Jeremiah’s American Dream Ch. 08

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Big Tits

Jeremiah, Chris, and the other members of Not Your Average Joes arrived at the location Monique texted Chris for Olivia’s birthday party. A party they could have missed if Chris didn’t get his phone back from Jeremiah and missed the biggest opportunity of their young lives.

The birthday party is already in session at one of the most expensive hotels in Port Washington. Olivia’s parents rented out the large pool and the first floor of the hotel in case anyone is too intoxicated to drive home after the party. Smoking hot girls in bikinis and handsome hunks in swim trunks are scattered all around the poolside area drinking, smoking, chatting, and swimming in the big luxury pool.

“Boobs… Lots of boobs… And asses… Lots of asses,” a stunned RJ muttered with his eyes zipping from one hot bikini-clad babe to the other. The same sentiment Jeremiah is experiencing.

Suddenly, three bikini-clad women approach Jeremiah, Chris, and the others. Chris’s eyes nearly pop out of their sockets, “Hey, hey, hey, M-M-Monique,” he stammers over his words as he glazes at her perfect body in a two-piece yellow polka dot bikini. Next to her were the mega-busty Boland Twins wearing matching silver and black bikinis with their mammoth-sized breasts heaving and wobbling while barely contained in their tops. Jeremiah’s attention is extremely peaked as he gets his first look at Miriam and Emma.

“Hey, Chris. Glad you all made it. When you didn’t text me back right away, I was getting nervous that our band was going to no show,” said Monique and continues, “Oh, Miriam and Emma, this is Jeremiah. He is living with Chris and his family for a year as part of the foreign exchange program I was telling you guys about.”

The Boland twins examine Jeremiah’s skinny lanky frame up and down as he’s the blackest person they’ve ever seen. “Hey cutie,” they spoke in unison.

Jeremiah smiles and nods at the sexy twins.

“So where do we set up?” Chris asked.

Monique smiles, “Follow me, I’ll show you guys and I’ll show you to a room where you can all change into your swim gear.”

As Monique leads Chris and his band to the stage, Miriam and Emma pull Jeremiah aside.

“So how is America treating you?” Emma asked.

The oldest Miriam playfully bumps her enormous breasts into Jeremiah’s chest asking, “Meet any American girls yet?”

Jeremiah grins thinking back to the American girls he’d come in contact with so far; Daphne, Chris’s mom Jane, Kasey, Sister Cecilia, Beatrice, and Jenny just an hour apart from each other. Now he stands between two of the bustiest women dreams are made of and they’re twins. His big black cock begins to progressively stir in his sweats.

“American women have treated me very well,” the Zimbabwe teen expressed with glee.

The twins smiled at each other, “I bet,” Miriam replied with no doubts.

The top-heavy twins suddenly get an alert on their phones congratulating them on getting one million views on their recent TikTok video of a van outside of the movie theater shaking as if an earthquake was occurring.

“Holy shit, sis! We got a million hits over this video!” Emma shouted with glee.

Curious, Jeremiah looks down at one of the twin’s cell phones and comments, “That was me in the van having sex with Chris’s friend Kasey.”

An oh my god look appears on the Boland twin’s faces. “Holy shit?! For real?” they replied in unison and then looked at each other with smirks.

“We have a friend who might be interested in you,” Emma mentioned.

Miriam chimes in, “Yeah. We already gotten her a birthday gift, but I think she would be more entertained by you,” she ensured.

All of a sudden, the hotel doors to the pool area open, and the sea of half-naked partiers part like the red sea as the birthday girl Olivia makes her grand entrance. She is being carried out to the party on an inflatable raft held by four big beefy high school football players. She is a stunning beauty. One of the most beautiful women Jeremiah has ever laid eyes on.

“Hello my loyal peasants,” Olivia shouted from her inflatable raft, waving towards everybody below like she’s a queen arriving in her kingdom. Her chestnut-colored eyes are hidden behind a pair of dark shades and a queen’s crown sat on top of her head with long strands of her black fizzy hair cascading from under and down her medium-sized pair of tits.

The football players stop and put the inflatable raft down beside the pool. Olivia steps off wearing a matching gold bikini set over her caramel-colored 5’4 toned body. She is all legs, Jeremiah observes. Her bust size is significantly smaller than the Boland twins at a large B cup nestled inside her gold bikini top. But what she lacked in front, Olivia made up for it in her gold bikini bottoms. She possessed a dump truck of an ass, beautifully sculptured like it was handmade by the famous sculptor Michelangelo.

Emma turns to her older twin, “Listen. Take Jeremiah to Olivia’s room and get him all prepped. I’ll meet you there with Olivia in 20 ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar minutes,” she said with a devious smile.

