Georgie’s Anal Wish

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Email me if you’d like to see some more pics of me (Dee) ok?


You all know my best friend Georgie. We’ve been great mates, and occasional lovers, for many years now.

Georgie is married to a great friend of ours, Chas. Chas and I have had many wonderful sessions together alone, and with others. He is VERY kinky!

Anyway…enough of the details. Chas emailed me at the estate agency one day and told me that Georgie had been asking lots of questions about anal sex. She’d had it a few times during our wonderful threesomes and moresomes, but hadn’t ever really let go and butt fucked herself crazy. Chas said she’d asked him if he thought I would help her discover just how erotic and amazingly intense anal sex can be. I told him I would love to help.

“Leave it to me” I said, and smiled to myself as my mind began to plan my best friend’s ceremonial deflowering!!

The next day I was having lunch at work with Al. Later that afternoon we were showing a group of investors around the new Docklands apartments in town behind the football stadium. These apartments are really nice, and come with their own boat mooring! Anyway, when Al, my boss, heard my story about Georgie’s anal wish, he got really excited! In fact, he got soooo excited, I felt his hand on my thigh immediately!

“Al you randy bastard”, get your hand off my knee. We’re in a restaurant for god’s sake”.

“So…you normally love a little bit of exhibitionism baby!” he smiled back. “So tell me, how are we gonna organise this little butt event?”

“Who is we” I asked?

“Well shit Dee, you can’t tell me about your sexy best friend wanting to get well and truly butt fucked and then not include me……..surely?” he begged, his big cute eyes almost pleading.

“OK, well, I guess it might be fun to have you help me” I smiled back, my hand reaching across under the table to find his semi-erect penis.

I gave it an almighty pinch, so that Al shrieked out and several of the other people eating their lunch looked over. Al blushed as they stared. I simply stood up, and loud enough for them to hear, said,

“I’m going to the ladies room. See if you can get rid of that stiffy by the time I get back.”

I loved teasing Al!!

When I returned from the bathroom, Al was munching away on his steak. I began eating my prawns, and we chatted about the afternoon with the investors for a short while, before Al turned the conversation back to Georgie. We decided to work together with Chas and Steve and make it a really special night for us all.

That afternoon, Al and I managed to sell two of the apartments. One to a young lawyer who was a real smartass, and the other to a lovely young couple who had inherited plenty from the woman’s wealthy father. We took the couple out for dinner afterwards, and had a lovely time getting to know them. I’m sure Al wanted to bang the wife, as she was adorable. She was part asian and had those steamy dark eyes and amazing black hair. The guy was also reasonable looking, and I made a mental note to invite them out for some fun at a later stage.

Later that week I met with Chas to arrange some details for Georgie’s butt party. I needed to know if Chas wanted it to be a surprise or if he wanted Georgie to know. He said the surprise would be sensational! We arranged for Chas to take her out and get her hair done, her nails done, and to have a brazilian wax before taking her to dinner and then telling her he was going to show her the sights of the new docklands development. Little did she know that Chas and I had organised for one of the apartments we were selling to be used as the venue for her anal sensation!

Steve and I decided to invite Al to be involved after all, and we were really excited when he said to use one of the apartments. His only condition was that we allow him to be involved. I asked Chas and he said “NO problem”.

We all settled on a date two weeks from the day Chas had emailed me. Everything was in place and the big day was finally the next evening. I was totally excited and turned on, so I knew that Chas must have been buzzing! His kinky and sometimes dirty little mind would be driving him wild! I just hope he would be able to keep his hands……and cock……away from Georgie until the following night, as she was definitely going to need all the energy she could muster!

That night in bed, I asked Steve to remove all my pubic hair. I’d been guilty of leaving a little fuzz above my slit, but thought that if I joined in the action tomorrow with Georgie, I would want a nice slick and clean pussy. Steve, ever the bastard, told me on one condition.

“Name it baby” I said.

“Blow me when I’m done. I want to film you swallowing my cum Dee”.

“Oh, it that all? I thought you were going to ask me to do something out of the ordinary”.

“No babe. I’m guessing I’ll see enough of that tomorrow!”

