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Revised Edition

Susan Smith is a very wealthy person whose greatest thrill in life is to introduce innocent young women who happen to be looking for adventure to the joys of lesbian sex. Because she is an investor in a movie studio that specializes in high quality lesbian pornography, Susan has ready access to willing candidates for her unique form of personal entertainment. This “entertainment” happens in carefully paced, gentle seductions in Susan’s secluded mansion, where young women who have never known the touch of another female are brought slowly to the point of begging for lesbian sex. Given that she is rich, beautiful, sexy, smart, charming and actually quite sweet despite her depraved activities, Susan’s “victims” are always delighted by the experience.

This is a long story about one of those seductions. It involves two young women, Jean and Sophie, age 18 and 19.



Susan Smith is a 28 year-old lesbian. Her greatest thrill is to have sex with young women who though willing are “virgins” to girl-girl sex. She has established a lifestyle that enables her to regularly enjoy this thrill in a way that is not destructive. She worries about her unusual taste, but is resigned to the reality that nothing turns her on more than watching the transition as the embarrassed reluctance felt by a nubile young woman who is having her own sex tasted by another woman for the first time is gradually transmuted into eager lust under the skilful ministrations of an experienced lesbian. An experienced lesbian like Susan Smith, that is.

An only child, Susan inherited a fortune when her parents were killed in a car wreck when she was just 12. Between that time and when she went off to college she had lived with her dad’s single brother Henry, her closest living relative. Susan suspected he was gay, but despite sharing a house their lives intersected very little. They had a cordial relationship but not a close one. Henry was also wealthy, and was constantly away on business travel for long periods, so Susan grew used to living alone, and became quire self sufficient at an early age. She wasn’t really a “loner” – she made friends easily and was relatively popular in high school – but she was highly self contained. She enjoyed socializing with other people, but didn’t need them.

It was in 7th grade that Susan began to discover her sexual preference. The other girls at the private school she attended talked about boys all the time, and about their initial forays into the realm of sexual relations – make-out sessions, getting “felt up,” and the related low level physical contacts of junior high school. Susan found the discussions somewhere between boring and repulsive. At the same time she found herself fascinated by the developing young bodies of her classmates, especially in the showers after gym class.

She was especially excited by the embarrassment of the more timid girls. The first time she acted on these feelings was when she was 14, while playing hide-and-seek at the home of a classmate who had a sister a couple years younger. The sister also had some friends over, and while Susan and her classmates were a bit old for the childish game, they joined in the fun. At one point Susan found herself hiding behind some heavy drapes with Judy, a shy girl about a year younger than herself. The game had become lively and all the girls were in an excited state. Judy was standing if front of Susan, and Susan reached her arms around the girl, pulling her close in a protective fashion. In doing so she “copped a feel” of the pubescent girl’s budding breasts, and found the forbidden touch so thrilling that she actually felt faint for a moment. The moment quickly passed but Susan did not forget what she had done, and resolved to have more. She never sought an opportunity to pursue her newfound lust with Judy – their coming together that one time was just a fluke – and a long time actually passed before Susan was finally able to create an opportunity to taste the forbidden fruits of lesbian sex.

Susan was good looking. By the time she turned 16 she reached her full height of 5’8″, had very ample but not huge breasts, light brown hair that she wore shoulder length, and a pretty face. She had a healthy “California girl” look to her. A star tennis player and socially popular at school, Susan was considered a member of the “in crowd,” even though she was not hugely sociable. Her slight aloofness gave her a certain mystique.

When she befriended Becky, who was also shy and timid like Judy, the girl responded strongly to what she perceived as flattering attention from a member of higher “caste” in the high school popularity pecking order. Before long Susan was hosting Becky for sleepovers in the luxurious house she shared with uncle Henry, and the result was inevitable: Susan had her first taste of girl-girl sex, and the rest, as they say, is history. But that is another (and delicious) story, to be told at a different time.