“Good idea,” Miriam agreed. She grabs Jeremiah by the hand and leads him into the hotel. Emma stays behind to greet the birthday girl.

Elsewhere, Scarlett arrives at one of Port Washington’s best dine-in restaurants The Pasta Shop with two of her close neighborhood friends, Bailey and Caroline. Bailey is shy and quite conservative at 20-years-old. At 5’4 with milky-white skin, black shoulder-length hair, and ocean blue eyes, she is as skinny as a twig with small breasts and a boney bottom.

Caroline is the complete opposite living a glamorous lifestyle and a big flirt at 21-years-old. She stands 5’3 with a glowing olive-colored skin complexion, straightened strawberry-blonde hair at chest level, and crystal-blue eyes. Caroline adores her natural curves as much as the men do with amazingly large D-cup breasts on her slim figure and a perfectly curved ass.

The three women joined Scarlett’s boyfriend Greg and his two buddies Shemar and Jerald in a booth in the corner of the dine-in restaurant.

Shemar, like Greg, is in his thirties. He’s a 5’10 nice looking African American with dark brown eyes, sporting a burst faded Mohawk, small black goatee, and mustache and seriously ripped from hours of gym sessions. Jerald is the opposite standing 5’9 with pale skin, low-faded blonde hair, a blonde goatee beard, and closer to his 40’s with a dad bod. They are also from Chicago where they met Greg in college. Greg invited Shemar and Jerald to join him on a road trip to Port Washington for a few weeks.

“Hey ladies. Looking very fine on this lovely evening,” Shemar complimented while his eyes are glued to Caroline wearing a tight red dress showing off her curves. Greg’s eyes also ogle Caroline and she gives him a sly glance back.

“Hello gentlemen,” Caroline greeted.

Scarlett is wearing a blue-faded long-sleeved denim jean dress and it’s a miracle the buttons can stay on due to the enormous strain of her oversized melons pushing against the fabric and leaving a few gaps. This catches Jerald’s attention as he is well known among his friends for being a big boob pervert. Scarlett has the largest pair of titties he has ever seen in person and it took every ounce of willpower for him to not whip out his cock every time he saw her and jerk off. He always waited until he got home.

“Yes, you all look mighty fine,” agreed Jerald, not taking his eyes off Scarlett as she sits next to Greg.

Bailey sits on the edge of the booth, dressed casually in a shoulder-wide white tank top with flower prints and hip-hugging navy blue jeans as she is face down in her phone.

A young cute waitress strolls over to take their order and she catches Greg’s attention. After they finish ordering, he glues his eyes on her ass which is full and prominent behind her black uniform jeans.

“Damn Scarlett. I had no idea Port Washington is full of lovely ladies,” Greg commented and continues in a jokingly manner, “For my buddies of course. You guys have been here for nearly 2 weeks and haven’t gotten pussy yet.”

“Believe me, dude. I’m working on it,” Shemar replied while his eyes lasciviously gaze over at Caroline sitting across the booth.

“Well, I guess you guys forgot women are present and lost your manners,” Caroline stated and continues mockingly, “What if I said, Bailey needs to get some fat cock. Does that sound appropriate to you?”

The guys burst out laughing as Greg replies, “Either one of these guys can take care of that for her.”

The ill-mannered suggestion didn’t sit well with Bailey, “Ewww, gross,” she expressed.

Nor did it sit well with Scarlett as she speaks up, “Okay you guys. Can we have a civil conversation that doesn’t involve sex and body parts?”

Jerald kicks him, “Yeah, you guys. Let’s have a civil conversation,” agreeing.

“Thank you, Jerald,” Scarlett appreciated. Her express gratitude towards Jerald irritates Greg.

A few moments later, the cute waitress returns with everyone’s meal and drink orders. Greg winks and she blushes which Scarlett catches.

Midway through dinner, Caroline scrolls through her phone for bikini ideas to wear to the beach this summer and shares the photos with Scarlett.

“Oh, what do you think of this matching white dazzling bikini?” Caroline asked.

Scarlett laughs, “Too damn bright if you ask me. Everyone will need to wear shades around you in that thing.”

“Okay, okay. Here, I found this cute bikini for you to wear,” Caroline suggests.

Greg takes a peek over and laughs.

“Yeah, that’s not happening, Caroline. Maybe you can fit your nice big chest into that bikini, but there’s no way my cowgirl here can fit that thing with her humongous udders,” Greg laughed.

Caroline smirks, “You’re such an asshole, Greg.”

Greg fires back, “Relax, Caroline. My baby knows I’m just joking with her,” putting his arm around Scarlett elvankent götü büyük escortlar and continuing, “I’m just looking out for her best interest. I don’t want her feeling embarrassed walking around in a small bikini top that can barely cover her nipples. She might as well just walk around topless.”

