Be Careful What You Wish For.

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My name is Kelly and I live in a quaint little oceanfront town with my husband John. We have been married for seven years now. We were high school sweethearts and married right after graduation. He is the only person I have ever been with in my whole life.

Everyone has always said how it seems like we were made for each other. He is 6’2, blond hair, blue eyes, very muscular, and always has a nice tan. I am 5’4, blond hair, blue eyes, nice firm full C cup breasts, and I work hard to keep my body fit. I work as a lifeguard and John is a fireman. Everyone thinks we are just the “cutest” couple.

I love my husband and I have always been faithful to him but lately I have found my imagination going crazy. I work with half naked men all day. I have fantasies about every one of them. I notice while talking to them that they have the same thoughts about me. It is pretty obvious by the way they stare at my chest and get erections.

I find myself fantasizing about my supervisor James more than anyone. He is the same height as my husband, very built; he has the most wonderful body I have ever seen. I think part of the reason that I am so attracted to him is because he is black. It is taboo the forbidden fruit.

I have found myself flirting with him quite a bit. He is married and tends to brush me off. His wife is a very beautiful Nubian Princess. I think his resistance to my flirting turns me on more.

One day as I was getting my stuff together at the end of my shift I bumped into James on my way out. As usual I made sure to brush up against him as I walked by. “Accidentally” brushing my hip against crotch. The feel of his huge manhood sent an instant rush through my body. My nipples sprang up instantly. I turned to him to innocently apologize and for the first time ever I caught him glaring at my chest like all of the other lifeguards do. This was very exciting to me. I wanted him so bad.

The next day I made sure to “bump” into him every chance I got. I bent over in front of him more than usual so he could get a good view escort ankara of my nice ass. I even made sure to brush my breast against his arm from time to time.

When my shift was over and I was in the shower I had this feeling someone was watching me. When I turned around there was James. He was standing just watching me with his huge manhood bulging out of his shorts. I went from being started to being very turned on. I told him I could tell he was happy to see me. I made sure to give him a good view of my glistening wet body.

He started telling me how he and his staff have been working so hard these last couple of months to ignore my subtle flirting. He said that the way I walked around flaunting my body to all of his men, and “accidentally” rubbing up against them was getting to everyone. He said it was time I learned my lesson about torturing them so much.

He thought he was going to scare me but I wanted him even more now. He told me it was time for me to find out about playing with fire. He told me to get on my knees. I happily did so. He walked up to me and took his throbbing cock out of his trunks and put it in my face. I was so horny I couldn’t believe my fantasy was about to come true. I love giving head but my husband hardly ever let me do it to him. He said that is not something you do with someone you respect.

I started by rubbing the tip of my tongue on the tip of his head. He grabbed me by the hair and said I have been running things for too long. He was controlling this situation. He then plunged his huge dick down my throat. This took me by surprise. He kept shoving my head as far on his cock as I could go. He kept telling me to take it all pushing on my head harder. I could feel his cock ramming down my throat. It was so big I couldn’t breath, and I kept gagging. He paid it no attention and kept slamming his cock deeper into my throat.

I then noticed my coworkers were behind him watching him hammer my mouth like this. All of them were smiling holding their cocks in their hands. This made fear start ankara escortlar to build in me. I wanted to be with somebody other than my husband. I really wanted it to be James, but I did not want to be the company slut and be fucked and watched by all that I worked with.

One of my coworkers that have been trying to get me to date him came up behind me. He slapped my ass and asked me how I like that. He was telling me how he has wanted to fuck me for so long. He ran his finger along my slit and commented on how I was so wet and must be ready for some dick to be rammed into me. He got down on his knees behind me and I couldn’t see a thing because James was still ramming his now rock hard brick into my aching mouth.

With one swift plunge Chad slammed his cock deep into my insides. He was fucking me like a jackhammer. His dick was so big it hurt at first but after a minute I started to really enjoy it. I loved the fact that my mouth was being fucked by James and my cunt was being fucked by Chad at the same time. This really excited James and he exploded into my mouth. I made sure to suck every drip of cum out of him and lick it clean when I was done.

Watching this made Chad start breathing heaving and plunging deeper and harder until he reached his climax also. He poured all that he had inside of me and loved it. Before James got out of the way there was another cock in my face. This one wasn’t as big as James but I enjoyed it just as much. Now all of my coworkers were around me.

There were a couple fondling my breasts, one was playing with my ass, hands all over my body and I loved it. Before I knew what was happening there was another dick in my pussy riding me like a stallion. I felt an orgasm building and started pumping my ass and my mouth fast and hard wanting to have all of the cum in me that I could get. All of this time there are men jerking off on me there was cum all over my body. The smell of all of this sex drove me wild. I then came with more intensity than ever in my life.

My orgasm made both dicks ankara kaliteli escortlar inside of me come in unison. I only have one orgasm per encounter so I just laid down on the floor and figured I was done. James told me to roll over so they could get a good look at the front of my body. At this point one of my coworkers Dan got down between my legs. He started running his finger in and out of my pussy while stimulating my clit. This sent me into another orgasm. Before I was finished with the orgasm he had my legs over his shoulder and was fucking me while my juices flowed. Another dick went into my mouth while I could feel my breasts being pinched and sucked and a dick slapping against my stomach.

Once Dan came James was sitting in front of me in a chair. He told me to get up and come to him. I wanted to have his dick in my pussy so bad. It was so big I have never had anything that size inside of me. I walked over to him and he told me to turn around and bend over. He started using his finger to get my juices from inside of me and rub it on his dick. He then grabbed me by my hips and pulled me onto his dick. With one quick pull she shoved me on top of his huge, throbbing, black rod.

The only thing was I felt like he ripped me in half. He didn’t shove it in my pussy but in my ass. It hurt so much I was begging him to stop. He didn’t he just kept bouncing me up and down on his dick. Then before I knew what was happening Chad was in front of me and shoved his dick into my pussy. Both of them plunging as deep into me as my body would allow. Next thing I knew another guy had me pulled over sucking his dick. I could not believe I had three dicks inside of me at one time. I could feel myself reaching another orgasm. I screamed as my body jerked and all three cocks exploded in me at one time.

When all was said and done I just sat there on the floor. Every hole of my body was full of the seed of other men. Cum was all over my body and in my hair. My pussy, ass and mouth stretched from the huge and many dicks that I had taken today. How could I face these men anymore? How could I go home to my husband? There is no way he wouldn’t find out about this somehow. Even though I really enjoyed what just happened to me, I regretted it because my life could be ruined. What was I going to do???

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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