The Devil’s Pact Chapter 9: The Reconnaissance (Fixed)

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The Devil’s Pact
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2013

Chapter Nine: The Reconnaissance

“Fuck me, Louise!” Sarai moaned beneath me. I had on my strap-on with my large, beige color rubber cock attached. It was anatomically correct, mushroom head, veins down the penis, and a pair of cute, hairless balls. It was almost like I had a real dick, and I enjoying stuffing the monster into Sarai’s tight pussy as I fucked her hard.

I met Sarai last Friday night on a flight from Chicago to Sea-Tac. She was the first class stewardess and I took advantage of her very friendly hospitality, and her virginity, in the planes lavatory. She invited me to her hotel room when we landed just after midnight and we’d been in her hotel room ever since. We would make love for hours, and then collapse in a puddle of girl-cum and sweat, enjoying the silky feel of each other’s skin as we cuddled. Cuddling would turn into kissing and light petting, and then we would be pleasuring each other all over again.

We would only sleep for a few hours before one of us would wake up and began teasing the other. When we would get hungry, we just ordered room service and gave the bellhop an eyeful when he delivered the food, not bothering to cover our naked bodies. Sarai had an exhibitionist streak that I was more than happy to indulge. None of the bellhops seemed to mind that we stiffed them on the tip, their eyes full of desire that would vanish as we slammed the doors in their faces. They always had this hope that we would let them jump in bed with us. Men were such disgusting, yet funny, pigs.

It was Sunday morning, now, and the entire room reeked of sweat and pussy juices. I should be finding a church and attending Mass, but God, Sarai was an insatiable lover, always wanting just one more orgasm. It had been three years since my last lover, and I was having too much fun. Church would be there next week. Besides, I had my Papal Indulgence. I was already forgiven for sinning in the loving embrace of Sarai.

The back of the rubber cock rubbed deliciously on my clit as I fucked this beautiful creature. Our nipples were hard and rubbed pleasurably together and her lips were hot and wet, sucking at my neck or she would find my lips and her tongue would wiggle into my mouth. She tasted sweet and I wrestled my tongue into her mouth, exploring everywhere. Nothing else mattered but the feel of this dusky creature on my skin. I couldn’t get enough of her touch, enjoying the electricity that tingled through my body at every brush of her tongue, kiss of her nipple, or caress of her thighs. I pushed up her knees, changing the angle that my dildo slid into her and really started to fuck her hard.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Sarai chanted. Our lovemaking cycled through sweet and loving, to hard and fast. “Fuck my naughty, Muslim cunt with your big, thick Catholic dildo!”

Her words sent me over the edge and I kissed her passionately as my body shook in orgasm. Sarai trembled beneath me, cumming herself. I rolled off her, and the large, rubber cock popped out of her pussy with a wet noise. We starred at the ceiling, hands entwined, breasts heaving with passion. Sarai rolled over, pressing her dusky body against my pale flesh. “That was spectacular,” Sarai husked, brushing a strand of sweat-matted hair off my forehead.

“It was,” I whispered back. An idea suddenly popped into my head. “Sarai, have you ever been tied up?” I cannot believe we hadn’t indulged in some bondage yet. We only had a few more hours left before she had to get ready for her work. Plenty of time to tie her up and have some fun.

Sarai blinked, then smiled naughtily. “Oooh, bondage! No, never.”

I smiled and dug through my suitcase, producing a pair of pink, fuzzy handcuffs. Sarai stretched out on the bed, holding her hands through gaps in the headboard and with a click I handcuffed her. Then I grabbed the complementary sleeping mask off the nightstand and covered her eyes. I ran a finger down her neck and she shivered in pleasure. Then I kissed her stomach, licking up a bead of her sweat.

“I’ll be right back, sexy girl,” I told her, grabbing a discarded, royal blue slip with a black lace hem, and pulled it over my body. “I just need to get something.” Ice. Sarai would writhe in pleasure as I rubbed cold, wet ice all over her body.

“Hurry back,” Sarai moaned, wiggling on the bed, straining for my touch.

I slipped out into the hallway, ice bucket in one hand, hotel key in the other. I had made that mistake once, tying up my lover and then forgetting the hotel key. Its quite embarrassing to get a maid to let you back in and she sees your lover handcuffed naked to a bed. The ice machine was to the left and I started walking down the hall. As I passed the hotel room next to ours, the door opened and a short, balding man in a blue, silk bathrobe bent down to pick up the Sunday paper. He looked tired, haggard sacks hanging beneath red eyes. My eyes widened in shock. I don’t know why I should be surprised, not when God’s Providence was at work.

Surrounding the man was a blue-black aura, pale and sickly like a fresh bruise. This man had been touched by a Warlock.

Years of fighting Evil had honed my reflexes, and my hand moved without thought. I dipped beneath my slip, slipping two fingers into my pussy, coating my digits with sticky fingers. The man gaped at me and I used his surprise to quickly draw the Mark of Qayin on his forehead and muttered, “Shama.”

