Our First Time Ch. 02

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During the drive from the airport Miss O just couldn’t stop looking away from the road at me. So it was a good job it was a pretty empty freeway because otherwise we might have crashed. Along the way she put her hand on my thigh and then casually started stroking my crotch through my pants. I looked into her eyes as she glanced away from the road grinning. Then I looked down at her chest, at the curve of her bosom peaking out of the top of her blouse, and then gently pressed my groin up away from the seat and into her hand. She grinned at me and got back to her driving letting her hand do the talking.

By the time we arrived at her apartment complex it was almost a race to get to the door. It was cold outside and I wasn’t exactly dressed for it so I grabbed my bag and quickly snuggled up to her with my arm around her waist as we walked to the complex entrance. Then with me dragging my bag behind me she led me down some pretty dark hallways to her door. Fumbling at the lock briefly she apologized for her clumsiness, then as she opened the door she announced, “Welcome to my home, it’s not much but I think we’ll have more fun here than staying at a hotel.”

“Oh really, so you were thinking about a hotel?” I replied.

“Yes, well I wasn’t sure about having you here at first, but then I could tell it would be okay. Plus I’ve told a friend about you and she knows what’s going on. So come on in,” she assured me.

And at that, barely through the door, we both took a step towards each other. I pushed my bag to the side, let the door close behind me and wrapping my arms around her waist I pulled her in close and kissed her. With no one around to watch we let our bodies hug as close as we wanted. I grabbed my hands around her ass and pulled her up towards me and she responded by wrapping her legs around me. She wasn’t exactly a petite woman but I was easily strong enough to lift her up and start carrying her.

“The bedroom is over there,” she said pointing to my right, almost giggling.

“Well we don’t have to go to the bedroom right away,” I responded.

“No, that’s true – but what else do you want to do?” came her retort, and at that I leaned toward her ear and whispered,

“I want to fuck you! I want to eat your pussy and fill it with my cock, and then I want you to beg me to fuck your ass!”

I said it not in a crass way, although it sounded dirty coming out of my mouth in that low voice, but the use of the word “fuck” was clearly appropriate at that moment and I knew it would turn her on. We weren’t talking romantic love-making here – this after all was the woman who had driven me crazy for weeks by email and phone talking about anal sex and how her ass was aching for my cock to fill it, and her pussy was hot and her panties were just waiting for my cum to soak them.

Indeed a couple of weeks after we’d started the phone sex a pair of her cum soak panties arrived by overnight mail, sealed in a plastic bag and still moist like the day she took them off after masturbating with me on the phone. That evening I called her up and pressed their crotch into my face and inhaled the scent of her pussy while I jerked myself to climax and she breathed and moaned her way to climax on the other end. Yes, there was no doubt that we were about to fuck each other tonight and then keep doing it till we had no more energy to keep going.

Hearing me whisper in her ear she smiled, clenched her legs tight around pendik escort me and I carried her into the bedroom and laid her back down on the bed. Slipping my shoes and jacket off and kicking them aside I then straddled her on the bed where she lay gazing up at me.

“Well this is the bedroom…” she said, half laughing like she was starting a tour of her house but had somehow got interrupted.

“I know,” I said – I think its my favorite room so far. So what happens in the bedroom?” I asked.

“You fuck me!” came the quick reply. And at that, still straddling her on the bed I started undoing my belt buckle. Her hands quickly came up to help me.

“Let me do that,” she said, “I think you need some help. Now what do we have here?” she asked inquisitively, unbuttoning my fly as she did.

My cock was already stiff, as it had been for most of the past hour since I got off the plane. I would have preferred it to be limp and watch her pleasure as it grew before her eyes – or maybe in her mouth – but as it was it was erect and virtually climbing out of my pants through the top of my underpants. She pushed my pants down and then sitting up reached into my underpants – some pretty skimpy bikini briefs that showed off my ass and made a nice sack for my cock. After pushing my underpants down there I was naked from the waist down to my knees with nothing but my stiff throbbing cock to look at.

“Wowl,” she remarked, seemingly pleased, “that’s a pretty big one, just like you told me!”

It’s a cliche I know, but it was true. Not huge mind (and I’ve seen some whoppers in porn) but at seven and a half inches it was definitely above average. She wrapped one hand around my cock and explored its shaft, curiously pulling my foreskin down, something she had obviously not seen before “in the flesh”.

“Oh,” she said, “that’s neat!” and after stroking it up and down a few times she looked at the head of my cock and said, “Yes, I think I’m going to have to suck on that!”

With that she pushed me over to the side and back onto the bed next to her with my cock standing erect like a naked flag pole. Getting up she pulled my pants off completely and tossed them next to my other things.

“You wont be needing those for a while!” she said.

“I hope not,” I grinned and started unbuttoning my shirt.

She pushed my legs apart and climbed onto the bed and then leaned over to my cock, grabbing it and watching me as she went down on me and noisily started sucking on it like a kid having its first lollipop. I’m not a huge fan of blow-jobs and I’ve rarely had a great orgasm from one, but the more the woman is enjoying it the more I do. It’s more erotic pleasure to me than sexual stimulation. So I gazed on intently as she took me time after time in her mouth, rolling her tongue around my glans and exploring as much of my shaft as she could fit in her mouth.

I made appreciative noises – it was very arousing to watch her sucking on my cock. But I knew there was no way I wanted to cum just yet – even if I could come again later. I hadn’t even touched her naked body, caressed her breasts, tasted her sex and teased her ass with my tongue as we’d talked about so much before. No this was just a shared appetizer to get our juices going, and it was time for the next course.

I reached out to her and stroked her hair which was a mousey brown and a little bit curly. Distracting her from her attentions to my cock she tuzla escort moaned, “I like sucking your cock.”

