and making her doubt herself. But through the admiring gaze of the English woman, she saw herself as a strong beautiful woman in her own right, and in that moment, she felt her confidence grow. She turned her head to face Gemma.

“You know, you’re right” she said quietly “I’m pretty good.”

“You’re more than good darling,” Gemma whispered into her ear, “you’re beautiful, I mean darling look at these boobs” and with that Gemma slid her hands up Sara’s sides, to hold a full breast in each hand, “and these nipples” she caressed each one between thumb and forefinger, “they’re perfect”.

At the first touch of Gemma’s hands on her breasts, Sara inhaled sharply in shock but at the second touch, as Gemma expertly caressed her nipples, she felt her core contract and her pussy flood with moisture.

“Oh fuck no” she sighed leaning her head back against Gemma’s shoulder allowing the English woman access to her slender neck. Gemma kissed her delicately just below the ear, continuing to pull and pinch Sara’s nipples to elicit more sighs.

“No don’t” she gasped “please, Oh God….don’t” but the tone of her voice made it clear that she wanted Gemma to continue.

“You know sweetheart?” whispered Gemma “maybe we do have a little time.” She kissed the younger Australian woman’s ear, removed one sincan escort bayan hand from Sara’s breast and slid it down her flat stomach and directly into her lacy panties.

“Oh, my darling what a sweet wet pussy” Gemma’s fingers wasted no time spreading Sara’s moisture along her slit, lubricating her clit which she began rubbing lightly.

Sara was watching all the time in the mirror, the hand filling her panties, knuckles pressing the soft fabric as fingers moved along her folds. She could see her left breast cupped, caressed and pulled, sending shivers through her body. She saw the full red lips and white teeth of her tormentor as they bit her lightly on her neck just as a finger entered her cunt for the first time, making her whimper and press back into the dark-haired woman’s body.

The blonde woman pressed herself into the hand as a second finger entered her, she could feel her body tightening and warming, a thumb was strumming her clit sending shock waves into her synapses, but she knew from experience that it could take a while to reach orgasm and she really wanted to cum now, wanted her pussy to explode and send jolts of joy through her body.

“Please,” she whimpered between sighs, “please use the toy on me.”

“Oh, you little devil” hissed the woman who was loving the feel of this gorgeous creature in her hands, the slick pussy and taught nipple beneath her fingers making her own panties flood with moisture. “What a delightful idea” she squealed “you better slip your knickers down then darling.”

In a haze of unfulfilled desire Sara slipped the soaked lace from her body allowing the garment to slip down her legs to the floor, revealing her swollen and shaved pudenda, slick with her juices, her hard clitoris clearly visible amongst her glistening folds.

As Sara’s panties hit the floor Gemma lifted the NOA from the nightstand and, still standing behind Sara, reached around cupping the younger woman’s cunt and slipped the narrow end inside her aching channel, leaving the swollen knob to nestle against her excited clit. Sara exhaled and swallowed hard, it already felt good inside her.

“Are you ready my darling?” asked Gemma.

The blonde Australian nodded, already writhing against the machine wrapped in Gemma’s hand, then without a further warning Gemma turned it on and the vibrations started, eliciting a loud squeal from Sara as her clit and G-spot simultaneously erupted with electricity.

“Oh my God, Oh, my God” she gasped as Gemma, to complete the stimulation returned her other hand to one of Sara’s aching nipples.

“Come along darling, come for me,” hissed Gemma as the vibrations swamped Sara’s body, sending shock waves of tingling pleasure from her toes through her womb and into her buzzing brain.

Sara didn’t know if it was moments or hours, but she was consumed by the sensational feelings, her mind had become blank and she felt as though her body was nothing but a bundle of excited nerve endings on the brink of explosion. The vibrations intensified as Gemma gently turned up the speed. Sara’s clit had never felt such intense pleasure…

“Fuck, fuck, fuck….” She started quietly as the orgasm began snaking through her body, she could feel it coming with an intensity never experienced before, “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK” her shouting and screaming intensified, and then she was incapable of speech, just a long guttural scream as her cunt exploded, lights flashed through her brain and moisture flooded her pussy.

Sara’s legs buckled as she screamed in delight, her whole body tingling with electricity and utter pleasure, all centred around the buzzing inside her quaking pussy and on her sensitive clit. Gemma held her tightly to her own body, not letting her fall as the sensations coursed and quivered through the young woman, watching her flush and convulse in the mirror a look of ecstatic joy on her face.

“You are truly a thing of beauty my darling” she whispered to her as she turned the delightful machine off and slipped its glistening end from the younger woman’s dripping pussy, making her gasp again and giggle as an aftershock shot through her core.

“Hold me, please hold me,” gasped Sara trying to recover her breathing, her face turning to Gemma, “Thank you.” With that simple expression of gratitude, she placed her full lips onto the red mouth and kissed Gemma deeply.

When they broke Gemma smiled softly, a deep sense of fulfilment flooded through her from seeing and feeling the joy she’d brought to her new friend. She kissed Sara’s warm neck softly, her arms embracing Sara’s sensual body, and then took control again.

“Right now darling, now we’ve got you properly relaxed I think we’re ready to rejoin the party, why don’t we get you in one of these pretty frocks and we’ll go and wow a few chaps downstairs?”


In Part 2, amongst the bankers and their stunning but bored wives, Gemma still radiant from her thunderous orgasm meets a sporting connection from her past, but this time Gemma takes charge.

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