New Guy at Work

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“You’re the new guy?”

I turned around and looked behind me. Oh, she’s talking to me. I theatrically turned back.

“Yep, that’s me.”

“I’m Janet.”

“Yeah, I know. My friends told me who you were.”

“Oh, really? And what did they say?”

“That you were a really cute girl who could be lots of fun. And also a ball-buster.”

“Sounds pretty accurate. You’re a good looking guy with a sharp mouth, it seems to me. We could get along together pretty well.”

“Well maybe, maybe not. Are you any good in bed?”

That set her back a few seconds.

“God, talk about the direct approach. Am I any good in bed? Let me think. Yeah, I think so. The bigger question, at least from my perspective is, are you any good?”

“Naturally I would have to say I’m not just good, but very good. But you haven’t asked me out yet, so I guess you won’t find out.”

“Me ask you out? Don’t you have it a little backwards? The guy is supposed to seduce the girl, take her to a movie, dinner, whatever. Kiss her, feel her up a little. Then, maybe, on the third date the guy explores the geography. That’s how it works.”

“Sounds about right, provided the guy wants to seduce the girl.”

“And you don’t?”


“Why not?”

“I’m playing hard to get.”

She laughed. “That you are. Well, thanks for the chit chat. See you around.”

I’m not usually good with the repartee but my friends had forewarned me about Janet. She checks out all the new guys. The guys that are duds in bed get the ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ report, the kiss of dating death. The better ones pant for more but then get unceremoniously dumped as she moves on.

I heard she’s a wildcat in bed and that would no doubt be great fun. But my strategy was to do it on my terms. I figured she wasn’t used to rejection and would double down. I was proven right a week later.

“Hi, John. How’s it hanging?”

“Oh, hi Janet. The babies are doing just great. How are you?”

“Peachy keen. Hey, some of the crew are going over to Murphy’s Grill Friday night. It’s sort of a routine every other month or so. I’d like to go. How about you taking me?”

“Sure, that would be nice. What time should I pick you up?”

I think she expected some pushback. I had put on my nice cap as a head fake.

“Right after work, maybe 6. I don’t live far from you.”

“OK, I need your address.” She apparently already had mine. Interesting.

Now to change tactics.

“Janet, assuming afterwards we go to bed together, I need to ask you something.”

“Yeah?” She apparently accepted the premise that we would fuck.

“I am really good at eating pussy, and I’m looking forward to tasting you. But I heard that you still have a bush down there. I like bare pussy.”

“I’m natural, if that’s what you mean. No one else has complained.”

“Well, like I said, I’m really good at using my tongue on a bare pussy. So between now and Friday, how about shaving for me. Otherwise no tongue.”

“God, I can’t believe you. So if I keep my bush you won’t eat me? Is that it? An ultimatum?”

“Well, yes. But we can still fuck. I have a big cock and know how to use it.”

“What a pompous ass! You know, your reputation is on the line here. Pick me up at 6 and don’t be late.”

Murphy’s was crowded with co-workers. Several eyebrows were raised as Janet and I walked in together. We mingled and shared a couple of drinks. I suspect some were curious as to our relationship, more specifically if we had fucked yet.

“Well, what did you decide?”

“About what?”

“About shaving your pussy.”

“Nope, haven’t done it. I’m still a natural girl.”

“What a shame. I was really looking forward to sticking my tongue between your pussy lips. Tasting your juices as I tongue fucked your hole. Bringing you to a huge climax as you pull my head into your crotch. That sort of thing.

“But that’s all right. When we get back to my place I can help you do it.”

Janet looked at esenyurt escort me with surprise and a smirk. Before she could respond someone came up to say hello. But the seed was planted.

“Janet, what do you say that we head out?”

“Yeah, I’m ready. To your place?”

“Yes, unless you have changed your mind. By the way, can you climax more than once?”

She looked around to see if anyone could hear us.

“Sometimes. Mostly just once.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure you will have at least two tonight.”

“At least?”

“Maybe three or even four. I’ve done it before.”

“Pretty bold. And maybe you’re all hat and no horse? You know, it’s not good to oversell. Now if I manage just one you have failed royally.”

“I have confidence. But you’re right, probably just once unless we shave your bush. Think about it.”


“Oh, nice apartment. This must set you back a pretty penny.”

“It’s expensive. Fortunately, I have a rather large trust fund from my grandfather. Otherwise it would be way too much for my salary.”

We undressed together, Janet finishing first. “Nice body, Janet. Very nice. I like your upturned nipples, my favorite.” I decided not to comment yet about her bush.

