A Bit of Spring Break

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Anal Plug

note: Another of the short lockdown stories. Everyone over 18. Quickly done so some editorial will have slipped. Shorter and less chaptered than my norm. Enjoy.

“This is ridiculous, Aunt Carol. You know it is.”

“My house, my rules, you little shit.”

Hand on hip and an attitude that I recognized from my own mother. Not to be fucked with.

“Look, I’ll be very careful. This is a bit much, don’t you think?”

“Not a bit. I’m glad to have you stay with me Hunter, but I will not have you fucking up my carpet and upholstery. You are 20 years old and male. In my experience, typing that into Google Translate produces the phrase ‘permanent stain’ so, strip that shit off right now and put it in the bag. We’ll wash it all and you can have it back when it won’t mess up my house.”

I hadn’t anticipated this, when I decided to stay on Aunt C’s farm.

I had a spring break problem. I had wanted to go to the beach, as you do. But, the fact that I was broke wasn’t going to allow that. And, I had a shot at doing an extra paper this term on a non-profit organization. I needed the points and it occurred to me that I could mix a sort of vacation in with the project. I’d stay with Aunt Carol and help her out. A bit of vacation, a bit of research for the project — how hard could it be?

Carol had been totally cool with me coming out. She had somewhere over 60 acres — whatever an acre is- and used the place to care for animals that might otherwise be put down. Not so much dogs and cats, though she certainly had a few of those, but she also had three horses at the moment. There were somewhere north of 12 sheep. Four pigs. Rabbits for some reason — who knows how many of those were running around. And with all that four legged fun, she told me that she could always use a hand.

My aunt is a bit more granola than Mom ever was. While I grew up, largely, in the burbs, Carol was always more rustic. Something of a post-hippy Hippy. She definitely wasn’t at Woodstock, but I’m pretty sure she was at the first Lollapalooza. She had lived a bit of a nomadic life as a teen, and eventually settled into working non-profit good work where she could. She did some graphic design, some web work, and ran this place. She lived a simple life, but was always trying to make the world better. I had a real soft spot for her, though, I admit I didn’t totally think through what living with her for a week would be like.

See, she takes the whole animal thing seriously. At least as compared to me, I guess. Sure, I like animals. I’m not a monster. But, like in a favorite dog sort of way. Carol, though, is big on animal rights in a more thorough way. She is vegan. No leather in her house. No animal products of any kind as far as I could see. The carpet and upholstery she was concerned about, as far as I could figure, were rugs she bought in North Africa while “on tour” with a band I’d never heard of, and a lot of hand crocheted blankets. But, she was right. It was her house. And I was her guest. And I should follow her rules, but this seemed a bit extreme.

Carol had sent me out to muck out the horse stable. Now, I know, that’s a bit gross. She’d given me some boots that fit okay, but the jeans and tee I was wearing were a bit… ripe. Sweat and horse shit will do that. Still, it had to be a normal thing around here, right.

“Aunt Carol, I get that you don’t want your house messed up, but how do you deal with this? You don’t seriously strip out of everything and wash it each time you get messy?”


“So, I’ll just head back to the spare room, change out of these clothes and then pop them in the washer.”

“Incorrect,” she ruled. “I have other solutions, but you, are young, gross, and smell bad. So, I’ll take the clothes. You can keep your drawers on if you don’t sit on anything before you shower, but otherwise — strip.”

“Other solutions? Any of those open to me? I just think this is a little embarrassing.”

“Shy? You’re 20. You’re relatively healthy. I’d be shocked if you weren’t getting naked all over school. What’s the deal?”

“Not so much that, I’m just saying this is a little embarrassing and you’re my aunt. What is the other solution?”

“Well, sure… see that wooden partition in the yard?”

“Yeah… What… Oh, is that a shower head?”

“Yep. Here’s the bag. Strip down, get a full shower, bag the clothes — there are even a half dozen towels in that pantry so you don’t have to walk back swingin’ loose.”

“Charming,” I deadpanned. But, as I thought about it there was a certain amount of dignity I could save if I did this on my terms. Besides, she’d stay inside. No one lived nearby. So, I’d just pop bedava bahis over there, get cleaned up, and walk back in a towel. A towel could be dignified. And maybe an outdoor shower was a cool thing.

So, bag in hand I headed off to the shower.

I turned on the water and realized that I had exercised a shocking lack of forethought. Outdoor — yes. One handle- yes. Meaning, probably one water temp. And I’m guessing it isn’t going to be scalding. Sure, it’s warm out, but even on a warm day a cold shower is challenging. Still, I’d already committed and I figured if Carol could do it so could I.