Susan attended college cihangir escort at one of the more prestigious state universities in Southern California. At uncle Henry’s suggestion she studied finance, the better to manage the fortune she had inherited. She was smart, and academic success came without much effort. While she had been a competitive athlete in high school tennis, she wasn’t sufficiently interested to commit the time needed to participate at the college level. In her freshman year she lived in an all girls dorm, but was bored by the cattiness of many of her hall mates, and the constant chatter about boys, dating, and “hooking up.” So Susan was somewhat isolated. As a result of all these factors, Susan had plenty of time on her hands during college, and chose to use it to experiment with various lifestyles.

She moved into an apartment in her sophomore year, and began tasting life on the “dark side” by hanging out with a group of “townies” who were into the “Goth” thing. One weekend she and some of the group found themselves at a party attended by people involved in the video porn industry, the center of which was located in a community not far away. It was there that she met Jinna, a videographer who worked for one of the mainstream porn studios. They struck up a friendship, and Susan learned that the young woman had ambitions of someday starting her own studio, which would exclusively make high-quality all-girl films. Jinna was still learning her craft, and learning the ropes of the industry, so was in no position to make it happen at the time, and had no idea how she would ever finance such a venture when the time was right. But that was her dream.

Susan was fascinated. She and Jinna stayed in loose contact. Susan eventually grew out of her “Goth” phase, and moved back into the more genteel social setting of college life. Jinna grew more experienced and accomplished in her field, and never lost her ambition.

When Susan graduated from college she moved into her own home, and concentrated on managing and increasing the fortune she had inherited, some $150 million. She was proud of the fact that by the time she was 28 years old she had increased that amount to more than $250 million through careful investment in select business start-ups and real estate development projects.

One of her smaller investments was less conventional. She had bankrolled the all-girl porn studio Jinna had dreamed of. As a result Susan Smith, lesbian, became the “angel” investor for Lez! Productions. She was strictly a silent partner and had absolutely no role in the operations of Jinna’s enterprise, but she did appreciate the product, which was lesbian pornography that eschewed the crass conventions of the mainstream, especially the extreme objectification of women that Jinna and Susan both despised. They were outraged by the manic, almost robotic “sex machine” behavior that the actresses in those films were required to portray

Instead, Jinna made films in which the actresses interacted in recognizably human ways. They featured ‘natural’-appearing women – not silicone-stuffed barbie-dolls dressed up like Mustang Ranch prostitutes – having explicit sex with plenty of sensual elements, including plausible portrayals of emotion, intimacy, build-up, kissing and foreplay.

Indeed, her enterprise developed a reputation for quality, and carved out a niche for itself in the marketplace. As a result the studio attracted its share of young women who thought they wanted to be “porn stars.” Usually this was good for business, because Jinna was skilled at utilizing this fresh talent to make tasteful yet very hot films. Her goal was to create a product that the actresses would not have to be ashamed of later in their lives.

Not infrequently, Jinna had girls come to her that she just knew should not get involved in this industry. Usually these young women were characterized by a woeful combination of economic hard luck stories, emotional deprivation, and a misguided attraction to what they perceived to be a glamorous career. That combination was actually typical in the industry, but in some instances a girl possessed a certain innocence or tenderness that Jinna just knew would be crushed by the high pressure realities of even a quality studio like her own. That is where Susan came in.

Jinna knew that if she just said “no” to these girls many would go to a less humane producer and get even more crushed. The young women needed help in their lives, and usually were looking for some “illicit” excitement as well. Fortunately for her, and even more so for these girls, her friend and financial “angel” Susan provided the perfect solution, because the wealthy woman was ready, willing an able to provide both the sexual thrills and a “leg up” in life that these young women desperately needed.

The “thrills” part of course meant lesbian sex. As mentioned, Susan had her own “issues” with matters of human intimacy. Specifically, she found her greatest thrill in having sex with attractive young women who had never felt çapa escort the touch of another woman’s lips on their fresh young bodies. Susan realized she was very weird in this regard, to say the least. Depraved, even. Paradoxically, she was a very moral person, and would never consider engaging in any form of exploitation to fulfull her fantasies.

