Nylon Sex With Susan , Bob

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I shouldn’t have been so naïve when I answered the ad but, then again, I was desperate. I’d been single again for quite a while and my sex life, and particularly, my indulgence in my fetish for tights, stockings and pussy eating had taken a bit of a tumble.

I’d advertised on several straight and fetish contact sites, where the number of single men looking for single women outweighed the converse by about 1000 to 1 and the only replies I’d had were from a couple of men offering to fuck my arse whilst wearing pantyhose! I couldn’t quite see how that was going to serve my desire to bury my face in a nylon-clad pussy, so I ignored them.

I was now so desperate I would have sold my soul for a glimpse of a nylon clad pussy or arse, or to even be allowed to touch a stocking clad leg, when I saw Susan and Bob’s advert. Susan and Bob were in their early 40s and looking for a single man to join them in ‘Pantyhose fun’ and, apparently, to satisfy Susan’s love of ‘Pantyhose-covered cocks’. I hadn’t thought of meeting a couple but they seemed straight forward enough and from their photos I could see that, although not models, they were attractive and Susan certainly had legs I would have given my right arm just to be in the same room as.

I responded to their ad and was surprised when they replied the same day. We exchanged a few e-mails and eventually a few phone calls – they were a professional couple who, like me, had a kink for tights and stockings, which they often both wore for sex, and had decided to try and have a bit of fun with someone else. Susan was particularly turned on by a hard cock in tights – hence the ad. We agreed to meet at their house and set a date. Obviously, I was to wear tights under my clothes when I arrived.

The evening came and I put on a pair of my favourite 10 denier tan coloured tights, got dressed, put a couple of spare pairs in my pocket and set off. Even in the car the feeling of the sheer fabric against my legs and the thought of what might happen later was making me hard and I had to resist the temptation not to wank myself off in the car as I drove.

When I arrived they met me at the door. Bob was wearing jeans and a shirt but Susan was looking absolutely stunning in a short, slightly flared, strappy dress that came to mid thigh and very sheer black tights, showing off her fantastic legs, finished off with a pair of high strappy heels. She was obviously wearing no bra and her small but pert tits moved invitingly behind the fabric of the dress. Bob shook my hand and Susan smiled sexily and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before inviting me through to the front room.

Susan busied her self fetching drinks and playing the hostess and it soon became clear that she was an extremely sexy lady. Her eyes where expressive and deep, her smile engaging and when she spoke to me I felt like the only person in the world with her – I was completely smitten! The way she moved, stood, sat was fantastic and as her skirt moved I attempted to capture a glimpse of what lay beneath but to no avail, just heightening the tension and excitement I felt. Eventually she finished and sat down on the sofa next to me whilst Bob sat in an armchair opposite us.

We talked for a while and the conversation eventually turned to sex, the things themselves and I had done in the past and our mutual love of pantyhose. Throughout the conversation Bob was joining in but was clearly more passive whilst Susan was taking the lead and becoming more and more teasing. Her dress was riding up and exposing more of her thighs but, try as I might, I still couldn’t quite see what I was yearning for. I was getting drawn deeper and deeper in and all I could focus on was Susan and my desire for her legs and what lay beyond, whilst my cock strained inside my tights and jeans – I would have done anything for this woman. I’m sure Susan had noticed my flustered state but she just ignored it and carried on teasing and flirting. She was just telling us how much she loved to suck a nylon covered cock and I had had just about as much as I could take when she stopped and looked me in the eye and said, in the sexiest possible way:

‘You seem miles away Phil. Is everything OK?’

I could tell by the way she smiled at me that she had been watching me staring at her nylon covered thighs.

‘I’m fine’, I said, ‘I just can’t take my eyes off your legs.’

‘Is it just my legs distracting you or are you trying to get a glimpse of my pussy?’

‘Well, now you mention it.’

‘Why didn’t you say? Would you like to see my pussy?’

Well, there was only one answer to that:

‘I’d love to!’

Susan got up from next to me on the sofa and stood facing me with her legs slightly parted before gently sliding her hands up her thighs until she reached the hem of her dress and slowly lifted it to her waist. She was part shaven and through her sheer black tights I could see her pussy lips pressed against the sheer nylon. She ran a finger up the seam at the front, touching her lips and parting bostancı escort them slightly behind the nylon. I could barely contain my excitement and my cock was straining against my tights, inside my jeans, and stimulating me further. At this point I was reminded that we weren’t the only two people in the room as she said:

‘Would you like to see too Bob?’

