Hot Springs Stop Over

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Clair followed the stairs in to the pool, gradually going deeper until it was chest deep. The hot water buoyed her breasts She dipped her head under the surface; the hot water assaulted her face. She stayed under as long as she could, but rose up and took a deep breath. The water cascaded over her naked breasts and the evaporation caused her skin to feel cool. Clair looked around for her husband; he was standing on shore next to the cabana/sauna that they rented at the Black Rock hot springs pool. A young woman driving a drinks cart was parked next to their rental and Dave was buying several bottles. The topless woman’s figure seemed to excite Dave as his cock was standing out from his body. And what was unusual is that it all seemed normal.

They were enjoying three weeks away from the stresses of their jobs. An acquaintance leased them a very classy RV on the basis of Dave’s Fire Dept. training. After spending first days of the trip attending a seminar; they were now on their vacation. Their RV was parked in a campground near a small town at the base of Black Rock Mountain. Black Rock Springs was up a winding road ten miles away from the town. The area was privately owned and surprisingly was clothing optional. It was a mecca for nudists; Dave and Clair put the area on their list when they planned the trip. The area consisted of a large hot spring fed pool that was almost as large as two football fields. Large trees surrounded the area. Clouds of water vapor drifted off the surface when the air was cool which was most of the time. Around the perimeter of the lake were small cabanas that doubled as saunas.

The sign next to the cabana stating the clothing was not permitted in the water amused Clair. The other sign caught her attention when she read that the temperature in the pool, ranged between 90 and 140 degrees. Dave walked toward her and entered the water.

“Wow that’s hot!” said Dave as he continued toward Clair.

Clair saw a young woman walking toward them. She seemed to be a few years younger and she had an infant suckling one of her enormous breasts. Her arms were crossed across her chest cradling the baby, and every once in a while she dipped under the water. Long blond hair framed her face.

Clair found Dave’s cock and she was busy massaging it to life. The young woman came close and said hello to them.

What’s her name?” asked Dave.

Claire de Lune, but I think that she will go by Claire,” said the woman.

The baby began to fuss and the woman switched breasts and the baby seemed to settle down.

“I am Carry Renoir. Now if I can find Claire’s father, I will leave you all alone.”

Clair moved closer to Carry and the baby and looked at the infant as it suckled from her mother’s breast. From behind Dave another man walked up and stood beside Carry. He leaned over and kissed her.

“Hi this is Clair and I am David Simpson, it is nice to meet you and your beautiful baby.”

Dave got behind Clair and his cock nestled between her legs. After a few minutes of conversation the other couple moved away. Through the conversation Dave and Clair found that Carry and her husband were in the same RV Park. They moved toward another part of the pool. Dave began to massage her breasts and kissing Clair’s neck. Clair began to move back to the bank and walked up the path to the Cabana. Dave followed her step for step.

There were two shower nozzles hanging off of the building with a small shelter over them. Clair stood first under the hot shower and then under a cold shower and the shock of the temperature change caused her to climax. She checked the dial on the side of the door read 100 degrees. Clair opened the door and disappeared inside. The heat relaxed her muscles and sweat started pouring out of all her pores. The room Clair was in was about twelve by twelve along two walls were benches and places that a person could stretch out. Located on the wall opposite the door was a steam fed heater that kept the room at 100 degrees, or greater. Clair moved the valve causing the room to get hotter.

“Dave, get in here I need you!”

The door opened again and Dave entered the room and picked up a ladle of water and tossed the contents on the hot rocks. Steam came off the rocks and filled the room.

“When I said I need you I meant your cock, ” said Clair smiling.

Dave sat on one of the benches and Clair massaged his tool until it was glistening with pre-cum. She brought her lips to the crown of his cock and slowly took his tool in her mouth. Her tongue caressed his shaft; she brought her mouth up and down the length of his cock. Her hand caressed his balls; tugging on them to keep him in line.

Clair stood and dropped another ladle full of water on the hot rocks and then moved to another bench. With her ass in the air Dave came up behind and slipped his cock into her wet pussy. Clair was expecting him to fuck her ass hole but she enjoyed having his tool in her pussy. Dave was busy moving in and out of her pussy. He felt bursa escort Clair climax and he brought his cock to her mouth after a few licks Dave unloaded in her mouth. He quickly kissed her and they shared his load.

