Noises in the Night

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THUMP… THUMP… THUMP AH! THUMP AH! THUMP OH! THUMP YES! GOD! HARDER! HARDER!… Emma lay in her own bed wondering when it would stop. Her flatmate Chad and his girlfriend Chrissie certainly knew how to make noise, and they did it, night after night, until the walls shook and the whole flat seemed to be screaming with them in their final climax. When Emma and her ex had last had sex — must have been at least two years ago — she had, as always, been made no more sound than a couple of gasps, the odd “oh, please, more” to keep him going; she didn’t understand how they could be so… into it.

Then one day, the noises stopped. Chad was devastated for weeks, shut in his room not wanting to talk to anyone, watching the window to see if Chrissie would come back. Emma was upset too, wishing she’d never willed an end to their noises, Chad had always been a really good friend to her, all through her ex leaving, and the financial difficulties that had taken her out of her pretty little apartment and into flat sharing again. She made sure he ate, brewed endless cups of tea, and made sure he knew that when he was ready to show his face again she’d be there, any time he wanted to talk.

Finally she came home from work one day to find Chad, showered, shaved and dressed in a cream jumper and charcoal grey jeans, hunched in a chair at the kitchen table over the stripy mug she always left waiting with tea bag, and sugar. She gave him a quick hug, and left him to gather his thoughts while she dumped her stuff on her bed and shrugged of her chocolate coloured suit jacket, leaving her in just the short skirt that went with it, and her pretty coral pink blouse. She let down her thick dark blonde hair to curl over her shoulders, and then, feeling a lot more relaxed and accessible, went in to talk to Chad.

The time spent on his own reflecting seemed to have done Chad good, he seemed to accept that Chrissie really had needed to go, that they didn’t really have a great future potential. That said he had cared deeply for her, and would need some healing before the pain went away.

“She never was sure about me living with you” He finally got round to saying, “She could see how much I cared for you and even though I was always faithful, she was always trying to find things that weren’t there. I hated that she didn’t trust me, especially as if I hadn’t been with her maybe you and I…” His voice trailed off and he looked up at her, tears glistening in his eyes “At least we won’t be making all those noises any more.”

Emma’s heart filled with pity for the young, good looking guy who’d always been her friend, and yes, could have been more had she met him in a time when she wasn’t so scared and insecure. She came round the table and held him tight, letting his had rest on her chest and stroking his short, golden-brown hair. His hands came up to grip bakırköy escort round her back, keeping her close, and then when the wave of sadness calmed down and he realised she wasn’t leaving, they began to stroke up and down the back of her blouse, taking comfort in the warmth of her skin, the softness of her plump breasts and the edge of lace he could feel under his cheek. Emma realised what was going on and didn’t care, it had been far too long since she’d been touched like that, and the fact that it was Chad just made it special. She began to tremble as his hands came round to her sides, tracing up her slender waist, and landed on the side of her breasts, still lightly stroking.

At this point Chad stopped and looked up at her again, no tears in his eyes now, just a deep care she realised had always been there, and the beginnings of healing for both of them. She realised this was her chance to stop if she wanted to, but didn’t, absolutely didn’t, she couldn’t say anything, but she linked both hands behind his head and pulled him back to her. He moved to the side then, one hand on her back, the other moulding her breast, his thumb flicking across her nipple under the blouse and sending tremors down through her body, then his head moved from between her chest, and, very carefully so as not to make her blouse damp, he brought his lips around the other nipple. Emma felt a lightning bolt go through her, and a spurt of wetness between her legs, and as he gently squeezed and manipulated through the flimsy material of her blouse, she felt an almost agonising need for more, until her legs almost gave way.

Chad seemed to feel it too, for he ran his hand down from her breast, over her skirt and down her sheer stockinged legs until it slipped behind her thigh, and with very little effort, picked her up and carried her through the flat to her room, laying her down on the crisp white sheets, in the glow of the late autumn sun. She was beautiful, flushed with arousal, her hair flung out like a halo and her blouse rucked up to show a sliver of creamy skin. She was already making little whimpers in the back of her throat, wanting him to come to her, but he took his time to take off his jumper, revealing a lean, lightly tanned body. At this her little noises got louder, and she began to struggle with the buttons of her blouse, wanting to tell him to come to her but too shy to speak, her body at least knew what it so desperately wanted. He took pity on her, came to her side and helped her slip the blouse off over her head to reveal a lacy bra of the same colour, two rosy nipples just peeking out from the top.

