Agatha Allbut , The Bimbo Squad Ch. 08: Departures

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© 2012 Sal De Klerk, All Rights Reserved

Authors Note:

This is a long story, containing 10 chapters a prologue and epilogue. All chapters have been submitted and should be posted within a few days of each other.

The idea for this story came from a story idea forum. Thank you janetsexy77!


This story contains fighting, but no sex. If you are looking for something erotic, please read another story.


Aggie came to her senses in a dark windowless room. She was completely naked, and her limbs were tied to the bed she was laying on. She had no idea where she was, or what was going on. Her memories were pretty foggy, and it was a struggle to think. She remembered leaving the party and encountering someone in the parking lot. She lay there pulling against the ropes holding her down. She had no idea how long she was lying there when the door opened.

“She’s awake,” yelled a girl whose voice Aggie didn’t recognize.

“Finally!”, came a voice all too familiar to Aggie. Bree, Pris and several other girls entered the room. “It’s time we had it out once and for all bitch. I am going to kick your ass up one side of this room and down the other.”

Aggie spat toward Bree. “Fuck you cunt. I’m naked, tied down and you’ve got a bunch of your friends to back you up. Some fair fight that’ll be. You must really be a skanky chickenshit whore to need all your friends to help you beat up one naked person tied to a chair. How scared of me are you?”

Bree snapped her fingers and Pris stepped forward and pulled out a knife. She waved it in front of Aggies’s eyes, trying to scare Aggie. Slowly she lowered the knife, cutting the tape holding Aggie down loose. Aggie sat up on the bed, stretching her limbs trying to loosen them for the coming brawl. She knew that Bree was stronger, taller and outweighed her. She also had longer limbs. Aggie doubted she had a chance of winning, but as long as the fight was fair, Aggie was fairly certain she could inflict some serious damage on Bree, maybe even break that oh so feminine celestial nose she was so proud of. Aggie giggled when she remembered Bree getting the nose job. For a brief moment, Aggie wondered if she could damage the nose so much it would go back to its original lopsided bulbous shape.

Aggie stood up as the other cheerleaders spread around the room, forming a circle. Pris made a gesture and two of the girls moved the bed off to one side of the room, opening up space for the two combatants. “This has been far too long in coming,” Aggie said, getting into something like a fighting stance.

Bree smiled without warmth and stepped forward offering a short jab to Aggie’s midsection. Aggie stepped back and easily dogged the punch. The girls started cheering for Bree and calling Aggie the most disgusting and vile names they could think of. Aggie blocked out the noise, and focused on her opponent, hoping to inflict some real damage quickly to end the fight.

Aggie charged forward and rammed her head into Bree’s midriff. It was firmer than Aggie expected but a surprised gasp of pain burst out of Bree’s mouth as she fell onto her ass. Aggie pushed her advantage and kicked her tormentor in the side, forgetting she wasn’t wearing shoes. There was an audible crack as Aggie felt her toes break. Fortunately, the adrenaline coursing through her veins kept the pain at bay. Bree grabbed Aggie’s ankle and twisted it around making Aggie spin around, facing away from Bree. Bree leaned back and raised her knees driving her feet into Aggie’s ass.

Aggie flew across the room, crashing into several of the cheerleaders who took the opportunity to strike at the naked woman. She struggled to free herself from the assault, and as she turned around, Bree punched her hard in the face, breaking her nose. Aggie saw red and slammed her foot down on Bree’s instep, remembering some long-ago self-defense lecture. Bree jumped back in agony and Aggie drove her knee into Bree’s stomach, making her double over in pain. Aggie slammed her elbow into the base of Bree’s neck making her fall face down onto the floor. She quickly squatted over her enemy and using a maneuver she had seen on some wrestling match she watched with her uncle. She sat on Bree’s back and put Bree’s arms on top of her legs. Grabbing Bree’s chin she pulled the girl up painfully. The name of the submission hold suddenly popped into her head, the camel clutch. She pulled Bree up as far as she dared not wanting to cause permanent injury.

Bree was moaning in pain “Give up and this is over. I won’t even press charges for kidnapping or drugging me,” Aggie told Bree. Before Bree could respond, Aggie was kicked in the chest and fell backward. Bree collapsed to the floor crying, as Pris stomped on Aggie’s knee. Aggie screamed in pain.

