Her Punishment

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“Tell me what happened,” I said, my cock beginning to stir. I was sitting down in my chair. You crawled slowly across the carpet from where you were sitting, and dragged your body up onto my lap. I could smell the liquor oozing out of your body, as you slurred into my ear.

“I showed him my pussy.” You paused, and then whispered, “And his cock got hard.”

“How could you tell?”

“Because it was huge. He tried hiding it, but I could see it, even from across the bar. It must have been ten inches long.”

My cock began to grow under your lap. “How did it make you feel? Him seeing your pussy, and getting hard?

“Wet. it made me wet. At first, I was a little nervous. But when I saw how big he was, I couldn’t stop getting turned on. I opened my legs wide, too, so he could see just how wet my cunt was. I even touched it for him with my finger. I think half the bar saw me.” You giggled. I smiled.

“What he hot?”

“Oh my god.”

“Did you talk to him?”

“No. But I wanted to go over there, get down on my knees, and suck him right there in the bar. Badly. It looked gorgeous.”

I looked down, and pulled your skirt up. Your pussy was leaving a wet spot on my jeans. My cock was hurting it was so hard. You giggled again.

“You wanted to suck his cock?”

You looked me in the eyes. “Yes. I wanted to take the whole thing in my mouth. I wanted to gag myself on it. He was gorgeous. It was gorgeous.”

My cock jumped.

“You know, yours isn’t so bad, either”

“But it’s not his.”

“No, it’s not. I’ve never felt anything like that.”

My eyes flashed. I push you back a little.

“Felt anything? What? I thought you said you didn’t go over.”

“Shit.” You laughed. “I didn’t. He came over to me.”


“And I pulled my skirt up so he could stare at my pussy better.”

“Did he?”

“Yes, he couldn’t take his eyes off it. He wanted to put his fingers in me.”

“Did he?”

“No, but instead I moved onto his stool, and rubbed myself on the outside of his pants. Then I gently grabbed his cock, and told him goodnight. It was all I could do to not take him up on his offer.”

“And now you’re here, and I’m pissed.”

You cocked your head to the side. “I thought that’s what you wanted. You told me to go out and show a random guy my pussy, and I got a little carried away. I was so horny, it’s not my fault.”

I thought about that for a moment. “Yes, it is.” My eyes narrowed, and I pushed you off of my lap and stood up. As you fell backward onto the floor, your skirt got pushed up above your waist. “Hey!”

“I can’t believe what you did. You’re a slut, and now I’m going to treat you like one.” I unzipped my pants, and my cock sprang free. “Suck my cock. Suck it like you wanted to suck his.”

You got on your knees in front of me, and I thought I saw a little hurt in your eyes. Maybe not. You started licking the tip of my cock.

“No, not like that. You’re going to do what I tell you to do, and I told you to suck my cock like you wanted to suck his cock. You said you wanted to gag yourself on his cock, so you’d better start swallowing it.”

I pushed hard on the back of your head, and you made a little noise in surprise as you took the whole length of my cock in your mouth to my balls. With your nose buried in my pubic hair, I could feel your tongue thrashing around underneath my cock, trying to find a way to breathe easier, but I wouldn’t let your head come back any farther. I could feel your throat start to gag on the head of my cock, and I let up the pressure on your head. As you took a deep breath, I pushed your head back down with even more force, causing you to start gagging hard. I noticed your eyes were rolled back in your head, as if you were enjoying yourself.

“You’re doing what I want you bahis firmaları to do tonight, as punishment. If you want to rub other men’s cocks like a little whore, I’m going to treat you like that. Do you understand?”

You nodded.

“Good, now take my cock in deeper.”

I could feel your gag reflex begin to subside, and your throat started working on fucking the huge intruder it had in it. As you worked your way back and forth on my cock, you relaxed more and began taking deeper strokes, letting my cock almost all the way out of your mouth before deep throating me again. I started pushing my hips against your face, fucking your mouth, and you moaned. I looked down at you, and your eyes were closed in concentration. Your skirt was still hiked up over your waist, and I could see your pussy dripping as you squatted on the floor, enjoying getting your face fucked.

I said, “Touch your pussy.” and you immediately did, fingers rubbing your clit slowly.

“No, I want you to fuck yourself like I’m fucking your face. Push your fingers in.”

You moaned and nodded with my cock in your mouth, and pushed your fingers in your pussy. As you began to fuck yourself, I could see your fingers were coated with your own juices.