Pulling down my shorts, my half hard cock popped out. I was very proud of my eight fat inches. Janet gawked for a moment and then reached out and took it in her hand. It quickly stiffened to full length.

“Very nice, John. You said you had a big one. Very nice.”

“Thank you. I look forward to sliding it into your tight pussy. I also hope to fuck you with my tongue. What do you think?” She knew what I meant.

“I’ve been thinking. Sure, why not. I was probably going to doing it anyway since most of my friends have gone bare. How do we do it?”

“Here, let me get a couple of towels. Now lay on the sofa, one leg on the sofa back, the other on the floor. That opens you up and gives me space to work.

“I’ll get some scissors to trim you up first, then a razor and bowl of water. I’ve done this a couple of times before.”

“You have? You shaved other girls? Did they like you doing it?”


I proceeded to trim her rather thick bush and then lathered her up. I carefully shaved the hair above her pussy and then moved down to her lips. I put a couple of fingers between her lips to help as I shaved. Several times my fingers “accidentally” pushed into her pussy.

The shaving took about five minutes and then I wiped her down with a warm washcloth.

“There, all done. That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No, you were very good. Thank god, I was afraid you might cut something important.”

“I have a full-length mirror in my bedroom. Come see.”

“Oh, I like. Very much.”

“Your pussy looks so delectable. I want to taste you.”

I led her to the bed and nudged apart her legs

“Yep, I do good work. Your pussy is absolutely beautiful. Your lips are exquisite.”

For about ten minutes I used my tongue and mouth to make love to her pussy. She was very responsive, her juices continuing to flow. She started to murmur and move her hips up and down as her climax approached

“Spread your lips. I want to get in deep.”

My tongue dipped deep into her hole and seconds later she pulled my head into her crotch. My face was covered with her burst of love juice. I pulled away from her redden, swollen lips.

“Oh, John, that was so good. So good. The best. Come up here and kiss me.”

“Better not, I taste like pussy.”

“I don’t care, kiss me.”

“Mmm. So that’s what I taste like. Now I want your big cock. Do me doggy.”

“OK, but first just stay this way.”

I maneuvered between her legs and pressed my cock between her lips. I moved my cock up and down between her lips, each time stopping at her hole so she would think it was about to going in. But I purposely then continued to go up and down between her lips. I wanted her to experience a bit of frustration.

“Now avrupa yakası escort turn over, Janet. I want to fuck you.”

My cock found her hole and I pushed half way on the first thrust. Two more and I was fully inside. I held that position for a few seconds and then started long, slow thrusts. I could only guess as to how quickly she might respond and didn’t want to come too quickly. My ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ rating was at stake.

“John, that feels so good. God, you’re so big. I’m already getting pretty close.”

I had developed a technique for bringing a girl to climax. I placed my hand under her tummy so I could rub her clitoris. Then using two other fingers I could guide my cock into her hole. That allowed me to pull completely out and then push back in.

The combination of clitoris massage and a full eight-inch stroke was bringing both of us close. I increased my tempo. She shuddered and I felt her pussy walls clamp down on my cock. I shoved in deep and held as I spurted my cum. We stayed coupled for a minute, both breathing hard.

“Damn, Janet, your pussy is so snug. And I liked how your muscles sort of milked my cock.”

“And you were terrific, John. You seemed to know just how to play me. Our first time and you managed to time it perfectly.”

“I’m so glad you liked it. Now would you like to do more?”

“What do you mean? You can’t already be ready to go again.”

“No, my cock will need a few minutes but my tongue is ready.”

“Your tongue?”

“I’m going to eat your pussy again.”

“But I’m full of your cum. All messy down there. You don’t want to do that. You aren’t really going to do that, are you?”

The tone of her voice suggested a combination of disbelief and anticipation.

“Karen, I’ve tasted my cum other times, all second hand from pussies I had just fucked. I think you will like it, especially since it is rather erotic.”

I nudged her legs apart and gazed upon a swollen pussy with just a hint of cum dribbling out.

“Your pussy is swollen and gaping. Good, it is so sexy. And I see some cum already leaking.”

I scooted up to her pussy and used the tip of my tongue to nudge apart her lips. A little more of our combined juices emerged which I lapped up. I continued to make love to her pussy with my tongue and mouth as her excitement started to increase. Without me asking she pulled apart her lips, giving me deep access to her pussy hole.

“I’m going to push out some cum, John. Do you see it? Oh, that feels so good. You are bad. Yes, keep fucking me with your tongue.”

Once again she started bucking her hips, pushing against me. I tasted a fresh burst of juice which covered my face.

