Movie Night

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We settle down to watch a movie, we dim the lights and cuddle up on the sofa with our drinks in hand.

My hand is resting around her tummy, hers resting on mine, her back pressing into my chest. As she sits in the gap between my legs. We enjoy this position for the intimacy it brings to the simple things.

We get to a particular erotic part of the film, and I can tell that my girlfriend is getting turned on, she starts a much more shallow breathing, lips parted, fidgeting, with her eyes glued to the scene. Perhaps the most telling way I know my girlfriend is turned on though is how her nipples are straining against the thin evening top she is wearing, deliciously hard and sensitive.

I start running small circles across her tummy, slowly making each circle larger, pressing more with every rotation.

She intertwines her fingers with mine as I slowly rub her tummy, hearing her purrs and gentle moans of comfort.

She reaches back, both hands capturing my head as she brings it forward into a light little kiss, teasing my lips with her tongue and a naughty little grin. With my mouth next to her ear, I whisper that my little naughty girl shouldn’t tease me like that, or I may bite back.

She looks back at me with challenging eyes and a delicious little smirk that lets me know she’s succeeded in turning me on.

She leans back, taking my hand in hers and dragging it slowly upwards towards her chest. Dragging my palms over her hardened nipples, releasing a much more erotic growl. She releases my hands putting them behind her back, starting to gently caress my thighs through my shorts, inching higher and higher with obvious desire.

I move my hands down, putting a firm grip on her upper thigh, my thumbs just bahis firmaları below her wetness, even now I can feel the heat from her lips. But my little slut is being a bad girl, so I decide to tease her, drive her close to the edge.

I move my hands in circles along both her things, applying more pressure the closer I get to her delicious lips. Larger and larger circles , my hands tease her erroneous points, never getting close enough to give relief to her core. I whisper in her ear, that good girls don’t teased their master, even as her hands slip higher into my shorts, trying to win her game before I make her break with pleasure.

My hands continue up her thighs, under her skirt, so close to her core that my little slut stops toying and reaches up to grab my head to pull me in for a passionate kiss, I lean back just out of reach and push more on her pleasure point just on her thigh just below her pussy, before brushing gently down her thighs, repeating this over and over until I can feel her wetness escaping, her growls and incoherent words urging me to let her cum. Not just yet my little slut.

I order her to stand up, and lift her skirt. She does, but not without a little wiggle of her ass that earns her a light spank. I move in front of her and tell her to sit back down. I take her legs, spreading them a little wider, the need in her eyes obvious now as she stares at my hands.

I move my hands up and down her thighs as before putting pressure on her pleasure points, but trailing my hands with soft kisses and little licks, tasting her wetness up and down her thigh.

Just as my hands reach her core, she tries to push her pussy closer, begging me to take a lick, begging to give her the release she needs. But my hands hold kaçak iddaa her legs in place, and I blow gently over her clit.

My little slut shudders completely, as I begin to trail back down her leg, repeating my journey up to her core over and over, her hands now freeing her nipples from her top and playing trying to ease the pressure from her core.

My next journey up her thigh, I stop just in front of her pussy, soft breaths, waiting until my little slut focuses her attention on me, looks into my eyes with a questioning gaze before I grin, taking a long deep lick of her core, before taking her clit into my mouth. My fingers now teasing her lips and my other hand holds her still as I taste my little sluts core.

Her head is thrown back, a long drawn out moan escaping from her lips. I stop all movement, only the light breathing continues. She slowly looks back down in confusion only to see a grin looking back at her.

The moment her eyes lock on mine, I take a long lick again, taking her clit into my mouth. Again her head is thrown back as she rebels in the pleasure I am giving her.

I stop once again, only taking in the delicious scent of her lips, and blowing on her clit. She looks down, a look of frustration and lust. I take another long lick, as my fingers start to push deeply in and out, curling upwards as I suck on her clit. Her eyes not leaving mine, not willing to give the pleasure up.

Her hands grab my hair, pulling me deeper into her core, her wetness the only taste on my lips.

I add another finger to her core, alternating between long licks and a short suck of her clit. I can see my little sluts legs shaking with pleasure as she is brought closer to the edge.

Her head falls back again, feeling kaçak bahis the pleasure. She growls loudly when my tongue and fingers stop once more, she quickly looks back down, wild eyes needing more. I continue to pleasure her, adding another finger to her core, I start getting faster now, curling upwards. Her moans of pleasure delicious to hear as she passes the edge. I hold her down as I continue to lick her delicious lips. Her body shaking, her breath short.

I slowly unzip my shorts, taking my hard cock, rubbing the head up and down her lips as I capture hers with a kiss.

I move to her neck, laying trails of kisses across her neck and down her chest. I hold her hips down as my cock lines up with her wet, hot entrance. I hold my cock there, hard, pulsing. I know that my little slut can feel my cock at her entrance, still riding the wave of pleasure, I wait until she locks her eyes on mine again before pushing forward deep into her core. My little slut can’t help but moan loudly, her head falling back. Again I wait until hers eyes lock with mine before beginning to thrust deeply in and out. My thumb finding and teasing her clit, I whisper in her ear that she cannot look anywhere but me, as I take her little pussy. My hard cock throbbing deeply with every thrust.

She reaches forward, her arms wrap round my neck as her eyes stare into mine. We are both breathless and filled with lust now. My little sluts breathless moans fill the room, in time with every slap of our hips.

My little slut, quietly whispers, just barely low enough to hear, begging for permission to cum, begging for harder, begging for my cock to fully own her wet pussy.

I tweak her nipple with my hand, her eyes widen as I can tell she is losing control, I whisper in her ear. “Cum for me slut.” Cum around my cock like the little dirty slut you are. Her only reply, a reply that takes any control I have left is a short one. “Cum in me master, cum in your little dirty slut”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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