Another Sunday Adventure

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Sometimes things happen for absolutely no reason at all. When we least expect it, something or someone drops in our lap and changes our life forever. Such is the case with Lorey just happening to be where I was a couple weeks ago.

Let me set the background a little. My life has had its share of ups and downs. For the past few years, more downs than ups. After my last divorce (fourth divorce) in 2000, I’d not seriously done much dating here. I moved around a bit and three years ago landed in Southwest Florida. Whatever took me so long? In the early and mid sixties I sold lots in Cape Coral at dinner parties in Louisville, Kentucky. I fell in love with Southwest Florida then and knew I’d someday wind up living there. It took forty years, but I’m here now and love it.

Since my last divorce, I started by doing a little online dating and met a few women in Indianapolis, where I was living at the time. Most were dull and not interesting.

For example, one woman we’ll call Linda had sounded interesting in emails so we talked on the phone a couple times. We discovered we only lived about three miles apart so we decided to meet for dinner. We’d exchanged a half dozen pictures so we knew how the other looked. We met at “Mountain Jack’s” for a relaxing dinner and a few drinks. After a little more than two hours of food and conversation, I noticed Linda seemed uninterested in the whole conversation and evening. I was concerned that I’d done or said something to upset her so I asked bluntly, “Linda, what is the problem? Have I said something to upset you?”

“Oh, no Charlie, why would you ask that?”

I proceeded, “Well, we’ve been here for over two hours and you’ve hardly cracked a smile and certainly I’ve not seen you laugh at all. It just seems like you are unhappy with me.”

Linda looked startled as she responded, “I am sorry you got that impression, this has been a perfectly lovely evening. As far as laughter, it’s just that as we grow older, laughter just fades away.”

You can imagine how the rest of the evening went. She was forty-four at the time and a third grade school teacher. Wouldn’t you love to have her teaching your third grader?

Next was Brenda, a forty-two year old office worker. Blond, attractive and a good conversationalist. We had several dates, and on a Friday night we went to a bowling alley restaurant with her best friend and her boyfriend to eat and do a little dancing. The restaurant had a live country band starting at nine o’clock. After eating, we were having a beer waiting for the music to start when Brenda spotted a couple of her girlfriends coming in the door. She signaled for them to come over, introduced them then said, “Charlie, do you mind if I talk to them for a minute, I’ll be right back?” She then stepped over to the side with them and within sixty seconds was locked in a tongue tied embrace with one of the women. I simply got up and left.

Experiences like those soured me on dating for a while when one of my friends invited me over to his house for a bar-b-que. Tim and Amy were great friends and introduced me to several couples. One of the couples was his foreman who had met a woman online, gone to visit her, brought her back and married her. They were very interesting. Anya was from Ukraine, and told me of the difference in Ukrainian women from the typical American woman. After a little conversation, I was convinced, and enrolled in a “Russian Brides” website. In only a couple days I had dozens of letters waiting for me to read from canlı bahis women in Ukraine. To make a long story short, After a little communication with several of the women, I narrowed it down to one woman named Svetlana from Mariupol, Ukraine. We wrote, then talked on the phone for about a year before I made my first visit. I was hooked. She is beautiful, but we just didn’t find the “magic” to make it a love story. I visited twice more, and decided we wanted to stay friends, but were not meant for each other as man and wife. She suggested I communicate with another Svetlana who was a good friend of hers. This relationship lasted a couple years with one visit and degrading relationship after that. I decided that was enough of the long distance romance and simply sat back and relaxed.

You can read about the first exciting adventure after Svetlana

in my story posted here on Literotica called “It Happened One Sunday.” I won’t try to go into the details here but suffice it to say that I ended up with a new roommate from that experience. Her name is Ashley, she’s twenty-seven years old and a dancer at a local Gentleman’s Club here in Fort Myers.

