Second Time Around

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Donna Manchester wheeled her late model Volvo station wagon on the open road, quickly turning on her windshield wipers to deflect the huge raindrops pounding her windshield. As she drove, she concentrated on the raindrops to avoid thinking about what she was about to do. She watched as they hit her windshield and flattened briefly from the wind before being swept away with a swish of the wiper. She almost felt like those raindrops-manipulated into making herself go away to become what everyone else wanted her to be.

For most of her life she’d always done what everyone else wanted her to do with little complaint. Her mother, father, and even her brothers. Since she was the only girl out of three kids, the pressure on her to be perfect was great. She had to be her daddy’s little girl, her mother’s strong woman, and her brothers’ virgin sister. From there she had gone to college, graduated at the top of her class, and fell in love.

She met her ex-husband Kevin in an accounting class while working in his study group. They soon started dating and stayed together for three of her four years of college. They married right after graduation and that was where she ended. From then on, Kevin controlled her every move-what she did, how she looked, who her friends were, but that was over now. She was on her own now. For the first time in her life really. She could do anything she wanted and she wanted this. Hell, she needed this. Never had she needed anything more.

As this realization swept over her, her spirits lifted considerably. Her foot eased down on the accelerator slowly, suddenly eager to see the man who would be only the third man she’d ever been with. The first had been out of curiosity in college, and had only happened once. The anti-climactic (literally) nature of the experience was enough to make her not rush into it again. The second man was her ex-husband, over a year later. Now Mark would be her third.

She finally reached his house and pulled into a parking space. She put her car into park and reached for the key, hating herself for pausing to pull it out. She had a fine guy waiting for her inside why was she hesitating? She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, gazing through the windshield, noticing that the rain had stopped. She focused on the most beautiful full moon she’d ever seen. It seemed to glow brighter than she ever remembered seeing the moon glow, as if urging her to get out of the car and fulfill her desires. She watched it a moment longer, regaining her confidence and snatching the keys, hurrying out of the car before she lost her nerve again.

Straightening her clothes, she walked up to the door, throwing one last glance at the moon, using it’s light to guide her path to the ecstasy that awaited her on the other side of that heavy door. Just as she made it to the door, it opened before she could even knock, revealing one of the most beautiful men she’d ever seen.

She stepped in the door as if in slow motion, staring at his full lips which were moving although she didn’t hear a word. The door drifted closed behind her and she gently fell against it, staring at his lips tuzla escort which were still moving. She watched them, making no attempt to listen. She couldn’t listen. To listen, she’d have to respond. To respond she would have to think. This was not a time to think. Instead, she decided to study him.

She took in his milk chocolate colored skin, dark eyes, thick lashes and hair, her eyes sliding down to his lips once again, surprised she hadn’t noticed the mole right above his upper lip before. He finally stopped talking to return her stare, a slow smile spreading across those heavenly lips. They stood silently staring, her expression blank, his confused and slightly amused.

He cocked an eyebrow, finally breaking her gaze. Her eyes traveled down his body. He still had on a suit from work. He must have been home for at least three hours and hadn’t bothered to change? Oh well. He wouldn’t be wearing that suit much longer anyway. She just hated the fact that she would have to wrinkle it. She was sure he’d get over it.

The first three buttons on his shirt had been unbuttoned and his tie loosened. She loved it when men did that! She found it so sexy that they could look straight-laced and yet rumpled at the same time. He looked like a bad school boy. Well she was about to teach him a lesson he’d never forget.

She reached out and grabbed his tie, pulling him close so that his lips were inches from hers. She breathed lightly on his lips, pausing before diving in tongue first, devouring his mouth completely. He gasped, taken aback for a moment before rising to the occasion with relish, kissing her as feverishly as she kissed him.

Her hands drifted below his waist to caress his crotch. She heard him make a noise of surprise but she didn’t hesitate. She couldn’t hesitate. She wanted him so bad she could barely breathe. They kissed harder as her caress deepened.

She slowly unbuttoned his pants as they continued to kiss, sliding the zipper down slowly. She pulled away from him to slowly trail kisses down his body, being careful not to think about what she was doing. She’d only done this to her ex- husband twice. She couldn’t believe she was doing it to this virtual stranger, but it felt right. When she heard him groan as her lips touched him, she knew it was right.

She took him in her mouth and slowly began to work her magic on him. She slid her tongue up and down his length and then gently took him in her mouth again to suck him slowly as he leaned against the door above her, holding on for all he was worth as she slowly drove him wild. She kept going until she was sure he was hers to control, then stood, kissing him again, sliding a leg around his waist and moving her hips against his hard cock.

She pulled away from his kiss as if suddenly disinterested in him to walk into the living room. She stood with her back to him, hoping silently that he would follow. She wanted him badly, but she wasn’t just about to give it away. He had to do a little work. He watched her go in a daze, slowly following her into the living room. He pressed himself against her and began kissing her neck, caressing her breasts tuzla escort bayan and pressing his hardness against her ass. She allowed herself to indulge in his movements for a moment, closing her eyes. Damn he felt good! With difficulty, she pulled away again to sit on the couch, looking at him intensely. As he watched, licking his lips, she opened her legs, throwing one along the back of the couch and placing the other on the floor. She motioned for him to come closer, pulling him down on top of her. They kissed for a moment, then she slowly pushed his face down until it was below her waist.

