Hometown Ch. 01

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Note: How many of you have returned to your hometown to find it had changed a lot? This chapter will have a little bit of nephew/aunt incest and even some infidelity. Sit back and enjoy. All rights reserved.


Ted pulled off the Interstate that had been built a couple of years after he had left his hometown of Plainville, Pa. It was weird seeing new businesses along the main drag where some old family stores once stood. He passed his old high school and noticed a lot of large trees in front of the gym where only small seedlings stood when he went there. He had his divorced Aunt Ann still living in the town and he had not seen her in about 5 years.

It was also weird as he drove by his old house. The new owners had painted it light blue which looked so much different that the pure white he had known it. A small bicycle lay in the driveway and the large evergreen tree that used to be in the front corner was missing. Everything looked smaller and older than he had pictured it in his mind.

Ted slowed down seeing a blond teenage girl walking down the street carrying her school books. Damn. She looked just like his old high school sweetheart Ellen. He pulled over to the curb and pushed the power window switch. As the girl walked by the car he yelled. “Excuse me?”

The girl stopped and looked suspiciously at the stranger in the car. She looked around to see if others were near in case he attacked her or something. Mr. Summers was across the street looking over at her. She smiled. “Yes?”

“Your last name wouldn’t be James would it?” He asked.

“No, it’s not.” She answered sharply. “Why?”

“You look like someone I used to know when I lived here many years ago.” He said. “Thanks anyway.”

As he was powering up the window she said. “James was my mother’s maiden name.” She smiled.

He pushed the down button. “Ellen James?”

“Yes.” The young girl said. “What is your name?”

“Ted.” He said looking at her well formed body. “Ted Givens.”

“You’re Ted Givens?” She asked surprised. “I’ve heard about you.” She walked over and leaned in to see him better. “My name is Dawn.”

“Well Dawn. You are as lovely as your mother.” Ted said watching her face blush.

“Thank you. Wait until I tell my mom.” She said.

“What does your mom do?” He asked. “Does she work?”

“Yes. She is the owner of the Real Beauty Hair Saloon.” Dawn said. “What are you doing back in Plainville?”

“I’m moving back. I’m the new bank manager.” He said with a smile. His thoughts were moving back in history as he saw Dawn’s firm breasts under her Catholic School girl shirt. He remembered the first time he unbuttoned her mother’s white blouse.

“I have to go.” Dawn said as she watched his eyes move down her body. It was the same look she had seen on boy’s faces since the eighth grade. But, this was a handsome grown man who had been her mother’s steady boyfriend in high school. It gave her chills as she moved back to the sidewalk.

“Where is the beauty shop?’ He asked.

Dawn realized she probably shouldn’t have told him where her mom was. “She is married you know.”

“I know. My aunt keeps me informed of all the town news.” He laughed. “Don’t worry I just want to say hi.”

“OK. Her business is across the street from the bank.” Dawn said as she walked away. Ted looked at her cute little ass in her green plaid pleated skirt as she walked away.

Ted thought about heading to his aunt’s house to say hello but suddenly pulled into the parking space in front of Ellen’s shop. The window was covered with ads so she could not see him as he walked over to the door and peered inside. He could see two women with their heads under hair dryers and one woman sitting in a revolving chair. One woman stood facing the woman in the chair and looked to be cutting her hair. It had to be Ellen he thought. He pushed open the door.

A door buzzer sounded and everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at him except Ellen. “I’ll be with you in a moment.” She said. Ted looked at her body and noticed she had kept it in great shape. She was wearing tight jeans and a silky red blouse.

“I don’t think I can wait.” Ted joked. Ellen heard his voice and turned sharply with her scissors pointing at him. She tried to talk but just stared at him.

“Ted.” She said totally surprised to see him standing there.

“You remembered my name.” He laughed.

“Yes. But, you haven’t remembered mine the past eighteen years.” She said shaking the scissors at him.

“Of course I have.” He said. “My aunt told me you married Jim.” Jim was Ted’s high school buddy.

“Your aunt told me you were moving back. Can I at least get a hug?” She asked.

“Only if you put those scissors down.” He laughed.

Ted took two steps and pulled her familiar body into his. She still wore the same perfume and her breasts were still soft and full. “I’m sorry about what happened.” He whispered in her ear.