The man immediately relaxed, a dopey grin spilled across the fat jowls of his face. I grabbed the man and dragged him back towards the hotel room I shared with Sarai. Adrenaline surged through my body, and my hands shook so bad it took several tries to get the key. Finally, I got the door opened and shoved the man into the room. The prayer I cast on him would make him docile for a minute or so. It would take more intimate work to get anything useful information.

“Mhh, your back,” Sarai moaned like a bitch in heat. Shit, I didn’t have time to play with her.

“Just relax, sexy,” I said. “I gotta take care of some Nun business.”

“Oh,” Sarai moaned in disappointment, “can you untie me?”

“Just hang tight, sweetie,” I said, shoving the man down onto the other bed, springs squeaking heavily. My hands untied the belt to his robe revealing a fat belly covered in graying hair and a black thong that did little to cover his junk. He was so fat that the rolls of his waist covered the thin waistband of his thong.

God, give me strength, I prayed, reaching into the thong to pull out his fat, short cock. My soft hand quickly stroked him to readiness and I pushed him back until he lay spread out across the bed. I hiked up my slip and straddled his fat waist, his cock probing the lips of my pussy, bumping my clit. I closed my eyes and lowered my cunt around his cock, moaning low in my throat. His cock’s girth stretched my pussy nicely and I rose up and started to fuck him, the bed springs squeaking loudly.

“What’s going on?” Sarai asked in a puzzled voice. She was writhing on the bed, struggling to pull her blindfold by rubbing the side of her face on a pillow. “Holy shit!” she shouted when she succeeded at pulling off her blindfold. “Who the fuck is that?”

“Um, uhh, I’m not sure!” I panted, lamely. His cock was starting to feel real nice in my pussy. I loved being with women, but there was something to be said about a real cock plumbing your depths.

“Is this your surprise?” Sarai answered, concerned. “Because I have no interest in fucking a guy, let alone some fat, old dude!”

“No, this is for my Order!” I gasped, adding a twist to my hip movement. “He’s been touched by Evil and I need to help him!” I was really fucking this guy, now, riding him hard. Having Sarai watch me was so exciting. I pulled my slip over my head and started playing with my nipples, pulling and twisting. I hoped Sarai was enjoying the sight of my perky breasts bouncing up and down. I leaned back, thrusting my tits out and his cock was hitting new, delightful places in my pussy.

“That sound’s crazy,” Sarai said. I can understand her confusion. Most people didn’t believe in the supernatural. Even the majority of Christians would find it hard to believe that the Devil made Pacts with people, giving them powers in exchange for their souls. My Order called them Warlocks. And we are dedicated to fighting them, to freeing those who the Warlock has enthralled, people like the man I was fucking.

My orgasm was building in my womb, and I rode the man hard and fast, squeezing my cunt about his cock. The man grunted and then he was flooding my pussy with his seed, hot and wet in my womb. As I came, I prayed a single word, “Rechem!” The Mark of Qayin flared white on the man’s forehead. The man went rigid for a second and then relaxed, smiling.

“What was that!” Sarai gasped. “What was that light?”

“The Prayer of Rechem,” I answered. “It will allow me to get around any commands the Warlock placed on him.” I peered down at the man, gazing into his brown eyes. “Speak your name,” I ordered the man, “and tell me what the Warlock commanded you. When you’re finished, you will be free of his power.”

“My name is Brandon Fitzsimmons,” the man said in a hypnotic, monotone. “Several days ago a man named Mark and two women appeared at my door …”

My smile grew as Brandon told his tale. God’s Providence has already led me to the Warlock’s lair.


I woke up with a splitting headache beneath a soft comforter. Strawberry-blonde hair filled my vision and a woman’s soft ass pressed back into my cock. Mary? Right, her hair was reddish? Christ my head hurts to much to think. My cock was hard with morning wood and Mary’s ass felt so good so I slipped my cock up into her cunt. She moaned with a low, smokey voice as I started to fuck her.

“Mary?” I mumbled, that didn’t sound like her, the voice was too low to be my Mary’s. And my mind started to slowly work again, remembering that Mary’s hair wasn’t strawberry-blonde, it was a darker auburn.

“Yeah, hun,” a sleepy voice murmured behind me and another female body pressed up against my back.

“Who am I fucking?” I asked Mary.

“One of the waitresses,” Mary answered, her breasts soft and nipples hard on my back. Her hand stroked my side, resting on my hip.

“Waitresses?” I asked, and then last night came back in broken pieces.

I had proposed to Mary atop the Space Needle and she had happily said yes. Then we went downstairs to celebrate at the Skycity Restaurant. I had arranged for only the beautiful women of the wait staff to remain, naked and willing, and we had one wild orgy. Drunk on champagne, Mary and I had used and abused three of the waitresses: a raven-haired beauty named Korina, a blonde Swede named Ingrid and Xiu, the Chinese girl. I vaguely recalled fucking her ass hard and her loving it.

“Mare?” I asked, fucking the strawberry-blonde girl slowly, “did I make the Asian waitress our görükle escort sex slave?”

“Yeah,” Mary answered, gently kissing the back of my neck. “She really got off on being hurt.”

