The Agency Ch. 02

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Julie’s story.

My stepmother was a real bitch. I bet you’ve heard that before but in this case it was true. When I got kicked out of school with no qualifications, she told me that I couldn’t just laze about the house doing nothing. My dad had stopped my allowance for some reason. I’m sure she had something to do with it. He would never be so mean.

The upshot of it all was that I’d have to go to work. For fuck’s sake! I suppose the alternative was to stay at home and be treated like a skivvy, so I had no real choice. The bitch, as I called her, had spoken to an old friend who needed a receptionist. That didn’t sound too bad, so I grudgingly agreed to meet her. The bitch insisted on coming with me, probably thinking I would bunk off.

Anyway, she made me dress up smart and dragged me into town. The place was up some dingy alley. After speaking into the intercom, the door buzzed open and she led me up a flight of stairs. To be fair the front office was very posh looking. The walls were painted a dark red which I thought was a bit odd. On the far side was a futuristic desk, all glass and chrome. Behind it sat a woman in a smart business outfit who smiled and held out her hand to the bitch. She glanced at me and simply waved me to a chair off to one side. The bitch sat at the desk facing what was obviously the boss woman.

“So, this young lady needs a job,” she said glancing at me, “she certainly seems pretty enough. Is she well behaved?”

“Truth be told she’s a stroppy little cow. Typical teenager. She’ll need a strong hand.”

“I’m sure we can work something out. Can she type or do filing?”

“I’m sure she can type, what with all the texting she does with her friends on her damned mobile.”

“We shall see,” said boss lady, looking at me with more interest, “I’m prepared to give her a trial. Shall we say 2 weeks to start with?”

“That’s more than fair.”

“Good, then off you go so I can have a private word with her.”

Suddenly I was all ears hearing the bitch being treated so dismissively. I couldn’t help but grin. She looked a bit put out as she got up and left the room. I looked up at boss lady and found she was staring at me. She pointed at the chair in front of her desk.

“Sit there!” she snapped.

Suddenly I was nervous and almost leapt out of my chair and hurried to do as she’d said.

“Your mother does not seem best pleased with you.”

“She’s my stepmother and she’s a …”

“That’s not the point,” she said interrupting me, “the point is that you are coming to work for me and displeasing me does you no good. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” I said glumly.

“From now on you will address me as Mrs.B or as Ma’am. Is that clear?

“Yes, Ma’am.” I could see that my options had become very limited. Boss and the bitch must have arranged this already between them.

“You are eighteen, I believe?”

Suddenly I saw a possible get out of jail card. “Not quite, not for a couple of weeks,” I replied trying to look my most young and innocent. Maybe I could put her off employing me, but I was disappointed.

“That’s okay, I can work round that.” She watched the hopeful look dissolve away and smiled to herself. “Let me explain your duties. Mostly it will be to sit at this desk and look pretty. To answer the phone and book appointments. Make sure they are well spaced apart, we offer the utmost discretion at all times. To welcome clients and pass them on to me. To keep records and even type the occasional letter. There may be other duties but that will do for now. Your hours will be from one o’clock until ten, but I will occasionally ask for more. You can get here under your own steam, but I will always arrange a taxi home. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” and suddenly it didn’t sound too bad. It certainly didn’t sound like hard work and at least I’d be out of the way of the bitch most of the day.

“Let me explain what we do here. We arrange meetings between our clients and a female companion. They simply want someone to talk to over dinner. There are two lists, one for clients and one for companions. Who is matched with who is not part of your duties, that is down to me. Any questions?”

A million but I couldn’t think of any to ask then and there so I shook my head.

“Good, then you can start right away.”

Whoa! I was expecting at least a tomorrow start. I watched as she stood up and moved away from the desk. She gestured to me to sit in the vacated chair. When I did, I saw the room from her point of view. The entrance was in the middle of the wall opposite and off to one side was a second door. Other than the desk and a few chairs the room was almost empty. Everything was modern and stylish.

“Pretend I am a client,” she said suddenly, interrupting my thoughts, “how would you welcome me?”

I was taken by surprise and began to get flustered.

“Try saying, ‘hello, how may I help you?'” she said.

“I’ve come to book one of your girls,” she said and paused waiting for me to respond, “may I have your name please, Miss?” she prompted, and I repeated it parrot fashion.

