Good Morning, Pussycat

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You’re just waking drowsily to the morning light shining in your room. You roll over and are pleasantly greeted by the sight of me still sleeping, resting on my side with my back to you. You know that the 24 hours I spent flying to see you, the lack of sleep on the airplanes and the carnal frenzy of our first day together in 11 weeks combined with the wine we drank last night ought to ensure a deep sleep for me for at least the first two evenings of our visit.

You take advantage of this quiet time to study my form from behind – the long layers of curls that share the pillow with me; my shoulders, visibly defined, tan, inviting your fingers to trace the hour glass curve they begin; the valley that my waist forms, more narrow than you recall, but emphasizing the curve beneath where my hips (and ass) flare out, calling you closer.

The sheet just barely covers the slope of my rear, allowing the top to peek out at you. Your eyes have followed that long, lovely trail of my spine, all the way down to the roundness of my ass and you can’t resist… You slide closer, curling up behind me, feeling the warmth of my skin, soft to the touch, yet firm. You’re so hard, just being near me, feeling my body against yours…

Your hands glide the length of my body, feeling every curve as if for the first time. You hear me moan softly in approval, and are rewarded by the sensation of me pushing back against bahis firmaları you to feel your hardness. The tip of your dick presses between my thighs, finding my wetness ready and waiting. You feel more than a little proud to hear a rather aroused sounding gasp escape my lips. Emboldened by this encouragement given my half sleeping state, you reach around me to feel my breasts.

You touch my hard nipples, pinching and tugging at them as the weight of my breast fills your cupped hand. You bury your face in my neck, kissing my ear, my neck, my shoulders. The feel of my hair, the fresh scent of it mingling with the warm, erotic scent of my body, goes to your head. You press your hips forward, harder, rubbing the tip of your dick along the smoothness of my pussy until it is poking its way at my entrance. I’m moaning more now, slightly more coherent, entirely aroused, but lingering in that state between dreaming and awake.

As you press forward your cock grows even harder, unwilling to yield, compelled by a need to feel me, to enter me, to join me. You can not wait anymore, whatever concern you had of waking me, any notion or doubt whatsoever about what I want has evaporated in the heat between us now. No, you’re satisfied that I want exactly the same thing you want… and with that, in one powerful thrust you enter me fully, deeply, completely, moaning lustfully as you do. You are stroking every kaçak iddaa inch of my wetness with your cock that has waited so long to feel me again. The pleasure of feeling that completeness, that perfect fit, my god that fit… you had nearly forgotten that feeling, the moment you enter me, how we fit each other’s body so exquisitely.

The feel of you inside me fills me, my body is yours, responding involuntarily to your primal energy… taking you deeper and deeper into the depths of my wetness. You are completely in control, I am yours, and you know that now my body is for your pleasure… and that thought alone could bring you to a toe curling orgasm right now. But you pause and reflect. Rather than driving this need home right now, surrendering to the urgency you feel, you decide to see how far you can go with this lusty half dream state I am in.

You continue tugging and pinching my nipples, enjoying my moans of approval, but now you pull back, slipping your cock from inside me to rub me from behind. You find my asshole tight, almost daring you to enter it. You slide your dick, slippery from my wetness, along the impossibly tight entrance. My moans turn to whimpers as you tease me there, your hands now tugging and kneading my ass cheeks in an attempt to loosen the entrance you want so much….

You continue to press forward simultaneously, relaxing my back side until the head of your swollen kaçak bahis cock pops in, engulfed in the tightest, hottest sensation you could imagine. You have to stop for a moment and regain your composure just so you don’t shoot your load right now. You begin rocking slowly, slipping deeper and deeper into the depths of my ass as you stretch me open. You are overwhelmed by the sensation of taking my ass, making it yours with every stroke, taking you closer and closer as you pump deeper and deeper.

My whimpers are now flat out moans as I struggle to gain my bearings. The sensation is stunning, erotic, intense, painful and delicious all at once. “Uhhhhhhmmmmm, oh my god, that feels so good! Oh my god, fuck my ass…fuck me harder!” Hearing me cry out for you in that way, you can not stop now… Your orgasm is building deep inside you, ready to boil over, and you can’t hold back. You feel my hand between my legs, knowing it’s my finger rubbing my clit while you pump deeply into my ass, getting ready to cum with you.

You grab my hips and pull me back impaling my ass completely on the length of your hard cock… You are over the edge, erupting in orgasm, shooting your cum deep in my ass, welcomed by own screams, “oh god! I’m cuming, ohhhhhh!” while you continue to pump, drawing out the feeling of my ass swallowing your cock, pulsing tightly around it as my orgasm draws out, wracking my body… Your whole body shakes until you are spent, quivering and tingling….

As you collapse next to me, you muster just enough energy to slide closer to my face, kiss my cheek and whisper in my ear, “Good morning pussycat…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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