“Kind of late for that isn’t it?” She pendik escort whispered back. She peeked over his shoulder to see the other women leaning forward to eaves drop.

Ellen pushed him away. “I’m glad you are back. You will have to come to dinner and meet my daughter.”

“Too late, I’ve already met Dawn. She’s as lovely as her mom.” Ted laughed.

“Keep your hands off.” She said with a grin. “I heard you are available again right?”

“Yes. I married for the wrong reason.” Ted confessed. “Maybe one day I’ll tell you about it?”

“Promise?” She asked as he turned and walked out.

Ellen had to take a break after dating Ted after so many years. He left for college and although he promised to be true to her he quickly found another girl. It left her heart broken and put her in a serious depression. Things had happened that she regretted. Ellen moved away to her Uncle’s home in the country until she had her baby. No one ever knew who the father was except her. Even her parents didn’t know. The rumor was she ran away with a lad after Ted left and got knocked-up. She never told anyone any different. When Jim started calling on her she jumped at the chance for Dawn to have a father. Although she loved Jim as a husband she didn’t have the tingling feelings she once had with Ted. Now the tingling was starting all over again. She had to keep her passion for him in control.


Ted looked at the bank where his father spent so many years before his death 10 years ago. The manager that took his place retired and thus opened the job for him. He was following in his father’s footsteps. It was what his father always wanted. It was too bad he wasn’t around to see it.

He figured he could stop by the bank later so he drove over to see his aunt. Aunt Ann was his mother’s younger sister who was only 5 years older than his age of 39. They had been more like friends than aunt and nephew. She had never married because she could never find anyone good enough for her. She was expecting Ted the next day so he was going to surprise her a day early. But, he was the one who got the surprise.

He parked on the street in front of her house and grabbed his suitcase. He noticed the porch light not on and decided to walk around back to see if she might be in the kitchen. He opened the side gate and walked around the hedge leading to the patio. He suddenly stopped when he heard music. She must be on the patio he thought as he tip-toed around and peeked through the wooden slats. He could see his aunt sitting in a Jacuzzi that was new since he had been at her house. Her head stuck out above her bare shoulders. He started to turn to give her privacy when she suddenly moved up out of the water. He jumped back and watched her bare back and round ass dripping wet move up to the sidewalk. Damn. His aunt had a nice body.

She must have heard his wishes as she grabbed a towel and slowly turned. The dim light from the kitchen window projected downward on her wet breasts and hard dark nipples. His eyes moved lower to see her neatly trimmed pubis and her pink slit. Damn. She looked great and it had been almost 6 months since he had sex with another person. He quietly moved back to the front door and waited about 5 minutes before he rang the bell.

The hallway light came on and then the porch light. He heard her fumble with the deadbolt and slowly open the door. She stood in her white robe and bare feet. “TED!” She screamed as she moved out to give him a hug. Ted could only think of her pointy nipples and dripping bush as his body crushed against hers. Even with the terrycloth robe between him he could feel the softness of her body. He kept his lower body away so she could not feel his hard-on under his pants.

“You’re early.” She said as she stepped back to look at him. “God, you’re more handsome than before.” She said smiling. “Come in.”

Ted moved into the house and waited while she closed and relocked the door. “I’m sorry to hear about your marriage.” She said grabbing his bag. “When you are ready to talk about it let me know.” Ann never was shy about saying what she wanted when she wanted.

“Yeah. It was a tough period but, now it’s over and I’m ready to go on.” He said watching her muscular thighs walking ahead of him up the stairs. “You can have the special guest room.” She said. He remembered she had two extra bedrooms. Since it was an older home there was only one bathroom on the second floor. Her bedroom and another one connected to it. The other bedroom did not have bathroom access. They were going to share a bath.

She put the bag on the bed and as it fell on its side and a book fell from a side compartment to the floor. As she bent to pick it up her robe moved up over her bare ass cheeks. Ted wanted to look away but couldn’t.

“Oh Shit. I forgot I was naked under this robe.” She said realizing she had flashed her ass at him. “No big deal we are family right?” She said smiling as she turned to see his embarrassed look.

“Sure. Fa..fa..family.” He stuttered.