“Did we make any of the other girls slaves?” I asked, struggling to remember. After ass fucking Xiu the rest of the night was just blurry pieces. Drinking champagne out of someone’s cunt, watching a five woman in a daisy chain. And a wild ride in a limo, fucking Fiona through the sun roof for all the world to see. Fiona, that was the name of the strawberry-blond girl I was fucking. Fiona moaned, sliding my hand up to her breast and wiggling her hips as I fucked her.

“Mmhh, Master’s cock fills good in my twat,” Fiona gasped.

“Guess we did,” Mary said. “Geez, I don’t remember much of last night. Except, I think I gave Xiu a Brazilian wax using a candle. And that the dirty slut came while I did it.”

Mary’s hand slid down my waist and she squeezed my buttock, then her hand slid down into my buttcrack and she started to tease my asshole. I tensed. “What’re you doing, Mare?”

“Shh, just relax, I’ve always wanted to try this,” Mary whispered and then I jumped as she jammed her finger up my ass.

It felt weird, like taking a shit in reverse, and her finger slid deeper and I fucked my hips into Fiona, trying to get away from her invading digit. And then she touched something and electricity shot through my body and my vision darkened as I came so hard in Fiona’s cunt. “Holy shit!” I moaned. “What the fuck did you do, Mare?”

She giggled. “I found your prostate. Did it make you cum hard, hun? I read in a magazine that it was the guy’s G-spot.”

“Yeah, but I’m not sure I liked it,” I said, frowning. I came hard but it just didn’t seem right to have anything shoved back up there. “It felt weird.”

Mary laughed, “You should try feeling a cock sliding up your ass, then.”

“No, thanks,” I said, rolling over, pulling my cock out of Fiona’s cunt. She moaned in disappointment then started to masturbate. I hugged Mary to me and kissed her on the lips. “Good morning, love,” I told her after the kiss.

“I feel pretty dirty,” Mary confided. “My mouth tastes likes sour pussy. Wanna take a shower with me?” she asked, archly.

I grinned and slid out of the bed. We were in a luxurious suite in the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle. I had Allison, our sex slave, make the reservations on Friday. The cloak on the nighttable read 3:11 PM. I stretched and surveyed the room. It was a mess. We must have trashed the place last night. I found another waitress passed out on the other side of Mary. She was a big-titted, raven haired girl with a dolls face named Korina. On the floor I found Xiu, tied up with white twine and a beer bottle stuck up her ass. She gave me the happiest smile as she wiggled on the floor.

“Morning, Master and Mistress,” Xiu cooed happily. The twine that bound her was dug into her skin and her wrist were bound behind her back. Christ, the girl did like it rough.

“Where’s Chantelle and Lana?” I asked. We had met the two ladies yesterday while orca watching. They had just been married and were on their honeymoon when Mary took a liking to them and we mad them our sex slaves. And now, apparently, we had three more sex slaves.

“I think you let them have their own suite,” Mary said, rubbing at her forehead. “So they could continue their honeymoon. I want to say you gave them a week to have fun before they had to come home.” Mary eyed me up and down, giving me a considering look. “Mark, I think you’ve lost some weight. You’re looking more fit.”

Since I made my Pact with the Devil, I was feeling a lot more healthy. I looked down and my belly looked flatter. Maybe it was all the calories I was burning with sex, or maybe my wish to live a long, healthy life was slowly having its effect. Or maybe this was Mary’s Pact. She did wish us to stay young and beautiful, and face it, I was hardly beautiful, or even handsome.

I picked up Mary, cradling her in my arms. Giggling, she threw an arm around my neck and I carried Mary across the room and into the bathroom. It was huge, a large shower sat next to a jacuzzi-style bathtub that could easily fit six or seven adults. With a hiss, the shower turned on and we stepped in. The shower was warm and wet, and so was Mary. She was a stunning beauty, her auburn hair, dark and plastered to her fair skin. Freckles dotted her face, shoulders, and round, pert breasts. Her nipples were hard and dusky. My followed the curves of her hip and plump ass. Her pubic hair had been waxed, save for a fiery heart above her slit.

We soaped each other, playfully caressing the other’s body under the pretense of washing. Mary’s nipples hardened as I played with them, and my cock hardened as she washed my balls and stroked my cock in her firm grasp. With a twinkle in her eye, she knelt before me and took my cock lovingly into her mouth while her hands gently played with my balls.

“God I love you,” I moaned, as my fiancee pleasure my cock with her skilled lips and tongue. She sucked for a minute and then she slid down my cock, relaxing her throat, until her lips pressed all the way to my pubes. Her throat was tight, constricting about my cock. She pulled back, sucking the entire time before deepthroating me again. I didn’t last long, and filled her mouth with my white cum. She swallowed and stood up, kissing me passionately, her mouth salty with my cum.

I needed to return the favor, give her the same pleasure she just gave me. I knelt down before her, the shower beating on my head like warm rain, and spread her thighs. She smiled down at me, love and lust shining from her eyes. She was a magnificent woman, willing to share my lusts and perversions, and brave enough to indulge in her own perversions with me. I could smell her arousal, sweet and spicy, and my tongue found her source. She moaned wantonly as my tongue slid through her engorged labia and brushed her the hard nub of her clit. Her hands gripped my hair, guiding my lips to where she wanted to be kissed.