Bob answered ‘Yes!’ and she reached behind, lifted her dress at the rear and bent forward, no doubt giving him a perfect view of her pussy from the rear as well as her nicely rounded arse. She then reached between her legs and gently stroked a finger over the seam on her tights.

She stood up and looked at me again:

‘Is that what you wanted?’


She looked at my obviously uncomfortable state and said:

‘I can tell. Isn’t it about time I got to see those cocks? Come on you two get your kit off!’

Bob got up from his chair and came over. Susan reached out, grabbed my hand and pulled me up before sitting down on the sofa again:

‘Come on – what are you waiting for?’

Bob and myself slowly undressed and stood directly before Susan, our cocks straining against our tights.

‘Wow!’ she said, ‘What a sight for sore eyes! Aren’t they magnificent? Come closer.’

We stepped towards her and she hitched her dress above her waist and spread her legs before reaching out and simultaneously running a finger tip up the length of each of our cocks, causing mine to twitch uncontrollably with the sensation. She then looked directly at me:

‘Wow, Phil, that is a gorgeous cock I’m glad we met you.’ Then, looking at me directly, ‘would you mind if I sucked it?’

Would I mind? Hardly:

‘No, I’d love you to.’

Once again it felt as if we were the only two people in the world as she looked into my eyes and stroked one hand up my nyloned leg and with the other started to slowly, and gently, rub up and down my cock. I was in heaven and about to enjoy the best blow job of my life when, once again, I was reminded that we were not, after all, the only two people in the room:

‘What about you Bob? Would you like your cock sucked too?’

Well, of course Bob wanted his cock sucked – what a stupid question – but frankly I was not concerned with Bob’s needs right now. I was, quite literally, in the hands of the sexiest woman I’d ever met and I was not keen on the process being stopped short. Susan continued:

‘Look, Bob’s cock is hard with excitement too, its not fair that I suck your cock and not his.’

‘I don’t mind if you want to suck Bob’s cock first.’ I lied.

‘I’ve got a better Idea.’ Said Susan, ‘Phil can suck your cock whilst I suck his!’

Not what I had in mind:

‘Sorry’ I said, I ‘have no interest in men.’

At this point Susan gripped my cock pulling the nylon of my tights taught and ran a fingertip gently over the sensitive end – it was excruciatingly pleasurable.

She looked up at me with those eyes again:

‘If you suck Bob’s cock then I’ll suck yours. The harder you suck Bob the harder I’ll suck you – that way you both get to come. Wouldn’t that be exciting?’

I still didn’t want to do it but as she continued to stroke me gently and looked up at me I found it hard to let her down by saying no. I know I thought I’d do anything for her but this was beyond the call of duty.

‘Do it for me’ she said, ‘It will make me so excited. I promise you won’t regret it.’

I was sure I would but, captivated by her spell, I still couldn’t say no.

‘Good, I knew you would. Why don’t you just touch Bob’s cock and see what it feels like – touch it like I’m touching yours and you’ll want it in your mouth.’

I really wasn’t going to want it in my mouth but not only did I want mine in her mouth, I wanted desperately to please Susan. Seeing my hesitation she continued:

‘Kneel down in front of Bob and touch his cock.’

She let go of mine – that was the final straw, I had to do what it took for her to continue. I slowly knelt down in front of Bob, his stiff cock stretching against his tights only a short distance from my face. Susan got on the floor next to me and, sliding a hand up my nyloned thigh, stroked my cock again – Ah heaven!

‘Touch him.’

Her grip on the base of my cock tightened. I reached out and ran a finger down the front of his tights, touching his cock – it twitched.

‘Well done!’ she said, ‘Now get hold of it like this.’

She gripped the base of my cock through the nylon and pulled down stretching my tights taught against the end again. Gingerly I grabbed Bob’s cock and pulled slowly down. The nylon tightened over his stiff cock and the end was shiny and red – I couldn’t help but notice it was quite impressive. By now I was starting to forget it was another man’s cock and as I followed Susan’s instructions I was doing it for her, for her pleasure. Doing this to a man was one thing but doing it ‘to Susan’ was quite another and didn’t seem büyükçekmece escort at all wrong.