I lay back, my long legs spread, and watched intently as Steve went to work. He applied a small amount of really warm water to my pussy, and rubbed it across my lips and pubic area. I love that sensation. Then, he squirted a small amount of shaving cream onto güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his fingers, before applying it to the tuft of hair, my lips and the lower regions of my pussy. I closed my eyes to immerse myself in the feelings of having my pussy shaved. I loved the way Steve always managed to flicker my clit as he removed the remaining hair on my almost bald beaver. He worked slowly and deliberately for about ten minutes, finally announcing that he was done. I smiled at him and enjoyed the sensations as he wiped warm water all over my pussy again to get rid of any remaining shaving cream.

When he finished, he slowly started to lick my swollen and hot clit, until I had a smashing climax, my hand gripping his hair like a vice! I spasmed all over my pillows and my pussy shook and shook until the sensational orgasm subsided and I lay black in the warm afterglow of an oral climax. Steve cleaned up the tools of his shaving, and then returned to the bed, laying down next to me. We kissed, passionately, our tongues doing the dance of passion that we had shared for many years. I looked him in the eyes, and then slowly, ever so slowly, licked my way down to where his pussy pleaser was slowly coming to life.

When I arrived at his cock, I lapped my tongue on the rim of his head. I looked back up to him smiling, and flickered my tongue around the rim making him moan and watch as I continued to enjoy teasing my hubby! I slowly then traced a line down the shaft of my cock until I discovered Steve’s hairless balls. Yes, I demand that my hubby keep his adorable little plums free of those annoying curly hairs that get stuck in my mouth and throat when I gorge myself on his wonderful penis. I felt his hand on the back of my head, and delighted in the knowledge that I was still able to turn him on after so many years of marriage. Keen to continue my head job, I engulfed his penis in my mouth and started to really go to town sucking his cock. I wanted to make him cum quickly, as I knew we should be getting to sleep, as the following night was sure to be a long one!

The contractions started from the base of Steve’s cock, and I knew it was time to get ready to swallow. Steve threw his head back and I jammed my mouth and throat down onto his lovely fat cock as the sperm I adore so much began to flood into my hungry cocksucking mouth. I gulped it down and enjoyed savouring the taste of the liquid as Steve filled my mouth, throat, insides and stomach with his creamy goo spoof. I loved it and I am sure he did too. I nuzzled down on his chest and we drifted off to sleep with the thoughts of Georgie’s anal party the following night.

The next day dawned sunny and I spent the morning getting things prepared. In the afternoon, I lounged around the pool in my bikini and enjoyed a short snooze as the sun beat down on my body creating those sexy little tan lines my thong bikinis create. I was hoping that if I did indeed get the chance tonight, I would be able to show off the small triangles as they framed my butt! By the time I jumped into the shower to get ready, the triangle was perfect and my tan line was looking rather sexy even if I do say so myself! Steve was dressed an a lovely new casual shirt and his sexy jeans. I put on a black satin mini dress which looked nice as it showed of my legs and also allowed access to my pussy should the opportunity arise! Of course I left the panties in my drawer, as I knew I would have no need for them.

Our taxi arrived and we climbed in. We had arranged to meet Al for dinner before heading to the apartment. Chas had taken Georgie out to a different restaurant and we had arranged that he would bring Georgie to the apartment about an hour after we did so that things could get underway. Arriving at the restaurant, Al, Steve and I enjoyed a sensational meal of seafood. I sipped on a few lovely wines as the guys worked together to plan the evenings events. I enjoyed sitting back and watching them. They were like little boys excitedly talking about a new Lego set! The only difference is that they were planning my best friend’s anal gang bang!

We climbed in to Al’s car and he drove us over to the apartment. Inside, everything was in readiness. Al had ordered champagne, beer and some mixed drinks, which were in place behind the bar which was located at the end of the wonderfully opulent loungeroom. In the middle of the room, a large coffee table was situated, covered with a wonderfully plush cloth, made from a velvety red material. There were about ten stools placed in a large circle around the coffee table, as if a performance was going to be happening there. Of course it was!! Georgie was to have her ass banged, licked, sucked and fucked by the men we had all arranged to attend that night.

We sat down and admired the view from the large glass windows. Looking out, you could see the bay, the lights of the city, and the port development below. This apartment was really beautiful and I thought for a moment that it was the perfect place for an orgy. I sipped a cocktail that Al had just mixed at the bar, and watched as Al then put a porn movie (of course!!) on the giant tv screen at the far end of the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri room. If you’ve never watched a xxx movie on a large screen with surround sound, you should! It was amazing to see a woman being double fucked in life size surround sound. The moans and groans echoed around the walls from all angles and made me quite horny as she and the two men fucking her put on a sensational fuckshow!