“Eat my pussy!” she moaned, “oh, it feels so fucking good!” Her body shuddered on my face and a fresh flood juices filled my lips as she orgasmed. “Ohh, that was nice, but your cock would feel so much better!”

I didn’t need to be told twice, pulling myself up with the shower bar and Mary’s arms wrapped wetly about me. We kissed, and she could taste her pleasure on my lips. One of her hands grasped my cock and guided me to her wet hole. I was in her, all the way, and I rested in her silky depths, enjoying my fiancee’s pleasant embrace and then I was moving inside her. Our wet groins slapped together as made love in the steam.

Our kiss broke and my lips found the gentle slope of her neck. “You’re so tight and wonderful!” I moaned into her ear. “My wet filly!”

Her tongue was wet on my ear. “Make me cum, my great stallion! Make me cum!”

I pressed her back against the shower wall and grabbed the shower bar for support and started to fuck her with a passionate urgency. Mary writhed on my cock, her arms clawing at my back in passion. “Cum for me!” I whispered, my balls tightening. “Let me feel your orgasm on my cock. Suck my balls dry!”

Mary bucked in my embrace, her cunt milking my cock, desperate for my seed. With a groan, I obliged her and shot my cum hot and thick into her womb. “Oh, fuck, I love that feeling!” she moaned. “There’s nothing better than your guy shooting his hot passion into you!”

“There’s something to be said about the loving embrace of a woman,” I retorted, savoring the last caresses of her pussy as my cock softened in her depths.

I felt a pressure in my bladder and without thinking I pulled out of Mary and started to piss in the shower. “That’s disgusting, Mark!” she said, her eyes fixed on my cock.

“What? You never pissed in the shower?”

She shook her head. “God, that’s what toilets are for, Mark. Christ what’s wrong with you?”

“Sorry, it’s what I’ve always done.”

“Well, not in my shower, mister!” she said, hands on hips. “Especially if I’m in the shower with you.”

“Fine, fine,” I said.

She stepped out of the shower and dried off. “Are you getting out?”

“Naw, its nice in here, why don’t you come back in?”

“I gotta pee, so would you mind …”

“I don’t mind,” I answered.

“Fine,” she said, annoyed and sat down on the toilet. I stared at her and she flushed red. “Don’t look?”

“I’ve seen you do some damned perverted things, Mare,” I told her. “Is watching you pee the line you won’t cross?”

She peered suspiciously at me “You’re not going to want me to pee on you, next?” she asked. “Or do you want to pee on me?”

“No,” I said, with a chuckle. “That’s pretty nasty.”

“Good, that’s the line,” she said, her urine splashing in the bowl. “If you want to do … that sorta thing, use one of the sluts.” An image of Allison writhing on the floor as I pissed, moaning in pleasure as I degraded her slutty body with my urine. Maybe I had to try that one day.

Mary stood up and grabbed some toilet paper and swiped it through her pussy lips and then flushed the toilet. And then she turned the jacuzzi on, waited for the water to fill up and slid in. The water started to bubble and I watched as she adjusted herself. She smiled broadly and writhed in the jacuzzi.

“Did you find one of the jets?”

She nodded slowly. “Come join me,” she said, waving an arm.

I shut off the shower and slid into the warm, bubbling water of the jacuzzi and slid next to Mary, wrapping an arm around her. “We’re going to need a bigger house,” I said.

“What?” she asked, voice thick with passion.

“Well, if we keep increasing the number of sluts we have, the Fitzsimmon’s house is going to get crowded.”

“We’ll build a big mansion,” Mary said. “With dozens of rooms.”

“And what’ll we do with so many sluts?”

“Put them to work. I’ve been thinking about this, they can cook, clean, tend the stables …”

“Stables?” I asked.

“For the horses,” she said, rolling her eyes. She was fond of doing that when I asked a stupid question. “And they can do the landscape and make us money.”

“Oh, how?” I asked. “Do we keep their paychecks?”

“No, no,” Mary said, shaking her head. “We can whore them out. Men’ll pay good money to sleep with our sluts!” My cock stirred at the thought of all our sweet sluts spreading their legs for money.

“I like that idea,” I said, stroking Mary’s thigh and bending over to start kissing her freckled shoulder.

Mary murmured, her hand found my cock beneath the bubbling water. “I can tell how much you like the idea,” she said, wickedly as she stroked my cock a few times. Then she straddled my waist, skillfully maneuvering my cock and slid down on my hard length. I groaned in pleasure as her silky, tight pussy engulfed my cock. “Sometimes I wish that we could just stay like this, forever.”

I kissed her lips, my hands fondled her firm breasts, görükle escort bayan and thought there could be no sweeter way to spend eternity. “I love you, Mare,” I whispered.

She smiled and leaned into my chest. “I love you, too, Mark.” She kissed me, deep and passionate. “Well, I have a friend who’s a real estate broker, I could see her, find us some land,” Mary suggested, when she broke the kiss.

