New Toy

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


**This story is fully a fictional fantasy about submission, any resemblance to real events is unintentional. Rape is unacceptable, please do not read if you see this as anything other than fiction**


The music pounded through Robbie’s ears as he swayed with the crowd. The sweat mingling in the air of the dark club as girls gyrated in short skirts whilst the boys watched hungrily. He held his drink in his hand as he moved his body in time with the music, a small smile on his lips as he enjoyed the haziness that came with drinking, the mind numbing elixir that made it feel like anything was possible.

It didn’t matter that he was failing his 2nd year university degree, nor that at nineteen years old he still had very little plans about his future. Here he could forget it all, amongst the crowds of lost souls and party animals.

A girl caught his eye across the dance floor, a glint of a smile caught the light as she beckoned him teasingly, her low cut top causing her chest to glisten slightly with sweat. He glanced over his shoulder, unsure if she was actually looking at him. He was attractive sure, light brown hair and blue eyes, well built and on the first rugby team, but he was shorter than many of the girls, and was often accused of having a baby face. He regularly got the nicknames ‘cute’ and ‘sweet’, which always made his face flame red resulting in only more cooing and giggling.

He was about to approach her when someone stepped in front of him. It was his rugby captain Kevin, a huge guy who was similar to a bear in stature, his face slightly squished as though he had had a few too many accidents on the pitch. He gave his crooked grin and slapped him hard on the shoulder.

‘Dude! We been looking for ya” he said gleefully, his alcohol soaked brain slurring his words slightly, ‘it’s your round. Get your titchy ass to the bar now.’

Robbie sighed, what Kevin said was rule, if he didn’t want to be subject to more initiations like the poor first year students then he had to do what he said. With one last defeated glance at the dancing girl, he headed to the bar.

It was packed, and he resigned himself to a long wait as he slumped over the bar. God, maybe he was too drunk for this, or just exhausted. A long day, and a long practice had ended in this club, and the pounding music was starting to make his head throb. Perhaps he would buy the boys their round and then make up some excuse to head home.

‘You ok there buddy?’ A voice came from beside me, I looked up to see an older man, perhaps mid thirties with ashy blonde hair and dark eyes looking down at me with a raised eyebrow.

I maltepe escort nodded quickly turning away but the man was insistent.

‘You sure? You don’t look so good.’

‘I’m fine man, leave off,’ Robbie said, slightly annoyed at his pestering.

‘Hey,’ he said raising his hands, ‘no need to get antsy. Just concerned why a kid who looks about sixteen is taking a nap on a bar.’

‘I’m nineteen, who are you my Dad? Old enough to be,’ he snapped back.

‘Yeah I am, got a problem with that?’ the stranger said, and I just shook my head. This was not worth it, perhaps going home was the best idea, he’d face Kevin and his team mates in the morning.

At that moment the barman came to their corner, looking at them both with an expectant glance.

‘Look man, let me make it up to you, I didn’t mean to offend. What are you buying?’

‘I was getting a round, 8 beers,’ Robbie said curiously, unsure whether he would agree to get the whole round.

‘9 beers please mate,’ he said without hesitation and the barman nodded, producing the beers which the stranger quickly paid for.

‘Tom,’ the stranger said, holding out his hand with a small smile.

‘Robbie,’ Robbie said, shaking it awkwardly. ‘Look man, thanks for the drinks and all, I should probably take them to my mates.’

‘You’ll need a hand surely, you can’t carry all eight drinks yourself?’

‘Oh,’ Robbie said, eyeing up the drinks but accepting that he would be right. ‘Ok, thanks.’

We soon reached the team, Tom following behind me with a handful of drinks. I passed them around the group, taking them from Tom two at a time until there were only two left in his hands. He handed one to me with a smile.

‘Cheers,’ he said.

‘Yeah, cheers,’ Robbie said, taking a huge swig from his glass. Before long he had finished his drink and he said his goodbyes to the team and Tom and left the club.

The fresh air of the quiet night was a blessing for his throbbing head. He breathed it in deeply, checking his phone as he walked down the street away from the club. He swore under his breath as he saw it was flat, he’d have to walk home. Burying his hands in his pockets he began the walk, the bustling city giving away to quiet dimly lit streets. His head was still spinning, which surprised him, he thought he would feel better by now but if anything the further he walked the dizzier he became.

‘Wow,’ he muttered, as he staggered to a stop, holding his head as the street and trees blurred into one. He found himself falling before he could stop himself, laying like a rag doll half in the gutter. He vomited and groaned, rolling away from the puddle, attempting to pull maslak escort himself up, but his arms shook violently and his nausea grew dangerously in his throat again.