Susan’s sexual history was a product of this unusual preference. She had had many female lovers in college and in the years since, but never a steady and deep relationship. Also, most of the girls and women Susan took to bed had something in common: They were timid and young looking. Susan liked to dominate and cow her lovers. She recognized that her tastes in this regard had been there all along, beginning with “copping a feel” during that childish hide-and-seek game years ago, and her subsequent seduction of her timid classmate Becky.

So, she and Jinna had made an arrangement that created a win-win situation all around. When the film producer came upon a girl who just was not ready or right for a career in the porn industry, but who would refuse to take “no” for an answer, and and would quietly return home before she had experienced a taste of – something, Jinna sent the young woman to Susan. Actually, Jinna would usually send two young women, which contributed to the thrill for all concerned. She encountered such cases at least once a month, and could easily keep one girl on the hook for a few weeks until a second candidate appeared. Then she would introduce them to Susan. Who would introduce the girls to lesbian sex in what usually turned out to be multi-day trysts in her luxurious mansion.

Today was one of the days when the wealthy woman and two younger girls would begin such an experience. Sitting in her living room, Susan saw Jinna’s studio work van enter the winding driveway of her estate, and headed out to greet her. Jinna stepped down from the driver’s seat, and the two friends gave each other a hug. Then the back door of the vehicle opened and two nervous looking young women climbed out.

One had long, straight dark hair. Susan knew she was 19, but the girl had a fresh-faced innocence that made her look younger. Susan could immediately see why Jinna judged the girl to be too tender for the porn business. Her body was fleshy and rounded, almost a little chubby, but at her age it was more like baby fat than obesity. She was about 5’6′, had very large breasts, but not freakishly so, more like the lower-end of D-cup range. Her buttocks were perfectly rounded and protruded pertly. She was very pretty, with vaguely eastern European features – the slightest slant to her eyes. She also had that kind of heart-stopping sweetness or cuteness that adolescent girls sometimes exhibited. Her skin was pale and untanned. Susan was thrilled – this gorgeous creature was exactly the type she craved, and if things went well would be hers for the next several days!

Susan turned her attention to the other young woman, who she knew was just 18. Very unlike the first, this girl was a trim and athletic-looking blonde. Her hair was cut short, she had small breasts, strong legs and a tight ass. This girl also looked nervous, but had a bold “go to hell” spark to her expression as well. Jinna had explained to Susan earlier that despite this quality she just felt the girl was too young for the business.

Susan led all three visitors into a cozy den on the lower level of the house. Jinna came in to make introductions and get the girls settled, but had to get back to the studio, and made her excuses after just a few minutes. She gave each of the other women a quick hug and told them to be good and have fun. Susan saw her friend to the door, waved, and then the film producer was gone – leaving her alone in the luxurious house with two beautiful young women who combined tender innocence with a demand for excitement. Sexual excitement. At the thought Susan felt her knees grow a little weak, her stomach do a little flip, and her pussy start to get wet. Yes! This is what she lived for – introducing fresh young girls who had never tasted another woman’s pussy to the pleasures of lesbian sex! Despite their imagined ambitions of entering the porn business, she knew they would be reluctant at first, but she was confident that her considerable skills would have the girls begging for it before long. But . . . first things first. None of that was guaranteed – yet.

Susan returned to the girls, asked if they wanted something to drink, and got them each a glass of bottled lemonade from a small bar in the den. Then she sat and did best to get to know the young women and make them comfortable. “Tell me about yourselves,” she asked. Jinna had given her brief biographical sketches, but gradually she drew out the details, beginning with the little blonde, whose name was Jean, and who was quite outgoing and spunky. The full-bodied dark-haired girl was named Sophie, and she was shy and timid. Susan used her charm and social skills to make the girls feel at home, and they gradually began to relax and erenköy escort enjoy the company of this mysterious and attractive young woman, who from their youthful vantage point actually seemed much older and infinitely more sophisticated.

