Patience is Rewarded

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It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. We’re just sitting around, half-watching tv, and you’ve been throwing hints at me all day. Acting coy for a change, I’ve resisted, simply blushing at you and giggling as your innuendos bounce off my chest. You know I’m taking a pathetic stab at revenge, you having resisted me completely the night before, just to piss me off. You didn’t even let me suck your cock!

Unlike you, though, you and I both know that I’ll eventually give it up…that is…if your patience holds. Otherwise you’ll just take it. You don’t need my permission, because I’m yours.

Your slave.

Your slut.

Your whore.

Your bitch.

You wag your cock at me through your shorts. I can see it’s already growing quite hard. I smirk at you, then stand up, walking away as I bounce my ass in your direction. You’re hardly perturbed…yet.

I lay on the bed, reading a book. You walk in out of the shower, only a towel covering your body. I smile at you, glancing in your eyes…then at your cock…eyes…cock. I turn away, resuming my novel. A CD plays as you begin dressing behind me. I hear you zip up your jeans, and turn to face you just as you pull on a t-shirt. You pick up a belt, and I giggle at you, pulling down my pink tank top, showing you the silky purple bra with black lace underneath, so tight it barely conceals my nipples. You crack your belt with a smile.

I turn on my stomach, feigning to resume my reading, pushing my ass up in the air. Under my tiny shorts, you can almost glimpse my black lace thong. I groan as though I’m simply trying to get comfortable, bouncing my ass a bit as I wiggle up to a pillow. I glance over my shoulder to confirm that you’ve been watching my little show with a smirk on your face. Just as I thought. You climb on to the bed, your belt still in your hand, and slide your hands up my thighs. I shudder at the feel of cold metal against my leg. I’m dying to kiss you, to touch you, but I’m cautious to take any control in the belt’s presence.

You grab me by my shorts, pulling my body into yours, and pulling the fabric far enough down to reveal two straps of black lace connecting before they travel the length of my ass cheeks. You pull up on the thong, more gently than I had expected, rubbing it against my clit and asshole. Leaning into your chest, I moan against your throat, then kiss you there, grazing my teeth along your collarbone. You run your hand from my hip, up my side and shoulder, and slide your fingers over my neck while I continue to suck on yours and rub my ass into your jeans. Your hand slowly tightens around my throat, pressing my chin up so that I gaze directly in your eyes.

My instinct is to push you onto your back, straddle you, and make out with you furiously, but just then I bakırköy escort feel leather run up my back. I groan into your ear, wrapping my arms around your neck, pulling your lips to mine. Your hand tightens around my neck as you slide your tongue into my mouth. I suck on your bottom lip, moaning as you pull on my thong again. “Marc…mmm.”

Suddenly, you push me off of you and onto my hands and knees, spreading my thighs to your liking. You rub my ass through my shorts, and deciding that you have no desire to reposition me after a stripping, simply rip the fabric off my body. “Master! That’s like the third pair–“


“Uhhh…oh, fuck.” From the very first hit I could tell you meant business. For a second I wondered how long it had been since you’d last used leather on me, but another sharp slap left me with few thoughts other than how else you would destroy my body tonight. I shake my ass at you, my milky skin already growing a deep red, and groan, “Master…I want more.” You laugh at me, running a finger up the crack of my ass, pulling my thong against my clit, before giving me a slap with your hand. I moan even louder at the sound and feel of true skin-to-skin contact.

You strike out on the same cheek with the belt, and this time I scream. By now my hips are involuntarily bucking into the leather…and into your hands, which are roaming all over my thighs, tits, and ass. “Marc…my Master….”

“What, slave?!” CRACK!

“I love when you spank me!”

“I know you do, you little whore.” CRACK!

“Uhhh, fuck…but…I want your cock in my mouth. Please, sir…I miss seeing it–“


“–and touching it–“


“–and licking it!”

You laugh at me, realizing how quickly you have broken me down. Already begging for your cock…fairly pathetic.

“Alright, lil slut, I’ll let you swallow my cock.” You slide your body under mine, as my lips make desperate contact with any part of your body they can until your jeans are at my mouth. I pull at them with my teeth, running my nails over your chest.

“Hands at your side, bitch!”

With a groan of disappointment, I obey, having had enough of the belt for one night. You stroke my hair while I run my mouth over your cock through your jeans, trying to wrap my lips around it. “You may pull my pants off, my lovely little slave.”

I smile at you, kissing your stomach as I reveal your boxers, your cock threatening to pop out of them at any moment. I groan, wiggling my ass, and reach to pull off your boxers as well. You smack my hand away–hard, and I pout. I quickly get over it, though, as you buck your hips up at me, and I lean my head down and begin to suck on your cock through your boxers, allowing my spit to soak beşiktaş escort through the fabric as I rub my nose, cheeks, and lips against your hard-on. I pout up at you, scratching your stomach just above your boxers. “Please, Master. Let me take these off.”


