A Surprise For Lisa

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Bouncing Tits

A Surprise for Lisa – or “I think I made my Sister Pregnant”

l’Oreille Discret is a new project writing and compiling true erotic stories based on the real lives of real people. Many of us have erotic secrets that we would love to share, but do not know how to do so in confidence.

I’Oreille Discret can help, as the following true story shows. Readers will understand why the central character might want others to hear his tale, but could not tell it himself without hurting others.

I hope you find it interesting.

The following story was told by Mike, who lives in the South East of England. For several years he has been very troubled by the events detailed below, but for reasons which will become obvious, felt unable to tell anyone about his fears. He contacted us in order to ‘get it off his chest’ as he put it, in an anonymous way, and in the hope that someone reading this will be able to put his mind at rest.

Those of you expecting a sister – brother sex story will be disappointed. I have included this tale because it is one of the most unusual stories I have encountered, and demonstrates both the complexity of peoples’ lives and a way in which ‘confessing’ can help sooth a troubled mind.

My name is Mike. A few years ago when I was eighteen and still at school, I lived at home with my parents and my older sister, Lisa. We all got on very well as a family, apart from the usual silly arguments, and this continued even when Lisa got married and her new husband moved in with us.

Lisa is three years older than me, and is a ‘nice girl’. Quite pretty, but perhaps just a little overweight, she had had only three ‘proper’ boyfriends in her life, and had just married Phil, who she had been ‘going out with’ for nearly three years and who was definitely the nicest boyfriend she had had. I must say now that I am very fond of Lisa, but in a true brotherly way and apart from a few teenage fantasies, have never really wanted to have sex with her. I also get on very well with Phil.

Housing is very expensive where we lived, so after their wedding and honeymoon, Phil had moved into our house with Lisa for a few months while the two of them saved enough money for the deposit on a flat. Lisa’s bedroom was much bigger than mine, and Mum and Dad had put a double bed into it for them to use. We often ate together, but Lisa and Phil tried to carry on life as a couple rather than as part of a larger family.

My room was next door to Lisa’s, and the walls were very thin, as in most cheaply-built modern houses. I had known for some time that, if I opened the doors of my built-in wardrobe, I could hear most of the things being said and done in her room. If I closed the doors, my clothes stopped any of the noises I made being heard in her room – a ‘one way street’, I suppose. I’m afraid that I had found this out soon after we moved into that house, and had often listened in to Lisa and her friends or, less often, boyfriends when they were in her room together.

I suppose I must also tell you that, like many eighteen year old boys, sex was very important to me at that time. My actual experiences had not been many, mostly confined to some heavy petting sessions with girlfriends and, I must admit, a couple of mutual masturbation sessions with other guys. I had ‘had sex’ with a girl only once, after a school disco, which had been largely unsatisfactory for both of us and had not been repeated. In short, I was frustrated and still uncertain about my sexuality.

I was, however, heavily into masturbation, and that is how the problem arose.

During the early summer in question, I was doing my ‘A’ level exams and had a lot of time off school for study and revision. Because both my parents work during the day, and Lisa and Phil both had jobs, I spent a lot of time at home, alone. I was generally a conscientious student, so spent most of the time studying, but built a number of ‘break’ times into my regime. This is when my guilty secret began.

Inevitably, eighteen and left at home alone, my thoughts would turn to sex and I would often lie on my bed to fantasize and masturbate. I had a couple of books and magazines hidden under a floorboard in my room, and with these and a strong imagination I could spend up to half an hour in a state of great excitement, before cumming, usually on my stomach (it’s much nicer than into a tissue). My fantasies grew and, being sexually still confused as I told you, incorporated most of the girls I knew and occasionally one or two of the boys.

The best orgasms of all however, were when I lay on the floor on my back at night, listening to the sounds of Lisa and Phil ‘doing it’ next door. They were not loud, but if I was very still (moving only one hand) I could hear their moans and sometimes Lisa making little squeaking sounds. At these times I felt very aroused and the pleasure when I came was much greater.

