Coach’s Conquests Ch. 18

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The head secretary at Lakeville High School, Cindy Morgan, had been bugging Bret for months to take her sister on a date. But between football season and the tight pussies he’d been involved with lately, he hadn’t found the time. To entice the coach further, Cindy finally brought in a photo of her sister, Kara. That’s all it took. It was a picture of the two of them in sexy dresses at a wedding reception. They were both hot.

Bret had checked Cindy out on the first day of school. After dropping some hints to other teachers that he found her to be incredibly sexy, Bret was bummed to find out she was, as one teacher put it, “untouchable.”

“Don’t even try to make it with her,” the teacher told Bret. “She’s one of the biggest flirts in town, but she’s faithful.”

Turning his attention back to the photo, Bret guessed that Kara was about 5-9 with what appeared to be gorgeous tits. She had reddish-blonde hair that was tied up in this particular photo. Bret wouldn’t mind seeing it down, he thought.

He finally gave in to Cindy and told her to tell Kara to call him. After all, it was their idea. Kara did call, and they talked for an hour on the phone after scheduling their date.

Kara was in her mid-20s and divorced but without children. She had been the victim of marriage at a very early age — 19 — and it had lasted all of 3 years. She had dated other men, Cindy said, but no one struck her fancy. And Cindy assured Bret Kara wasn’t looking for a long-term relationship, just a fun outing or two.

Perfect, the coach thought. The night before the game with Highland, which was Senior Night, Bret spoke on the phone with Pamela George, who begged the coach not to lose on purpose to Highland.

“Don’t you want us in the playoffs, too?” Pamela said. “Don’t you wanna stay in the same hotel as me at the state championships?” Bret assured his hot Valley Falls cheerleader that the Raiders would not throw the game. He assured her they’d have their fun during the state playoffs, whether it was at his house or in a hotel somewhere.

The way the playoff system worked, the first two rounds were held at schools that were participating. The championship game was part of a two-day event where all four divisions conducted their final game. The championship game would be in the 15,000-seat Robertson Dome in Curtis where Curtis College played its football games.

If Lakeville defeated Highland, the Raiders, more than likely, would be the No. 2 seed into the state playoffs. That meant they would play their first two games at home — as long as they won. The third game — the championship game — would be on the neutral artificial turf field of the Robertson Dome.

Later that night, Bret drove to Weston and picked Kara up at her house. She wore a floral skirt and white cotton blouse with large blue buttons down the front. It was very low-cut, even without any of the buttons being undone. Dinner turned into dinner with many drinks, but Kara didn’t seem to mind. Bret didn’t drink as much as Kara because he was driving, but he was also able to handle more booze than she could.

While at dinner, Bret ran into Josh Barlow and his girlfriend, Sara. The couple owned a gym in Weston that used to belong to Sara’s parents before they moved to Florida to retire. Josh was a former running back for Lakeville who didn’t quite make it at the college level. He went to Curtis College for awhile, but he missed Sara too much. The 3-hour drive from Curtis to Lakeville on weekends to be with Sara began wearing on him. And when he wasn’t seeing much playing time on the gridiron, he dropped out of school and returned to Lakeville.

He worked at the gym Sara’s parents owned until they decided to retire. Josh and Sara took the opportunity to buy the gym and were making a pretty good go of it. Josh, who cared deeply about the fortunes of the Lakeville athletic teams, had volunteered to come to practice on days when the Raiders lifted weights. Bret happily agreed and thought Josh was an instrumental part of the Raiders’ success because of his weight training.

“You really oughta check out our gym sometime,” Josh said to the coach. Bret had been working out with the players but found that sometimes he was taking them away from their own lifting because they were spotting him.

“Yeah, I really should, Josh,” Bret said. “Maybe when the season’s over, I can get on a schedule and come into your gym. I’m sure the facilities are a tad bit better than our school weight room.”

Josh and Sara laughed. They knew they had a very nice facility in Weston and were proud of the gym. But they were modest, too. They weren’t about to downplay the weight facilities at Lakeville High School. They appeared to be a great couple — Bret wondered why they weren’t married. But, he thought, they were young and enjoying being young and running the gym. Sara had dark brown — almost black — hair past her shoulders. As one would expect, she had a nice body and a great tan. And so did Josh.