‘Now stroke it.’

I moved my hand round his cock slowly up and down. Bob groaned and so did I as Susan repeated the action on me.

‘Now, lick the end then put it in your mouth.’

I hesitated.

‘Let me encourage you.’

I felt her wet tongue over the nyloned tip of my cock before she enveloped it with her warm, wet mouth. I let out a gasp and nearly came there and then. Completely forgetting my inhibitions I leant forward and liked the tip of Bob’s cock with my tongue. It tasted of very little and, whilst not a taste I would crave, was not unpleasant. I slowly leant forward and placed my mouth over his cock. I grasped the base slightly and started to move my head up and down, wanking him slowly with my hand. As I did so, Susan did the same to me. My inhibitions now gone I sucked and wanked him, my excitement building as Susan expertly sucked me, and I got more and more carried away sucking and licking harder and harder. Although Bob was now groaning It was Susan’s moans I could hear whilst she was sucking me. The harder I sucked Bob the more Susan moaned. I glanced down and could see that her dress was now up around her waist and she was rubbing her self with her spare hand. This just spurred me on more – the harder I sucked Bob the more pleasure Susan gained and the more excited I got.

Just then Bob exclaimed:

‘I’m going to come!’

I held his cock firmly and pulled my head away.

‘No!’ Susan said, as she pulled her head away from my cock ‘If you want to come in my mouth then Bob’s got to come in yours – that’s how it works.’

As I moved my mouth back towards Bob’s cock Susan’s mouth enveloped mine again and without a second thought I went back to sucking Bob. The halt had delayed things a little and I went at Bob furiously until he exclaimed:

‘I’m coming!’

I clamped my mouth tight over his cock and wanked him as he came. The nylon stopped him spurting too hard in my mouth and I sucked greedily, cuming into Susan’s mouth moments later. It didn’t taste great but it wasn’t too unpleasant either. As Bob’s cock subsided I pulled my head away looking for somewhere to spit out Bob’s cum but Susan had other ideas. She lifted her head towards me, embraced me and kissed me with her mouth full of my cum. I was too excited to care now and kissed her back passing the cum from mouth to mouth until we had swallowed both mine and Bob’s cum between us. We continued, locked in an embrace and making sure we both had the last drops of come from the others face and mouth. Susan, meanwhile, had grabbed my cock through the sticky nylon of my tights and very quickly wanked me back to hardness.

When we finally stopped kissing she went back over to Bob, who was now flopped in his chair, and kissed him before turning to me:

‘Thanks for that – you’re the first who’s actually done it.’

‘You mean there have been others?’

‘Yes, you are about the 6th but no one has gone through with it before.’

‘Well, I did’t think I would.’

‘Well you did, and judging by the state of your cock now you enjoyed it.’ She said pointing at my still stiff cock, straining at my very sticky and wet tights.

‘I think I just got carried away in the excitement.’

‘Well,’ Susan said, ‘ I think you deserve some of what you really came for.’

She came back over towards me and took off her dress completely exposing a very nice body dressed only in her sheer tights and heels. She knelt on the sofa with her arms on the back and thrust her arse towards me before turning to speak to me over her shoulder:

‘I believe you love to eat nyloned cunt!’

That got me going again and I knelt down behind her and ran my hands up her nyloned thighs and onto her gorgeous rounded buttocks. She pressed her arse back towards me responding to my touch and I gently pulled her buttocks apart, exposing her pussy and arsehole. Her tights were already soaking and her pussy wet and open. I pushed my tongue against the sheer nylon and ran it up and down the seam whilst pushing it against her pussy and arse, tasting her for the first time. I lapped at her greedily and she moaned in response, pushing herself back on to my face. Meanwhile My cock was rubbing against the edge of the sofa and I was getting more and more excited pushing my tongue against the taught nylon and into her pussy and arse hole – I felt I could do this for ever.

‘I need to be fucked! Bob, come and fuck me first.’

I moved away and Bob, who’s presence I had again forgotten, came over behind her. She reached round and tore a hole in her tights to allow Bob access and he pulled the nylon of his own tights tight around his prick before entering her roughly and fucking her. They had already told me that they loved to fuck this way as the friction of the nylon around the entrance to her pussy stimulated her far more than just a plain fuck. He fucked her çatalca escort vigorously and she responded, moaning and shouting to be fucked as she pushed back against him. I sat down on the sofa again next to her, stroking my cock and being extremely excited by the show going on in front of me. She leant towards me and said:

‘Suck on my tits!’

