Mark’s Family Ch. 05

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I am going to preface this by saying that if sexual acts that are, shall we say, beyond reality, aren’t up your alley, don’t bother going further. This is a purposely over the top story, since that is what I want to write 🙂 This has been an interesting experiment, and I have really valued the feedback. It has been especially interesting to read suggestions for things to come that were already in the works 🙂 Enjoy, and keep the feedback coming! And here are our players:

Mother, 43: Danni Ashe

Oldest sister Shyla, 25: Shyla Stylez

Younger sister Lindsey, 20: Lindsey Lohan (Mean Girls Era)

Youngest sister Bryce, 19: Bryce Dallas Howard


Aunt Nicole, 45: Nicole Kidman

Maria, Nicole’s Maid, 36: Paz Vega

After my romp with Lindsey, I wanted some time to unwind. It was apparently very draining for me to tap into that side of myself. I kept thinking of my sister, sleeping upstairs, still covered in drying cum. And I thought how sore she would be when she woke after having all of her holes so roughly violated.

Bryce and Shyla had been kind enough to help wash me after, and now I was down in my room, lying on the couch watching TV, with Bryce lying on top of me, and Shyla upstairs watching her soaps. I heard mom come home at one point. About fifteen minutes later she came downstairs.

“Bryce, I need to talk with you brother in private.” She said her voice had a stern tone behind it. She was obviously in Mother Mode.

Bryce got up and gave me a look that said ‘Hope you aren’t in trouble’, and then she went upstairs, closing the door behind her.

“I just came from Lindsey’s room. And I talked to her and Shyla about what you did to Lindsey.”

She was mad. Up until now I felt good about it. Justified. And Heck, Lindsey got off on it. But now my brain could see how a mother wouldn’t be ok with someone treating her daughter that way.

“Are-are you mad about it?” I said nervously.

“I feel like I should be. And if Lindsey had come home and some other guy had done it I would hunt him down. But I’m not. That’s probably what upsets me so much.”

I was definitely confused.

“But, really, it’s hard to be mad when Lindsey says she has never been happier. I haven’t seen my girl smile like that in so long.” Her face softened. “Mark, honey, things are so topsey turvey now. You kids are handling it so well, but it hit me while I was out. Knowing that you were going to have sex with Lindsey…it’s all so surreal. And then coming home, and seeing her lying in bed like that. I knew I should have been upset or shocked. Instead I was turned on. And then talking to her…her voice raspy from screaming through orgasms…” I could now see her nipples poking against her shirt. She wasn’t mad, she was excited. And having a hard time dealing with it.

“We’ve done so much this last week. And I feel like it’s the tip of the iceberg. I’m your mother for God’s sake! And right now, it’s all I can do not jump on top of you!”

“Is that so bad?” I asked, trying to sound comforting.

“But, I feel like I am losing myself. Who I am.”

“Maybe that’s just who you thought you were. Heck, aside from Shyla, I think we have all discovered new parts of ourselves. I mean, it wasn’t so long ago that I was a shy geek. And that geek is still in me, but now I am also a stud. Bryce is still my sweet little sister. But she has also discovered her sexual side, in a big way. And Lindsey found out that deep down she has always wanted to be dominated and controlled.”

“As for you, you are still my amazing, beautiful mother. Who keeps a wonderful home, and is the best cook in the world.” She smiled at this. “But now you are also discovering that you love sex and big cocks. And it just so happens that your children are able to give you those things, in spades.” I gave her a cocky grin. She just blushed.

I bent over and gave her a big hug and kissed her firmly on the lips. She kissed back, and snaked her tongue into my mouth. Our kissing grew heavier before we were interrupted by Shyla opening the door and shouting down at us.


My mother broke our kiss and frowned. “We’ll finish this later dear.” And she headed upstairs.

Now, my aunt Nicole is quite different from my mother. She’s the oldest of four sisters, including herself, my mother Danielle, my aunt Ashley, and Aunt April. Much like my sisters, they were all very different. Aunt Nicole lived in Connecticut, in a multi million dollar home. She took the money my grandmother gave all of the sisters and invested it very well, adding a few zeroes to the original amount. Where my mother is shy and sweet and had been pushed around by my dad, Aunt Nicole was forceful and direct. Never putting up with what she didn’t like, and moving or destroying anything in her path. And I remember that she didn’t seem to think much of men in general. Probably one reason she was single.