Their stories had a familiar ring to them – the porn industry seemed to attract fish from the same waters. Both girls came from broken homes, living with single mothers who didn’t have much time or resources for their daughters, either financially or emotionally. It was a class somewhere between “trailer trash” and “welfare queens.” Both still lived at home, where the lack of emotional engagement and supervision explained how they were able to take off for days at a time without setting off alarms. As always Susan found such stories rather depressing, and her heart went out to the girls. She was glad to be in a position to give the young women a better chance in life than what they might otherwise expect. But that would come later.

Although Jinna had filled her in on this aspect as well, Susan inquired about the girls’ sexual histories. Jean told a sad story of how at the tender age of 13 she had been raped by a boyfriend of her worthless mother. Since then she had also had sex with several older boys from her high school, but had found none of them satisfying. They were just in it for their own pleasure, and didn’t care if the girl enjoyed it or not. Jean was not impressed by her experiences with heterosexual sex so far.

The slightly older but less mature Sophie had not experienced similar brutality, but neither had she received any joy from her sexuality. She had been to bed with a few men, and not surprisingly given her age and social milieu, they just used her without regard to her needs or desires.

They talked more, Susan poured on the charm, and the two girls responded. Mostly they responded to the flattering attention the sophisticated young woman offered. Coming from backgrounds in which they were either snarled at at home or patronized in school, it was not surprising that being treated like a fully competent and worthwhile human being by someone who was genuinely interested had a certain effect. Before long the three females were conversing intimately, sharing jokes, and feeling comfortable. Susan knew it was time to begin the festivities.

“Tell me – have either of you ever had any kind of sexual experience with another woman?” She knew from Jinna that the answer was no, but the next few steps of the “process” were all part of the illicit thrill that Susan guiltily extracted from these exchanges. The girls looked embarrassed, and both shook their heads. “However, you would not have showed up at Lez! Productions if you were not willing, or at least curious in that regard, correct?” Both nodded nervously. “For various reasons, Jinna does not believe that you are ready or right for a career in the porn industry. You disagree, correct?” Again, both girls nodded nervously. “And in addition, you don’t know what else to do with your lives, right?” More nods.

“Well, we are going to deal with that last issue before we part, and I think you will be very happy at the results. But first – today your curiosity about sex with another woman – with a stranger no less – shall be satisfied! You look shocked? What do you think happens at Lez! Productions? Well, maybe your reaction suggests that Jinna is right and you are not ready for such a career. However, let me tell you why you are here, and what we will do,” Susan began.

“Consider this a ‘halfway house’ on the road to lesbian porn. Or maybe a starting point on the road to a life better than that one, but again we will deal with that later. I am a lesbian, and my peculiar preference is to make passionate love to innocent young women like yourselves. You are curious, or desperate, or for some other reason have expressed a willingness to participate in such activities.

“In the hours and days ahead I want to make love to you both, and you to me. I want to fuck you!”

At first, both girls looked as if they had been slapped. Having the program laid out in such explicit and unforgiving terms was a shock. However, neither girl was a complete naïf; after all, they had considered themselves ready to make porn films. Also, for all her direct talk, Susan was not really a scary person at all, and her sweetness shown through even when she was announcing her intentions in such uncompromising terms. And – both young women also felt a thrill at the idea of tasting such forbidden fruit, which was part of what had brought them here in the first place. So after the first shock passed, the two looked at each other, and at Susan, and gave kind of a nervous giggle.

Susan sat back and soaked in the initial nervousness and embarrassment of the pair. The girls’ intuition was right, though – she was not cruel, and so she felt a bit relieved when their little giggle showed that they saw through the tough-guy act. However, part of Susan’s pleasure in these exchanges did involve pushing girls like these right to edge of their comfort zones. She loved the embarrassment and hesitancy that accompanied an adolescent girl’s first experience of homosexual love, but in the final analysis she could never bring herself to engage in anything less than fully consensual sex. Her next words made that clear, and removed any hint of coercion from the interaction she had just described.

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