“Yes I can tell, but I think I’d like to suck on you now,” I told her.

So she climbed up further onto the bed until she was over my waist and as I pulled my shirt and t-shirt off over my head she began to undress. Her blouse unbuttoned easily and she shrugged it off to join the pile on the ground. And there she was with just a lacy green bra covering her breasts. It was a pretty bra that was quite sexy but it would just have to go.

She leaned forward to me and I instinctively cupped my hands to caress her breasts through the bra and she swooned as I squeezed them lightly. So I reached behind her, undid the clasp and holding the strap ends brought my hands to her front watching her breasts slowly uncovered as I let the bra fall. I’ve always enjoyed that moment of first seeing a woman’s breasts (or any part for that matter) uncovered. Miss O was no fresh faced teenager any more, far from it, but her body was in good shape – rounded but smooth skinned and well defined where it mattered – and her C cup breasts hung pleasingly in front of her with quarter size areole and small but perk nipples.

“Oh yes, they are gorgeous – I want them!” I exclaimed. She seemed happy at my approval and then leaned completely over me, a hand either side until her breasts were directly over my face. I reached for one and clasping it extended my tongue to flick over her nipple.

“Ahhhh, that’s so good,” she informed me in no uncertain terms.

So as I sucked on her breasts and felt their softness on my face I reached for her waist and fumbled at her skirt. I quickly realized I would be better off just pulling it up than try to undo it, so I did. Sliding the hem of the skirt up over her thighs I was able to see the top of her stockings and the bare flesh of her thighs and ass and finally a glimpse of some matching green silky panties like the ones she had previously mailed to me. I ran my hands under the skirt and started to caress her naked skin, stroking the tops of her thighs, around to the back of her ass which was partly bare. I pulled lightly on her buttocks, separating them a little, I knew she would feel that as it stretched the skin around her ass. Then I lifted them up and pulled her ass towards me guiding her crotch to my erect cock. The softness of her silky underwear started stroking my cock as she got into it and started grinding her crotch up and down my shaft.

I alternated between sucking on her nipples, caressing her breasts, kneading her buttocks and kissing her passionately. We were both groaning with pleasure and pretty soon her panties were starting to feel soaked.

“Let me help you,” she said and reached down to her panties and pulled the crotch to one side. I looked down to see her pussy for the first time and it was trimmed but not completely shaved.

Holding the crotch of her panties aside she then let her moist labia embrace my cock, which parted her slit like a sausage in a too-small hot dog bun. Her pussy felt hot wrapped around me and we just held there for a while as she barely wiggled her ass back and forth to tease me.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked watching me watching her.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” I responded, “but I think I need a closer look, don’t you?”.

She nodded, biting her lower lip with a smile making me think she was imagining my “closer look” kartal escort right now and how it might feel.

I told her, “How about you turn around? Unless you’d like to be on the bottom of course, but I think I’d like to see your ass in the air.”

She said okay and started to take her skirt and panties off.

“Let me help with that,” I said and I hurried over to undress her from the waist down. Standing in front of her I pulled the skirt up again and slid my cock between her legs feeling the warmth and wetness of her pussy again. I undid the zip at the back and stepped back to let the skirt fall off. Then I returned my cock to between her legs and pressed up against her body and her breasts. I slid my hands down the length of her back and inside of her panties, reaching for her buttocks again which I gently massaged as I flexed my cock muscles so it pushed into her pussy.

As she moaned with pleasure I pulled a hand out and offered her my index and middle fingers.

“Suck my fingers for me,” I demanded and she did, sucking it like a lollipop, or perhaps something else she’d rather suck on.

Then I returned my hand to her panties, parting her buttocks and sliding down between them I then curled my finger around to find her anus and touched it as softly as I could with my now moist finger tips. I felt her tense up briefly, perhaps she hadn’t been expecting me to be quite so bold on our “first date”. Then I kissed her and touched her anus again as we kissed and this time she was relaxed and I let my moist finger tips circle her rosebud slowly as we continued to kiss. With our bodies pressed together, kissing, my cock between her legs pushed up against her pussy and my hand down the back of her panties stroking her ass we were yearning with sexual energy.

Pausing for breath she whispered, “This is so good, everything I ever imagined and we’ve hardly even gotten started”.

“I know,” I said, “this is going to be long and fun weekend isn’t it?”.

I pulled my hand from her panties again and sucked on my own finger this time. She watched me and her eyes widened.

“Ummm you’re so bad,” she exclaimed with a dirty husky voice, “but I love it!”

And with that we fell back onto the bed and arranged ourselves into a 69 with me under her ass and her leaning over my cock which she immediately set about sucking greedily on.

I reached up and pulled her ass to my face and buried my nose in her crotch which was still concealed by her panties but their juice soaked fabric left little to the imagination. Her pussy smelt every bit as good as the panties she had sent me previously, but of course even better because her juices were fresh and warm. I pulled the back of her panties up and tight so they dug into her pussy revealing the shape of her labia and tugging against her clit. She slowed her cock sucking briefly and I could tell it was stimulating her enough now to be a distraction. So then I slid my fingers down pulling the panties to one side like a thong and there she was right in my face with her pussy and ass both presented within a tongue’s distance of my face and ready for endless hours of pleasure and stimulation.

These were her most delicate and private parts, her ass surrounded by her light brown public skin, and a tight little sphincter closed up now, but a gateway to hidden and taboo pleasures later and her pussy, engorged and moist with the stimulation. She had generous outer labia to give her a distinctive mound and her inner labia poked out of the outer ones for most of its length, as if to welcome the curious tongue to suck on them and explore within which was what I now fully intended to do.

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