“Yeah, okay,” I answered, her cunt gently squeezing my cock. “We’ll need cash.”

“No we don’t, you just tell people what to do,” Mary objected.

“I can’t be everywhere,” I pointed out. “Well, I figure I would have to rob a bank, eventually.”

“Ohh, you’re such a bad boy!” Mary cooed, and twisted her hips pleasantly on my cock. She was getting off on the idea. I vaguely recalled hitting a guy last night. He had insulted Mary and she fucked me passionately afterward. Maybe Mary had a thing for bad boys.

The bathroom door opened and Korina and Fiona peered in, curious. Korina saw the toilet and made a beeline for it, her large tits swaying as she rushed. My cum was slowly leaked out of Fiona’s pussy, matting her fiery pubic hair. Mary just gaped as Korina started peeing on the toilet and sighing in relief.

“Well, she’s not shy,” I commented.

“Sorry, Master,” Korina apologized, “I really had to go.”

“I have to go too, Master,” Fiona said, shifting her weight.

“Oh, of course,” Mary said in exasperation. Korina stood up and wiped herself and Fiona moved to take her place her place. “Stop, sluts!” Mary ordered. “Korina, you can’t just walk in and pee in front of your Mistress! Especially when I’m making love with Mark.”

Korina’s doll face flinched at the rebuke. “Sorry, Mistress,” Korina said.

“Get in the shower,” Mary ordered. “For your punishment, Fiona is going to pee on you.”

Korina looking a little sick, knelt down in the shower. Fiona, with an evil grin for Korina, squatted over her. Fiona blushed as Mary and I watched intently. Mary’s cunt started twitching on my cock and then Mary started to fucking me again. A yellow stream of urine shot out of Fiona and splashed on Korina’s face. She flinched, closing her eye as urine soaked her hair and face, running in yellow rivulets down her large breasts and stomach.

“Oh fuck, that’s disgusting,” Mary panted. “Korina, your a dirty whore!” Mary was fucking me hard now, panting. “Dirty, nasty pee slut!” Mary’s cunt convulsed on my cock.

“I thought pee was disgusting,” I whispered.

“Oh, it is,” Mary panted. “So disgusting.” Her cunt convulsed about my cock as she came. Mary just kept fucking me, right through her orgasm. “What are you, Korina!”

“A dirty, nasty pee slut,” Korina answered Mary, tearfully.

“Yes you are!” Mary moaned. “Isn’t that so hot?”

“Yeah,” I grunted. Christ, I never got off on watersports before, but watching a woman get degraded like this was hot, and Mary’s tight cunt on my cock just made it better. “Hell yeah!”

Fiona had a few last spurts and then she was dry. “Pee sluts thank their providers with their mouths!” Mary barked. “Lick that dirty pussy, pee slut!”

Fiona gasped as Korina started licking at her cunt, swiping up pee and cum and Fiona’s juices. I noticed that Mary and Fiona had very similar features, both had red hair, Mary’s a dark auburn and Fiona’s a light strawberry-blonde. Both had freckled faces and breasts. Fiona’s tits were larger, and her nipples were a dark red versus the dusky pink of Mary’s nipples. I closed my eyes, pictured Mary in Fiona’s spot, peeing on Korina, having her dirty pussy cleaned by Korina’s tongue.

“Oh, fuck I’m cumming!” I groaned and shot thick cum up Mary’s tight pussy. Mary kissed me and came a second time, her cunt drinking my cum as she moaned wantonly into my mouth.

“Were you thinking about peeing on Korina?” Mary asked.


“Me, too,” Mary confided. “You still can’t pee on me, though. Only the sluts!” I laughed and kissed her and then my stomach rumbled and she flushed. “Hungry?” she asked me.

“Yeah, let’s get some room service,” I answered. “We don’t need to leave Seattle for a few hours.”

“Fiona, make sure Korina washes her hair three times,” Mary ordered. “I don’t want a trace of pee on her.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Fiona panted, writhing on Korina’s tongue.

I dried Mary off with a pink, terry cloth towel and she did the same to me. In the main room, Xiu was still tied up on the floor, beer bottle up her ass. Mary found her engagement ring on the nightstand, and admired it on her finger, before she stretched out on the king sized bed. Her legs were spread and her cum stained pussy was proudly displayed.

“I think you need your pussy cleaned, Mare.”

She smiled, nastily. “What should I use?”

I grabbed Xiu. She was light, maybe 90 lb and most of that was probably her huge tits, and threw her on the bed before Mary. I slapped her ass. “Start licking, slut.”

Mary smiled as Xiu eagerly lapped at her dirty pussy. I picked up the phone and ordered up five hamburgers, fries, and some bottles of beer. Xiu moaned in disappointment as I pulled the beer bottle from her ass. She was happy again when my cock replaced the bottle. Her ass was hot and tight and I fucked her hard. My face was right above Xiu’s and it was so sexy watching her eat out Mary’s pussy out up close.

I was enjoying Xiu’s ass and Mary was definitely enjoying her tongue, when Fiona and Korina emerged damp from their shower. “Hmmm, come suck my tits, sluts,” Mary ordered, voice thick with lust.