I lay back underneath her and greedily sucked on the large nipples that capped her beautiful but small breasts as I continued to wank myself slowly, determined not to come before I had the chance to fuck this beautiful woman. Shortly she yelled that she was coming and, soon after, Bob shouted to and came inside her. As he pulled out and collapsed on the floor I got up off the sofa and went round behind her in time to see her soaking wet pussy spread wide open and looking very pink with Bob’s come leaking out and dripping on to the cushions. Without thinking I knelt down behind her again and started to lick greedily at her dripping pussy.

‘Oh God!’ she yelled, ‘Don’t stop! Lick me clean’

I wasn’t about to stop and hungrily ate at her soaking pussy making sure I got every last drop of her and Bob’s cum and then kept going until she eventually came on my face – as I said, I could have kept eating her pussy for ever.

We collapsed exhausted and the three of us lay there unable to say anything until, eventually, Bob moved back over and started to kiss and stroke Susan who slowly started to respond whilst I watched. Before long, as Bob fingered her to another orgasm she called over to me that she needed to be fucked – was I up to the job? Well, tired as I was by now I thought it would be rude to decline and moved over to join them. Susan lay flat on her back and spread her legs wide. I climbed between her legs and, doing as Bob had done, pulled the nylon of my tights tight around my cock before entering her. What ever they had said about the nylon stimulating her it was certainly stimulating me as with every thrust it pulled tight over the end of my cock. As we worked up to a frenzy she pulled my head down and whispered in my ear:

‘Do you want to cum inside me?’

Knowing what was coming next I said without thinking:

‘Only if you’ll let me suck Bob’s cock!’

‘In that case,’ she said, ‘you’d better get Bob over because I really want your cum inside me!’

Bob came over and knelt next to her holding his cock for me and without being asked again I put my mouth round it and started to suck in time with my thrusts into Susan whilst Bob wanked himself. Then, Bob pulled out and pulled his tights down round his thighs and put his naked cock back into my mouth. As he came this time it spurted into the back of my mouth making me choke a little before swallowing it down. Excited by this, myself and Susan came soon after before she leant up to kiss me again:

‘You’ve eaten it all yourself!’

‘Sorry, I should have saved you some.’

‘Well, as you’re feeling so greedy I have another cunt full that needs cleaning out.’

For the last time that night, despite never having entertained the idea before I found myself greedily eating cum.

Susan and Bob had already said that I could stay the night in her spare room and Susan showed me up there. As she left the room Susan gave me an embrace and a final quick snog before saying thank you and heading to bed herself. I was exhausted and excited and I felt really close to Susan, after all we had both shared one thing that night – we had both been receptacles for Bobs cum.

I slept soundly without waking until I heard Susan calling me in the morning.

‘Can I come in?’

‘Of course you can.’

She entered the room wearing her uniform for work which consisted of a company blouse, a straight skirt to just above the knee, tan coloured tights and flat shoes. The sight of her nyloned legs got me stirring again.

‘I have to go to work but I thought you might like a last treat before I left.’

‘What’s that?’

She started to lift the hem of her skirt up to round her waist.

‘Bob just fucked me before I left and I can’t go to work in this state!’

As she lifted her skirt I could see that she was wearing no knickers and that the crotch of her tights were wet and sticky with come.

‘I thought you might like to clean it up for me’

‘I’d love to’

She climbed on the bed and, facing me knelt above my face before pulling her tights down around her thighs.

‘I’ll just need to empty this first’

She pulled her pussy lips apart and then lowered herself over my mouth whilst I lapped up the cum that dripped from her. When she was satisfied that she was clean she knelt up and pulled her tights back up.

‘These need a cleaning too.’

She lowered herself back down onto my face and I licked at the sheer nylon, cleaning up every last drop of Bob’s come from them. Whilst doing this I had reached down under the duvet and was slowly wanking myself. Susan noticed this and reached round and pulled the duvet away to catch me, cock in hand.

‘I hope you weren’t thinking of cumming without letting me know.’

‘Sorry, I was just so horny.’

‘Would you like to come?’

‘If that’s OK!’

‘You can come on my tights if you promise to clean it up – these are the only pair I have for work.’

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