We’d been there watching the movie for about 30 minutes when there was a knock on the door. I quickly removed my hand from Steve’s cock, as I had snaked it in there while we watched the cum shot of the threesome on the big screen. Al didn’t even switch off the movie! He walked to the door and opened it, and I smiled as I saw three men walk in. They were all about forty, and dressed casually. I recognised one of them as an estate agent I had worked with a few times. These were the first guys that Al had organised. Chas had arranged four men and Steve managed to get three guys too. All in all, we had managed to get ten guys who were willing to have a health check before coming to participate in this amazing orgy that Georgie still had no idea about. The remaining guys arrived shortly after, and the thirteen of us sat around on the stools and couches getting to know each other and watching the porn on the screen.

After everybody had been given a drink, Al pressed pause on the remote and started to speak.

“OK. Welcome everyone. Thanks for coming tonight. My gorgeous assistant Dee has asked us all here to help fulfil a fantasy for her best friend Georgie. Georgie has asked her husband about an anal gang bang! Now, you all need to know a few things before Chas and Georgie arrive. Firstly, she has had anal sex on a number of occasions. Secondly, Chas is happy for anything to happen as long as there is no pain involved. Thirdly, if she ever says “no”, then it means “no” ok? Apart from that, there are no plans! We’ll just wait until they arrive and then let things take their course. Finally, I am filming this evening from two different internally located cameras. All the action will appear on the big screen, so if you can’t see, just look up and there it will be! So grab another drink and enjoy folks!!”

We spent the next twenty minutes or so just chatting and getting a mild buzz going whilst Al served us all drinks and cocktails. I was feeling quite tipsy myself, and the fact that I was in this wonderful apartment alone with twelve men made me feel pretty sexy! I was sitting on a small couch with Steve, and began to whisper sweet nothings in his ear. Actually, I was licking his ear and my hand was wandering across his thigh towards his cock. I was horny. I needed to fuck. I knew several of the other guys were watching what I was doing but I didn’t care. I unzipped Steve’s cock and pulled it our from his jeans. Then, I dropped off the couch to my knees and began sucking my husband’s wonderful cock. I knew his cock intimately, and also knew what turns him on. I lavishingly licked the shaft, then lifted it up and out of the way, giving me free reign to suck and chomp on his shiny balls. I sucked and sucked his cock, reaching down to rub my swollen clit as I gave him one of my special sloppy blow jobs.

The three friends of Al’s approached together and started to admire my talent. I looked my husband in the eye as I sucked his cock, and then lifted my minidress right out of the way, offering them a glimpse of my hot pussy and tight ass. I resumed my sucking and my fingers were clear to all watching as they pumped in and out of my hungry pussy. I knew Steve was getting close to cumming, and I eased my middle finger inside my asshole. It was moist and glistening with pussy juices from my masturbation, and so when I pushed it inside my asshole, the three guys moaned, and several more came over to see what we were doing.

Uninterrupted, Steve suddenly came and filled my mouth with hot cum. I swallowed it down as the gathering men watched and cheered me on. I gulped down as much as I can and seemed to do quite well. I licked my lips, and then, in a final act of sexy deprivation, pulled my finger from my asshole and pushed it between my lips, sucking and licking it like a lollipop!

Just at that very moment, there was a knock on the door! I jumped up and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. I reapplied my lipstick and rinsed my mouth, not wanting to kiss Georgie or Chas with a mouthful of Steve’s semen! Back out in the apartment, Al invited Chas and an obviously bemused Georgie into the room. Al introduced Chas and Georgie to the men assembled. General introductions were made, and I walked from the bathroom to join the group.

“Hi Georgie” I said, kissing her on the cheek and giving her a big hug.

“Hi Dee, what the hell is going on here? Chas hasn’t told me anything! He just said we were going to look at one of the apartments you were selling.”

“Well, he is telling you the truth. Here we are! What can I get Al to get you to drink?”

“Champagne baby….a big one please..then you can explain what the hell is going on here ok?”

Email me if you’d like to see some more pics of me (Dee) ok?

