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Big Tits

This story deals with themes of reluctance and coercion in a lesbian setting. If you feel that you might be offended by such material then please try a different story.


Chapter 1

How had it come to this?

Her stateroom could have swallowed my unpretentious double cabin several times over but, as I finished getting undressed, I would have given anything to return to the sanctuary of my own modest space.

Knowing what was to come it took a huge effort of will to lay down on the bed but, after many hours of anguished thought, I could see no other way.

She used the webbing belts from her cabin trunks to secure my limbs to the four corners of the bed and I was acutely aware of her ‘old lady’ smells. There was the lacquer in her expensively curled hair vying with the heaviness of her lavender scent and the sweet smell of sherry on her breath.

In fact, the epithet was unfair. She was in her early fifties, that I knew from the newspapers, but she looked at least ten years younger.

She was making full use of the onboard beautician and, that evening, she looked quite striking. Her tailored silk evening gown concealed the few extra pounds that she was carrying and bouyed up her heavy breasts to spectacular effect.

“There, dinner is going to be so much more exciting knowing what I have to come back to.”

With the aid of the adjustable straps she had bound me quite tightly and I was not sure what I feared the most — the possibility of cramps or the prospect of what lay in store when she returned. Then, another, more worrying, thought occurred. What if there was an accident of some description? Would she come back for me?

I knew that it was an irrational notion but I felt a stab of fear. In the event I need not have worried. As she put the finishing touches to her makeup there was a hesitant knock at the door.

She got up to answer it and my heart stopped when I heard her speak.

“You’re early, but no matter, come in.”

The two cabin girls expressed no great surprise on seeing me lying naked on the bed but my embarrassment was all the greater for recognizing them. They were two of the Eastern European girls who were assigned to our economy deck.

I suppose that it stood to reason that, if she was going to chose baby sitters, she was not going to pick from amongst the more elite staff that tended to the upper decks.

The girls, both pretty, were out of uniform and dressed in a simple but alluring style that reinforced my conception that a lot of them took the job simply in hope of snagging someone wealthy.

I could only surmise that she had told them exactly what to expect on entering the cabin, a theory that was borne out when a reasonably large sum of US dollars changed hands.

“Okay, I’m dining with the captain this evening and so I don’t imagine that I’ll be back much before midnight. I want you to keep her amused but I don’t want her to get too excited. Am I understood?”

The girls smiled and nodded as they put away their money and then, without another word, she picked up her shawl and left.

I assumed that she had hired the girls out of concern for my well being, which suggested a more caring side to her nature, but her parting words left me fearful.

As soon as she had left the room they giggled shrilly in disbelief. They were both perfectly fluent in English but they now spoke excitedly in their native tongue leaving me struggling to comprehend.

They seemed to be egging one another on but both seemed reluctant to take the lead. Finally, the older of the two clicked her tongue and began to root around in her cheap handbag.

My eyes widened in disbelief as she produced a well worn vibrator. It was a plain design and its chrome finish had partially dulled to a gunmetal grey.

She switched it on and it buzzed noisily causing them to laugh out loud but quickly gathering herself she spoke excitedly.

The gist of it was horrifyingly clear but there was nothing I could do about it. With a wicked smile she held the end of the cylinder between her thumb and forefinger allowing the weight of it to rest on my sex.

As if imbued with a life of its own it moved slowly and sinuously across my mons occasioning further hilarity. I closed my eyes and remained still, trying to ignore the ticklish sensation, but there was no respite.

Each time it threatened to fall away she moved it back to the apex of my sex and allowed it to draw another random path.

Finally my anger got the better of me and I began to struggle, cursing them as I did so, but they seemed completely unfazed. The younger one left the bed for a moment and, having examined the contents of the mini bar, returned with an opened bottle and two glasses of white wine.

When I was still once more they resumed the game taking it in turns to play the tormentress. Every now and again I put up renewed resistance but they simply waited me out and picked up where they left off.