“Damn, that was unbelievable. No one has ever eaten me after sex. I had no idea it would be so exciting. You are something else. Where did you ever learn to do that?”

“Play with my cock and get it ready again, and I’ll tell you.

“When I was eighteen my older sister fixed me up with one of her girlfriends. Susan was a wild girl who loved sex and was glad to break me in. Over the next several months we did everything. I mean everything: my first fuck, my first blow job, how to eat pussy.

“One time after we fucked she pushed my head down to her crotch and told me to eat her pussy. I had eaten her many times but never after fucking. Since she seemed to know so much more about sex than me, I didn’t object and lapped away. I tasted the difference and knew it was my cum but it didn’t seem bad. So I continued.

“Afterwards she complemented me on my adventuresome spirit and said I was an exciting lover.”

“You are going to get lots of pussy when you get to college, John,” she said. “Big cock, great tongue. Many young guys don’t eat pussy and very few do it long enough to bring a girl to climax. You do it very well. And eating creampie makes you one in a thousand. The exciting girls will love that.”

“Naturally anadolu yakası escort that made me feel really good. One time we got together after she had a date with some other guy.”

“John, my pussy’s full of his cum,” she said. “I want you to fuck me now, feel what it’s like to be the second guy in there.”

“Her pussy was still red and swollen. She turned onto her stomach and I pushed my cock into her gaping hole. It easily slid in.”

“Can you tell, he really stretched me out? she warned.”

“Yeah, you aren’t as tight as you usually are. But still feels really good,” I responded. I fucked her for some ten minutes before adding my cum to her pussy.”

“Oh, John, I didn’t expect you to come so quickly. That must have been a turn-on for you. But I haven’t come yet. How about you eat me?”

“That caught me by surprise. Now? I responded. With your pussy full of his cum and mine?”

“Come on, John. It won’t taste any different than when it’s just you. You know how much I like when you do it. Please. You owe me.”

“Not surprisingly, I hesitated.”

“Please, John. Just this one time,” she implored.

“Somehow she persuaded me. I scooted between her wide-spread legs and tentatively lapped between her pussy lips. There was certainly more cum than just when I did her but the taste was as I expected. I continued to lick and suck until she exploded in a huge climax.”

“God, that was so good. Thank you for making me come,” she gushed.

“That was the only time I tasted another guy’s cum. But until I went off to school I continued to eat her creampie almost every time we got together. As she predicted, throughout my four years of college I did have plenty of pussy. Word had gotten around that I could really satisfy a woman, partly because of my cock and partly because I loved eating pussy. And creampie.”

Back in the present, Karen continued to stroke my cock, bringing it back to full mast.

“You have such a great cock, John. It’s all ready to go again. Would you like to fuck me with it?”

“How about you getting on top and fuck me?”

I laid down and Karen got on top and lowered herself over my cock, facing away from me. She took my full length in one stroke. She rocked back and forth, giving me a great view of my cock sliding into her love tunnel. We continued for quite a while until she started to climax, slamming my cock deep into her.

She came but I didn’t. But it didn’t matter, it had been great. We lay together for a while, lightly petting each other.

“Well, John, I can honestly say that was the best sex I’ve ever had. I almost wrote you off as an arrogant bastard. I’m sure glad I didn’t.”

“Thanks. Truth be known, I wanted to fuck you from the moment we met but wasn’t willing to let you control the narrative. It worked out well, don’t you think?”

“Yeah. Maybe you’re not a bastard but still arrogant,” she said with a laugh. “So where do we go from here?”

“Can we be ‘friends with benefits’?”

“Sounds perfect to me.”

We dated sporadically, usually about once a month, each time ending a nice evening in bed. She liked sex, I liked sex. There was no pretension, no strategies to make our relationship something else.

Janet put out the word that I knew how to satisfy a woman. She avoided details but others were able to fill in the blanks. I enjoyed the favors of several delightful girls. Each knew that I was not ready to settle down and accepted that I dated around.

In spite of the numerous opportunities, I still looked forward to my times with Janet. We were so at ease with each other.

“John, let’s go out Friday. That ok with you?”

“Sure. I’ll pick you up at 7. Dinner?”



“John, you have become as much friend as lover these past two years. You are still the best. But … “

“What’s the matter, Janet? Tell me?”

“I’m going to get married. You don’t know him. We have been dating for about six months. He knows about you and that I’m here tonight. Take me home and fuck me. Fuck me for the last time. I want the best of memories for our last time. Next week I will be married and intend to be forever faithful. But tonight is for us.”

We spend almost two hours in bed, cuddling, stroking, kissing, loving. We separated, forever special friends.

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