“I escort pendik guess if we are going to live together for a while we might as well get used to some nudity. Do you have more bags?” She asked only seeing the one bag.

“Yes. I have two larger suitcases in the car. The rest of my belongings are in storage until I find my own place.”

“Well, don’t worry about finding a place too soon. I could use some company because it gets pretty boring around here. Besides I miss those talks we used to have.”

Ted thought back about the long nights he spent with her talking about everything. At first the topics were quite mild but towards the end when he was a senior in high school they talked about some sexy stuff. She was his advisor on how to handle girls and took extra interest in guiding him on how to make love to a woman. Although she was only 23 years old she had accumulated a lot of sexual experience during her college years. He had never thought about her as a possible bed partner until tonight when he saw her naked dripping body rise up out of the warm water.

Ted retrieved his luggage and unpacked while Ann showered and made dinner. While he ate her horrible cooking she brought him up to date on the happenings in Plainville.

“When the factory shut down last year a lot of folks were out of work. More than half of them moved away and the rest scraped enough to keep living here. Luckily another company moved in a couple of months ago and hired many of the unemployed back. I’m still writing for the local paper and am also the chief editor.” She said proudly.

“No men in your life?” He asked with a smile.

“Heavens no.” She laughed. “Why would I ever want a man around to mess up my life?”

“Especially since I have my handsome nephew back again.”

“So tell me about why your marriage ended.” She said frankly.

“I thought you told me to wait until I was ready?” He laughed.

“I did. But, I can’t wait any longer.” She giggled.

“When I met Janet in college she was so full of life and fun to be with at all times. As you know she was from a very rich family and had everything she ever wanted. I guess I was one of those things. I wasn’t prepared when I put every effort into loving her. At least that’s what I thought it was at the time…love.” He stopped and took a drink of soda.

“She paid for us to go to Europe during the summer and skiing during our Christmas break. It was a life I never knew existed. When she asked me to marry her. Yes, she asked me. I couldn’t refuse. I was hooked on the rich life.”

“So, what happened?” She asked as Ted stopped and thought about the trips they had.

“Sorry. After the wedding she completely changed. She never asked me what career I wanted before but, suddenly I had to make as much money as her father to allow her to enjoy what she was used to. I only wanted to be a banker not a bank owner.” He stopped and coughed.

“Anyway. We had quite a few disagreements after that and she spent more time at the country club and less time with me. I suspected she was messing around with other men before the obvious clues arrived. I was ready to walk out the door when her father and his lawyer stopped by to buy me out of the marriage. He didn’t want any problems from me and she had hooked up with another wealthy rich kid so he didn’t want any bad press. You will be shocked to hear what he offered me.”

“What? Tell me dammit.” She said hitting him on the arm.

“Five million dollars.” Ted said like it was no big deal.

“You’re shitting me.” She said as she covered her mouth with her hand.

“Nope. I thought about it and the nerve his man had to offer me money to buy his daughter out of a lifetime contract. So, I turned him down.”

“You dumb shit!” She said as she threw her napkin down on her plate.

Ted laughed at her reaction. “It’s not that bad.” He continued to laugh. “I asked for ten million to see what he would say.”

“And….” She said on the edge of her seat.

“And, he would not agree to it.” Ted saw her frown. “But, he did agree to eight million.” He laughed as he saw her eyes and mouth open wide.

“Holy shit. You’re a millionaire.” She screamed. She jumped up from the table and ran and opened the backdoor. “MY NEPHEW IS A MILLIONNAIRE!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

“I was going to say please don’t tell anyone else but, after that outburst I’m not sure if you can keep a secret.” He said sternly.

“I will tell no one!” She giggled.

She pulled him up from the table and gave him the second close contact hug of the day. He was beginning to like living with her.

“So tell me about my old friends still living here.” He said.

“Well, you know Ellen got married to Jim Farmer right?” He shook his head yes. “And, she has an eighteen year old daughter.” She looked at him for acknowledgement. “But, you should know Ellen has asked me every week since I can remember what you were doing. She cuts my hair.”

“I met Ellen’s pendik escort bayan daughter Dawn today. She is the spitting image of her mother.” Ted said thinking about her baby blue eyes, blonde hair and freckles.