“You see, it’s not that difficult bahçelievler escort is it. Always address our clients as ‘Miss’ or ‘Ma’am’, they seem to like that. I will usually speak to them in my office next door,” she said indicating the second door, “so you will pick up the phone and press button one and I will answer. You will announce that my appointment has arrived, and I will ask you to send them in, or I may come out and greet them. Try to look and behave professionally at all times. Do you think you can manage that?”

“I think so, Ma’am.”

She leant over the desk and picked up the appointment book and looked at it.

“It is now one o’clock and our first client is at two. Have you eaten?”

“No, Ma’am,”

“Then best go get a burger or something now. Be back here in half an hour. Do you have enough money?”

I blushed and lowered my head. Since the bitch took control of my life, I’ve been trying to exist on nothing. With an exasperated sigh Mrs.B reached into an inside pocket and took out a roll of notes. My eyes widened. There seemed to be so much. She peeled off a tenner and handed it to me.

“Take this and keep the change. We’ll sort it out when you get paid. Now, better hurry along.”

I managed to survive that first day and by the end of it was managing to get the hang of things. The first client was a woman in her early forties, very smartly dressed who took almost no notice of me. The second was a bit younger and a lot more glamorous. She was also more friendly towards me. The last one was about fifty and looked me up and down as I phoned through. When she came out of the inner sanctum she leaned over the desk and said quietly, “such a pity you’re not available, I’d love to take you out to dinner but Mrs.B says you’re off limits.” Then she turned and walked out leaving me confused and stunned. Mrs.B was still at the door to her office watching and grinning broadly.

“Well, young Julie, seems like you have a fan already.” And she went back into her room.

Shortly after she came out and told me I could go home but to be certain to be in on time tomorrow and that there was a taxi outside waiting for me. All in all, it hadn’t been anywhere near as bad as I’d expected but when I came in the next day things did get a little weird. I’d made an effort and tried to dress like I imagined an efficient, professional receptionist would dress. Mrs.B looked me up and down when I arrived and shook her head slowly from side to side.

“I can see you’ve tried, little Julie but it’s not quite there. But never mind I’ve looked out something suitable for you to wear. Come into my office.”

She led me into her office and laid out on the sofa was a sort of cartoon schoolgirl uniform complete with knee-length socks and twee black buckle shoes. I looked at her aghast and she frowned at my rebellion.

“You’ll look lovely in it, trust me. And the clients will find you adorable. Now, be a good girl and get changed.” There was a hard edge to her voice as she spoke. It seems I had no choice. It also became apparent that she was not going to leave while I changed. I nervously stripped down to my underwear, one of my favourite pink bra and pants set. I was told I could keep those on which was a relief. The tartan skirt was frighteningly short, and I knew I would have to be careful bending over. The blouse was semi-transparent, and my bra was easily visible underneath it. It was also a size too small for me. After I’d put on the shoes and socks, she made me stand still while she inspected me. I went bright red as she walked round me, looking at me from every angle. She popped open another button on the blouse, so a small hint of my bra was visible.

“I was concerned that I’d been a bit bold in the length of the skirt, but I think I got it about right,” she commented, “what do you think, Julie?”

“If it’s what you want me to wear …” I replied with little enthusiasm.

“Oh, cheer up. You wait, you’ll love all the attention you’ll get. Remember how much they all loved you yesterday?”

And that was that. I was sent back to my desk in the outer office. Sitting down made no difference to the skirt. Whenever I moved it rode up and I was in danger of showing my panties. I was concerned about the glass top to the desk, but I worked out where to place the appointment book to mask most of my embarrassment. And, what she had said was true, the clients loved it. I began to feel flattered by all the attention I was getting. By the end of that second day I was loving it and was sorry to change back into my own clothes to go home.

Over the next few weeks, I began to relax into the job more and more. My birthday came and went and was celebrated with Mrs.B and a couple of the girls. I was allowed a glass of wine and was given a bonus in my pay. I’d grown to enjoy the job. I even took to putting my hair in bunches tied with ribbons just to enhance the schoolgirl image. Mrs.B was delighted. I got used to the slightly pervy looks from some of the clients, in fact I found them strangely flattering. I also met most of the ‘companions’ as they were called. bahçeşehir escort Some of them were not much older than I was. They all seemed so pretty and, dare I say it, sexy.