The mental imagines of Scarlett wearing a tiny bikini exposing all of her mountainous breasts and being topless plagues Jerald’s perverted mind. His dick is solid steel hard up against his inner thigh.

“Ewww, gross,” Bailey replied, speaking for the second time tonight.

Scarlett cracks a half-smile, pretending Greg’s words didn’t bother her but they did as usual.

“Hey, Bailey. You gotta go to the bathroom? Me too,” Scarlett announced.

Once in the bathroom, Scarlett pulls out Lilith’s business card and dials her number. Bailey idly stands next to a stall playing her phone game.

“Lilith Jameson? This is Scarlett Hartman. We met at the gym earlier… Yes, the girl with the massive rack… Um yes, I’m doing okay. Hey listen, I was calling to see if your offer still stands?… It does?! That’s great. When can I come in?… Monday morning. That’s perfect. See you then, bye.”

After hanging up, Scarlett stares into the restroom mirror soaking in her voluminous jugs as they push obscenely against her blue jean denim dress.

“Alright Bailey, let’s get back out there and finish this dinner.”

“Yay,” Bailey muttered with a less than thrill response.

Back at the birthday pool party, Chris and the other members of the band are setting up some last-minute preparations when RJ is approached by a 5’3 blonde wearing a sky-blue bathing suit. Her nipples are pointing hard through the bathing suit. Her round breasts look to be artificial but a nice handful. RJ immediately stops what he is doing to look at the blonde.

“Hi,” the blonde-haired woman shyly said to RJ.

He checks his breath and replies, “Yo…”

“Slammin party, huh?” she asked.

Looking into the blonde’s dark brown eyes, RJ hesitates a bit before answering, “Yeah, yeah. This party is da bomb,” he smiled.

“That’s hot that you’re in a band. I find musicians to be very sexy,” she flirted and continues, “My name is Lucy. What’s yours?”

“Hey RJ. It’s about to be showtime,” Chris interrupted the short conversation.

“RJ? Nice. Come find me when you’re done. Then the real party can begin,” she told him before walking away from the stage area.

“That girl was digging you man,” Chris mentioned.

“Holy shit, dude. I’m getting laid tonight,” RJ realized and continues, “Let’s not go too hard tonight. I’m going to reserve some of my stamina.”

Monique gets on stage and cracks a shy smile towards Chris.

“Maybe tonight can be your night to clap some cheeks,” RJ whispers to his ginger-haired friend.

Chris’s crush takes the microphone and begins to speak. “Cut the music, DJ. Listens and gentlemen, we have a local band in the house ready to tune this party up a notch! Please welcome the Not Your Avenger Joes!”

The crowd’s loud approval reaction surprises Chris and his crew as they begin jam with RJ splittin on the mic and looking down the path of half-naked wild partiers to Lucy standing by the outdoor bar.

Inside the hotel, Miriam and Jeremiah had to navigate through the piles of drunks lying around to Olivia’s hotel room.

“Take off your clothes,” Miriam ordered once they were inside Olivia’s room.

With no hesitation, Jeremiah takes off all his clothes, “Holy fuck!” Miriam spouted, leaving her staggered at the immense size of his gigantic flaccid cock wagging between his scrawny legs. “No reason I can’t have a bit of fun while we’re here. Let’s see how big that meaty thing of yours can get.”

The eldest Boland twin reaches behind her back and unties her small bikini top. Her massive fat funbags tumble out in all their tan glory, crowned with large circled pink areolas and thick pink nipples. A smile comes across the Zimbabwean teen’s face as his big cock starts to erect.

Miriam pushes Jeremiah onto the bed and spreads his skinny legs. She grabs his big black dick by the root with both hands, stroking the growing girth up and down. She leans forward, swinging her giant udders against his fat schlong. She chuckles, “You like that, black boy?” while shimmering her shoulders causing her natural hanging melons to beat on his huge cock.

“Oh yes. Very much,” the Zimbabwean teen groaned in pleasure, watching these 18-year-old large tits batter his throbbing tool.

After a few seconds, Miriam spits large wads of saliva over his throbbing meat and takes 5 solid hard inches between her lips. The stroking of her lips upon Jeremiah’s meaty manhood causes her fat juggs to sway against his inner thighs. She coos and moans with her warm wet mouth full of his rock-hard member, pushing her sucking lips further down in an attempt to deep-throat his entire shaft. Miriam chokes large qualities of saliva etimesgut çıtır escortlar down his lengthy member and balls after a few attempts to take all his enormous slab of meat down her throat before pulling up for air.