After deciding that they needed to cool down they both walked outside and stood under the cold shower and then entered the hot pool again. Dave grabbed his wife and kissed her. His hands moved down to her ass and his fingers explored her bunghole.

“I am so lucky that you wanted to meet me Clair, I love you so much.”

Clair was taken aback by this sudden declaration, but she kissed him again. His re-energized cock probed her pussy.

“I was glad that you put up with my weird schedule, being called out at all hours of the night. You have a stable schedule compared to me.”

The pair came together and kissed. They reveled in the hot water. They enjoyed being together. Looking around the shore there were pockets of people enjoying being naked some were on shore; some were in the pool. Several couples were in lounges taking in the sun. Others disappeared into the saunas leaving their activities to the imagination. The sun was setting and the air was cooling off making the difference between the shore and the pool that much greater.

With her hand on Dave’s cock she walked toward the shore when they reached the cabana Dave and Clair stood under the cold shower and pulled the chain. Their skin became one giant goose bump as the frigid water hit them and cascaded on to the rocks that they stood on. Clair noted the time and saw that closing was about an hour away. She dug in the bag with their clothing next to the sauna and found the cover-all and slipped it over her head. She wrapped more towels around her. Dave found his cover up wrapped himself up. They gathered their gear and reluctantly got in the car for the trip back to the RV.

“I want to fuck you more than you know, Darling,” said Dave sitting next to Clair as she drove the car that they trailered behind the RV.

“You didn’t get enough sex at the pool?” asked Clair

“I can never get enough sex with you.”

“You will need to take me to dinner if you want more sex, Dave”

“Food is over rated,” said Dave with a laugh.

Clair pulled the car into the RV Park and drove to the slip that their RV occupied. After unlocking the RV they fell into the couch; Dave kissing her his hand finding her pussy.

“Dave, I am really hungry,” said Clair as his mouth covered hers.

After a few minutes Clair gave up and pawed at Dave’s cover up and freed his cock. She guided it into her pussy.

“Fuck me Dave.”

Dave rose up on his arms and moved his cock in and out of her warm pussy. One giant thrust and he exploded. He came down and kissed his wife and they lay together.

“Your not finished Mr. I need more than that,” said Clair.

“I thought you wanted to get dinner?”

“Fuck dinner. Fuck me Dave”

Dave started to move and he felt his cock revive. Clair moaned with each stroke. Their mouths met and Dave’s tongue explored her mouth. They climaxed together with Dave releasing another load, and Clair suddenly stiffened her vagina around his cock.

In what seemed like a half hour they revived. Dave kissed his wife and allowed her to get off the couch first. Clair could feel aftermath of sex and went into the bathroom to freshen up. She walked out naked and dropped the cover-up she wore in the laundry.

In what seemed like another half hour Clair walked out of the bedroom dressed in very tight jeans. On her feet were red four inch chunky heals causing her to be as tall as her husband. Her top was a colorful peasant blouse with her breasts not cinched in a bra. On her lips was a pale red mat lip color.

Dave drank in the vision of his wife. He was revived enough to make his way into the bedroom and came out dressed in khaki slacks and a polo top. On his feet was a pair of black western boots.

“Well we are all dressed up do we have some place to go?” asked Dave.

“You get in the car, I will find the place,” said Clair as she started out the door.

Three hours later two points of light pierced the darkness in the RV Park. The car slowly moved between the parked units until it came to their RV and pulled into the parking space. Dave was a little unsteady when he got out of the car and grabbed the top of the car to gain his footing. Clair came around and slipped her arm around Dave’s waist and assisted him into the RV. Too many whiskeys were his problem. Dave moved to the couch and stretched out. Clair moved to the bedroom took off her clothes and hit the bed.

Some time during the night Dave got up and moved to the bedroom. He carefully slipped into bed; trying not to invade Clair’s space. She did not move and he was able to fall asleep again. They both slept way past their usual wake-up time. But since they were on vacation; who was going to care.

Clair used her finger to trace the outline of Dave’s face. bursa escort bayan He grabbed it and started sucking on it.

“Afraid I am going to break?” asked Clair.

“No I was afraid that you were going to break me, for getting pissed last night.”