Mrs.B’s attitude was also changing towards me, treating me more like a daughter and slowly replacing the bitch. One day she called me into her office on some pretext and had me sit on her lap while we talked about nothing in particular. That was when I broached the subject of me becoming a companion. She looked at me askance for a moment.

“But what would I do without you handling things out front? Besides I’m not sure you could cope with what might be asked of you.”

“I’m sure I could, Ma’am, I’ve chatted to the girls and they’ve told me what fun they have.”

She stayed silent and appeared to be deep in thought.

“I’ll tell you what we’ll do. I’ve got a new girl coming in tomorrow, so she’ll be on a sort of trial. Maybe I could let you observe or even help out. Would you like that? It might even earn you a little bonus if you’re good.”

“Oh, thank you, Ma’am,” and I put my arms round her and hugged her. I could feel her hands cradling my bum and it made me feel all tingly inside. At school, boys had never really interested me, and I’d had the occasional flirt with one or two of the girls. Nothing serious, just a bit of kissing and a little groping. We’d never gone the whole way, but I’d spent many sleepless nights imagining it.

The next day she called me into her office and sat me on her lap again and began to explain what was to happen later.

“You already know Silvie,” she started, “she is bringing in a friend who is interested in working here. I do the same thing with all the new girls. I take them out to dinner to somewhere posh to see how they would behave with a client. Then I bring them back here and test them a little further. Would you like to help me with that?”

“Oh yes, Ma’am,” I said trying to hide my eagerness.

“When they arrive just show them in, then I’ll take her to dinner and bring her back here later. Are you okay to work late?”

“No problem, Ma’am. The b… sorry … my stepmother never really notices when I get in.”

“Good girl,” she said, squeezing my butt cheek affectionately, “now run along, back to your duties.”

I was so excited I could hardly concentrate for the rest of the afternoon. When Silvie finally showed up I got a good look at her friend. She was gorgeous and I wondered how far I’d be allowed to help later. I phoned through and then told them to go straight in. A short while later Silvie came out. She had a client to go and see and hurried off. Then Mrs.B appeared, leading the new girl by the hand. With a cheery “Bye” I was left on my own. I was excited but also hungry. As there were no more appointments today and most of the girls were sorted with their dates, I took the risk and locked up for half an hour and went to find something to eat. When I got back there was one message on the phone. A client was wanting a companion for tomorrow evening. I phoned her back and arranged an appointment. After that I was left twiddling my thumbs for an hour or more. I was relieved when I heard footsteps on the stairs.

They came in both slightly wobbly. They’d obviously had wine with their meal. Mrs.B took off the new girl’s coat and I had a chance to see her properly for the first time. She really was stunning, and her dress was to die for. Dark blue and showing off almost all of her. She was led to Mrs.B’s office and ushered inside.

“If anyone calls, I’m not here,” Mrs.B told me, her speech slightly slurred.

With that she shut the door. I hoped and prayed that she hadn’t changed her mind and was not going to let me join in the fun. I strained to hear any noise coming from the other room but there was only silence. I was so tense that when the phone rang, I nearly hit the ceiling.

“Can you come here, Julie, we could do with your help.”

My heart leapt and I jumped out of my chair and almost ran to the door. I paused there and took a few deep breaths. I undid another button of my blouse so that more of my pink bra could be seen. Then I knocked and walked in.

The new girl was standing in the middle of the floor and Mrs.B was sat in her usual place on the red leather sofa. That sofa had a notoriety all its own. Every girl had her own tale to tell of fun and games on that sofa. Mrs.B beckoned me over and made me sit on her lap as usual. It felt comfortable and familiar and took the edge off my nervousness. I looked at the girl standing in front of us. If anything, she was more nervous than I was. My first impressions had been correct, she was gorgeous. And that dress was something else!

It was loose fitting, but the neckline plunged all the way down to her tummy. She was obviously not wearing a bra but, like me, she had little in the way of boobs. The dress was also so short it hid almost nothing.

“What do you think of my new girl?” a voice in my ear asked me. “Her name is Angel by the way. I think she’s lovely and will be a definite hit with our clients.”

“They’ll love her, she’s gorgeous.”

“Would bakırköy escort you like to see what she’s hiding under that dress?” she asked me with a little laugh.

“Oooo can we?” This was so exciting how could I not want to.

“Take off your dress, little Angel,” her voice came softly but the command was irresistible.

