Friendly Present

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It was my birthday and I decided to just have my one good friend over. She was the kindest sweetest person anyone could ever hope to know. She was blonde and had the most beautiful smile, not to mention a nice looking chest. I have no idea what her cup size is but they are definitely worth the look, and the best part is that she understands that men will be men and she didn’t mind when me or other men stares at her chest.

I had told her to be at my place around 7 for dinner. I was cooking even though it was my birthday and I probably didn’t have to, but I’m a much better cook than she is and I wanted to stay cozy at home. She was late and I was starting to get worried that something happened to her. It was almost quarter to eight when I finally heard the doorbell ring. I quickly ran to the door and opened it.

When I opened the door I found one thing that I had expected and one thing that I didn’t. It was my friend that was at the door, but what I hadn’t expected was what she was wearing. Most of the time she wears a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The only time she would wear anything different was when she went to school dances. She was still in high school but I had graduated although I still lived locally. She was wearing a hiked up plaid pleated skirt and a tight black leather vest. I had never seen her in anything like it and was really surprised.

“Are you gonna let me in, or are you just going to gawk?” she said when I just sat there staring instead of letting her in.

“Oh, um, sorry, come in,” I managed to spill out while trying to regain my composure.

“I guess I should have expected that,” she said walking in, “I mean, I can imagine that it was quite a shock for you to see me wearing something like this.” As she said that she did a twirl and I nearly did a heart attack. When she did her twirl, her already hiked bahis firmaları up skirt went even higher up, and although I couldn’t tell what material her underwear was made of, I knew that they were black. Just that made this day better than any left in my memory.

We continued into the dining room and I had her sit down while I served dinner. I served her my world famous spaghetti. We sat across from each other and I couldn’t tear my eyes off of her. The way she sucked up the noodle that caused her chest to swell bigger and bigger. This whole situation was torture to me. I knew that she was just teasing me. I mean, she was engaged to a marine. Even if I could get her bedded, he would literally kill me as soon as he found out. And he would too, I can’t keep my mouth shut about anything and the gossip would eventually get to him.

“So why are you wearing something so sexy?” I asked. As if I really cared, just happy that I have a stunning beauty sitting across from me and actually thinks of me as a friend.

“This is part of your birthday present,” she said sucking up the final spaghetti noodle. I gave a sigh of sadness that there were no more noodles for her to suck up, and there was excitement because she said that her sexy outfit was only “part” of my present. I just couldn’t wait to find out what the other part of my present was.

After dinner we went into the den and sat in front of the fire. “So what is the other part of my present?” I asked getting a little anxious.

“Well, um,” her voice suddenly got quieter and she was looking down, “I’m the rest of your present.”

“What?” I asked. The possibilities of my wildest fantasies were shooting through my head, but I wanted to make sure that’s what she was talking about before I did something that made her start hating me or getting me arrested.

“Well,” she kaçak iddaa was still speaking softly and not making eye contact, “I will be yours, for you to do anything you want to me, I will be your love doll.” After saying this she grabbed my hand with her soft caring hand and held it to her soft, milky white breast.

“But what about your fiancé?” I asked. Dumb question, like I really cared, but I still didn’t feel like being killed by a marine.

“We actually broke up a while ago, but I’ve been keeping it a secret from everyone.” She said looking up at me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This beautiful woman was sitting here in front of me holding my hand to her chest and telling me that she broke up with her fiancé and was going to fulfill my fantasies.

I slowly got closer to her and I pressed my lips to hers, kissing her while I softly massaged the breast that I had my hand on. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, she broke away and my hand fell away from her tit. She started to slowly undo the buttons of her tight leather vest that she was wearing as a shirt. One by one as the buttons came undone, I could see more and more of the glorious globes that I had been staring at through somewhat loose t-shirts. With the last button, the vest fell open and I was being stared at by the most beautiful, roundest, firmest, and silky white set of breasts that existed on the planet and my dick was now raging out of control. She leaned over and reached for my pants unzipping them and pulling out my rock hard manhood. She got a pleased look on her face and showed me her beautiful smile as she started to lick the end of my cock. I was in ecstasy, now she was giving me a full on sucking and she was skilled; she was using her tongue in ways that I didn’t think were humanly possible. I looked down at her. It was a sight that I had only dreamed kaçak bahis of. Her head bobbing up and down my dick with her vest completely open and her marvelous breasts jiggling in sync with the bobbing of her head. She sped up and I could hardly believe the sensation. I looked down at the bouncing globes again. I was in heaven. And then just as I was about to blow my load, she stopped sucking and lifted her head off of the Captain., but it was too late, I shot my load all over her face and chest.

I blacked out for a second but quickly came back. When I looker up I saw her, standing in front of me glistening from all of my cum covering her face and breasts, still smiling, a side of her that I didn’t think existed. She pulled the vest the rest of the way off, letting it drop to the floor. She reached around to pull off her skirt, but I stopped her and motioned that she should just take off her panties. Her hands reached up under her skirt and put her fingers under the straps and slid them off. They were black and made of silk; the sexiest pair that I had ever seen. Seeing her wearing nothing but a hiked up pleated skirt and high heels that I hadn’t noticed till now. I had always wondered what she would look like covered in my cum and seeing her like this got me hard again.

“I see I still have to do more work,” she said smiling and looking at my stiffy. She walking up and stood over me. Staring into my eyes, she kneels down and slowly sits on my hard dick. I feel her juices and love canal engulf me. I grab her hips and start to pump her. She massages her cum covered breasts occasionally pulling one up to suck on the nipple. Continuing my thrusts into her, I pulled her down on my to suck on the glorious tits that she had been massaging. After ten minutes of pumping and sucking, I felt the walls of her vagina tighten up and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I blasted my load into her cunt and moments later she came and we both collapsed on the floor and fell into a deep slumber. We slept through the night on top of each other with my member still in her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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