Dani and Danny, Part 1

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This is a story about Daniel Wilson and his sister, Danielle. Danny, as he was called, had just completed his sophomore year in high school. Dani, as she was called, had just arrived home on summer break from university. The Wilson’s lived in an affluent neighborhood in a two story home.

Danny and Dani shared the second story of their home. During the school year Danny had the whole floor to himself. His and Dani’s rooms were connected by a Jack and Jill bath. Each had a lavatory in their rooms with doors connecting to the bath with tub, shower and toilet. While Danielle was away at school, Danny had the floor to himself and would frequently walk around nude..

Danny was building muscles and was turning into quite a good looking young man. At his age, his hormones were raging. He had a hard on most of the time and his balls would ache if he didn’t masturbate every day, generally more than once a day. When Dani wasn’t home, he would frequently go into her room to jack off, going through her lingerie, particularly her panties, which he would wrap around his dick to feel the silky texture next to his erection.

Ever since Danny had reached puberty four years ago, he had become fixated on Dani. She was a vivacious, curvy blond, 5’8” tall. She had at least 36D cup tits, and most of the time around home, she didn’t wear a bra, her marble sized nipples prominently showing under her T-shirts. When her dad and Danny stared at her chest, her mom would crossly tell her to put on a bra.

But her tits weren’t the only thing that caused the males in the household to stare. She wore tight cutoff shorts so short you could see the crease where her long legs met her butt cheeks.
Numerous time upstairs Danny would catch a peak of her in her room in only her panties and bra. Every time, he would rush off to his room and jack off. He was going through so many tissues his mom thought he had allergy problems.

The previous summer when Dani came home from college, Danny made it his mission to try to she Dani nude. And she knew what he was doing. When he would sneak around to get a peak in her room or the bathroom, Dani would leave the door open a tiny bit. Just as she reached behind to unhook her bra, or put her fingers in the waist band of her panties to pull them down, she would shut the door, leaving poor Danny with a giant hard on and highly frustrated.

This summer would turn out differently. For one thing, over the past year she saw that Danny had become quite attractive. And when she knew he was getting a hard on looking at her, she herself began to be aroused. So it seems she was becoming as interested in seeing his dick as he was to see her tits and pussy.

Several time when Dani was in the bathroom, Danny would open the door and say,”Oh, I’m sorry Dani. I didn’t know you were in here. I’m not used to you being home.”

These encounters were not lost on Dani who was becoming amused, but she wanted him to stop the fake intrusions. One night after dinner, their parents were watching a favorite show that neither Dani nor Danny particularly antalya escort bayan liked, Dani said, “Danny, lets go turn on MTV in the upstairs game room.”

When they got there, Dani did turn on the TV, but told Danny, “We need to talk.

Danny said, “Ok, what about?”

She said, “You keep coming into the bathroom when you know I’m in there.”
“I’m sorry Dani. Like I said, I’m not used to you being home yet,” he replied.

“Danny, I think you want to see me with no clothes on! Is that right?” she asked.

“What? No!,” he stammered.

“Tell me the truth, Danny. Don’t you want to see me naked?”

“No! I mean I don’t know. I mean yes! I haven’t see you naked since we were little. I still remember how cute you were and the funny feelings I got looking at you. Now you’ve a grown woman, a beautiful woman, and yes, I’d give anything to see you nude!” Danny finally admitted.

“Let’s make a deal. Sometimes I need some privacy. If I’m in the bathroom and you want to come in, you knock on the door. Unless I’m pooping or something like that, I’ll let you come in. You can watch me shower or take a bath if you want. Is that fair?” Dani said.

“Sure,” answered Danny. “I promise to knock first,” he said.

“One more thing. The same thing goes for me. Will you let me see you naked too?” Dani asked.

“Me? You want to see me? Ok, I will,…unless I …..” he quickly stated.

“Unless what, unless you are jacking off, or something like that?” she said with a grin on her face. “Don’t think I don’t know you’re doing that all the time, and going through my panties too!” she laughed.

Danny turned six shades of red. “I can’t help myself, Sis. When I see your boobs under your shirt or your bottom in those tight shorts, I can’t think of anything else. You are soo sexy!”

The next morning Danny heard the shower in the bathroom. He was dying to go in there with Dani. When he heard the water turned off, he knocked, and said, “It’s me. I need to pee!”

Dani said, “Ok, you can come in.” When he opened the door, he was stunned to see his beautiful naked sister toweling off. He just stood there mesmerized as she, while facing away from him, put one foot on the toilet drying her leg.

Danny had never seen her fantastic ass. He could see her pussy between her legs as she bent over. His dick immediately stiffened. Dani turned around facing him and put her other foot on the toilet. His eyes went from her luscious tits to her pubis covered in soft golden down and back to her tits. The areolae were pale pink next to her creamy white breasts. Her nipples were darker and stood out proudly. Dani then stepped away from the toilet to let him by, but he just stood there with his hard dick straining the fly on his boxers.

Danny then looked away as his face reddened. “Seen enough?” She asked.

“No!” he answered. “I mean I shouldn’t be looking at you like this. You’re my sister! It isn’t right.”

“I see something down there that’s very interested,” as she noted his stiff dick. “I thought you needed escort antalya to pee?”