Fiona and Korina eagerly crawled beside Mary, their wet mouths sucking on her dusky nipples. Mary cradled both women, her face twisted in passion. I watched Mary’s heart-shaped face as she writhed in pleasure on the three womens’ tongue. Everyone started cumming, Mary first, writhing on Xiu’s tongue. Then Xiu’s ass clenched on my cock, velvety tight as she came. Her clenching ass coaxed my cum out, and I sprayed her bowels with several spurts of cum. I pulled out of Xiu’s ass and watched my cum leak out.

“Clean his cock, slut,” Mary ordered, pinching Fiona’s nipple.

I relaxed next to Mary as Fiona cleaned my dirty cock with her pink tongue. I had Korina free Xiu, who immediately bolted for the bathroom to pee.

“Why don’t you get in there,” Fiona taunted Korina, “and let Xiu piss on you.”

“Shut up, bitch,” Korina shot back.

“You should have felt eager she was to lick the piss out of my cunt!” Fiona insulted. “And Korina was frigging her clit.”

Korina was flushed with anger. I slapped Fiona’s ass hard. “Enough of that, bitch. You are just as dirty a slut as she is. Maybe next time Korina will piss on you.”

“Sorry, Master,” Fiona muttered, going back to cleaning my cock. Korina smiled, pleased at Fiona’s rebuke and snuggling up to Mary, her doll face lying on Mary’s freckled breasts.

Xiu reentered the room as room service knocked at the door. “Get the door, Xiu,” Mary ordered. “And give the man a nice tip with your mouth.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Xiu replied with a shy smile, and opened the hotel room door naked. The bellhop gasped in surprise and Xiu giggled and soon the bellhop was moaning in pleasure as the rest of us dug into the juicy hamburgers and crispy fries.

“Oh, god that’s good,” Mary mumbled around a mouthful of burger as Xiu rejoined the rest of us, cum staining her lips and some had dripped down onto her large tits. Her nipples were hard, pierced by a silver chain from which pink butterflies dangled. Fiona handed Xiu a burger and she hungrily bit into it.

I had wolfed my burger down quickly and retired to the comfy armchair and sipped my bear, watching my beautiful fiancee and our three sluts eat. Korina finished next and she looked over with her deep, blue eyes, a smile on her doll-like face. My cock started to hardened and Korina walked sensuously over to me, her heavy breasts swaying and bouncing. Her belly was pierced, and a silver heart bounced about on a chain across her flat stomach.

“Is that sausage for me?” Korina asked, straddling my waist, her heavy tits swinging in front of my mouth.

“Yeah, slut,” I said, guiding my cock to the wet entrance of her cunt. She sat down onto my cock and started to slowly fuck me, kissing wetly at my throat and ear.

Mary finished off her beer and smiled warmly at me. She glanced at Xiu and reached out and rubbed her ass. “Lay down on your stomach,” Mary ordered, squeezing Xiu’s ass.

“Yes Mistress,” Xiu said, eagerly, wiggling her tiny ass.

Mary shoved the beer bottle hard up her ass and started to fuck it in and out. “You like that, slut?” Mary asked. “You like things shoved up your whorish ass, don’t you slut?”

“Yes, yes, I love it!” she moaned.

“When we get home, I’m going to put on a strap-on with the biggest dildo and just fuck the shit out of your ass!” Mary hissed.

“Oh, that sounds wonderful,” Xiu moaned. “Tie me up and fuck my ass! Please, Mistress! I’m a dirty whore who needs to be treated like shit!” Man, Xiu was fucked up. I was pretty sure I didn’t tell Xiu to be into any of that.

I enjoyed Korina’s cunt on my dick as I watched Xiu cum. Mary let go of the bottle, leaving it stuck in Xiu’s ass. Mary grabbed Fiona, pulling the slut onto of her as Mary kissed her fiercely. Their reddish hair curtained their faces and Mary spread her legs, wrapping them about Fiona’s hips and the girls started tribbing. I loved watching girls trib. Both their legs were spread and I could see Fiona’s red-furred cunt rubbing on Mary’s hard clit and smooth lips.

“Does my naughty cunt fill good on your cock, Master,” Korina whispered into ear.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned. “So tight, so wet.”

“Cum in my pussy, Master,” she panted, fucking me faster. I squeezed a tit and fond a hard nipple. “Oh, cum in me, please!”

I shot my cum in her pussy as she orgasmed, feeding her hungry cunt what it wanted. Then I held her, sucking on her pillowy tits while watching Mare and Fiona trib frantically until they came on each other. We fucked for another hour or so, swapping partners until I think I came in everyone at least twice. Mary had fun tying Xiu up again and then sitting on her face while pulling on Xiu’s nipple piercings, stretching her tit until Xiu squealed in pain.

As we gathered our stuff, we discovered that none of the waitress had any clothes with them so they just had to go naked. Mary thought that was a fun idea and handed her dress to Korina to hold. Not wanting to be left out, I just pulled on my black duster, naked underneath, like some sort of flashing pervert. I tossed the bound Xiu over my shoulder, slapping her rump playfully, and we left the hotel room. We were up on the top floor of the hotel and a made quite a sight as we trooped naked through the halls. A Hispanic maid gasped in fear and quickly opened a hotel room with her master key and ducked in.