One morning I had woken early and was getting out halkalı escort the day’s clothes from my wardrobe when I heard a noise through the wall from Lisa’s room. Initially confused, I quickly recognized it as being the sounds of a pre-breakfast lovemaking session, and immediately got an erection. I moved as close as I could to the wall and closed my eyes to listen, my hand active in my boxer shorts. To my dismay however, their coupling ended within a few seconds of my first hearing them, leaving me horny but unsatisfied. I dressed and went down to breakfast with a firmness still in my trousers. Lisa and Phil joined me shortly afterwards and I was sure she was looking a little flushed. The thought brought my erection back, uncomfortably caught in my pants.

After hurriedly drinking orange juice and tea, Lisa and Phil went off to work. My parents had left for their jobs long ago, so I was alone in the house once again. I tidied up the breakfast things and went up to my room to begin studying.

I just couldn’t concentrate that morning, my sexual frustration playing games with my mind – and other parts of me – and I decided to try and relieve the frustration by hand, so to speak. I undressed down to my pants and took one of my books out from under the wardrobe floor. I closed the curtains and lay back on my bed, stroking myself.

The book I had chosen contained a short story of a young girl being undressed by her new husband on her wedding night, and the detail of how she felt as her clothes were removed was very arousing indeed. I suddenly knew that I wanted to feel like that too. I honestly can’t say whether I liked the idea of undressing a virgin bride, or whether I wanted a strong virile man to undress me, such was my sexual insecurity. All I know is that in a state of arousal and confusion, I stood up again and went into Lisa’s bedroom.

The room had the very familiar Lisa smell. It was less obviously girly now that Phil was living there too, but I guessed that Lisa’s clothes would still be in their usual places. I crossed to her bedside table and, sitting on her bed wearing only my underpants, opened the top drawer. I was right. All Lisa’s knickers were still there. Nervously, I took them out, pair by pair, holding them up to see what she had chosen. I found the usual cotton panties that I remembered her wearing since we were both at school. I also found some sexier white silk panties, and a pair of red lace ones, cut high and with a ‘g-string’ back. I felt my chest go tight as I made a big decision. I slipped off my underpants and put them on.

They felt incredibly soft and sexy. I crossed to the full length mirror on her cupboard door and looked. I was surprised at how good I thought I looked in them. I suppose at this point I should describe myself. I am tall and thin, with a flat stomach and very little body hair. I have been called effeminate, but I don’t really think that’s quite right. Anyway, the panties fitted me quite well, apart from my erection bulging within them, and I turned around in front of the mirror. I felt sexy.

I looked around the room and saw the curtains open. I quickly closed them and opened a few more drawers. A white crop top lay in the dresser. Recognizing it, I slipped it over my head. Lisa’s breasts filled it very differently from my chest, but the effect was pleasing, especially the feel of my bare tummy below its hem. Moving to the wardrobe, I found Lisa’s short black skirt and took it down from the rack. I carefully put it on too, and looked in the mirror with more pleasure. I slowly, sexily raised the skirt to reveal my red panties. I felt even more sexy. I returned to the bedside table and looked to see what else might be there. I found the black and red garter that Lisa had worn on her wedding day. This was too much! I slipped it up my left leg to my upper thigh, and wriggled the black skirt over it. I stood again in front of the mirror and played games, thrusting out my bottom to the glass, lifting the skirt again to show the thong between my buttocks, all the while feeling my erection straining against the material of the panties.

I then let my imagination run riot. In my mind, I was with someone else – sometimes a woman, sometimes a man – who was undressing me. As the story unfolded in my mind, so I undressed myself slowly and sensuously in front of Lisa’s mirror until I stood naked, my erection now so hard as to be painful. I lay back on Lisa and Phil’s bed and with my eyes tightly closed, imagined a mouth – it could have been male or female, I didn’t know or care – closing around my cock, its tongue engulfing my head, its teeth on the sides of my shaft. My hand slid up and down my cock until with a rush, a warm feeling filled my legs and stomach and I reached an incredible climax, shouting “Oh God!” as cum sprayed across my stomach.

I think I fell asleep for a short while, because olgun escort I felt cold when I woke on Lisa’s bed. I quickly cleaned myself up with a tissue from her bedside table, and put away all her clothes, taking care to replace them exactly as I had found them, and straightening out the bed.

I went to my room and began to study.