She’s the kind of woman that is kadıköy escort always well made up and put together. She always looks like she just spent 3 hours in a beauty salon. And she was always very formal with all of us, including my mother. Not to say that she was bitchy. Just distant and aloof.

Bryce is the only one of us that was very close to her. Bryce told me that she and Aunt Nicole we actually very similar. Apart from the fact that they didn’t inherit the family voluptuous gene (both Bryce and Nicole had slender, tight bodies and apposed to Shyla and Mom’s big boobed bodies, with Lindsey being in between the two sets), they were both more along the lines of intellectual sarcastic folks. When she told me, I wondered why Aunt Nicole and I weren’t closer, seeing as Bryce and I were so tight. Bryce just shrugged.

I wandered upstairs to see what Aunt Nicole had wanted. Mom was just hanging up, and said in an exasperated way “Apparently we are going to your aunt’s…tonight.” Mom explained that my aunt had found out about the divorce and insisted, under no uncertain terms that we come visit. First class plane tickets were waiting for us and a limo would be at the airport when we arrived. That sounded so much like my aunt. Part of me wanted to refuse, just because I didn’t like being ordered around by someone. But I was also terribly curious to see what the big deal was.

We all packed quickly, Shyla bitching the whole time, and rushed to the airport. Mind you any grumbling we had didn’t stand up to treatment on first class. And once my rancor from being ordered out of my house at night wore off, I decided to get frisky. Mom and I had been interrupted earlier. Bryce, mom, and I were sitting in a row, with Bryce by the window and me by the isle. Shyla and Lindsey were in the row in front of us, but it was one of those rows where the seats are inverted, so they faced us.

I placed my hand on mom’s leg and started caressing, working higher and towards the inside of her thigh. At first she tried to stop me. Not with much force mind you, but we were in a public (if somewhat empty) place. I resisted her weak attempts to bat my hand away and watched as the prudish part of her brain lost out to the horny sex side. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back as she sighed. I swung the chair arm between up and out of the way and leaned into my mother, kissing her neck. My fingers had worked her skirt up and brushed her panty clad pussy. My face was buried in her neck, sometimes sliding up to nibble or lick her ear, as my hand began to work on her moistening mound. I felt another hand join mine. At first I figured it was mom, but when I looked I saw that it was Bryce. She too had her lips nuzzling mom’s neck.

“You guys are making me so horny.” Shyla whined across from us. I looked over and Shyla had her hand down her pants, and Lindsey was rubbing her thighs together. I was thinking up some way to include them when Bryce spoke up in a low voice.

“Lindsey, go to the bathroom with Shyla and eat her pussy.” Even low, she had a commanding tone. Shyla immediately stood excitement on her face. Lindsey however hesitated. She looked at me for guidance, but Bryce spoke up.

“I said now, slut. And when you’re done, come back to me. I want to taste her on you when we kiss.” Mom gasped, her uptight side trying to gain control, but I shut it down by working a finger past the folds of her vagina.

Shyla drug Lindsey off to the lavatory as Bryce and I went back to work on mom. I left Bryce’s skilled fingers wiggling in mom’s pussy, and moved my hand under mom’s shirt to grope her breasts. Luckily her bra was a front clasp, so I easily undid it making it a simple matter for me to circle her areola and pull on her nipples.

Mom was having a hard time keeping quiet. She grabbed my head and kissed me deeply, using me to mute a loud moan. After a few minutes of wrestling with my tongue, she turned and grabbed Bryce and kissed her long and hard. Every now and then I heard muffled noises of passion from the bathroom. Lindsey was apparently doing a good job. I had moved my hand down to join Bryce’s and mom’s hips began to buck and swivel against us. She reached over and grabbed each of us, pulling our heads in hard against her breasts. Her pussy gripped our fingers and gushed over our hands, while mom clenched her teeth to hold back a screech. Bryce and I smiled at each other, our heads jammed against mom’s heaving chest. We closed the tiny gap between us and kissed passionately, when I heard a gasp.

Looking up I saw a flight attendant standing there, stunned. Bryce grinned at her, snaked her hand to my pants, and ran it along the length of my enormous cock bulge. When the attendant realized what Bryce was showing her she gasped again before quickly moving away. Bryce just giggled. Luckily mom was too out of it to have noticed the attendant.