How had he gotten this drunk? Nothing makes sense. He had only had a few pints, and yet he was unable to stand? Light blinded his eyes and stopped his thoughts as he raised his hand to shield his face. The foggy sound of a car engine filled his ears and the noise of a car door opening and closing.

He felt someone helping him to his feet, but the darkness hid their face. Whoever it was was strong enough to lift him easily to his feet and to the car, loading him into the back of the seats, laying across them with his eyes closed, his body weak and unresponsive. He had a pang of dread that perhaps this was a police car, before he slipped into unconsciousness.


He awoke with a groan. His mouth was dry and his body was sore all over. He felt hot, and could feel sweat caking his bare skin. Bare skin? He opened his eyes to see he lay in an unfamiliar dim room on a stained double bed, naked but for his boxers. His wrists were tied together with several zip ties attached to a chain leading to the bedpost, a short chain that left him in an awkward position.

His heart beat rapidly in his chest, as he tried to dreg up any memories of how he got there. He remembered the club, Kevin and the team, a pretty girl smiling at him, and…

‘Morning sleepy head,’ Tom said from where he leaned against the doorway with a smug grin.

Robbie had no words as he looked at the man in horror, Tom seemed to expect this as he strutted into the room confidently, looking down at his helpless form.

‘I bet you have a lot of questions, but all you need to know is that your life is over. No one will find you, no one will rescue you, you’re mine, and the sooner you realise this the easier it will be for you.’

‘Eat shit,’ Robbie spat and in a split second Tom’s fist connected with his cheek. The pain was excruciating and Robbie fought against the tears springing to his eyes.

Tom chucked darkly, ‘now now Robbie, play nice. I know you must be thirsty, and hungry too. Do you want something to eat and drink yes?’

Robbie gritted his teeth, ignoring the pain in his throat and rumbling in his stomach.

‘Hmm,’ Tom said, grabbing his chin and looking into his eyes, ‘you’re braver than I expected. An admirable quality, but stupid nevertheless.’

He reached into the bedside table and brought out an unfamiliar device, and before Robbie could react he was on him, attaching something to his face, forcing it into his mouth, Robbie tried to bite his fingers but was unsuccessful, the metal object mecidiyeköy escort forcing his mouth wide as Tom fastened it tightly around the back of his head.

‘I hope in future I won’t need to use this, but for now I think it would be unwise to trust you. Still thirsty Robbie? Have a drink of this.’

Robbie watched with sinking horror as Tom unbuckled his belt and withdrew his large erect penis. Grabbing Robbie violently by the head he dragged him towards him, he tried to yell through the fastenings in his mouth but it was hopeless as his open mouth was forced onto the man’s member. Robbie felt the penis slide along his tongue and he shuddered violently, fighting the urge to wretch. Tom forced his head up and down, fucking his mouth like a doll. Robbie could feel the dick going deeper and deeper, Tom pausing, holding his face right in his pubes, the penis sliding down his throat, blocking his windpipe. He struggled, and eventually Tom let go, allowing him to breathe again, his saliva dripping off his throbbing penis as he grinned down at Robbie’s red and tear stained face.

He spoke to Robbie now as he continued to fuck his face with renewed vigour, ‘I knew from the moment I saw you you would be perfect. You’re face right now is what dreams are made of. With time you’ll come to respect me, maybe even love me. You put on this defiant attitude, but I know you’re a natural sub. You will do anything to please my cock, my little. Slut. Faggot. Boy.’

He punctuated each of the last words with a hard thrust and on the last he pulled out spraying his cum over Robbie’s face and into his mouth, still held open by the metallic device, causing his jaw to smart painfully. The salty taste on his tongue made his queasiness return and he began wretching bile over the side of the bed as Tom stroked his head.

‘There there baby,’ Tom whispered, ‘I know the first time is hard, but it’ll get easier.’

He reached down and undid the device, freeing Robbie’s mouth from it’s clutches. Robbie worked his jaw, the pain making it feel alien to him, like nothing that had just happened was real. As he sat back up, shuddering and trembling Tom left the room, only to re-enter with a tray holding a large bottle of water and a bread roll.

Tom handed him the water bottle, which he grabbed in his two fastened together hands and raised to his lips, drinking eagerly, desperate to get rid of the salty flavour of his humiliation, before turning to the bread roll and devouring it. He began to feel light headed again and realised that perhaps he shouldn’t have drunk the water after all.

Tom smiled a dark smile. ‘Sorry buddy, but it’s best to keep you docile at this stage. But I have a present for you when you wake up,’ he said placing an unfamiliar black object on the bedside table. Through his blurry exhausted vision Robbie struggled to make out what the object was as Tom left the room, shutting him back into the darkness. It was only just as he was drifting into his disturbed drug induced sleep that he realised it was a butt plug.

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