“That’s for stealing Lars,” Then Pris stomped on her stomach, “That’s for attacking Tiffi.” Pris walked around the beaten girl and said to the other kartal escort cheerleaders, “This skank attacked one of us, got her arrested and then beat up our captain. Are you going to let her get away with that?” as she kicked Aggie in the ribs.

One by one each girl approached Aggie and kicked or punched her leaving her bloody, bruised, and battered. Before the cheerleaders were halfway through, Aggie gratefully sunk into blackness.


This time when Aggie woke up she was in a different room. This one had sunlight, and she wasn’t tied to the bed, but she did feel some resistance to her movements. She started to take a mental inventory of all the aches and pains, gratefully surprised they were few and not too bad. Her right leg was in a cast, as was her left arm. Her left ankle was elevated, and she had several bandages covering other parts of her body. There were a lot of tubes and wires connecting her to various machines.

“Oh thank God!” Christina shouted, making Aggie wince, “you’re awake,” Christina stood up and walked over to the bed. You’ve been in a coma for 6 days. You were found outside the ER naked, laying in a pool of your blood. “What the hell happened?” Christina asked her friend and lover with anger and concern in her voice.

“That’s what we want to know.” Said the police lieutenant who helped Aggie after her arrest, walking into the room. “This is the first sexual assault on this campus ever.” She said. I plan on finding whoever did this and making sure they never have the opportunity to hurt someone ever again.

“Well then, I have good news,” Aggie said weakly, as she started to cough. Christina grabbed a cup and filled it with some water and held it to Aggie’s lips letting her take a few sips, getting her lips and tongue moist, “This wasn’t a sexual assault, just some old FrIeNdS reuniting.”

“Then tell me what the hell happened?” the cop said, pulling out her notebook.

Aggie smiled weakly. “Are you asking as a cop or a sister?” Aggie asked her.

“Sister first and always,” she said to Aggie sitting down on the bed. “We were never formally introduced, I’m Rikki Nagan. Nice to officially meet you, Aggie.”

“and you Rikki. So to make a long story short, some bitches that tortured and abused me in middle and high school just transferred here. They attacked me outside my dorm with the other members of the Bimbo Squad. They poured some liquid into my throat, the next thing I know I’m naked, tied to a bed in a room with no windows. Bree came in and told me we were going to fight. I was cut loose. We fought, and I was winning when Pris attacked me from behind and knocked the wind out of me. While I was down, she cajoled the other Bimbos into beating me until I passed out. The next thing I remember is waking up here.

Rikki nods her head. “That explains the Haldol found in your system. They did plan and execute an almost perfect kidnapping and assault. There was no foreign DNA on you, and they dropped you in an area not covered by security cameras. We only have your word, and that’s not enough for us to do anything but ask questions, and I’m sure they have an alibi.”

The door to the room opened and Kate walks in with Hannah and Tiffi. “Hey Aggie, how you feelin’?” Kate asks, as she gently tweaked one of Aggie’s toes that was sticking out of the cast.

“Tired, sore and hungry,” Aggie tells her.

After filling in the newcomers on what happened to Aggie, tears poured out of Tiffi’s eyes. Those fucking bitches. I’m going to murder them in their sleep.” she says furiously.

“A free piece of legal advice. Don’t go around announcing your intention to murder someone, that would make you the primary suspect if anything happens, and if you do get charged, it’ll be for premeditated murder, a capital crime in this state.” Rikki tells the other girls.

Tiffi tells everyone, “I think this is partially my fault. When I got home after my initiation, the squad was having a meeting/ They were discussing how to raise money for my lawyer. They thought I was sitting in jail while you had been released. I think they blamed you for my sudden and prolonged disappearance.”

“Wait! What? You’ve been initiated?”

“Well let me put it this way, is Erin always such a bitch?”

“Don’t make me laugh, it hurts,” Aggie says laughing with everyone else.

“So what now?” Tiffi asks the group. “I mean we can’t let them get away with this, right.”

“Without more to go on, legally all I can do is question Bree and Pris and the rest of the Bimbos. I’ll continue to investigate, but honestly unless one of the bimbos becomes a CI, we probably won’t make any arrests.” Rikki told them standing up. “I have to get back to the station. Get better soon Aggie,” she said leaving the room.

Alright ladies, gather round. I already ran it by the headmistress, and she took it to the small council, and they agreed. Now we can begin preparations for operation kurtköy escort meltdown. Tiffi, you know what you need to do. The rest of you here’s the plan. . .”