Because of one of Ashley’s girlfriends, last weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) I met Lorey. Niccole, Ashley’s friend called me on Saturday afternoon to ask If I could pick her up and bring her back to our neighborhood since her car was in the shop for an overheating problem. Being a lazy holiday weekend, I had nothing pressing so I told her I’d be right over. She gave me directions to where she was and I arrived about twenty minutes later. It was Lorey’s home, and she invited me in. The three of us sat in her dining room drinking coffee and chatting for about three hours, then I took Niccole home to her apartment near where I lived. I mentioned to Niccole how ‘hot’ I thought Lorey is, and was very surprised to find out she is only three weeks short of thirty-nine years old. I assumed she was about the same age as Ashley and Niccole (twenty-seven).

The next afternoon, Niccole asked me if I’d take her back to Lorey’s house. I wasn’t going to miss a chance to see Lorey again. Did I mention she is HOT! Lorey is about 5’5″ and about 120 pounds. Full “B” cup tits and an ass that is simply marvelous. She has shoulder length, straight light brown hair with blond highlights, and sparkling blue eyes. When she looks in my eyes, I get an instant hard-on. I told her that shortly after Niccole and I arrived at her place on Sunday Afternoon. Niccole told me not to be do crude, but Lorey shut her up saying, “Nonsense, Niccole, that was a great compliment. I love it when just my looking at a guy turns him on.”

Since I was on a roll, I blurted out my next one, “Lorey, after leaving here last night, my memories of you provided me with some real exciting masturbation time, I got off twice with your image in my mind.”

Lorey just laughed and Niccole blushed. We ended up staying a couple hours, then I took Niccole back home. About an hour later, Lorey called me asking if she could come over. Naturally, I was not going to say no to that, and within thirty minutes, Lorey and I were in my bedroom alone, just getting to know one another much better.

We talked and held hands for about an hour. I finally leaned in close to Lorey and softly kissed her lips. My whole body shook. It was like electricity running through me. Lorey put her hand on my head and pulled my face into hers tightly. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth. I let my hand slip to the side of her breast, bahis siteleri and she moaned a little. Shortly, she shrugged off the spaghetti straps from her shoulders and I pulled down her top exposing her magnificent tits. She told me to suck on her nipples. I complied. She pulled my polo shirt off over my head, and unbuckled my belt. Within about sixty seconds we were naked in each other’s arms.

Lorey whispered, “Charlie, will you lick my pussy?”

It was unnecessary to ask me twice as I slid down her stomach and licked around the front of her smoothly shaved pussy. Her lips were swollen and her clit was protruding as I tickled it with my tongue. Then I slid my tongue down to taste the absolute sweetest tasting pussy in my sixty-six years. She was so sweet it was intoxicating. She bucked wildly almost immediately, but I didn’t quit. I kept at her with my tongue assault, running my tongue down her lips and into her pussy, then back up to her clit. I sucked on her clit then licked some more. She was experiencing orgasm after orgasm. Obviously she was into receiving oral. My tongue then ran down to the tiny area between her pussy lips and her rosebud asshole and flicked there a few times. Then I let it move down to rim her sweet asshole and she screamed loudly. Ashley and Niccole came running to see if she was hurt. They threw the door open and began laughing. Lorey shot them the finger and we just ignored them. I went back to assaulting her asshole and she begged, “Please Charlie, don’t stop!”

Next, she begged me to push my tongue to enter her asshole, and I was able to penetrate about an inch. She then whispered again, “Charlie, do you want to fuck me in the ass?”

I responded, “Only if that’s what you want.”

“Please!!!! Please!!! Fuck my ass now!” She exclaimed as she pulled on my head to bring me up to her. She quickly rolled over and put a pillow under her stomach to lift her ass a little higher. I grabbed a tube of KY from the headboard and lubricated my cock and her asshole very well. She was wiggling all the time begging for me to fuck her ass.

As I placed the head of my stiff member at the entrance to her asshole, she pushed back hard and quick and moaned in pain and pleasure. Being 66, I was not a thirty second wonder. I kept after my assault on her ass as she kept begging me to fuck it harder and faster. Soon I could feel my cum rising up and about to explode. She shouted, “Fill me up with your cum Charlie, I want it in me now!”

