Roommate Surprise

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“See ya later Saby,” I said as I walked out the door of our two-bedroom apartment. My roommate Sabrina was working on the computer and didn’t seem to notice I was leaving.

I walked down the stairs and got into my little Ford Escort. It’s no Corvette but for a college girl it gets me where I need to go.

About halfway to the restaurant I was going for lunch I realized that I had forgotten my purse. I had no choice but to turn around and go back home to get it.

I opened the apartment door quickly. I wanted to get in and get my purse and get out before Sabrina could get a chance to talk to me about the cable not working and her not having anything to do again. This had become almost a hobby of hers the last couple of days. What I saw as I opened the door slowed me down a bit.

“Oh shit” Saby said, as I stood there with my mouth open. Sabrina was sitting at the computer wit her finger I her vagina. I had never masturbated or had sex in my life, my religion forbids it. That as it may be did not mean that this sight did not intrigue me. Infact I liked it.

“No its ok” I said as she started to pull up her black, silky panties which were down around her ankles. She was wearing a black skirt, a white tank top, and white nee socks. I noticed that my statement had put her a little off. She knew all about my nonexistent sex-life. I smiled to show her I meant it. “Do you mind if I watch?” I asked her, which seemed to surprise her even more. To be honest I surprised myself. This scared me as much as it excited me, but all I could think of at the time was that for some reason bostancı escort my panties seemed to be a bit soggy.

“Sure I guess…” she said as she sat back down at the computer and started to type. She was going slower than she had been when I walked in but she was getting faster as she typed with her free hand.

“What are you doing, looking at porn?” I asked truly curious. By now she had warmed up to the idea of me watching her, Infact it seemed to turn her on.

“No I’m having cyber sex with girls on the Internet,” she said with a wicked smile. That was the last thing I expected to hear.

“Are you a lesbian?” I asked a little more shocked. She just nodded and smiled even bigger. I don’t know why but that simple gesture sent chills up my spine and caused me to notice that my panties had grown wetter. I had known lesbians before, but they were never close friends like Sabrina was. They also had never caused my pussy to gush liquid. I had been turned on before so I had been wet but it was nothing like this geyser I had now. I was so wet that it had soaked through to my jeans. I wanted more.

As if she had read my mind Sabrina took off her shirt so she could massage her breasts. This put me over the top. To hell with religion I decided. “Can I join you?” I asked innocently. She seemed more confused by this question then she had at first. I realized my mistake and quickly fixed it. “I mean can I rub myself to?”

“Of course you can. You don’t even need to ask.” She said with that same wicked grin. I undid my pants, but decided to leave them on, and ümraniye escort bayan put my hand down nears my crotch on the outside of my panties.

I started to rub myself around the outside. I have had dirty friends before so I knew what the clit was and did. I just didn’t know where it was, but I quickly found it. It felt great just to stroke it. After about a minute I realized this wasn’t enough. I pulled off my pants leaving my panties. This offered more room for my hand to move around. It also just turned me on because I knew Sabrina was watching me.

I looked up and saw her just staring at me as she played with her breast with one hand and continued to type with the other. This looked pleasing to her so I undid my bra and took it off so I could press on my boobs. Sabrina seemed to delight in this so I took my shirt off so she could see better. I don’t know why but pleasing her seemed to turn me on.

“Come sit by me,” she said moving away from the computer towards the bigger couch. I didn’t even figure out what I was doing until I was sitting next to her. “May I?” She asked indicating my breast. I didn’t know what to do. Should I let her play with my boob or stop this before it went to far? In the end I decided that if I liked this so much why wouldn’t I like her touching me more, so I nodded.

She reached out and started to caress both my breasts with her hands. It felt great. I thought it couldn’t get any better and the she leaned in and started to suck on my right nipple. I could now feel the juices soaking into the couch. I jump when I noticed her kartal escort hand slowly moving down my tummy. I knew where that hand was headed but I didn’t care. I wanted it. I grabbed her hand and moved it right to the point, my soaked vagina. She started my rubbing my already swollen clit. Then she slid one finger into my tight lips. This was great. I sat up straight as a jolt of pleasure shot through my body. I couldn’t help myself as I started to moan, it was just so good.

Seeing this Sabrina moved her head down by my legs and spread them further. She moved closer and started to lick my clit while moving her finger in and out of my sloppy hole. This was too much I felt a pressure building up inside of me ready to burst, which it did. My fist orgasm squirted right into Sabrina open mouth.

For minutes I couldn’t even move. Spasms kept running through me. But as they died away I understood what I had just done. I had just had sex with my roommate and best friend. It scared me. Would we still be friends? Would we always regret this? Or would we keep doing this every day? Would I become a lesbian? I didn’t like any of those choices except the last one. Right then all I knew was that I had to get out of the same room as Sabrina.

“I need a shower” I said quicker than I intended.

“Ok, want me to join you?” She asked, always with that seductive grin.

“No. I need to think right now, ok?” I didn’t want to be rude but I needed time to think.

“Sure, no problem” she said and it pained me to see her lose that wonderful smirk. I rushed into the bathroom and started a nice warm shower. The first thing I did was to wash the stickiness away from between my legs, but as I did it gave me a warm feeling there. I would become a lesbian I decided. It was just so much fun. And if Sabrina and me did this all the time then so be it. It was good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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