The next day, Aggie was struggling with her women’s studies essay. Pushing her books away from her, she sighed in frustration. “I wonder if I could get extra credit for all the women I’ve studied recently,” she asked herself aloud, as she tried to concentrate on her school work.

As she reached for her books, the door to her room opened and a strange man in a well-tailored suit was holding the door open. Before she could even think to ask who he was, Beatrice walked in. Aggie smiled in delight at seeing the old woman she admired. “Oh my dear, my dear. How are you feeling?” she asked Aggie.

“Honestly, tired of being asked that question by everyone who walks in this room,” Aggie tells her.

“Good for you my dear. Honesty. An admirable trait.” Beatrice smiled at Aggie.

“I’m sorry that was a bit bitchy,” Aggie said. “I’m ready to get out of here, but I was told that I could get out of here today, but I need to be on bed rest, and since I live alone, here I stay until something can be worked out.”

“That simply will not do,” Beatrice responded angrily. “Mr. Pierce, Please go locate Ms. Allbuts doctor and have him come here at once.”

“The man at the door nodded and walked off. Without another word, Beatrice pulled out her iPhone and called a number. “Hello, Chancellor Wormer? This is Beatrice. I am in the campus hospital and I just met the most interesting young lady, Agatha Allbut. Are you aware of her situation?”

Aggie could hear a man’s voice indistinctly. After a few seconds Beatrice interrupted him, “Yes yes yes, we all have excuses why things can’t be done. Now I’m going to tell you what will happen. I will take Aggie to live in my home, where she will rest and recuperate. I will also handle any further medical needs. You will ensure that any class assignments, lectures and any other materials she needs to stay current with her courses are made available to her. If her grades drop because she is not provided what she needs, you will answer to me and the board of trustees.”

Before he could respond Beatrice hung up and put her phone away. “I don’t know what to say,” Aggie told the older woman.

“I was dead set against hiring that man. After what happened at Faber College, why would any responsible institute of higher learning trust him to manage anything more complicated than an outhouse.”

“Wait! Chancellor Wormer was at Faber? My grandfather is an alumni of Faber. That’s where my grandparents meet. Aggie looked forlorn at the memory. “I miss Pinto and Mom Mom.”

Beatrice pats Aggie on the hand, letting her work through her emotions. Aggie wipes her eyes with her unrestricted hand and smiles at Beatrice. “I’m never going to be able to repay you for your kindness,” Aggie says to the older woman.

“Pish posh my dear. Mother isn’t just a title, I love all you girls like my daughters. The one regret I have is that medical science was not advanced enough to let Eunice and I have our own child. But we always had our wonderful lovely daughters to care for.” As Beatrice finished speaking the door opened, and Mr. Pierce entered followed by a man in a lab coat Aggie had never seen.

“Beatrice, what an unexpected pleasure.” the man said with barely hidden sarcasm.

“Please Harry, call me Mrs. Remington-Webley. Most of my lackeys do.” The scorn in her voice was palpable. Aggie could see how hard he struggled to keep his anger in check. “So, Aggie tells me the only reason she wasn’t released from this horrid place is because she didn’t have a suitable place to live. Is that correct?”

“Yes, But we will need to see her . . .”

Beatrice holds up her hand. I will ensure she gets any treatment she needs. Thank you. Now run along and bring a wheelchair so I can take her home.” Beatrice says dismissively. “

“Please wait here. I’ll have a nurse come right in with her discharge instructions and prescriptions.”

“Of course we’ll wait here. Do you think an old lady and a cripple are going to run a marathon as soon as you leave,” Beatrice says to his retreating back?

They waited in silence for 20 minutes until A young bubbly student nurse walked into the room. “Aggie, I’m so glad you’re okay,” she tells the bedridden girl. It took Aggie several seconds to place the face. She lived in the dorm, just a few doors down from Aggie. Aggie disliked the girl because she spoke nonstop while saying nothing. She was also a huge gossip, something Aggie hated.

The female began to read the discharge instructions and explain in detail everything Aggie would need to do as part of her recovery. After 20 minutes or so, she finally asked, “Do you have any questions?”

Sheri, her name is Sheri, Aggie thought in triumph.

“No my dear thank you. You are everything I’ve learned to expect maltepe escort from this institution, and it’s students.” Beatrice said.