From that day onwards, I used to slip into Lisa’s room almost every day. I tried on lots of her clothes, especially her panties and skirts, and found the best orgasms of my life, lying on her bed, dressed sexily. Never a very hairy person, I shaved off most of my body hair to increase my femininity for when I dressed, and found my sensitivity greatly increased. At climax, I always liked to cum across my stomach, watching my semen spraying my skin. I was surprised how it varied – sometimes barely a splash, sometimes much more. I must admit, I tasted it too, and wondered what it would feel like to give a man a ‘blow job.’ (I have since then found out exactly what it is like, but that would be a different story.)

One Monday lunchtime, I was coming back from school via the market square and as I waited for the right bus, I noticed a familiar figure clutching a carrier bag, coming shiftily out of the Ann Summers Private Shop on the main shopping street. It was Lisa. I hid myself in a shop doorway so she wouldn’t see me. I have to say I was both shocked and intrigued. I could barely believe this of my own innocent sister. I determined to find out whatever it was she had been buying.

The following two days were exam days for me, and I had only limited time to investigate Lisa’s room. I still found half an hour each day to dress in her clothes and enjoy myself, as before, and looked carefully into the drawers in her bedside cabinet and dresser as I chose the clothes to wear. I also looked in the bags and boxes at the back of her wardrobe, with no result.

On the Thursday morning, I had no exams and, once the house was empty, decided to make sure I found out whatever Lisa’s secret was that very day. I opened her bedside cabinet as usual and chose a pair of soft, white silk knickers which I put on slowly, running my hands up and down my legs as I did so, feeling the delicate material running over my sensitive skin. I walked to the mirror and admired the way it highlighted my buttocks, and then returned to the lower drawer to find some stockings.

What I found took my breath away. Tucked under her stockings at the back of the drawer was a large dildo. It had certainly not been there the day before. I picked it up and looked at it.

It was a reasonably large size; say 8 inches long, and quite thick. It was firm and pink, with veins and ridges just like a real cock, and a smooth head. It was considerably larger than my own cock, even when highly aroused. I looked closer. At its base were a pair of testicles – well, half a pair in fact, so that the dildo could stand up on a flat surface. And there was a hole in its head. I looked even closer now, turning it over in my hands. There seemed to be a tube connecting the hole with the base. I squeezed the balls and felt a jet of air on my face. Then I understood. The dildo was designed to be filled with fake cum. The balls held it, and when squeezed would appear to ejaculate like a real cock. Wow! Lisa! I could not believe my eyes.

The whole idea of Lisa buying and presumably using this thing was incredibly arousing. My cock was painful, constrained by the silk knickers and I felt I needed to cum. Then I had an idea. This was a great opportunity to feel more like a woman.

Lying back and stretching out on the bed wearing only the silk knickers, I took the dildo between my two hands as if praying and raised it to my mouth. Its head touched my lips. The feeling was odd – cool and hard instead of the expected warm and soft. I tried to picture in my mind a particular friend from school – Thomas, with whom I had explored mutual masturbation – and imagined it was his cock I was going to suck. I opened my mouth and took the head of the dildo in. I ran my tongue over it and around its sides, then down the ridge beneath its shaft. I took as much into my mouth as I could, then began to slide it in and out gently. The plastic feel and taste was disappointing, but it felt good to be filled. I wanted more.

I took the dildo between my teeth and held it firmly while my hands quickly slid to my buttocks and removed the silk panties. I took the dildo in my hands and slowly slid it down my front. My own hard erection rose to meet it, and for a few seconds I rubbed the plastic cock over my real one. I then opened my legs wide and slid the dildo down between my cheeks to press against my anus.

I pressed it firmly, between my cheeks. It felt good. I closed my legs around it, trapping it between my upper thighs, lying across şişli escort my rectum. I grasped my cock in my right hand and began to pump myself in long, firm strokes, imagining Tom’s cock rubbing against me, ready to penetrate me.

Shouting aloud, I came across my bare stomach. It was simply incredible. I lay on Lisa’s bed gasping for breath.

The following day was a Friday, and I had no exams. I determined to make good use of my new discovery, and a new idea sprang to my mind. The house was empty by 8.30 as usual, and I went upstairs to study. There was no rush – I had all day to myself and I was relishing the prospect of trying out my new idea.