Suddenly, I looked down at you, and pushed you off my cock, sending you falling backwards on the floor, fingers still in your pussy. I walked over to you, and ripped your shirt and skirt off. Your bra didn’t have any straps on it, and I pulled it down around your feet. Your fingers never left your pussy as you fucked yourself furiously, moaning the whole time.

“You want to know what it’s like to have a big cock in you? A big cock like his?” I said. You looked at me and nodded. “Then stand up, and bend over. Put your fucking hands on the goddamned floor.”

You did, and I walked up behind you. I pulled my jeans down, and looked at your soaking wet hole. Then I reached back and gave you a hard spank.

“Fuck you,” you shouted, “that fucking hurt.” But I noticed your pussy get wetter.

“Don’t lie to me, or I’ll do it again.” I spanked you again. You moaned.

My cock was rigid, and bigger than I had ever seen it before. It glistened in the soft light, still coated with your spit. I lined it up with your pussy, and shoved it in. I could feel your knees buckle as I entered you, and my cock was the only thing that held you up. You felt incredible. Your pussy was on fire, and the position made it feel twice as tight. Or maybe my cock was twice as hard.

“How does that feel, bitch? Is that cock big enough for you? Or are you still dreaming about rubbing your pussy all over his?”

“Yes…Jesus…” you panted. I didn’t know if you were answering my question, or still thinking about his cock. I didn’t care. I began to fuck you. Hard, and fast, pulling my dick all the way out of you before ramming it back in all the way. I bottomed out inside your pussy, and you started bending your knees a little as I pumped you, pushing into me as I thrust into you. I spread my legs a little wider, and felt my balls getting wet as they slapped against your clit.

I looked down at your pussy, and noticed your ass for the first time. Because of the angle, whenever my cock pulled out of you, it was almost as though I was pulling straight up, and as I did, the swollen head of my cock would push against your asshole from the inside. Every time I pulled out, your little rosebud would open for a split second, and then reform as I pushed back into you. I noticed your asshole was slick and wet, and every time I pulled out, I noticed a little of your anal juices were coming out, too. My cock got harder at the sight as a thrill ran through my body.

“Don’t fucking tell me you don’t like this.” I said. “You’re so wet, even your ass is leaking.” You didn’t argue with me. I don’t even kaçak iddaa know if you had heard me.

I spanked you again, then put my thumb in my mouth, getting it wet, before lowering it to your ass and pushing it in. It slipped in easily. I could feel my cock ravaging your pussy, seperated from my thumb by the thin membrane. I started working my thumb in large circles, and felt your asshole pull it in. I decided I wanted to make you feel just how big my cock was, and you let out a slight gasp as I pulled my cock and thumb out, and then bent over and started licking your asshole. I could hear you panting.

“Pull your cheeks apart for me, I want to stick my tongue in your ass,” I said.

Still bent over, you took your hands off the floor, and brought them to your ass. You pulled them apart violently, and I felt your rosebud give way as I shoved my tongue. I could taste your ass, and it tasted great. My cock jumped yet again, and you started moaning as I licked as deep into your ass as I could. After cleaning you out, I stood up straight and turned you around, kissing you deeply, mixing the flavors of your ass, my cock from your mouth, and liquor. I inhaled deeply, and enjoyed it.

“Get back down on your knees and get my cock wet again.” I ordered.

You nodded, and bent over and starting sucking my cock again. Apparently you had enjoyed the previous experience, as you started deep throating me again, coating my cock in your spit, as well as the more slippery liquid from deep in your throat. I pulled my dick out, and led you over to my desk.

“Bend over with your elbows or hand on the desk.” I said, but instead as you bent over, you pulled your ass cheeks apart for me. I looked at your slick, open asshole, lined my cock up, and started to push in. Much to my surprise, as soon as my cock touched your tight sphincter muscles inside, they relaxed and opened up, letting my cock slide right in on the first push.

“Fuck,” you grunted, as my cock pushed all the way in, bottoming out deep inside your bowels. As you put your hands down on the desk to brace yourself, I said, “I’m going to fuck you now, and you’d better take it.”

I didn’t wait for you to nod, and started pushing my cock in and out of your slick wet asshole. I could feel you bearing down and squeezing my cock as I pumped in and out of your ass, and your started thrashing on me, violently pushing your body towards my cock.

“I knew you were a little slut,” I said. “Only little sluts have assholes that can take a fucking like this.”