By etiler escort now I had ascertained that the older girl was Kadri and the younger was called something that sounded like Meena. Using their names I tried to appeal to their better natures but, fuelled with wine, they were imbued with the spirit of devilment.

Kadri seemed content to carry on as before but my labia were growing sore from the insidious, but constant, buffeting and it was a mixed blessing when Meena took it upon herself to escalate matters.

When her turn came she took hold of the vibrator more positively and teased the very tip inside me.

She stared at me awaiting a reaction and my face betrayed the onset of an unwelcome arousal. Compared to my own expensive model it was crude and loud but the result was the same nonetheless.

The throbbing resonated deep within setting up a delicious tension and, without thought, I lifted my hips invitingly. In response Meena made a playfully remonstrative tutting sound and eased away.

Kadri began to show renewed interest as Meena mirrored my movements neither withdrawing altogether nor granting me the boon of the deeper penetration my body now craved.

Some part of my mind still registered that I was being abused, and urged defiance, but I was being overwhelmed by a powerful carnal instinct.

Neither of them could ever have found themselves in a situation like this before but Meena was proving remarkably adept. Over the next few minutes my movements became more frantic with the desire more positive contact but her teasing was ruthlessly controlled.

I felt myself beginning to perspire but, more embarrassingly, I began to catch the scent of my own arousal on the air. Kadri smiled and twitched her nostrils theatrically before she decided to increase my anguish.

Whilst Meena continued to amuse herself with the vibrator Kadri began to tease my nipples. She was wearing false nails, bearing tiny stars against a midnight blue background, and she gently scratched at my engorged teats.

I have always thought my nipples too large in proportion to my modest breasts but the gain is their extreme sensitivity. Most of the men I have taken to my bed find them fascinating but none of them fully understood just what it did for me. On a number of occasions I have brought myself a climax by concentrating on my breasts alone but always followed quickly by an encore with my hands between my legs.

Kadri seemed more in tune with me than any man and, for a moment or two, it was her knowing fingertips, rather than the vibrator, that threatened my equilibrium.

Meena noticed and redoubled her own efforts but then she leaned forward and whispered something in Kadri’s ear which made her eyes open just a little wider. For a second or two her fingers were still and she appeared uncertain but then she clearly reached a decision.

Accompanied by a surprised gasp from her companion she leaned down and took my nipple between her lips. She remained frozen in place, as though shocked at her own audacity, and then I felt the first hesitant touch of her tongue.

Intuitively I knew it was her first time which dispelled the fleeting notion that they might, in fact, have been a couple but that in no way diminished my sense of revulsion.

Aside from a very short-lived, unconsummated, schoolgirl crush that I had on my choir mistress I had never since entertained the prospect of a relationship with another woman.

As she gained confidence her tongue was soon achieving the same results as her fingers had previously. She sucked gently holding my nipple captive between her pursed lips as she laved the heavily dimpled surface.

I was going out of my mind. At the core there was a burning anger but, by slow degrees, my body was surrendering.

Kadri was alternating between my breasts, and I felt myself poised at the edge, when she suddenly withdrew.

I opened my eyes to find Meena whispering to her again and whatever the younger girl had said brought a high colour to her friend’s cheeks. I did not understand her reply but I understood the import. It was a categorical refusal but Meena gave a mock pout and began to coax.

She drew Kadri to one side and, for a second or two, the debate was heated but, suddenly, they both giggled almost nervously.

They moved to the end of the bed, where I could see them clearly, and then Meena put a hand behind her friends head and gently brought their mouths together.

Even from my recumbent position I could see the tension and unease in Kadri’s body but as Meena entwined her fingers in her hair, binding them together, she visibly relaxed.

I sensed, rather than saw, the moment of capitulation as her head turned slightly and I imagined their tongues entwining.

I felt an immediate sense of relief at being left alone but for reasons I could not explain my arousal remained unabated. I wanted to look away but found fatih escort that I could not.

I tried to make sense of their behaviour and then it struck me. She had probably told them I was a lesbian and they, believing it, were trying to excite me and increase my growing frustration.