“Well you weren’t that bad and luckily I abstained so no harm. But don’t make a habit of it mister.”

I was right you are pissed at me,” said Dave.

Clair rolled over and lay on top of him.

“Dave you will know if I am pissed at you as it will be the last day you and I will be together. Right now if you want to stay together put that log in my pussy!!”

Dave maneuvered Clair on her back and mounted her; slipping his hard cock into her warm pussy.

“Are you just going to lay there or do something,” said Clair as her fingernails dug into Dave’s flanks. That stimulated him to start thrusting in and out of her pussy.

“That hurt,” said Dave.

“Good it was supposed to; I wanted to remind you that I have some power also,” said Clair.

They both kissed and held each other. Dave continued to move in and out of her pussy. With one large push he felt his cock filling her. Their mouths met in a long kiss. Dave thrust his tongue into Clair’s mouth, and held her head while he explored.

Clair maneuvered away from him and started to massage his cock with her hand. She slipped down further until she could kiss the crown of his flaccid cock. Dave was jolted by a pull on his balls and the feeling of her mouth on his tool.

“You’re no fun sir,” said Clair as she worked to stimulate Dave.

“You really know how to burst a man’s ego,” said Dave.

“You know I am Joking.”

Dave got out of bed and rolled Clair on her front and began to massage her back. He could see the fluid dripping out of her and staining the sheets. The smell of sex permeated the room and he felt his cock begin to stiffen. Dave paid attention to the area between her arms and breasts. He leaned down and kissed the back of her neck. His hand moved to her butt and a finger invaded her bunghole and pussy. Clair’s hand moved and found his tool and was pleased that he was becoming aroused again.

“Turn over please,” said Dave.

Clair directed his cock into her mouth. She could taste her cum on his shaft. Dave tried to move but she kept him in position. He felt a finger probe his bunghole. Having his ass probed was a new experience.

Clair let his cock go “If you would like to fuck me, darling; now would be a good time.”

Dave spread her legs and brought his mouth down to her pussy. His tongue gently moved in and out of her pussy. He kept eating her pussy until he felt her cum. He replaced his mouth with his cock and kissed his wife.

“I don’t tell you that I love you enough, darling,” said Dave.

“Just fuck me, Dave I know that you love me.”

Dave continued to move his cock in and out of her beautiful warm pussy. His hands were pinching her hard nipples.

“Harder mister harder I love the pain,” said Clair.

With one gigantic thrust Dave felt his cock let go a stream of cum. He collapsed and their mouths met. Ten or fifteen minutes later Dave got up and kissed Clair and walked out of the bedroom.

“Your not finished with penance Mister,” said Clair.

Dave heard a mumble from the bathroom and opened the door to see what Clair said.

“Your not finished with your penance Dave.”

“How many “Our Fathers or Hail Marys” do I need to recite,” said Dave.

“Don’t be sacrilegious, darling, I want a long suck,” said Clair.

Dave walked into the bedroom completely naked; his cock limply pointing at the floor.

Dave got on his knees and opened Clair’s legs wide. It gave him a beautiful view of her pussy. Her lips were still aroused standing bright pink against her tanned body. Dave placed his mouth over her clit and gently sucked it to an erection. Clair jolted every time his tongue brushed over her pleasure center.

When he was ready he attacked her pussy lips and inserted his tongue in to her vagina. Clair arched her back and relaxed. Dave stood and brought his quickly expanding cock to the entrance to her pussy and slipped in.

“Why do you have to be so big,” Clair said with a laugh.

“But you love it,” said Dave as he kissed her.

“Yes, yes I do.”

They made love and then slept for another hour. Dave woke first and slipped out, dressed and quietly left the RV. He picked up the list of groceries that they needed and went shopping.

Clair rose about a half hour later. Feeling slightly used she reflected on how much she loves her husband. She dressed and went outside and walked around their RV checking the shore connections. A familiar figure walked up; the woman from the hot pool and her daughter were walking around the RV Park. The baby was under a shroud suckling on Carry’s breast. Clair leaned in and kissed the young woman.

“Great to see you and Claire again.”

“She is being escort bursa shy.”

On cue the baby started to fuss. Carry brought her out and tried to comfort her. Clair and Carry found a bench and sat, while Carry tried to calm the baby.