“Now lick!” she commanded.

Smiling slowly, he lowered his head and quickly slid her panties to the side as he began to oblige, gently licking and driving her crazy. Her husband would rarely do this for her. She’d forgotten how much she’d enjoyed it on the rare occasions that he would do it. Grabbing him by the back of the head, she pushed his face closer while moving her hips against his eager mouth, sure she was cutting off his air supply but not caring. This felt too damn good! He greedily licked her, grabbing her hips to try and steady her so he could drive his tongue into her deeply, driving her crazy and causing her to cry out loudly. She felt herself shiver as she came explosively on his eager tongue. He groaned his approval, licking up all her spare juices, making sure not to spill a drop.

He was still licking when Donna reached down and lifted his head with one finger. “That’s enough,” she said. “Now do me.”

“No problem,” he said, smiling and licking his lips. She felt a stirring in her at this motion. Damn he was fine! She couldn’t wait to get him inside her. She knew she was definitely going to enjoy this. She lowered her leg from the back of the couch, using her foot to push him back on the arm of the couch.

She leaned forward, sliding her blouse out of her skirt and pulling it over her head, flinging it behind the couch. She leaned in close to him until her breasts nearly jumped out of her bra. His hands slid up her body, pulling her closer to kiss her deeply, his hands quickly pulling down part of her bra to gently caress the nipple. Before she knew it, he had the bra off completely and his mouth replaced his hands on her breasts.

Damn he was smooth! She definitely wasn’t complaining. Not that she could. She shivered as he sucked her nipples gently, lightly biting them. She pushed her breasts into his face, sliding her legs to either side of his hips, straddling him. He grasped her back tightly, sinking his teeth deeper into the soft mounds of her breasts.

She groaned loudly, moving her hips against his, enjoying the feel of his rock-hard penis straining against her crotch as she ground herself into him. She looked down at him to find his face a mask of wanting as he struggled to control himself from attacking her. He reached for her breasts again but she pulled away, loving the desperate look of want in his eyes as she teased him. She slowly ground her hips into his again. He moaned, throwing his head back in desire.

“MMM.” He moaned, rolling his head back in her direction, licking escort tuzla those luscious lips slowly as he stared at her. “Come on, let’s go now,” he said, his voice a husky whisper. She smiled, not answering, loving the feel of power. She really needed this. “Please,” he said, and that one word broke her resolve. She’d been waiting for this forever. All her life she’d waited for true passion, lust, and she was going to make the most of it.

She leaned forward, kissing him deeply while sliding her hand between his legs to slowly caress him. He wiggled beneath her in pleasure, smiling as she stroked him deeply, sliding her hand up and down his full length. She stopped suddenly, getting up to stand in front of him. Confused, he watched silently, slowly stroking his swollen penis as she slowly finished undressing, sliding off her skirt and standing in front of him in only her panties.

“Damn I want you,” he said, jumping up to grab her, kissing her deeply and ripping off her panties in one pull. Her ass quivered with the effort and his hands covered it immediately, lifting her up to allow her legs to straddle his waist. They fell back on the couch and he quickly removed his underwear, sliding into her like butter on a hot roll. They both groaned as he stroked her urgently. She widened her legs to get every inch of him inside her, bracing herself with one leg on the couch and the other on the floor.

He gripped her hips tightly, steadying her as he forcefully thrust himself deeper into her. She arched her hips, moving with him. “Oh God yes,” she moaned, so glad she hadn’t talked herself out of coming. She had never made love like this. It was definitely the best, and she wasn’t done yet.

She sat up, still moving with him, pushing him back against the couch so that she was now on top. She rode him lustily, staring him in the eye as she moved. She had never made love in the light before and was actually enjoying it more. Her husband always made her feel self-conscious about her body. Mark didn’t say anything, in fact he eyed her very appreciatively from the moment she walked in the door.

She suddenly got an idea. This was a night for new things, why not? “Let’s do it doggystyle,” she said, sliding off of him to stand in front of a window across the room. The shade was slightly open and the off-chance that someone might see them excited her. She placed her hands on the sill and spread her legs. he was soon behind her, rubbing her azz.

“Damn you’ve got a beautiful ass,” he said, caressing it.

He slowly slid one hand over her cheeks as he used the other to slide into her. She moaned, trying to calm herself down so she didn’t come too soon. It was exquisite! She wouldn’t believe she’d never done this before.

He slowly began moving against her and she pushed back against him. He began moving faster, lightly slapping her behind as he moved faster and harder. She groaned loudly, grasping the windowsill.

“Oh yeah,” she groaned, moving harder against him as he slapped her again.

“Harder,” she groaned, delirious with delight. He bucked harder against her and she moved harder against him. She glanced out the window, catching a glimpse of the full moon just before reaching her final moment of ecstasy, collapsing against the windowsill completely satisfied, glowing as brightly as the moon above her.

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