At the elevator a teenage girl was waiting. She took one escort görükle look at us and turned beat red. She was cute, maybe fifteen, with brown hair in pigtails tied with pink ribbons. She wore a jean jacket decorated with shiny, pastel rhinestones over a pink, conservative dress. I set the bound Xiu down and Fiona grabbed Xiu, helping her hop the rest of the way.

“What’s our name, sweetie?” I asked as she pressed back against the elevator door.

She glanced down at my naked cock and jump, looking quickly up at the ceiling. “V-Violet,” she stammered.

“Don’t be afraid,” I told her, stroking her face. “You want to be my elevator slut, right?”

She nodded her head. “Wh-what’s an elevator slut?”

“An elevator slut takes off her panties and lets any man stick their dicks up their tight, juicy cunts,” Mary answered, reaching out to stroke her other cheek.

I was amazed to see that Violet could blush even more red as she reached beneath her skirt to pull off a pair of plain, white panties. Mary took them and held them up to her face and inhaled her fresh, teenage cunt as the elevator dinged behind us. Violet stumbled back inside and I followed her in, pinning Violet to the wall.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard,” I whispered into her ear. “You’re going to love every single minute of it.”

“O-okay,” she said, timidly.

I hiked up her skirt and pressed up against her, bending down to find her cunt with my dick. I rubbed it on her lips as the elevator started to descend, finding her wet hole and pushed my cock. I hit the resistance of her hymen. Oh, this was great. I always wanted to fuck a virgin, so I pulled back, and then thrust through her maidenhead hard and fast. She moaned in pain and pleasure, gripping me tight. Her cunt was flooding with juices as my command to enjoy the fucking kicked in and she mewed in pleasure.

“God, I love teenage cunt!” I moaned, fucking her hard, capturing her pretty little mouth in a kiss.

The elevator doors opened a few floors down and people gasped. I could hear Mary moaning. She must have one of the sluts going down on her. I was enjoying Violet too much to see who it was. Every few floors, the elevator would stop and more people would get the shock of their lives to see the sex going on in the elevator. Sadly, no one joined us.

Violet’s cunt was so tight, her moans of pleasure so sweet, I wasn’t going to last long. I came in her tight cunt when we reached the lobby, pulling out of her as a pair of shocked, middle-aged women stared on. “Ladies,” I said, pleasantly, brushing past them, my cock wet with teenage cunt.

I threw Xiu over my shoulder and led my naked women out into the hotel lobby and everyone froze, not sure what to make of a group of naked people. This being Seattle, they probably thought we were part of some protest group, or part of some public nudity festival. I reached the valet and pulled out a slip from my pocket. It seemed Allison’s arrangements worked and along with the limo she rented us last night, she had the limo company send someone someone to drive my Mustang back to the hotel.

I had to keep telling people to ignore us while we waited for the Mustang and I noticed that Mary had pulled Violet out of the elevator and was fingering her cunt. I looked questioning at her. “She’s so cute,” Mary cooed, watching the fifteen year old’s face contorted in pleasure. “I want to keep her.”

I laughed. “Okay, but where she’s sitting.” I would be driving, Mary would be sitting next to me, Xiu was going in the trunk. Xiu would get off on that, I’m sure. And Korina and Fiona would sit in the back.

“On my lap,” Mary said, as Violet moaned and came on her fingers. “I want to play with her cunt the whole way home.”

I laughed and kissed my fiancee. I couldn’t say no to her. “I’m glad we came to Seattle,” I told her.

Mary beamed at me. “We should do definitely do it again, sometime!”


For five hours I had been watching the Fitzsimmons house. A long, boring five hours spent sitting in a car a few houses down the street.

This morning, Brandon Fitzsimmons had told me what little he knew about the Warlock named Mark, his girlfriend Mary, and Allison his “slut.” Mark apparently just walked into his house, told him that he was going to borrow it for a while and then borrowed Brandon’s young wife, Desiree. Tearfully, Brandon said Mark fucked his wife in front of him, making her say how much she loved his cock, while she ate out Mary’s cunt. Then he was sent to pack his bags and not return until his wife contacted him. Mark had clearly gotten a mind control wish and was gathering a harem of women for his amusement.
I promised Brandon to save his wife and he lent me his car. He would have done anything to help me. He didn’t like it, but I got him to agree to stay until the Warlock was exorcised.

Sarai and I made love one last time in the shower, Sarai even washed the spunk out of my pussy. Then I got dressed, packed my bags and got Brandon’s car keys. Sarai and I kissed one last time, long and passionate. When we broke, tears ran down both our faces. We had a fun two days and I would always remember her, always love her. But she had her job to get back to and I had mine. Lucky for me, Brandon had a GPS in his car and I programed it with his address and an hour later I found myself outside his house and started to watch.