A few minutes later Shyla returned, her skin flushed, with Lindsey in tow. The latter’s kartal escort face was still wet with Shyla’s juices. She knelt before Bryce and closed her eyes, waiting for her sister’s kiss. But to the surprise of all of us, mom bent down first and kissed her before licking off Shyla’s cum. She whispered to Lindsey.

“You’ve been a very good slut. You make mommy proud.” Lindsey shivered slightly, as a small orgasm raced through her.

“Go mom!’ Shyla cheered. Mom blushed and smiled bashfully and we all laughed. I patted my lap and Lindsey hopped up and we spent the rest of the flight chatting and laughing.

When we touched down, sure enough there was an attractive woman in a suit holding a fancy placard with mom’s maiden name on it. Aunt Nicole didn’t waste time in kicking dad out of the picture, did she? The driver was practically a stereotype: standing almost at attention, never making eye contact, answering us in quick succinct answers. Aunt Nicole knew what she wanted, and made sure she got it. I also noted that despite the fact that most drivers were male, Aunt Nicole made sure to get a female.

We drove through the hills leading out to Aunt Nicole’s mansion. It was fairly late and we were all somewhat rundown from the day’s events, so the drive was pretty quiet. Arriving at the enormous white three story building, the driver led us out and began unpacking our luggage as Maria came out to greet us.

Maria had been Aunt Nicole’s assistant since I could remember. Just as she had seen us grow from kids to young adults, we had watched her grow from teen to mature woman. She was always a fairly cheery, if somewhat shy person. And she had always taken a keen interest in us kids.

She wore what could be best described as a fancy version of a hotel maid outfit, which kinda made sense since she did a good deal of cleaning and cooking for my aunt, and this house was as big as a hotel. Her dark hair was up in a bun, as it always was while she was on duty. She smiled a toothy smile at us as we reached the door.

As kids, we would all get hugs from her, but she seemed hesitant towards us as young men and women. That didn’t last, once Shyla grabbed her in a big hug with each of us waiting in line to give her one.

“Miss Nicole has retired for the night.” She said when the hugs were done. “I have your regular rooms ready.” She said in a Spanish accent (yes, Spanish, she was originally from Spain).

Whenever we used to visit, we had staked out various rooms that we preferred. Aunt Nicole’s house was odd in that each room had a different theme and design. So we had picked out rooms based on that. Well, somewhat. All of us except Bryce. Bryce picked a room next to mine, so we could sneak to each other’s rooms and stay up playing card games and talking all night. After the first trip when this happened, Aunt Nicole asked Bryce what other room was her favorite and then had the room next to mine made up that way. Further proof that Bryce was her favorite. And to make the late night ‘sneaking’ easier, she had a connecting door installed.

My room had a nautical theme. Glass globes in nets, brass diving helmet, lots of wood, low light. The window was a porthole. If felt like being below deck on an old sailing ship. But, like every room in the house, the bed was amazingly comfortable.

I hadn’t been in my room more than a minute before the door connecting to Bryce’s flew open and she ran into the room naked, tackling me onto the bed. She kissed me passionately.

“God, it seems like forever since I had you all to myself.” She said as she broke away and started tugging at my jeans.

“You sure about this? There’s no way you won’t be able to not scream.” I replied. I was being cocky but also concerned that Aunt Nicole or Maria might hear.

“The whole house is sound proof, remember. Ah, there it is!” She exclaimed as my cock came into view, already hardening at the thought of being enveloped by my sister’s warm and wet sex.

“I think I have a surprise for you.” She said as she lined up my cock with her pussy and lowered herself.

“Fuuuuck.” She moaned, sinking all the way to her cervix, leaving only the last couple of inches. But rather than stop or pull back, she continued pushing down. Her face screwed up in concentration and pain. I could feel the pucker of her cervix trying to resist my bulbous head before finally giving way. The last inches of my cock moved inside and my sister’s eyes fluttered back into her sockets as a huge wave of juice covered my mammoth dick. My little sister had taken my whole cock! The head was nestled snugly in her womb.

“How did you do that?” I exclaimed. She had already been able to take more than any other woman, and she could deep throat me like no one else could. Now she had taken my whole cock. I could actually see a bulge in her tight little abdomen where the head was. When she recovered, she spoke.

“I’ve- ohhhh- been –uuuhhh- practicing.” She panted. kurtköy escort “Of course plastic is NOTHING like your real flesh and blood meat.”