Al güvenilir bahis şirketleri sprang to attention and produced two glasses of champagne, and offered them to Georgie and myself. We sat together on the couch where ten minutes ago I was sucking my husband Steve and swallowing his cum in front of the other twelve men. The guys all stood chatting, and Steve, Chas and Al got together to discuss the evening so far. I explained to Georgie that all the men were here because we had hand selected them, and that they were here for her!

“What? What do you mean they are here for me?” she asked confused.

“Well, Chas has told me about your fantasy of having an anal gang bang, and so, we decided that we’d make it happen tonight for you. Tonight, in this gorgeous apartment, these men are going to make love to you and help you live out your anal fantasy ok?”.

She looked back at me stunned. She knew me too well to know I was joking, and she also knew that her kinky little hubby Chas was also quite capable of organising such a thing.

“So…let me get this right…you, Chas, Steve and your boss……have got these guys here together….in this apartment, just to fuck me up the ass one after the other?”

“That pretty much covers it!” I smiled back, clinking our glasses together and downing the remaining champagne in my glass!

Georgie did the same and Al appeared to top up our glasses once more. I was well and truly drunk by now, but was really looking forward to watching the action!

Al took the initiative and turned on some music. Once all the guys had their drinks topped up, Al then asked them all to strip down to their underwear in preparation for the evening’s events to begin. The music was slow and romantic, and Al came over and lifted Georgie by the hand, inviting her to dance. Al and Georgie began a slow rythmn on the carpet, moving together and giggling. I knew Al was saying sexy things in Georgie’s ear, as she kept slapping him on the cheek playfully. Soon enough, several of the other guys moved in and replaced Al, and Georgie was left on the floor dancing between the men, as their hands and mouth began to work their magic.

Al, Steve, myself and Chas took seats on the stools by the bar and watched the action on the carpet. The guys were still working Georgie over, and she still had her dress on. It did not last. When the third song started, one of the men lifted Georgie’s dress off her, revealing her breasts and the small thong she was wearing underneath. There she stood, in front of us and her husband, wearing only a g-string and heels, being kissed, fondled, cuddled and fingered by ten strange men! It was a sexy sight and I looked across to see what Chas was doing. His hand was inside his trousers and he was rubbing his skinny cock as his eyes were fixed on his slutty wife being fondled by the strangers.

As we sat there watching, Georgie’s panties were removed, and she was then taken to the coffee table and laid down on the red rug that was laying there. All around her, hands and tongues took over, and the way her nipples and body responded were amazing. She moaned and threw her head back and was instantly rewarded with a cock in her mouth. She reached back and took the shaft in her hand as she engulfed the rather nice cock in her mouth and throat. Down the other end, three guys had fingers in her wettening pussy and were reaching in to moisten the tube of her cunt. Two guys were each sucking and fondling her nipples, and the others were massaging and rubbing her legs and thighs. It was a sexy sight indeed. Al tapped me on the shoulder and pointed towards the screen on the wall. I looked up and saw that the camera from above was pointing down and exposing Georgie’s group sex encounter in all it’s glory. I knew he was also recording it for Georgie to watch over and over again after the event.

The moment had come for the action to really hot up on the coffee table, and the guys playing with Georgie’s pussy changed positions. One of them grabbed hold of one of the three, yes, THREE tubes of lubricant that Al had placed around the room, and began rubbing it all over his cock. He had a narrow cock, which appeared to be about six inches long. Perfect for the first ass fuck I thought! The remaining guys grabbed the other tubes and started making sure Georgie was wet in the back door as well as in her pussy. Slowly, as Georgie kept sucking the cock in her mouth, her anus was opened and lubricated by these men who were by now totally stiff and dying to fuck my friend in the ass.

Georgie stopped sucking the guy in her mouth, and rolled over on the coffee table until she was on her tummy, her head resting on her hands, and her heels kicking up at the back. He ass was all shiny and slick from the massive amount of lube that the guys has rubbed all over. He anus was actually relaxed and open, and the guy with the thin dick that had been rubbing lotion all over himself moved in to position. He knelt down behind Georgie, and then slowly, very slowly, inserted his cock straight in to the entrance of her asshole. Apparently Chas had given Al instructions that noone apart from him was to fuck her pussy, so the guys could have her ass and mouth only. The dick surprisingly slid in easily, and Georgie moaned and pushed back as he hit bottom. She threw her sexy hair back and then turned to look Chas in the eye as the first cock penetrated her asshole. We all knew it was to be the first of many that evening!

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