I was minded to tell them that I was strictly heterosexual, that they were wasting their time, but now I was curious as to how far they would take it.

Kadri seemed lost in their embrace but Meena was looking directly at me with a knowing glint in her eye.

She was gently stroking the nape of Kadri’s neck with her fingertips and the older woman’s body responded with an appreciative shiver. I could not see her other hand but her fingers must have been at work as her blouse fell open.

Kadri froze for a moment, unsure how to react to this new development, but Meena took the lead again. Taking hold of Kadri’s hand she brought it to her exposed bra and encouraged her to slip inside.

Meena was well endowed and, for a fleeting second, I wondered how another woman’s breasts would feel to the touch. Kadri was obviously fired with the same perverse curiosity. At first she did nothing, remaining awkwardly still, but then, emboldened, I saw her hand flex.

Meena reacted by letting her arms fall to her sides and then, with a subtle shrug of her shoulders, her blouse slipped to the floor. Kadri seemed not to notice as she continued with her tentative exploration.

She was so enraptured that she did not see the expression of triumph that Meena directed towards me and, as if to confirm her dominion, she half turned inviting Kadri to remove her bra altogether.

There was a hint of hesitation but with a gentle stroke of the hair and a few soothing words she was lost. She worked the fastenings with uncertain fingers allowing the bra to fall free.

Meena held herself with new found composure and I realized that she was putting herself on display for the benefit of both of us. If her breasts were enhanced then it was a credit to the surgeon’s art. They were plump and gravity defying with perfectly rounded nipples which stood proudly erect.

Now, as she put her hand to the back of Kadri’s head, it was with a gentle enticing pressure. Again she spoke but this time with a positive glance in my direction.

I needed no translation. She was telling Kadri that their act was really turning me on but it was noticeable that, at no time, did she check for herself…she wanted to believe.

She allowed herself to be eased downwards and Meena’s eyes brightened as she felt her friend’s talented mouth closing around her nipple. I immediately felt an odd pang of envy which translated itself into an increased warmth between my legs.

She looked straight at me and, rather than look away, I challenged her with a cold stare but she was getting to me and she knew it. Without taking her eyes from mine she brought her mouth to Kadri’s ear and spoke softly beyond my hearing.

Whatever was said caused her to emit a muted, pleasurable, groan but she did not disengage.

Meena indulged her for a moment or two more and then she placed her hands on her shoulders. With seeming reluctance Kadri allowed herself to be released from her task as her young friend encouraged her to kneel.

My heart was hammering in my chest but I hardly dared breathe. In the space of a few minutes there had been a seismic shift in the relationship between these two women and I watched it unfold with a sense of warped fascination.

Kadri remained on her knees, a supplicant awaiting instruction, and Meena radiated a new found aura of authority. She calmly unfastened her skirt and let it pool at her feet.

Perversely, the thing that immediately struck me was the mismatch of her underwear. Her discarded bra was white but her panties, now revealed, were a dark shade of blue.

She stood perfectly still, allowing Kadri to take stock, and once sure that she would not take flight she slowly slipped them down to her ankles.

I wondered what was in Kadri’s mind as her friend stood naked before her with her sex just inches from her face. I was surprised to see that she retained a neat growth of dark hair which contrasted with her lightly tanned skin.

The sight triggered something unconscious within me and I became more acutely aware of the rich scent of womanhood. Was it just me or Meena too? If so, how must it be for Kadri transfixed at such close quarters?

As if in slow motion Meena returned her hand to the back of Kadri’s head and began to stroke with a gossamer touch. Her intent appeared so innocent but, millimetre by millimetre, she began to draw her in.

My neck muscles were cramping badly but I ignored the discomfort. With an almost imperceptible movement of her hips Meena brushed the tip of Kadri’s nose against her dark fur and I was sure that I heard her inhale.

Meena responded, edging forward so fındıkzade escort that Kadri’s head was tipped fractionally and her whole nose enveloped. In this way her sex was offered up and, for some unaccountable reason, I felt my own mouth flood with saliva.