“Are you ok?” I said, knowing that the cervix was a sensitive spot for women.

“I just had an orgasm! What do you think doof?” She slapped my chest. I flexed my cock insider her, causing it to expand significantly.

“Not sensitive at all?” I joked.

“Ohhhh. Feels good.” She moaned as her insides stretched.

I grabbed her tight ass in my hands and lifted her slowly until my cock left her womb and then eased her back down, letting it pierce her again.

“Oh, shit!” She gasped.

“Still ok?” I teased.

She didn’t answer. Instead, she braced her arms on my chest and began dexterously swiveling her hips up and down, just enough to let the head of my cock slide in and out of her womb. I bent my neck, and grasped one of her nipples between my lips. When excited, her nipples were formidable. Looking large on her small firm breasts, and hard enough to cut glass. I sucked greedily and she worked her hips up and down.

I felt her pussy gush and her hands gripped my chest as an orgasm came and went, but she didn’t break stride. Another came, and she cried out, but her hips continued to bounce. She must have gone through a dozen of them, her breath coming in gasps from the rapid movement. My chest had red marks from where she had been clawing it.

In one swift motion, I scooped my arms under her legs, grabbed her ass and stood. I quickly moved to the wall, pinning her against it, her legs being thrown over my shoulders. I hammered her into the wall, as we kissed passionately. As her orgasms continued to come, she would scream into my mouth. Our combined juices poured down my balls and thighs, the flow becoming heavier every time she came.

With the long day we had, a quickie would be a good idea. But sex with me was rarely short. Bryce however seemed to have a plan for making this a quickie. A quickie, if you consider fifteen minutes a quickie. She pulled back from our kissing and just started staring at me with those beautiful eyes. It was so sexy and intense. Every now and then an orgasm would wash through her, and she would simply tilt her head slightly and sigh. Her control was so alluring. Watching her own her passion at excitement drove me higher and higher.

Then she whispered to me, eyes locked on mine: “Cum for me now my love.” And that was all it took. I was cumming at her command. Wave after wave, blast after blast, directly into her womb. With nowhere to go, since her pussy was stuffed to the brim, my sperm jetted out and began pooling on the floor. I was stunned by the intensity and suddenness of my orgasm. Bryce just continued to look at me with that same sexy intense look until my cock deflated and I lowered her legs to the floor.

“Wow…” It was all I could say or think.

“You are SO my bitch.” She giggled, completely changing the mood. I swatted her butt and chased her into the bathroom where we cleaned up. We were both pretty tired, so there was very little sexual contact while we washed. Then I took her to her room and tucked her in, kissing her goodnight before returning to my own room and zonking out for the night.

I woke early the next day, with my room’s porthole window casting light directly on my face. I always forgot the first night to cover the window, since it woke me up at the crack of dawn. And I have never been the type that can get back to sleep easily. I knew at the very least Maria would be up, so I could get some breakfast. I headed down to see what she would make.

Even though Aunt Nicole liked her luxuries, she wasn’t entirely wasteful. She never used her large dining room, except during formal gatherings. So it was no surprise to see her at the small table in the kitchen while Maria was cooking her breakfast. Upon entering, Maria stiffened visibly. Aunt Nicole simply peaked over her morning newspaper looking at me over the top of the reading glasses perched on the end of her nose. Here I was, disheveled and groggy in my pajama bottoms, while my Aunt looked perfectly put together, her long wavy reddish blonde hair (our family all having one or the other or some mix of the two) cascading down and her silk robe fitting her just right.

“Good morning Mark. I hope you slept well.”

“Yes ma’am. But I woke up way earlier than I wanted.” I replied wearily.

“You always forget about the porthole. And please, no more ‘ma’am’s. You are an adult now.” I was actually a bit surprised that she remembered the porthole problem. Apparently she took more interest in me than she ever let on.

“So, did you and Bryce have your traditional ‘stay up late and play games’ night?” Her tone had an edge to it. Like she was being mischievous.

“Um, yeah. Yeah we did.” I chuckled as I thought about what Bryce and I had actually gotten up to.

“Still the same games? Or have you learned some new ones?”

“I picked up some new ones in college. They are a lot more exciting.”

“Indeed?” She said, arching her eyebrow.

“Yeah, but Bryce is WAY better at them than anyone else I have played with.” I was enjoying this play on words.

“I don’t doubt that. I have always known that your sister was gifted.”

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