“I don’t think I can right this minute,” he admitted. Dani, can I touch them? I mean your boobs?”

Dani answered, “Well, let’s see. You can touch them gently if you want, but then you have to do something for me.”

Danny stepped forward and put one shaky hand on her left breast. He lightly squeezed and then lifted it with his fingers to gauge its weight.

“Have you ever touched a girl’s boob, little brother?” She asked.

“Yes, I mean I let my hand rest on Melissa’s chest at the movie, but never actually touched one until now.” he answered. “I can’t believe it’s so soft, but also firm. May I touch your button?”

“Yes, you may. It’s very sensitive, but girls like the way it feels when their nipples are rubbed and lightly pinched,” she replied.

As Danny rolled her nipple and did the same on her other breast, he felt the place where his dick stretched his boxers get wet with pre-cum.

Dani said, “That’s enough for right now, but I want you to show me what you have in those boxers. I can already see the outline, but I want to see the real thing.”

“Oh, do I have to?” He asked. “I’m really not that big.”

“Yes, you have to show it to me. That was the deal.” She demanded.

Reluctantly Danny pulled down his shorts and his rigid member snapped free. Another drop of pre-cum emerged at the tip and started to make a string. Dani reached out a wiped it with her finger. Then she wrapped her hand around it to feel its firmness.

She said,”You have nothing to be ashamed of, little brother. You have a beautiful cock. Much bigger than I would have thought at your age. Thank you for showing me.”

“Now I’m going to get dressed and let you do whatever you need to to make your cock go back down so you can pee!” she said as she left the bathroom.

Rather than satisfying his years long desire to see Dani nude, he was now consumed with thoughts of seeing her in the flesh and touching her amazing tits. He wanted more – more gazing at her and more touching. Oh, he daydreamed if he could ever touch her plump pussy lips covered with silky soft blond hair.

‘What if she goes back to teasing me – letting me see her in bra and panties and then closing her door just as she was about to strip?’ he lamented. ‘I’ve got to tell her how wonderful it was she let me see and touch her.’

The next evening was the opportunity to tell her while their parents were visiting friends.

“Sis,” he began, “I think you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Your skin is perfect and your shape better than any girls I’ve seen in magazines. I want to see you again, pleeease!”

Dani replied, “If I let you see me nude again, what are you going to do for me?”

“I’ll do anything you want. I’ll do the dishes for you or do the laundry when it’s your turn. Anything,” he said.

“I’ll think about it,” she answered.

Later that night, Dani told him,”I’m gonna take a bath tonight. If you want to sit in there with antalya escort me, that’s ok.”

Danny said, “Sure, but why are you letting me do that?”

She answered,” You’ve always been so sweet to me. I see how you look at me and it gives me kinda a good feeling to know I’m important to you. Plus, over the last year, you’ve become a young man and pretty sexy yourself.”

“But isn’t it wrong for us to feel this way?” Danny asked.

“It’s not like we’re gonna fuck or anything like that. We’re just playing around. I think I have a little exhibitionist streak in me and I’m totally safe with you. I like seeing how it arouses you. But if you feel it’s wrong and you’re uncomfortable, let’s let it go,” she said.

“No way!” Danny exclaimed.

When Dani went in the bathroom and turned on the water for her bath, Danny took off everything except his boxers, knocked and joined her. She was already just in her panties. Again, Danny’s dick stiffened.

Dani pealed off her panties and left them on the floor as she stepped into the tub. Danny sat on the toilet to watch.

She told him,”You can wash my back if you want.”

Danny took to soapy washcloth and rubbed her back. “That’s nice,” she purred.

He didn’t want to stop with her back. He gingerly let his hand move around to her side and let the washrag soap the side of her breast. Holding his breath, he continued to move the cloth around to the front. He noticed her nipple get hard as he brushed his hand over it, letting the washcloth drop into the water. He let his soapy hand move over to the other breast, massaging the nipple.

Dani slid down in the tub to soak. Danny sat back on the toilet and tried to look at her pussy through the bubbles. He didn’t even notice the head of his dick protruding through the fly of his boxers. But Dani noticed.

“Isn’t it uncomfortable for your cock staying so hard for so long?” she asked. You can jack off if you want. I don’t mind. In fact, I’d like to see you masturbate.” she said.

“I don’t think I could do it with you watching,” he said. He noticed her panties on the floor and picked them up feeling the satiny texture on his fingers. Instinctively he held them up to his nose and sniffed. The musky smell of the damp crotch nearly caused him to cum.

“What a naughty boy you are sniffing my dirty panties,” Dani exclaimed. “I bet you want to jack off in them, don’t you? Go ahead, do it for me!”

By this time, she had one hand on her left tit and the other soaping her pussy. When Danny saw that, he could hold back no longer. He pulled down his boxers and wrapped her panties around his dick and began stroking. It wasn’t long before his breathing was heavy. Her hand movements between her legs told him his sister was fingering her cunt while watching him.

The first wave of his ejaculation hit and a string of cum flew across the floor to the side of the tub. As more cum erupted from his cock, he caught it in her panties. Finally the spasms subsided.

His sister said,”That was most impressive and very erotic. I can only imagine how much you would cum if you weren’t already jacking off a couple of time a day! But since you’ve filled my panties with cum, you’re going to do the laundry for me tomorrow!”

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