“Because I want to suck your cock! I want you down my throat…please,” I groan, rubbing my bra-clad tits against your now fully-hard dick.

“Alright, you insatiable little ho. Get on with it.”

I squeal and quickly pull your boxers around your hips and off your legs. I run my nails up your thighs, followed by my lips, kissing and sucking your skin before I take one long lick from your balls to the tip of your cock. I slowly…so slowly…twist my hand down your length, then just as slowly swallow every inch until my lips meet my hand, swirling my tongue and coating your cock thoroughly as my lips slide tightly down. I moan around your cock as your finger plays at my asshole, pushing my ass into your hand.

Keeping my hand at the base, pressing down on your balls lightly, I begin to slide my mouth up and down, sucking hard, locking my lips around your skin as I leak spit all over your cock and balls. I swivel my mouth around your hard flesh as you suddenly slide a finger over my wet clit. I gasp sharply around your cock just as your fingers curl around my hair and suggest a new rhythm for my sucking. I gladly oblige, your cock slamming down my throat as I groan and gag a bit, my hands rubbing over your balls, wet from my spit, and any part of your cock that comes into view as you pull my head up and down by my hair.

Struggling to breath while also moaning around your cock, I push my cunt toward your free hand and practically scream in happiness when you quickly shove two fingers inside me. I begin humping your hand as I work even harder to slam your cock in and out of my throat, as you begin to pant and sweat, thrusting your hips up at my mouth.

You let me breathe for a moment or two, and then you pull me up your body by my arms, your lips and tongue finding mine quickly as I rub my wet slit over your cock. My nipples press into your chest even through my bra as I suck on your tongue and lips, panting into your ear. I sit up on your lap, grinding into you, my tiny thong hardly a barrier. With a smirk and a toss of my hair, I quickly slide my bra straps down my shoulders, undo the clasp in the back, and throw the purple silk onto your chest, rubbing the cups against your nipples. You chuckle at me, grab my black thong in both hands and rip the fabric right off my body.

“God damn it, Marc! I can’t keep anything nice around you.”

“Act like you really care when you’re about to get my cock. In your pussy.”

“That doesn’t get beylikdüzü escort you off the hook–oohhh, Master,” I moan as the head of your cock, leaking precum, makes contact with the entrance to my cunt hole. You rub the tip along my slit until you reach my clit, and then rub back to my hole, sliding in just the tiniest bit as I moan and beg for your cock.

“Are you still mad, my little slut?”

“No. No, Master. Just give me your cock. Please.”

With a grunt of approval, you bury yourself into me. I scream out my excitement. “Yes! Thank you, Master! …Please fuck me…fuck me hard!” Wasting no time, you slam your hips into mine, my tits bobbing in your face as I meet each of your thrusts, my hands on either side of your head. The bed creaks as we bounce up and down, my ass, still red from your treatment earlier, slams up and down as my cunt muscles squeeze around your cock. We slap against each other wetly, my juices covering both of us as sweat begins to pour off our bodies.

A constant stream of words leave my mouth as I moan and gasp while your cock rubs against my g spot and your balls slap up into my ass. “Fuck, baby…yeah! Fuck me like that! Harder, baby. Fuck me harder, Marc! I love your cock…mmmm.” As I throw my head back and pinch my nipples, you can tell I’m close to cumming, my tits heaving with the labor of my breathing.

“You want to cum on my cock, bitch?”

“Mmm, yes. And I want you to cum in my pussy, Master. Please.”

You grin, grab me by the shoulders, and flip your body on top of mine, your dick never leaving my cunt. You grab my ankles and spread my legs as far as you can while I immediately begin to scream, “Fuck yes! Give me your cock! Please Master. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” You throw my legs over your shoulders and begin to really pound into me, grunting with each stroke. My nails dig into your back, my feet into your ass, as I desperately try to pull you in even deeper. I scream your name, and yes, and “Oh God!” over and over as my cum rushes out onto my thighs and your cock. I slam my hips up at you, still begging you to fuck me as I immediately cum again. “Oh fuck, baby. I’m cumming again!…fuck, you’re so good. Uhh–ahhh.”

With a few final thrusts, you pull your cock out of my pussy, rubbing my cunt juices more thoroughly over your entire length before a load of cum lands on my stomach. The next shot you aim at my tits and neck, and I scramble up to swallow a final spurt, spiting your cum back out on your cock before quickly slurping it all back up again, smacking my lips and moaning. I fall onto my back in exhaustion, bringing a cum-covered nipple to my mouth as I rub my trembling thighs. You lean over me, kissing me on the lips, tasting a bit of yourself on my tongue and teeth. I wrap my arms once more around your neck, kissing you back feverishly.

“Thank you, Master. Thank you,” I whisper in your ear, before sucking the lobe into my mouth. You fall onto my chest and we share several hours of slumber before you wake to find your semi-hard cock in my soft hands…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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