Sheri beamed in pride mistaking the comment for a compliment as she left the room.

Mr. Pierce gathered up all the flowers and cards adorning her room and went to the car with Beatrice. By the time he got back, an orderly was helping Aggie get into a wheelchair. They headed to the elevator as the orderly’s radio crackled to life. There was a lot of shouting and orders to people to report to various places.

“Umm sir,” the orderly said. “A patient is being airlifted in right now. The elevator is not to be used until further notice. We’ll have at least a 20-minute wait.”

“That is simply unacceptable, young man. I can not keep this young lady waiting here any longer than necessary.” Mr. Pierce bent down and scooped up Aggie effortlessly. He kicks open the door to the stairs and carefully descends with Aggie in his arms. Aggie was so tired, and felt so safe, that she drifted off to sleep, her head resting against his neck.


Lars had seen Aggie around school several times, but she was always with people he didn’t know, and he wasn’t sure how to approach her. He didn’t know if Tiffi had spoken with her yet, then heard that Aggie and Tiffi had gotten into a fight, and both of them were arrested. By the time he got to the police station, they had been released.

The next day he went to Aggie’s dorm and sat in front of it all day. When she didn’t return from class, he went looking for the RA. Tina, I’m Lars, Aggie’s boyfriend. She hasn’t been here all day. Do you know where she is?”

Tina shook her head and used her passkey to enter the room. The bed hadn’t been slept in, and the notes Aggie wanted to study were on her desk. When Tina couldn’t see the outfit Aggie was wearing last night, she began to worry. They began to ask the other residents of the dorm and no one had seen Aggie.

Lars and Tina decided to go to the campus police to report Aggie missing. When they drove out of the lot, Lars spotted Aggie’s car, making his heart leap into his throat.

That night, when a naked unconscious woman matching Aggie’s description showed up at the hospital Tina was asked to identify her. Tina went right away and identified Aggie. She kept Lars updated on Aggie’s condition, advising him to let her recover a bit before visiting.

The day after Aggie woke up, Lars couldn’t wait anymore. He decided to take matters into his own hands, and explain everything to Aggie. He was going to make her hear him out no matter what. He was willing to beg for her forgiveness, he’d even grovel if that was what he needed to do to win her back.

As he walked up to the main entrance, he saw an antique automobile idling by the curb. He whistled at the 1939 Mercedes Benz 540K that looked to be in mint condition. He was fixated on the gorgeous piece of automotive history, appreciating the elegance and beauty of the luxury car. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a tall good looking man carrying a large load, so he held the door open for him, and the old lady walking behind him.

“Thank you,” the man said as he walked through the door, and quickly placed his load in the back seat of the antique car. The old lady got in and the man got into the driver’s seat and eased the car forward and was soon lost from view.

Lars shook his head and headed into the hospital. HE started to whistle as he imagined the tearful reunion he was sure was about to happen, having no doubts that they would be a couple again. As Lars walked toward her room, he began to feel nervous. He stopped in front of the door to calm himself. His hand rested on the lever, not entirely sure if he wanted to open it. “Man up asshole,” he muttered to himself as he eased the door open, wishing he had thought to bring some flowers, a stuffed animal, or even a get well card.

“Lars! Hi. Long time no see.” said the nurse that was in the otherwise empty room. She looked over his muscled physique licking her lips in desire.

“Yeah, uhhh hi . . . Sheri.” He said recognizing the gossipy girl from Aggie’s dorm.

“If you’re looking for Aggie, she just left. Some hot guy in a suit carried her off. It was like the end of an Officer and a Gentleman. Too bad he wasn’t in uniform.”

“That was Aggie?” he asked, shocked, wondering why he waited so long.

“Yeah, it was really romantic. I was soooo jealous. No guy has ever carried me anywhere.” the coed rattled on not realizing the pain Lars was suffering. While she prattled about being carried off by some hot guy, Lars had a vision of picking her up and carrying her down the hall to the laundry chute and dropping her in it, just so she would shut up. Walking away before he lost control of his emotions, he just kept thinking, some older guy got her. An older guy with money. How could she? Why did I wait?

He drove aimlessly around campus, not paying attention to where he was going until he stopped in front of the student union. He parked his car and went inside at sat down to think. As he sat there wallowing in self-pity, he happened to notice a poster advertising a student exchange program. HE stared at the poster for several minutes, then pulled out his phone and went to the website and filled out the application.

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