“Jesus, Jeremiah. You have such an incredibly huge dick. I own a black dildo nowhere near this size,” she gloated and continues, “I can’t wait to feel this beast inside me,” as she goes on to lip service the part of his shaft she couldn’t get inside her mouth.

Moving farther down, the busty twin drags her tongue across the rough surface of his large dark scrotum, licking every inch of his balls. She then sucks each orb in turns with an audible wet pop each time she releases one. Miriam kept one hand stroking his raging hard wet rod while making his ball sack moist with her mouth. She moans, “So good. Mmmmmm.”

Not one to sit idly by, the horny Jeremiah sits up and grabs Miriam’s massive double F-cup teen knockers and places them on his thighs. He wraps them around his long swollen cock and starts to slide her soft wobbly boobs up and down his throbbing shaft.

“Ohhh yesss! Fuck your big juicy cock using my big titties,” Miriam moaned in delight. She can feel the Zimbabwean teen’s hand having a solid grip on her enormous melons, bouncing and slapping them around his rampant dick. The bulge dark pink knob on his shaft stayed poking through her immense cleavage with each thrust.

Miriam leans her head down and begins tonguing and sucking his huge cockhead while her enormous breasts waffle her in the face, not caring if she gets two black eyes and a concussion.

While Miriam is having some private fun alone time with Jeremiah, Emma is miserable following the birthday girl Olivia around as she greets everyone at the pool party as if she’s true royalty. Although she is getting a lot of compliments about her choice of bikini wear, all her mind can think of is her twin sister getting an early start on Olivia’s birthday present.

“Hey O. Not trying to cut you off…”

“Then don’t…” Olivia replied with a grin and continues, “I only turn 18th once, so I want to enjoy it. Where is your sister?” she asked.

Emma immediately answers, “Oh, Miriam? She is setting up our big surprise for you as we speak.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh, YEEEEEAAAHHH!! FUCK ME! OH, GOD! FUCK ME!!” Miriam wildly moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain with her face down in the bed and bare feet dangling off the edge between Jeremiah’s legs with his black horse-sized cock plowing in and out of her wet pussy. “OHHhhhh, shit!”

As Miriam gasp for air and moan in heat, Jeremiah holds onto her soft fleshy hips as he tries to feed the entire length of his hard meat between her gushing-wet cunt lips. He can feel her pink creamy pussy clenching and shudder around his rampant tool.

Jeremiah grunts out, “Oh yeah. Cum bitch. Aaahhh, fuck.”

With a loud earsplitting scream, “OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Miriam comes hard, her entire body convulsing through the immense orgasm. Her black boy toy continues pounding her gushing tight twat in earnest, “MY GOD! OHHH, BABY! OHH MY GOD!!”

Jeremiah grabs Miriam by her long dark-brown hair lifting her massive chest off the bed. He continues a rapid jack-hammer rhythm making Miriam’s huge heavy tits shake and clap below her. She cries out, “Don’t hold back, you big-dicked stud! Give me all of that juicy fat cock! Ohhhh, yesssss! Give it to me,” she pushes back hard to feel the fat knob of his long penis hitting her cervix.

After making Miriam come again, Jeremiah rams her gooey snatch through her orgasm before pulling out his large wet cock and flipping her over. He fills her tender creamy cunt again with his lengthy pillar of dark meat, pressing his skinny chest against her thick balloon-like titties, and starts fucking.

While Jeremiah is having a joyous time getting his huge fat cock wet in pussy, Scarlett arrives home from her dinner party and heads straight to her bedroom. Calling it an early night, she slips out of her fancy clothes and into her sleeping wear, a large baggy t-shirt with a large photo of Justin Bieber printed on the front and pajama pants in light blue with white stripes.

Scarlett examines her curvaceous figure in her full-length mirror. Without one of her custom-made unflattering brassieres, her humongous M-cup knockers have serious hang time, but fortunately, the bulbous mass of meaty colossal flesh has kept their roundness. Her small nipples began to protrude through her shirt. She puts her arms behind her head clasping her fingers and starts swaying her mammoth gazongas from side to side in heavy fluent motions under her baggy shirt, smiling wickedly as she swung them to and fro like gigantic pendulums. A few seconds later, Scarlett uses her forearms to squeeze her mountainous milk mounds together and rubs them together like two sticks trying to make a fire. She then grips her jumbo-sized funbags at the starting point on her chest and begins bouncing her sweet milk mammaries up and down and lewdly moving them in every which way that she can.

She stops playing with her giant breasts and starts thinking about the modeling gig she has on Monday. She is excited and nervous at the same time. Then the rude comment her boyfriend Gregory made about her oversized titties pops into her mind and it might have been the last straw.

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