The temptation was too great, he lay down beside her, Emma arched back and closed her eyes, and felt his kisses all over her neck, stinging as though he wanted to devour her, and again felt a spurt of beşiktaş escort warmth and had to cry out as his hands made their way beneath the lace and began to fondle any pull in earnest at her sensitive peaks. She felt her centre of warmth beneath her skirt calling out for attention, and began to writhe on the bed as his kisses sent fire down and his hands shot bolts of passion through her. At last she couldn’t resist:

“Please, Please!” she called, and again he moved down, her bra coming off in one short, desperate fumble. He sucked had on her nipple so that it burned with pleasure, switching back and forth, nibbling and squeezing. She was half delirious with this, and half extremely aware that one hand was caressing her stomach and the other was slowly making it way up her leg. She gasped as he reached the top of her stocking and his fingers began to brush the silky skin at the top of her thigh, and gasped again as he reached the hem of her now sopping panties and began to tease at the lacy edge. Her hands clamped his head to her throbbing nipples causing him to suckle harder, and her whole body twisted under him, trying to get him to touch the part of her that so ached for relief.

At long last his fingers moved into her underwear, and Emma gave a long “Ohhhhhh!” as he gave one long stroke, cupping her opening, rising to almost a scream as he came up to flick at her long-neglected clitoris. He drew away from one, painfully long moment, and then his long fingers burrowed down under the waistband again, rubbing and teasing.

“Ah! Ah! Oh Chad!” Emma was in the sweetest of tortures, she’d never been a great one for masturbating, and the intensity of such a clever touch after so long was almost more than she could bear. He knew what she wanted almost better than she did, concentrating on her clitoris, circling and frigging, occasionally slipping one long digit down to flick at the skin round her opening, lightly first but then increasing the pressure on her little magic centre until she began to pant and cry in earnest, and finally with a scream her whole body gave one great spasm and wetness poured over his hand.

At this he left her and slowly unzipped the chocolate skirt that cradled her firm buttocks, and helped her out of this and her sodden panties. Taking his time he slowly unrolled each stocking down her leg and off her feet until she was stretched out before him, utterly and gloriously naked. Having recovered a little she sat up, and with a predatory smile pushed him down to lie beneath her. She straddled him despite the jeans, and began to rock her hips back and forth until he too had his eyes closed and was gasping for breath, she could feel his hardness pushing against her, and it was sending all sorts of pleasurable sensations through her. Overcome with desire she climbed off, beylikdüzü escort and he lifted his hips so she could slip him out of jeans and boxers to show his long, quivery erection. She stroked once along the underside of his silken hardness and then unable to resist, took him in her mouth and began to work him up and down, lashing the head of his cock with her tongue.

Chad had a beautiful view of her arse as she bobbed up and down in front of him, he could smell her wetness driving him crazy and the sensation in his cock was getting too much to bear, his balls were getting tight, and he knew he had to act before her circling tongue and the suction of her lips as she loved his dick would bring him to a release that, while amazing, wouldn’t be all that this encounter had to offer. It was his turn to stop her and go on top again, returning to wrap his mouth around her nipples and bring her back to that mewling, excited creature she had been before. His kisses began to slip lower, exciting every inch of her flat stomach, and lower still until he felt the first silk of her pubic curls tickling his nose. Emma knew what was coming, knew what it would do to her:

“Oh god, oh god, ohh gooood!” as without any preliminary his mouth clamped around her clit and his tongue began to writhe against her most sensitive place, doing for her everything she has so recently been doing to him. It took all Chad’s strength to stay put as her whole body began to jerk and thrash about, but he kept his tongue working against her, bringing her to peak after peak of sensation, she felt a rising tide within her, then his finger slipped insider her and the wave crashed over her as he thrust in and out “Oh god. Oh yes. Fuck me, fuck me, Fuck Me!” Her hips thrust against his finger, working in time with his tongue, all of her caught up in a massive orgasm.

Chad’s cock was absolutely rock solid, he felt he could cum just seeing Emma beneath him, completely lost in sensation. He scrambled up over her, but almost without knowing she pushed him down again, and with tears in her eyes from the unbearable pleasure, lowered herself down with a yell onto his readily awaiting cock. For one moment Chad felt like he’d been smothered in tight, hot velvet, and then she began to ride him in a frenzy, almost coming off in her need to feel the full length of him inside her. He thrust his hips to match her rhythm, the pair of them clinging onto each other, harder and harder. His thick cock pounding her insides, stretching her and catching every time that exquisite pleasure point. “AH! AH! AH! MORE! DEEPER! OH! YES!”

The waves built inside both of them, shuddering through them, getting bigger and bigger and bigger, more and more, until at last with an “Oh God EMMA!” Chad’s cock erupted inside her, as her juices exploded over him, feeling his juices coat the walls of her cunt around his big, thick cock.

At last they both collapsed on top of each other, absolutely satisfied, still joined together. Her hand on his chest now as their ragged breaths began to subside. Chad looked down at the beauty lying on him, and gave a small laugh: “I get the feeling those noises aren’t over yet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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