I stepped up to the shower and stripped out of my clothes. Thank god it was a warm day, but here’s hoping no wind. I left the boots on the shower floor to clean them and stuffed everything else into the laundry bag before hanging it from the hook provided.

Okay, time to just do this.

Wow! That water was, in fact, cold. This would be the fastest shower on record. Fuck that was cold. I scrubbed stem to stern as fast as I could. It was brisk. The boots were only partially clear underneath me, when I finally called myself done and shut the water off. That would just have to do.

I reached for the pantry to get a towel, and wouldn’t you know it. No towels. Not a damned one. This was not the deal.

“Oops, guess I forgot to restock,” Carol had appeared beside the shower holding a stack of towels. Well, shit.

“Uh, yeah, I noticed.” I kept my back decidedly to my aunt, but reached out behind me for the towel.

“I swear I’ll stop laughing in a minute. I mean,” I glanced over my shoulder and Carol was shaking as she tried to contain her giggles. “You do have a cute little tush, there, bud.”

“Not 4 anymore Aunt Carol, but I am freezing. Could I have a towel please?”

“Oh, sure, babe. Here you go,” she handed me a hand towel.”

“You’re a hoot.”

“Oh, I see, you think you’re too big. Hmm, well, if you’d rather I go back and look for a larger towel…”

“I’d rather you hand me one of the four others you’re holding that seem bigger, thanks.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess. Here you go.”

Carol handed me an actual bath towel. That was helpful. I wrapped it around my waist and turned around.

“See that wasn’t so bad,” she said.

“It was freezing is what it was.”

“Freezing? Why didn’t you turn on the warm water? Working in the stables gets you worked up enough you need a cold shower?”

“Wha- I — it’s an outdoor shower. One handle. Cold water. Right?”

“Oh, babe. I live in the country. I’m not a masochist. I use this thing every day. You think I’m going to stand out here and freeze my tits off if I don’t have to? This thing is hooked into the house’s water system. Works just the same. Turn the handle to the left and… voila…”

“Well, fuck- uh, sorry about that Aunt C. Just… you know…”

“Yeah, I bet your pecker is up next to your kidneys huddled for warmth at this point.”

“Uh… well… not…”

“See, let me show you,” she said as she shouldered me out of the way and into the yard. Carol reached into the stall, turned the handle toward the left rather than just pulling it straight out as I had. And turned the water on… it splashed her a bit, but she pulled back as the water started to really flow.

After a few seconds, she reached out and dipped her hand into the flow. She turned to me and splashed me with it.


“Yeah. I guess I’m not up on all the country chic.”

“You just had the wrong expectations, kid. Open your mind and you never know what you’ll find.”

“Well, I mean, it’s a show-“

Carol reached down and stripped off her Deadhead tee in one move. I thought… yeah… not a shower so much as a show. Damn… I knew she was not much for wearing a bra, but just chalked that up to the tiny titties, hippy crowd. Exhibitionism wasn’t what I imagined.

“Oh, shut your jaw, kid. Bodies are bodies. And mine isn’t so shocking.”

“I, uh, just didn’t-“

She pulled the tie on her drawstring pants and down they went as well. Both items were tossed onto the pantry that held the towels. Carol stepped into the shower and started scrubbing away. Naked as the day she was un-self-consciously-apparently born.

“Look, I’m here, the waters fine. So, might as well take advantage of it. Besides, you’re going to have to get used to life on the farm. Like I said, I don’t stain my carpets inside because, of course, I shower out here. But, I also don’t mess up as many clothes as you do because I tend to do the messier stuff in the buff.”

“Stuff in the buff?”

“The heart of a poet,” she said as bedava bonus she scrubbed her left tit seemingly without thinking. She pulled a bar of soap from the caddy that I’d ignored in my haste to avoid pneumonia and began lathering up. It was something to see. So casual. So without worry. And so beautiful. Carol was of a certain age, sure. But she was a beautiful woman in a natural, unadorned way. No makeup. No hair coloring. Just the beauty that she was born with. The lines that she’d earned. As she soaped up I focused on the all natural that was apparent below the not-there-belt. I’d known she didn’t shave her armpits or legs. That had been obvious for years. I’d asked my mother about it once as a kid, but I’d just gotten used to it over time. In a way, it just seemed the right way for Carol. Mom didn’t do that sort of thing. She was way more buttoned up. And none of the girls I’d dated did. In fact, in my generation the less hair the better seemed to be the way. Which is why I was drawn to and a bit hypnotized by the very full bush that Carol was sporting.