For bahis firmaları a brief moment, Bret pictured the beautiful couple fucking in the gym after hours. He wasn’t sure if that fantasy got him going or if it was the soft, smooth hand on his thigh, massaging back and forth.

It was Kara, who obviously wanted to change the subject from gyms to something else. And so Bret did, cutting off Josh and telling him he’d be in touch. Bret got the check and he and Kara got into his Jeep and drove away.

“Where to?” he asked, hoping she’d give him the answer she wanted.

“Well, it’s early,” she said. “We could catch a boring movie or we could spend the rest of the time at my place.”

“What’s the address again?” the coach asked. They both laughed.

Kara unlocked the door and then locked it behind the couple.

“I’ve had entirely too much to drink,” she laughed and then fell into the coach’s arms. “But not too much to know what I’m doing. Or what I want to do.”

“And what’s that?” the coach asked.

“Just this. Only this.”

She wrapped her arms around Bret, and their mouths parted slowly, their tongues dancing gently and sensuously together. His hands ran all over her — face, back, breasts, legs. Hers made a beeline for his hard ass and she squeezed. His hands slid under her skirt.

Massaging her thighs and moving his hand closer, he slid his fingers beneath her thong panties and began to rub her already moist clitoris. She moaned ever so slightly and pushed him back against the kitchen counter. Meanwhile she fumbled for his zipper, reaching down his underwear to grab his already stiff member. Squeezing it hard she began to rub it. She could feel pre cum on the end. She pushed him back to stop. She then undid his belt, pushed down his jeans and pulled out his cock.

Eight inches long, the largest she’d ever seen. She took it into her mouth and slowly began to suck it, as she squeezed the shaft at the base. She bobbed her head on it back and forth back and forth. She then blew him away taking it all the way down her throat.

Bret’s eyes were rolling in the back of his head. Kara definitely knew what she was doing. Those were the most perfectly pursed lips wrapped around his hardened prick. Kara built up pace until the precum oozed a little more, and Bret’s moaning built up further and further. She rubbed his cock and squeezed a little harder. She had sucked enough cock to know when a man was about to blow. And blow he did. Bret couldn’t believe how intense his orgasm was.

Grabbing her by her hair, he slammed his raging cock in deep into her mouth. Pulsing madly, he shot load after load after load down Kara’s waiting throat. Her tongue licked the last of him clean.

“My turn now,” she smiled. He lifted her up. Gently raising her skirt, he slid her thong panties off slowly. His hands ran the full length of her legs and ass. He wanted to take this all in, the softness of her skin, the smell of her pussy, the taste of her juices. He lifted her up onto the counter. Placing her legs onto his shoulders, he buried his head deep into her crotch. He admired how she had shaved enough to have a perfect bikini line. He licked his fingers and let them slowly rub her clitoris. He could easily gauge Kara’s reaction and his tongue pushed its way deep inside her.

He began to increase his tempo, sucking a little harder, licking a little harder and rubbing her a little faster. He could see her squirm and moan beneath his touch. As he licked her clitoris, he moved his fingers further south. He then slowly slid them deep inside her and proceeded to give her the best finger fucking of her life.

It wasn’t long before he could taste her cum gushing all over his tongue, fingers and mouth. He felt her warm cum dribble down his chin. He eagerly licked his lips, fingers and mouth clean. She was panting heavily, her breathing very ragged. He slid his pants and underwear onto the floor, and raising her up, she braced herself as he slowly entered her.

She quivered, still sensitive to her earlier climax. She could feel the full length of his shaft penetrate her. She wrapped her firm tanned legs around his hips and proceeded to rock back and forth. He held her round ass in one hand and squeezed tight as he proceeded to fuck her hard. His one free hand undid her blouse. His hand moved around the back and undid her bra. Those glorious breasts popped free, and stood out proud and firm. He could not believe how large her nipples were. His mouth closed around one and he sucked it, gently flicking his tongue over it and around it.

She smiled and groaned weakly beneath his caress. Both hands held her ass as he bucked back and forth. The two entwined, moaned loudly. Kara began to moan out coherent words.

“Ohhh Bret, fuck me. Fuck me!! Ohhh god fuck me, you fuck sooo good!”

He rocked her back and forth, pulling out his rod and driving it back in, in quick succession. He could feel her shuddering. She shuddered heavily as she came kaçak iddaa to another climax, groaning even more loudly this time as she squeezed his ass pulling him deep inside. He leaned her onto her back, pulling out of her sopping wet pussy. He helped to slide off her remaining clothing. Kara then rolled over onto her stomach and pushed her rounded ass up into the air, as if taunting him to penetrate her.