She began thrashing wildly again and that brought on my orgasm. We just relaxed, not letting my cock out of her ass for a few minutes until it shrank out on its own. I assumed we were done, but I was wrong. Lorey got up and wet a warm wash rag and cleaned us up. She then began her oral assault on me declaring, “Now its your turn.”

Her mouth was as sweet on my cock as her pussy was on my mouth. It took her less than a minute to have me at Full Mast again and she worked it over with her tongue flicking the head as her mouth sucked gently up and down the shaft. She used one hand to fondle my balls and one to tickle my asshole. Finally, she took her mouth off my shaft and started kissing and licking my balls and down between my legs below my balls. She kept one hand on my cock softly caressing it and let her tongue wander down to rim my asshole. It was like electricity running through my body. It actually made me harder if possible. Then her tongue began probing my anal cavity. Her tongue was long and soft. It felt like I never wanted bahis şirketleri her to stop. Ecstasy in waves came over my body as she continued, then I felt her index finger begin to probe. Next she added another finger and moved her mouth to swallow my cock again. She sucked and probed with her fingers. She found my prostate and began massaging it as she sucked on my cock. Quickly, I could feel my orgasm building and I warned her, “Cummminnnnnnggg!” As she sucked harder.

My cock pulsed several spurts into her throat. She let it fill her mouth until I quit spurting. She then sat up and looked me in the eyes opening her mouth to show it full of my cum, then she swallowed it all and kissed me with a wanton kiss. My juices mixed with her mouth as we held each other tightly and just drifted off to sleep.

It was only an hour or so later when I awoke to have her mouth on my cock again and her pussy smashing into my face. We were in a 69 position and she was on top. Once again, I was overwhelmed with the sweetness of her pussy juices and the generous flow of her juices. We were really enjoying each other orally when Lorey surprised me by saying, Charlie, I hear Niccole and Ashley and some other voices out in the living room. What do you think, should we go out there and give them a show?”

I was a little startled by her suggestion but asked her, “Just what kind of show did you have in mind?”

Lorey said, “Just what we’re doing now but with them watching! Jusat follow my lead and we’ll have a ball, okay?”

We pulled on some clothes, Lorey pulled her one-piece sun dress over her head, I pulled on my boxers and a t-shirt and we went to the dining room where everyone was sitting around the table playing Monopoly. There was Ashley with Niccole, plus two other girls and one guy.

Lorey asked them, ” Can Charlie and I use the table for a few minutes?”

Everyone looked at her with a puzzled look on there faces. Lorey just picked up the Monopoly board and set it on the coffee table. Then she had everyone move their drink cups. Everyone was still looking at us very with puzzled looks. Then Lorey put her but in the middle of the table and pulled her dress up around her waist exposing her juicy pussy. She then directed me, “Charlie, climb up here and show them how good you eat my pussy!”

Immediately I obeyed. She moaned loudly as my tongue flicked over her clit and pushed its way into her swollen pussy lips. It only took her two or three minutes to start bouncing and bucking around on the table as her orgasm exploded. Quickly, she pulled me onto my back, stripped down my boxers and attacked my cock as she planted her pussy back in my face.

We both continued to one more orgasm.. She then just came up and snuggled up for a couple minutes before we got up and went back in the bedroom. The room was silent. As we got back in the bedroom, we heard everyone coming to the realization of what they’d just witnessed. We just climbed in bed in each other’s arms and we slept the rest of the night. The next morning, she was right there, and we awoke at about the same time. She stretched up to kiss me again, and we got up and showered together. After Breakfast, she went home, but called me in the afternoon to tell me how much she enjoyed our evening together.

All week long heard from Ashley, Niccole, and everyone else they told commenting about “the show” we’d put on. Everyone wants a repeat performance. I tell them, “Next time you have to pay for the show!”

Today is Friday, and she just called to see if it was okay for her to come over tonight. I told her I was just too tired………NOT. You bet she’s coming over, but I can’t imagine anything hotter that last weekend. But, I’ll bet you we try!

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