How Can I Help You?

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“How can I help you?” You ask as I walk into the Massage parlor.

“Hi, yes, I’d like to get a massage… do you have time now?” I ask as I am walking to the counter.

“Have you even been here before?” you ask as you flip through your appointment book. “No, I haven’t but I’ve had a long week and sure could use some pampering.”

You laugh, “Sure, no problem, I’m available right now. You can leave your jacket on the hanger over there. Would you please follow me?”

I take my jacket off and hang it up, following you into the next room. Walking into the room, I immediately smell the soft scent of jasmine, feel the warm glow of the candles and hear the light relaxation music wafting through the air. In the center of the room is the massage table with a towel on it.

“You can change and place your clothes over there. Please fully undress, lie on the table, face down, and cover yourself with the towel.” You say as you leave the room for a moment, closing the door behind you. I take my shirt and pants off, folding them and putting them on the table. Then I pull my socks of followed by my underwear. Getting on the table, I cover my backside with the towel when I hear the knock at the door.

“Ready” I say and you walk into the room. I take a quick look and notice you have taken off your sweater and are now wearing a t-shirt and tight white pans showing off your fit body. You turn around to prepare the oils and I can’t help looking at your ass and the way the pants are tight and slightly spread your cheeks apart before smoothly moving up to your waist. I think to myself that I better relax or I may have an embarrassing moment!

You turn around and fold the towel down so that the small of my back and the beginning of my but cheeks are showing. I lay my head down on the massage table and I feel the drops of warm oil drizzling on my back before I feel the touch of your hands. You start in the center of my back sliding your hands outwards. I think to myself, Wow.. she has strong hands for such a petite girl.

I let a moan escape as I your hands move to my shoulders, your thumbs digging in and working the knots in my back. My eyes close and my breathing is calm and easy. Standing at my head, you lean forward, to push your hands down my back. I can feel your stomach just touching my head and I can smell the scent of your perfume.

You move to my lower back and start to massage me. Each time your hand circles lower and lower until you reach my butt cheeks. You run your hand back just over the top of my butt, under the towel and then down to my thighs. As you do this, I can feel your side pressing ankara escort against my hip. I can’t help it, but I feel myself stiffen just a little bit as it presses itself against the table. I will myself to calm down.

Moving to my legs, you sprinkle more oil on them and run your hands over my thigh and down my calf to my foot. You then go back up the other side, one hand on the outside and one on the inside of my leg. You keep on going higher and higher, under the towel.

I lightly flinch as your finger tip brushes up against my balls before you move back down the leg. You repeat the action on the other leg, acting as if you didn’t even notice, and then again your fingertips slide up the inside of my thigh and touch me again. This instantly makes me hard and I start to try to calm myself down, knowing that you’ll probably be asking me to turn over soon.

Sooner than I thought… “Please turn over” you say softly, lifting up the towel so that it blocks your view of me so I can turn around… “Uh, ok…” I say and lay on my back. You drape the towel back over me and stop. Even though you let go of the towel, it’s in the shape of a tent. You smile, “don’t worry, it happens all the time… shall I continue?”

“Yes, please” I manage to say.

Dripping oil on my chest you begin to massage me. Now I can get a good look at you. Your hair is loose and draping over your shoulders, framing your face as you are leaning over me. Your t-shirt is a little tight, showing the curving of your small breasts. Even though it’s warm in the room, I can see a hint of your nipples pushing through the fabric of your shirt. When you push down on me, I can see your shirt slightly lifting, exposing just a glimpse of your hip and the edge of your pants.

You move to get more oil and your elbow hits my erection, making it wobble back and forth under the towel. You reach out and grab it to steady it. As you pull away, your finger traces down the underside.

“This is obviously not going away” you say looking down at me, “would you like me to take care of it?”

My eyes widen, “oh my god, YES!”

“That will be an extra $50 for the special package”

“Of course, no problem!”

“very good” you say with a sly smile.

Oiling your hand, you start at my chest and slide your hands down, and then back up and then down, sliding under the towel so that your fingers are in my pubic hair. Moving your hands back up, you go back down until your hands are on the outside of my shaft. They slide down a little further and cup my balls before moving back up to wrap themselves around me.