“Fuck me up the ass Bret! Fuck me please!”

Bret’s prick was already moist by his own pre cum and soaked by her juices. Surprisingly enough, it had little resistance sliding into Kara’s tight ass. She rocked slowly as he slowly sank in and, despite the moisture, her ass took a moment to accommodate such a large cock. One he was buried inside her deep to the hilt, he proceeded to fuck her.

He could feel her tight ass clenching tenaciously as he pounded that cute bum for all it was worth. Sweat was breaking out all over him. He could see she loved it. She watched his arms and chest tensing as all his body weight was upon them so he could do her. The sweat dripping down those arms and brow merely served to highlight the contours of his body. He could tell she loved to watch his muscles flex as he screwed her.

She was rubbing her clitoris again as he fucked her ass. He couldn’t believe how good this felt. The intense pressure was building. He could feel his balls bouncing against her perfect cheeks as he slammed her again and again. He could not hold out for long.

“Bret…,” her breathing was labored, “Cum in me…please cum in my ass…”

That was all the incentive he needed. Bret’s dick exploded. He could feel it pump what seemed like gallons of hot cum deep inside that perfect ass. Leaning forward as he came, he squeezed Kara’s nipples as hard as he could. She screamed in delight. Was she cumming again?

He moaned as he emptied every last drop into her. He rocked back and forth as his raging cock spurted out its last. Kara smiled in delight. She, too, was covered in sweat.

After looking at each other for a moment, caught up in the fulfillment of their lusts, Kara was the first to speak.

“God, Bret,” she panted, looking over her shoulder at the coach. “Cindy said you looked hot and were nice and all, but I never imagined this. Ever. I’m serious. I didn’t have this in mind when I called. Really. But, God, I’m glad we did this.”

Bret slowly slid his cock out of Kara’s sexy ass and turned her toward him. He French kissed her, tasting some of him in her mouth. They kissed for several minutes while Bret caressed and massaged her gorgeous breasts.

“Well, then, we’ll have to do this again sometime,” the coach said, smiling.

The controversy surrounding whether Lakeville would lose to Highland on purpose to keep Valley Falls out of the playoffs ended quickly.

After all of the Senior Night pre-game festivities had concluded, Lakeville went out and completed an undefeated regular season by thumping Highland 34-0. The game was never in doubt. The Raiders forced a turnover on the first play of the game, scored on the fourth play of the game, and the rout was on.

They found out shortly after the game that Valley Falls had beaten Prairie 34-6 so Lakeville and Valley Falls were the league’s entrants into the state tournament. Pairings would be announced Sunday afternoon.

The pre-game festivities to the final regular-season game included senior players and cheerleaders — along with their parents — being announced in front of the crowd. As a sign of the times, several students had two sets of parents, several had only one parent and a couple had guardians instead. Bret particularly played close attention to Monique, who was escorted onto the field by her sexy mother, Michelle. She and her husband had divorced three years earlier. The coach guessed she had a hot body under her full-length coat.

She smiled at the coach, and when the two had a second to themselves at the end of game, she thanked him for helping Monique be “a happier person during her senior year.”

The coach just smiled back and tried to change the subject, but Michelle wasn’t having any of it.

“You’ve helped her open up so much,” Michelle said. “She’s begun so many new chapters.”

Michelle explained that Monique had a new best friend, Pamela, from Valley Falls. They were even thinking about attending the same college, Michelle said.

“They just started hanging out since last weekend,” Michelle said. “I thought they hated each other. Now they’re on the phone all the time, e-mailing each other. I think it’s great.”

Bret suspected the relationship between the two girls was sexual, and that actually Lori Hayes should be the one to thank.

“Well,” the coach said to Michelle as Monique approached him and her mom as they walked off the field, “you can pay me back sometime. Buy me a beer.”

“It would be my pleasure,” Michelle said, smiling and handing him a business card that contained both home and work numbers. “Just kaçak bahis call me.”

Monique hugged both of them, thanking her mom for not only attending Senior Night functions but for staying for the entire game despite the cold temperature. She hugged the coach and congratulated him on the victory.

“I’ll see you Sunday, Mom,” she said, smiling, and then jumped in her vehicle and took off.