There was a tense pause until, finally, Meena’s eyes fluttered closed and a blissful smile lit her face. Her hands were still, holding Kadri gently in place, and if she was seeking to make me jealous she was succeeding.

It was an idea that I would never have contemplated. The thought of encouraging another woman to experience lesbian sex for the first time by making her go down on me was so wild it was beyond imagining; but now it was almost as though I could feel her tongue on my sex.

My body was fluttering on the brink of orgasm as I watched Kadri surrender altogether. Her hands cupped Meena’s taut buttocks and she emitted a smothered groan as she pulled herself closer still. The slight movement of her head betrayed the effort of pressing her tongue deep inside and Meena’s back arched with pleasure.

Within seconds her body began to shake as she succumbed to a wrenching climax and I almost sobbed with frustration. Meena was clearly taken by surprise both by the suddenness and the intensity but she quickly recovered her composure.

Kadri remained on her knees her manner radiating uncertainty but Meena allowed her no time either for remorse or reflection. With unseemly haste she dragged a heavily cushioned armchair into the centre of the room and sat herself down.

She relaxed with her legs lewdly parted and even from where I lay I could discern the wetness of her sex in its frame of darkness. I thought that she was too sure of herself. I was certain that, for Kadri, this had been an aberration and I experienced a momentary pleasure as I anticipated a backlash.

As Meena ran her fingertips through her dampened curls I saw Kadri’s body stiffen. She half rose and my heart quickened but, to my astonishment, she moved closer to the chair and settled on her knees.

Meena smiled as she accepted Kadri’s supplication.

“Votke aega…”

I did not understand the whispered words but their meaning could be inferred. As she relaxed more fully in the chair I was sure that she had said “Take your time…”

Chapter 2

My neck muscles gave up the struggle and I lay helpless, listening as Meena took her pleasure. I had no way to judge the passage of time but it seemed like hours as she groaned her way through at least three orgasms without any hint of reciprocation.

At one point she reacted sharply as Kadri obviously did something that was not completely to her liking but then things settled once more.

I tried to shut them out but the truth was that I was getting ever more frustrated. I found myself hoping that they would return their attention to me and, though I found it hard to admit to myself, I wanted something more intimate than the touch of a vibrator.

From far beneath me I perceived the throb of the ships engines muted almost to silence and I was reminded that, by now, the band was probably taking the stage without me.

The thought brought with it a renewed stab of anger. It seemed that, once again, it was me having to make all the sacrifices. It was hard to believe that, just six months earlier, I had been content writing and performing my own songs. I had started to build a solid following and word of mouth was swelling the modest crowds.

Even now I could not rationalize the changes that Janine had wrought on my life in so short a time. She had an arresting beauty and I was as much in awe of her ‘Roxy’ stage persona as the devoted fans that followed her around the country but there was more to it than that.

I know I am attractive and I like to think that I present myself to the world as an, ambitious, self-confident young woman but hidden, deep inside, is still some element of the shy young girl I once was and Janine, or rather ‘Roxy’ had an uncanny knack of tapping into that vulnerability.

My manager was responsible for getting me the gig as support to Roxy’s all girl band ‘Samois’. To begin with I was uneasy; I was not sure that my singer/songwriter acoustic guitar style would go down well with her hardened audiences but she assured me that, if I could carry it off, it would be a big step forward in terms of recognition.

In the event the crowds were generous in their support and the more so when, one night, I joined ‘Samois’ on stage for their encore. The fact was that they were all competent musicians but little more. Their covers were solidly performed but their own material was poor and it was quickly apparent that it was Roxy who, armed with lead guitar, and wearing just enough to preserve her modesty, was the real attraction.

It was towards the end of the short tour when Roxy surprised me by asking if the band could perform “Halo” one of my songs that I had earmarked as a possible first release.

I did not think that it would lend itself to a band treatment but I had nothing to lose and I was surprised at how well it came off. The complicated chord changes reined in their heavy metal instincts and Roxy’s vocal, pitched in a lower register than mine, brought out something different in the song.

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