“There are a lot of rumors about Dawn. Not too long after you left Ellen moved away and came back two years later with her baby. Some say she ran away with some guy but, I never saw her with any guy. I have my theory but I’ve kept it a secret.” Ann said smiling at him over her beer bottle.

“And, what my dear aunt, might that be?” He laughed.

She then said something that almost knocked him off his seat. “I think she is your daughter Ted.”

Ted looked at her to make sure she was serious. She was.

“No way.” He laughed. “She would have told me.”

“Would she? You and she separated when you left. She didn’t hear back from you so she figured it was over.”

“I figured the same thing when I didn’t hear from her.” Ted said. “Do you know when Dawn’s birthday is?”

“Nope. I’ve tried to find out but she was not born in a hospital and I’ve struck out trying to track it to any doctor.”

“She must have a birth certificate somewhere.” Ted said. Shit. He may have a child. Luckily, he didn’t have any children with his country club ex-wife.

“You could just ask her.” Ann said referring to Ellen.

“Yeah right. Like hey Ellen is Dawn my child? That should go over big.” He laughed.

“Well don’t lose any sleep over it.” She joked knowing he would stay awake wondering if he really had a kid. They finished dinner and watched TV for a little while before Ted said goodnight and walked upstairs. He closed her bedroom door to the common bath and noticed there was no lock on it from the inside. Must be the honor system he thought with a smile. He stripped and jumped into the shower. He tried not to think about his aunt’s naked body but couldn’t help it as he soaped his prick until it was ready to pop.

“I brought you some towels.” Ann yelled as she opened the door to see his blurry naked figure in the frosted shower door. It had been over a year since her trip to Vegas and her two night fling with some married man in town on a business trip. She stared as she watched his body turn slightly which show her the size of his prick though very out of focus. Damn he was huge. “Need me to wash your back?” She laughed meaning it to be a joke.

“Sure.” He quickly said hoping she would join him.

“You couldn’t handle me in there with you.” She challenged with a loud laugh.

Both became silent as they thought about what might happen if she did join him. This was a small town and secrets were hard to guard.

“I better leave you alone.” She laughed. As she moved back into her bedroom she yelled. “With your soapy hand.”

Ted smiled thinking he was feeling the best he had in over three years. He was going to really like it back in his hometown.

Ted dried off while watching her door expecting her to burst in at any moment. She didn’t. He grabbed his towel and moved into his bedroom to finish his grooming. A few minutes later he heard Ann move into the bathroom and the shower water come on. He waited a few minutes and wrapped his towel around his waist and opened the bathroom door. “Forgot my hairbrush.” He yelled as he walked by her naked form in the frosted door.

“No peeking.” She yelled. “Too late for that.” Ted thought as he moved back into his bedroom. She was right he did not get much sleep that night.

As he was eating breakfast alone the next morning he noticed someone standing on the back porch. He watched the figure through the curtains move over to the door and lightly tap on it. He took a bite of toast and walked over and pulled open the curtain. His old buddy Jim stood in front of him smiling.

“Jim.” He said while opening the door and holding out his hand for a shake. Jim smacked it aside and threw his arms around him for a big hug. Ted noticed Jim had lost a lot of hair and had gained quite a bit of weight.

“They told me you were in town but, I didn’t believe it.” Jim said as he stood back to see his best friend from third to the twelfth grade. “Why would you ever want to come back to this place?”

“The bright lights and fast life is not what a lot of people think it is.” Ted said. “Come in.” Jim walked in and Ted closed the door behind him.

“So how are you doing?” Ted asked as he handed him a cup of coffee.

“Not bad. Could be better. Been out of work for almost a year.”

“Bummer.” Ted said. “Plant closing?”

“Yep. I’ve been working with old Paul Jakes down at his hardware store. He wants to sell it to me but I’m not sure if I want to get locked into something like that right now.”

Ted could see their conversation heading towards money and business and decided to change the topic. As a bank manager he couldn’t mix business and his personal life.

“I met your daughter. Wow. She is something.” Ted said smiling.

“I don’t have to tell you how much she looks like her mother.” Jim said. “It’s tough being a father to a young beautiful girl. I keep remembering how you and I were as 18 year-old boys and it scares the hell out of me thinking there are others like us out there.”

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