I let out a moan escort ankara as you move your head down to my stomach. You give me kiss below my belly button and then another on a little lower. All the while, your hands are slowly massaging my meat, not jerking it off, just holding and squeezing. Your kisses get to the edge of the towel and you grab the edge with your teeth and lift it off of me… exposing my cock.

Removing your hands, you pour oil on one and then rub them together before wrapping them around me again. This time, you begin to stroke it, moving up and down in long wet strokes. I can hear the squishing of the oil and I can feel the heat of your hands. By now, my meat is rock hard. You take one hand and pull back my foreskin, exposing the head. With the other hand, you rub the head in circles. I let out a moan of pleasure as little jolts of electricity jolt down my cock through my body.

“Would you like me to remove some clothing?” you ask me in between strokes…”It’ll be $10 per item.”

“Yes, your top” I whisper…

You step back and lift your shirt above your head. Your tits are so cute, nipples standing out as you lean forward to stroke me some more.

One hand is sliding up and down the length of my cock and you move your hand to massage my balls. Slow strokes, with a hand over the head whenever you see a little bit of pre cum leak out.

“Your pants.. now”, my hands are clenching the towel underneath me.

Stepping back, you undo the button of your pants and let the zipper down, exposing a your white panties. You wriggle out of your pants and kick them to the side. Your petite body is so fine, the slight hips and smooth flat stomach. I can just make out the outline of your lips through the material in the front … and as I catch the curve of your ass and my mouth begins to water.

You begin to fuck my cock with your hand a little faster, you hand moving up and down and your tits jiggling with each stroke. I push my hips forward… and then you stop.

Leaning down, you lick your lips as your mouth approaches the tip of my dick. Your tongue slips out and the tip circles the hole, with the circles getting wider until you are licking around me like an ice cream cone. Suddenly, your mouth is covering the head, with your tongue still licking me. You can taste the saltiness mixed with the oil and now it’s your turn to let a little moan out.

“Mmmmm…. Your panties…” I croak.

Your pull your mouth off with a POP and step back. Sliding your panties down, I can see that the material that was between your legs is wet. Your pussy is shaved smooth and your ankara escort bayan lips slightly shine in the candle light exposing your wetness to me.

Before I can say anything, you climb on the table to straddle me. As you lift your leg over me, I glance down between your legs and see your lips spread and the pink of your pussy before you are on top of me. Taking the oil, you squirt it on my stomach and chest. With one hand on my shoulder, you begin to rub yourself on my body while the other hand finds me again to keep on stroking.

Back and forth you move, our slick bodies sliding over each other. I reach my hands up and place them on your ass, my fingers finding the crack and spreading you open. I begin to slide my fingers deeper, and letting them rub between your lips with each slide of your body.

“Mmmm” you moan “that’s another $10”

Pushing your hips back, my cock begins to rub up against your soaking pussy and over your ass crack, back and forth, back and forth.. you move your hip back slightly and with your hand your position my cock so that with one hard push of your body, my cock is buried deep inside your cunt. You stop for a second, letting me feel your heat and you the fullness of me inside you.

You pull me out and I let out a breath of shock… sitting back on my thighs, you take my meat in your hands a begin to jerk me hard, letting it rub against your stomach and mound.

You stroke harder… and faster.. and harder, squeezing and pulling with each stroke.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum!”

You slow down to Hard long strokes as my hips buck. You squeeze my cock as the first spurt of cum leaps from the head onto your stomach.

Straightening my cock, the next shot flies straight in the air before landing on your hand. The next load spills out of me, covering your hand with wet hot white cum. You pull and stroke every drop out of me until my body is limp and my breathing is hard.

Sliding off the bed, my cock still in your hand, you move your head down and begin to lick the cum off your hand until you get to my still pulsing meat. You take it all the way in your mouth….deep, and I can feel your tongue licking around my shaft. You suck me dry and then lick your fingers to get every last drop before taking a finger and gathering the cum that had made its way from your stomach to between the lips of your pussy.. mixing with your wetness. Before putting it in your mouth, you seem to change your mind and put your finger in my mouth. I hungrily lick your finger clean, tasting you and me and the oil.

“The taste of me was for free…” you smile… “Here’s a towel and get cleaned up, I’ll meet you in the front and you can pay”.

I turn my head to see you walking away, getting one last look at your ass and pussy lips outlined by the candle light as you leave the room.

Worth every penny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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