“You and your Husband don’t have children?”

“No, I don’t know why but he is a firefighter/paramedic and I work for the police department, so our schedules are a little stressed. It is not like hints have not been dropped by our families,” said Clair.

“It can be stressful, but rewarding also. Look at her such a beautiful baby.

She went on to explain that John, her husband was doing research in the area and that is what brought them to Black Rock Springs. Clair slipped back into the RV and came out with her business card. “Lets keep in-touch.”

Dave came in and parked the car. Carry left and Clair walked over to the car and assisted Dave with the groceries. He barely had time to put the bags on the counter before Clair was trying to drop his shorts.

Dave’s cock was becoming hard and her little kisses encouraged him. Dave lifted her shirt and found the clip to her bra and it fell to the floor. Clair guided his cock into her mouth and wrapped her tongue around the shaft. She wrapped her arms around him while she sucked on his tool. Clair’s finger found his asshole and the feeling of a finger invading down there caused him to let go. Clair swallowed his load and cleaned his cock.

“Your turn,” said Clair as she sat on the couch and opened her legs.

“I don’t know where that has been,” said Dave with a laugh.

“You know exactly where that has been, now I want another good suck, darling.”

Dave pulled her panties down and slipped them off her ankles. He could smell the aroma of sex and dived in to her pussy. His tongue traced her vulva and entered her snatch. One of his favorite activities was tongue-fucking Clair. Her aroma drove him nuts. He plunged the tip of his tongue in to her pussy and felt the walls contracting. Clair closed her legs around his head. She moved her hands up to her breasts and played with them.

With a heave and a sigh Clair climaxed and relaxed. Dave laid her out on the couch and leaned down and kissed her. His cock was rock hard. He brought one of Clair’s hands to the shaft and let her fingers excite it some more. Dave again started to suck on her pussy.

“Why don’t you use that tool like nature intended?” said Clair.

Clair pulled herself up a little farther and spread her legs open. Dave kissed her pussy one more time and then brought his cock to the entrance and slipped inside. She was silky smooth, and he penetrated her easily until their pubic hairs met.

“Sir, I want your best fuck.”

“Yes madam,” Dave responded.

“Don’t patronize me,”

“Why am I always in trouble?” asked Dave.

“Shut-up and fuck me,” said Clair.

The warmth of her pussy surrounded his cock, as he began to slowly move it in and out. They reached out for each other and their mouths met in a long slow kiss. Dave jousted with his tongue, and finally was able to explore her mouth with it. He started to withdraw but Clair sucked on it keeping it in her mouth. Dave jerked and let loose with a load of cum in her pussy.

They both relaxed and fell asleep. Dave woke first and busied himself putting the groceries away. A pair of hands started to massage his back. He turned and his lips met Clair’s.

Clair started picking up the clothing that was tossed aside. She went back to the bedroom and emerged ten minutes later dressed. Dave did the same and he also came out fully clothed.

“Gloria will never let us use her RV again if she knew that we have sex everywhere,” said Clair.

“Gloria and John strike me as an active couple if you know what I mean,” replied Dave.

Dave grabbed a bottle of wine, glasses cheese and crackers and stuffed them in a tote bag. He put his arm around his wife and kissed her. She asked where they were going but he said it was a surprise. He directed the car out of the RV Park and took the road in the opposite direction from Black Rock. He pulled into a parking area at a hiking trailhead.

“It is just a short walk,” said Dave.

True to his word they stopped about a half hour later at a scenic overlook. Dave looked around and found that they were alone or at least he thought. There was a table that they both sat on. The sun was beginning to dip behind the mountains causing a glow that outlined the peaks.

Clair laid out the picnic and Dave opened the wine. They both sat facing the sunset, sipping the wine and sampling the cheese. Clair poured herself more wine and held the glass up to the fading light. She brought the glass up to her nose and inhaled the wine’s vapor. It smelled good but that was about it. Despite her training in analytical chemistry wine to her either tasted good on it didn’t.

There was a nudge from Dave. “Hey where are you?”

“Here with you, silly,” Clair replied.

“You seemed to want to deconstruct the wine? What are you thinking?”

“I was just thinking how lucky we are that we found each other,” said Clair.

“No, I am the lucky one that you allowed me into your life,” said Dave.

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