And watch. Nothing really happened. Neighbors came and went and once a pink-haired girl who must be Allison, took out the garbage dressed as some cheap, french maid. I was pretty sure Mark wasn’t there, but I needed to be sure so I called the house and Desiree answered the phone.

“Hi, I’m Valerie,” I said in my best valley girl accent. “Is Mark there, I tots need to talk to him.”

“No, Master’s not here,” Desiree said in a sexy Latina.

“Oh,” I said, trying to sound disappointed and hung up. I smiled, I could handle two Thralls and got out of the car. Today I was dressed in a flowery, pink dress with a low cut bodice and pleated, short skirt, and no panties, as usual. I wore my favorite pairs of boots, white, knee-high and heeled. They were my favorite because I loved how the boots made my ass full and curvy when I walked.

I rang the doorbell and tensed my body. I would need to move quick when the door opened. After a few heartbeats a beautiful, very busty Latina woman opened the door who I guessed must be Desiree. She was wearing a matching french maid’s outfit, a slutty version with a transparent bodice a short, frilly skirt that would slid up to reveal her ass if she ever bent over.

“¿Hola?” Desiree asked, a friendly, questioning smile on her face. A blue-black aura glistened sickly about her, stronger than the one afflicting her husband.

I moved quickly, shoving one hand into her crouch, finding no panties to impede me. Her pussy was shaved bare and quickly got wet as I found her clit and rubbed it hard. Desiree opened her mouth to protest and I shoved my body up against her, pinning her to the door. My other hand pulled her bodice down and started to gently pinch her nipple.

I needed to bring her to orgasm quickly before Allison could interfere. I slipped two fingers into her pussy, which was wet and hungry for penetration, and ground the heel of my palm into her clit. I ducked my head and sucked a dark pink nipple into my mouth. Desiree was moaning in pleasure, no longer resisting. She had been condition to let her Warlock take advantage of her body and that left her unable to fight off my molestation.

“Oh fuck!” Desiree moaned, “¡Me mete el dedo! ¡Estoy correrse!”

Her cunt tighten about my fingers as she started to cum. I quickly slid my free hand down, coated them with my juices and prayed, “Zanah!” as I drew the Mark of Qayin on her forehead. With the Prayer of “Zanah!”, the Thrall was primed for me to take control of her at any time, turning the Warlock’s slave against him when the time was right.

“What’s going on?” a bubbly voice asked. Pink-haired Allison had a naughty smile. “Who’s your friend, Desiree. She’s …” Allison licked her lips, “… stunning!”

Allison was young, a teenager, her tits were a lot smaller than Desiree and she was slim and lithe. I could clearly see that her nipples were pierced by silver barbels through her transparent blouse. “You want me to finger you too, slut?” I asked.

She grinned, and lifted her skit. Tattooed above her cunt was the phrase, “Cum on in!” and an arrow pointing to her clit. That was all the invitation I needed, shoving the teenage slut down onto the couch and sat down next to her. Allison’s thighs parted and I slid my hand into her crotch. Her pussy was tight with youth and she moaned like a bitch in heat as I started fingering her. She kissed me, her wiggling tongue pierced with a stud that was hard and metallic in my mouth.

I felt hands at my thighs and looked down to see Desiree kneeling before me, spreading my legs. Allison was panting in pleasure as I fingered her tight cunt and I started moaning at the silky feel of Desiree’s tongue lapping at my pussy.

“Desiree has an amazing tongue, doesn’t she?” Allison whispered huskily into my ear. Her hand reached out and slipped into my bodice and started playing with my nipple. “She’s an amazing slut! Is that why you’re here? Do you want to be a slut. I can train you. Make you wet and willing to do any nasty, depraved act.”

Fuck, this whore was turning me on with her words. I was going to cum before Allison at this rate. “Ohh, make me a slut,” I moaned. Shit, why did I say that. It dredged up painful memories of being made Susanne’s Thrall so many years ago.

I had been seventeen, a senior in high school. It was homecoming and I had just been crowned Homecoming Queen. My boyfriend, Kurt, had been crowned Homecoming King and we were dancing while everyone watched when Susanne cut in. She was mousy brunette, with thick glasses and braces. She had always been so shy and reserved until that night. With a brusque command, Kurt just walked away and I was being whirled about by her. I was so confused about what was happening and I tried to pull out of her embrace.

“Shh,” Susanne whispered. “You love me and would do anything for me, right?”

And I realized I did. That I loved her. I was puzzled. I wasn’t a lesbian, and just a minute ago I loved Kurt. But her smile was so beautiful and I … I just kissed her. The entire school gasped in disgust. A teacher tried to pulls us apart, but Susanne brushed her aside with a word, and then she pulled me into the girls restroom and I learned all the joys of being with a woman.

I came hard on Desiree’s mouth, remembering how Susanne had ate my pussy while I sat on a toilet seat, my homecoming dress bunched about my waist. I had planned on giving Kurt my virginity that night, but Susanne had stolen that from me. Just like she stole three years of my life. Anger surged through me, and I shoved Desiree away and started to focus on getting Allison off. I would save these women. I had to. These women wouldn’t lose years of their lives to the lusts of a Warlock!

Allison came on my fingers.

To be continued …

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