As you moaned, I pistoned in and out of your opened asshole, fucking you even harder than I had fucked your pussy. I could feel you writhing under me, forcing yourself to take me deeper. I could feel my balls get soaked and they slammed against your pussy, and you stuck a hand on your clit and started rubbing it.

I put my hands on your ass cheeks, and pulled them apart so I could thrust deeper inside you. All of a sudden, I pulled my cock out of your ass with a, “Pop!”, and looked down to see your ass completely opened up, as wide as my cock. You gasped and rubbed your pussy even harder, and I bent over and started licking inside you, savoring the strong secretions I tasted. I jerked off my cock while I tasted your ass, feeling my heart race as I saw the sexy sight of your ass opened up as wide as a tube. I put a little bit of spit in you for lube, and watched it slide deeply inside your reddened asshole, before replacing my cock and starting to fuck you hard again. You reached the hand that was on your pussy farther back, and started caressing my balls as they slapped against you.

Before long, I could feel my body become overtaken by emotion and raw lust, and that familiar feeling began rising in my balls.

“I’m going to come in your asshole, you little slut. Tell me how badly you kaçak bahis want to feel my cock shooting deep inside you, slut.”

“God, fuck your ass, you son of a bitch,” you spat back at me. “Fuck your loose little ass, and come deep inside me. I want to feel you coating my bowels with your come.”

That was all the coaxing I needed, and as I pushed into you, I could feel my balls emptying, as I shot load after load of come deep into your distended, reddened asshole. I slapped your ass as I came, and panted, “How does that feel? Do you like feeling that come pool deep in your body?”

You moaned in agreement, and milked my cock with your loosened ass muscles. “Fuck you, John.” you panted. “His cock was still twice the size of yours.”

I pulled my still large cock out of your asshole, and saw my cock coated with come and your anal secretions. I turned you around, and said, “No, fuck you Cameron. Suck my cock, again.”

You immediately bent over and took my cock into your mouth, licking all around it as you tasted your ass and my come on it. Without telling you, your hand went back to your pussy and started rubbing it. You let out a satisfied moan.

“When you’ve finished licking the come off of my cock, I want you to lay down here on the bed. I’ve got another surprise for you,” I said.

You looked up at me quizzically, but didn’t stop the slow, methodical sucking of my cock, wanting to make sure you got it as clean as you could. When you finished, you let it out of your mouth with a satisfied, “Pop!”, and kissed the head. I put my arms around you, and gently laid you down on the bed, putting you on your hands and knees.

“Can I have a towel to clean up first?” you asked.

“No. This is part of the surprise.” I said. I got in position behind your ass, and you looked back at me.

“What exactly do you want me to do?” you said.

“Trust me,” I replied. I could see a little bit of come smeared on your asshole that had come out when I pulled my cock out. I bent over and gently licked your asshole, cleaning up the come and feeling your ass give in to my tongue every time I pressed against it. You gasped in pleasure.

I lifted my head up, and said, “I want you to push some of my come out.”

“What? No way.” you said.

“I told you to trust me,” I said. “Now I want you to push very gently. I want to see my come fall out of your ass.”

“But what if something else…”

“It won’t.” I promised. “Please try.”

You looked back at me, and I gave you a little smile and kiss on your butt cheek for encouragement. You looked back down at the bed, closed your eyes, and I could see your asshole move a little as you pushed gently. Nothing came out, and I said, “Try it again, a little harder this time.”

I watched your asshole, mesmerized, as it began to push out every time you flexed, but nothing came out. “Harder, baby. I want to see it.”

I heard you suck in your breath, and watched your asshole push out again. This time, a thick spurt of come came out, and rolled down your asshole, across your pussy lips, and onto the bed.

“Can you feel that, baby? Can you feel my come dripping from your ass down your pussy lips? Doesn’t that feel good?” I asked, softly.

You nodded, and pushed again, harder. I could see a small river of come seeping out of your ass, and you moaned, feeling my come wash down your sopping wet pussy lips. I reached over and put my fingers on your pussy lips, getting some of the come on them.

I crawled towards the front of the bed, and began to kiss you deeply. I could taste the mixture of my cock, your asshole, and as I put my fingers in our mouths, my come, too. We sat there, kissing deeply for a long time, savoring the strong flavors of our sex. Finally, I stopped, and looked at you.

“Was that what you’d always wanted?” I asked. “I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

You put my fingers on my lips to silence me. “Sshh, that was perfect. So perfect. I love you so much, baby.”

I looked into your eyes, and said, “And I love you, too…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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