Slowly, and with hands that shook with nerves Angel slipped the dress off her shoulders and let it slip down over her hips. She stepped out of it and left it lying on the thick carpet. When she returned to her pose she was hidden only by the tiny thong.

As we gazed at the girl on display, I felt a hand slip inside my blouse and cover my left breast, squeezing it, seeking out the nipple under my bra. It was already hard, and a pinch forced a moan of pleasure from me.

“She was aroused while we were at the restaurant. I wonder if she still is?” asked Mrs.B, her mouth inches from my ear, “Would you like to go over and find out?”

It was less a question and more an order, but I had no hesitation in doing as I was told. Suddenly I wanted this girl more than anything. It was a strange situation and I was just happy to be here. I would do anything to be accepted. And then I hesitated. Yes, I’d messed around with a couple of girls at school, but we’d never taken our clothes off. Yes, I’d seen school mates in the shower after games. But I’d never done anything like this. Suddenly I was full of doubt. I turned to look back at Mrs.B reluctant to go on.

“What’s the matter, girl? Do as you’re told.” There was more than a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“But I’ve never …”

“Do it!” she ordered, “tell me if her pussy’s wet … now!”

I knew I had to do as she said. slowly I crept towards Angel. She watched me getting closer, an encouraging smile on her face. She knew we were both being tested. She reached out and took my hand and placed it gently over the tiny triangle of her thong. She was so warm down there. And very wet. At the same time, I also became aware that I was in the same condition. I was frightened and excited at the same time. Angel slowly started to move my hand up and down, forcing me to stimulate her.

“Well, is she?” asked Mrs.B, interrupting our slow sensuous dance.

I turned to her and nodded. “Yes, she is, Ma’am.”

“Good girl. Now, give her a kiss.”

This was more familiar ground although I was still nervous about her nakedness. Nevertheless, I leaned in intending to give her a quick kiss, but Angel put a hand on the back of my head and held me there. The kiss lingered and I slowly relaxed into it. When her tongue traced the outline of my lips, I instinctively parted them enough to allow her access. Then I was putting as much into the kiss as she was. This wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I’d feared, indeed it was quickly becoming so much better. I almost felt annoyed when Mrs.B disturbed us.

“Very good, Julie, now come back to me.”

I nearly cried when I was made to pull out of the kiss, but I obediently returned to the safe haven of her lap. This time she didn’t let me sit sideways but with my back to her, facing Angel. I was pleased to see that she was looking as disappointed as I felt at having been made to stop.

“Did you enjoy that, little one?” Mrs.B’s voice was soft in my ear.

“Oh yes, Ma’am.”

“Very remiss of me not to realise this is your first time.”

“I’ve done kissing before,” I volunteered, “with school friends.”

“But nothing more?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Never touched a pussy before?”

“Only my own, Ma’am.”

“Angel come and stand there.” She said pointing to a place a foot or two directly in front of us.

Angel immediately came over and stood where she had pointed. Meanwhile Mrs.B had started to stroke me through my panties, almost casually. I was very aware of how aroused I was, and I knew we weren’t going to stop there.

“Take off the thong, Angel. We want to admire all of you.”

When Angel had stepped out of the tiny garment and straightened up, she stood unashamedly letting us look at her. She was smoothly shaven, something I knew Mrs.B expected of all her girls. Although she’d never asked me, ever since I found out I had been sure to keep myself shaved at all times.

“Isn’t she pretty down there?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Would you like to touch her? Go on, she won’t object I’m sure.”

I was less wary now and leaned forward. As I did so the finger stroking me suddenly pushed hard making me gasp. Tentatively I touched the offered pussy. I knew what it felt like to touch my own. Many was the night I had done so in the safety of my room. This was my first time with another woman. It felt smooth and slickly wet as I traced its outline from front to back.

Mrs.B pulled me back against her and told Angel to kneel. My skirt was pulled out of the way and my legs were tugged apart. I felt vulnerable and exposed but I knew I couldn’t turn back. At a word from Mrs.B my panties were tugged down and pulled off. Strong hands kept my legs in place, spread wide, showing me off to the kneeling girl. She knew what she had to do, and she leaned forward and kissed my pussy. I nearly fainted there and then. It seemed my whole life had been building to this moment. Then I felt something soft and wet push between my labia. Oh fuck, another woman was licking my pussy. I leaned back against Mrs.B and let the feeling wash over me. I was in heaven!

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