“She’s off to Pamela’s,” Michelle said, “I think they’re going to do some research on some colleges this weekend.”

Well, this woman was snowed, the coach thought. But that was OK. If Monique wasn’t in Bret’s bed, at least she was in Pamela’s. And if Monique wasn’t in Bret’s bed, maybe her mother wanted to be.

“I have to go to a post-game party at the Kemps,” the coach said. “After that, I’m free. Wanna pay me that beer tonight?”

The answer was yes, and two hours later, Michelle Sellars pulled up in front of Bret’s house and knocked on the door.

“Here’s your beer,” she said, holding out a six-pack of bottles of an imported brand.

“Just six?” the coach joked. “We’ll have this down in no time.”

“Oh, I get to come in and have one?” she said, smiling.

“Well, I have to warn you, I tend to bite,” the coach said.

“Then I’m definitely coming in,” Michelle replied.

She was about 5-5 and thin with nice breasts like her daughter Monique. When she took off the full-length coat, she revealed a knee-length skirt with a slit high up on her thigh. She wore a black turtleneck that matched the black skirt.

Bret and Michelle got rid of the beer in no time, and the coach was impressed at how well she kept up with him. They moved closer together on the couch as the conversation continued. Bret sensed Michelle knew nothing about her daughter’s lust for him or about their escapades. He also sensed she knew nothing about Monique’s sexual interest in females.

When the coach had finished bottle No. 3, he teased Michelle about falling behind. With that, she guzzled the rest of her beer and got up from the couch, taking the bottles into the kitchen. When she sat back down, she sat closer than ever, almost on his lap. Then she leaned over and whispered, “Fuck me tonight, Bret.”

The coach responded by placing his mouth over hers and inserting his tongue into her hot mouth. The French kiss lasted minutes, with tongues doing battle inside and outside of their mouths. He pulled her up to a standing position in front of him, and they kissed in front of the couch. His hands reached around and felt her ass cheeks. Michelle moaned at his touch.

Bret broke the kiss and led Michelle down the hall and into his bedroom. He pinned her against the wall and dropped to his knees.

“What are you doing?” Michelle asked, pretending as if she didn’t know.

“Just this,” the coach said, and unzipped the skirt. She stepped out of it and Bret was met with black lacy panties, barely covering what he assumed was a hot, sexy pussy underneath.

On his knees, he grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy to his face, smelling her sweet scent. He started to tongue her pussy through the panties, making her moan and pant faster. He slowly pulled the panties down to her thighs and knees and finally to her feet. She stepped out of them, too, and while she did, she threw the turtleneck over her head and onto his bed. A lacy, black bra followed.

“Mmmmm, stop this, coach,” she said. “This is so dirty. So nasty. We shouldn’t do this.”

But her words were not forceful and they weren’t serious.

“Just keep fighting me off, babe,” Bret said, continuing to tongue her sexy pussy while she writhed with pleasure. “Just keep telling me how much you don’t want this.”

“God, stop,” she said, and thrust her pussy further into Bret’s mouth. “We shouldn’t do this. This is too good.”

Bret brought up her ex-husband, asking her if he was this good.

“God, no,” she said. “He…never…did…this…”

The coach kept on going, thrusting his tongue in and out of her box, tasting her pussy and stimulating her clit.

“God, he never did this. He blew so early. He blew so fast. God, stop this!”

“OK, I’ll stop,” Bret said, and attempted to pull his long, sexy tongue out of her pussy. Michelle was having none of it.

“God, don’t stop, Bret,” she moaned. “This is so good, so right. But I want you naked, too.”

Bret pulled his polo shirt off and wriggled out of his pants, shoes and socks. His tan chest was heaving as he thrust his tongue back into Michelle’s pussy. He licked and lapped at her pussy, pushing her thighs up so he could get better access to her sweet pussy. Michelle’s body shook, and Bret knew she was close to having an orgasm. And then it came. And came and came. It came in waves, and Michelle screamed and moaned along with it.

Bret took it all in, licking the juices as they ran down her legs. Bret then stood up and kissed Michelle, still pressing her against the wall. She moaned her agreement as she tasted her own pussy juice. His cock head was pressing against the opening to her pussy, but he was waiting for her to beg him to fuck her. They moved together for a while until Michelle finally needed Bret’s cock.

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