Nicole’s Decent Ch. 12

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“Your nostrils flare a lot when you talk.” Gale was lying on my lap as I played with his hair.

“They do not!” I looked down at him and he was smirking.

“There they go again.” He rolled over and lifted my shirt up exposing my stomach. He started kissing it as his hands travelled to my thighs and slowly wedged them apart.

“My mom’s home.”


He lightly pushed me on my back and crawled on top of me. His lips were instantly glued to my neck. I stated undoing the buttons on his shirt as he pushed his hand into my panties. I felt him cup my pussy.

I moved my hands down to his pants and pulled the zipper down. I felt the bulge against his boxers and pushed them aside freeing his cock.

As he pushed a finger inside me I slowly grazed his dick with just my fingertips.

His lips were at my ear when he whispered, “You’re teasing me.”

I continued my light touch and Gale pulled my pants and underwear off.

Before I could respond he flipped me over. He was tracing the outline of my body as he hovered above me. I pushed my hips against his.

He bit my shoulder blade then pulled me tightly against him. He alternated between biting and kissing as he made his way down to my ass. He pushed me to my knees before his tongue dove into my pussy.

Gale was circling his tongue inside of me. Finally he started darting his tongue in and out of my pussy as I gripped on to the bed sheets. I felt myself getting wetter by the istanbul escort second and my clit was aching. I moved my hand to rub it but Gale quickly pushed it aside. He moved his face under me and pulled my arms back. I had no choice but to sit on his face.

He kept my arms in a hold behind me back as his mouth found my clit. He took it in his mouth and began sucking on it. His tongue darted out and flicked it a few times. I was grinding my pussy against his face. I felt my entire body tense up before I was overcome with intense pleasure.

I was rocking against his face as I became too sensitive. When I tried to pull away Gale’s hand were on my shoulders and he was pressing me down on his mouth.

I couldn’t help but let out a little shout as my clit felt like it was being tortured. Every movement he made with his tongue was amplified by ten. Suddenly I tensed up again and came for a second time. My thighs were shaking. I lost my ability to balance and slumped back against Gale’s legs. This time he released me and I fell to the bed.

“Was that too much?” He pushed my hair out of my face and I suddenly realized I was sweating.

“No, just intense.”

Gale wiped his mouth off before he leaned down and kissed me.

He still had his pants on. I pulled them off and moved my mouth towards his cock. I grabbed it but he stopped me.

“I want you. Right. Now.”

Gale flipped me so avcılar escort I was lying on my back. He was above me and I felt him push into me. I grabbed his sides as he started off with a very slow pace. He must have known how sensitive I still was. I moaned into his mouth and wrapped my legs around his hips. He started increasing his pace with every plunge.

I gripped his shoulder as his lips travelled down my neck eventually landing on my tit. Gale took my tit into his mouth and gently nibbled on it.

I was pushing my hips up to meet his every movement. His hands were wrapped around my waist as he began moving even faster. I felt pussy expanding to take him even deeper.

Gale’s lips found my again as his fingers were digging into my sides. My nails had already marked his entire backside as I continued holding on to him.

I was pushing against Gale much faster now. My pussy clenched around his cock as my orgasm began. I held him in place as my body twitched against his. I let out another scream but was quickly silenced by Gale crushing his lips against mine.

Gale started moving again after I stopped moaning. His face was buried in my hair on the side of my pillow.

He started whispering into my neck. “You look so fucking sexy when you cum. You’re entire body flushes red and I love you moaning into my mouth. You’re such a sexy little slut.” My hand was on the back of his neck and the other was clawing his shoulder.

“Fuck şirinevler escort me like the slut I am.”

That sent him over the edge. He tensed up and I knew he had cum. His breathing was shallow as he wrapped his arms around me.

“Nicole I’m going to the store.” My mothers singsong voice suddenly penetrated the air as she opened my door. Gale stopped moving and buried his face into the covers. I peered over his shoulder at my mom. Her cheeks flushed red as she slammed my door shut. “I’m going to be home in an hour!”

I heard her leave the house and Gale still hadn’t moved. Her car started and I moved to the window to watch her leave.

“Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Fuck. That’s it. I’m dead. Goodbye Brown. Goodbye air and sunlight. Goodbye any chance of ever leaving this house.” Gale moved over to me and wrapped his arms around me.

“You’re just as fucked as me.”

“She didn’t see my face.” He was shaking his head.

“That doesn’t matter. She saw your entire backside. She’s known you since you were 11. She knows it was you.”

“If she knew it was me she wouldn’t have left.”

“Okay great she doesn’t know it was you. That doesn’t mean that I’m not still-“

“Fucked?” He smiled.

“It’s not funny.”

“Lisa is not going to do anything. You two are going to have a talk and she won’t tell your dad. Trust me everything is going to be fine.”

“This is the second time she’s caught us Gale.”

“It’s going to be fine.”

I desperately hoped he was right. I leaned against him and closed my eyes.

“Promise me everything is going to be okay.”

“I promise.” He kissed my forehead and squeezed me against him.

“Your dick looks weird when it’s soft.”

“Shut up nostril flarer.”

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