At around 11.30 I reached a natural break in my studies and decided it was time to begin. I undressed slowly and went once again into Lisa’s room. It looked more untidy than normal, with used clothes in a pile on the floor. I crossed to her bedside cabinet again and opened the top drawer. Selecting once again the white silk panties, I dressed myself lingeringly in front of the mirror. I chose the crop top again, and a short red skirt – which looked very short on me. I squeezed into a pair of Lisa’s high heeled shoes and brushed my hair at her dressing table.

Returning to the mirror, I tried various poses which I’d seen in my magazines. I pouted, lifted my ‘breasts’ to camera, stuck out my bottom again, and lifted my skirt to show my knickers. I loved every minute of it, but this was not the main plan.

In front of the mirror again, I unclasped the red skirt and unwound it from my body. The high heeled shoes made my bottom stick out in a most pleasing manner and I posed in the crop top and panties, trying to ignore the erection bulging within. I walked slightly uncomfortably to the bed, and sat down, swinging my knees over together as I had seen so many women do. I slipped the panties down just below my cock, which sprang forth, and reaching over to the bedside cabinet, I took the dildo and slipped it between my lips, using my tongue to feel every firm, hard contour. I ran it into my cheeks and as far back in my throat as I could without choking. I slowly slid it out of my mouth and ran it over my body and down between my legs where I pressed it firmly against my crease. It felt good – very good – but again was not the main event of the day. With my right hand I began to pump my cock in familiar long strokes as I imagined Tom holding it and me holding his. I imagined again what it would be like to take Tom’s cock in my mouth.

I came again, all over my stomach. There was quite a lot this time and the strength of my climax had made some splash on my face. Keeping very still, I licked it with my tongue. I liked the idea. I tasted a little more. Taking the dildo in my hand, I placed its head in a small pool of semen on my stomach. I squeezed the ‘balls’ and air bubbles appeared in the semen. I released the balls and to my astonished satisfaction, watched some of the semen disappear up the tube. I squeezed again and the same thing happened. Taking great care, I used the dildo to ‘vacuum up’ most of my cum until just a few sticky patches were left on my skin.

I felt good, and prepared to find out much better what it really feels like to have a man cum in my mouth. It would be my own cum of course, but what an experience! I rolled off the bed and knelt on the floor as if kneeling before Tom. I took the dildo in my hands and pressed it against my lips.

Downstairs the front door slammed and I heard excited voices. Oh my God. Lisa and Phil were back. Why weren’t they at work? Jesus! They were going away for the weekend and must have taken the afternoon off to get away early. Shit! They were going to come up here. Shit Shit!

I jammed the dildo back into the lower drawer, wiping it quickly with my hand. No time to undress! I ran across the landing into the bathroom where I locked the door and turned on the shower.

“Mike! Mike! We’re back!” They were coming upstairs.

I pulled off Lisa’s clothes and hid them behind the washing basket. I got into the shower, got myself thoroughly wet, then stepped out and wrapped a towel around my waist. I opened the bathroom door and stepped out onto the landing again.

Through her open bedroom door, I saw Lisa and Phil packing clothes into a suitcase in a frenzied manner. I went into my room and waited for an outburst and discovery. Incredibly, none came.

“Bye Mike! See you on Monday!” Lisa called and the front door slammed again.

I fell back onto my bed and breathed heavily. What an escape! Thank goodness the room had been messy so they didn’t notice the rumpled bed or open drawers. I dressed in my own clothes and crossed back to the bathroom to retrieve Lisa’s. I went into her bedroom to put them away. The red skirt had fallen under the bed, so they hadn’t noticed it. Phew! I hung it back in the wardrobe, and folded the crop top before putting it back in the dresser. I sat on the bed to put the panties back in the top drawer and retrieve the dildo to clean it.

It wasn’t there! Shit! I pulled all the contents onto the floor. It just wasn’t there. I tried the other drawer without success, then all the drawers in the room. It was nowhere!

Breathing heavily, I flopped down on the bed. There could only be one answer. Lisa must have taken it with her – presumably to use it.

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