“First time?” she asked with a smirk.

“Uh, huh… what?”

“First time seeing a full-on natural hairy woman?”

“I mean, I… I’m just… didn’t expect…”

“See, expectations. They get you every time,” she laughed. “But, seriously, I’d bet you’ve never seen one before. Your girlfriends would faint at the notion. And unless Katie has changed a lot, she’s at least far more groomed than I am.”

“I, uh… I would have no idea. I mean,” Katie is, of course, Carol’s sister. My mom. So, yeah, I have no notion what her… er… pube situation is.

“Well, junior. This is what they look like in the wild. I mean, I keep it down to a manageable forest, but it’s the real deal. I’m afraid I don’t even contain it enough to work with a bathing suit. So, it’s the thing. Hope it doesn’t make you nauseous or anything.”

“No, I mean, of course, it’s just… I mean… “

“Ah… I see,” she said a little cryptically as she turned around to rinse her front while she began soaping her ass. I didn’t at first understand what she meant until I looked down and realized that my towel wasn’t hiding the fact that I was intensely erect. The tent in my towel was threatening to break through and I’d just been so focused that I hadn’t noticed in time to be embarrassed.

“I — uh, sorry, just realized.”

“Oh don’t be sorry, hon. It’s flattering. That said, you’re going to be living here for a week, so you’re likely to see me like this a few more times. That going to be a problem for you?”

“Oh, I — no, no problem. I mean, your house, your rules.”

“That’s right. And we’re both grown-ups, right?”

“Right, absolutely. This is just … I mean, I’m sure… it’s”

“So, if we’re both grown-ups, why don’t you come back over here and get properly clean like a grown-up and not freezing to death without soap. Clearly your pecker didn’t freeze off, so you’re uninjured, but unclean.”

Carol turned around and splashed me with the warm water of the shower. I didn’t know, exactly what she meant, but I could be mature about this. I wasn’t a nudist or anything, but I could be mature about bodies. Bodies are bodies. Nothing to be ashamed about. This was just some of that neo-hippy shit, right?

I stepped onto the shower floor and removed the towel. Carol said, “C’mere, the waters fine.”

I walked closer and under the water. Carol hadn’t left.

“Okay, now turn that monster away from me before it hurts somebody.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, it’s just-“

“I know what it is, Mister. I’ve seen a hard cock before.”

But, I’d never heard my Aunt say ‘cock’ before and it made mine twitch noticeably. She grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me slowly around. I felt her begin to soap up my shoulders and upper back. She worked her way down my arms and up my sides.

“Aunt C, I can-“

“Make a mess and do a half-assed job at cleaning up. Clearly you need Old Carol, to help you out with the basics. Well, never let it be said that I shirked on the job.”

I realized she meant to take charge of this whole thing. Not just naked but bathing me. I’m afraid my cock twitched again. I was liking the feeling of skin on skin a lot more than I would have guessed 20 minutes ago if you’d asked me. Then again, I was ankle deep in horse shit 20 minutes ago. This was a long way from that by anyone’s standard.

Back thoroughly scrubbed I felt her hands travel further south. Over my hips, under each cheek, and then surprisingly right for the crack of my ass. Thorough. And I couldn’t hide it any more, turning me all the ways on. She lathered up and down my deneme bonusu ass and I admit that I did very quietly moan. I’d hoped I was discrete.

“Alright Mister. Hands on the wall, legs spread. Assume the position.”

“Hehe, very funny, Carol.”

I felt her lean into my back. My nipples shot out of my chest, my cock did a jig, and she whispered right into my ear, “No backtalk, kid, or I get mean. You wouldn’t like me when I’m mean.”

I thought I’d jizz all over the wall. The tone. The voice. The hot breath in my ear. Her nipples clearly pressed into my back. Fuck. So, I spread my legs and leaned forward.

“Good boy,” she said as she scrubbed right down to my asshole. She ran a finger around it, slowly, firmly. Then, pop — right into my spincter. I flinched. No one had done that outside a medical context and it was… new… and exciting, and I wanted more. Then just as quickly, Carol’s finger slipped out. There was a pause when just one hand held my hip, then I felt the other on me. No bar of soap, but definitely a well lathered hand, reached under me and between my legs. Stroked slowly over my balls. I felt them contract and shiver. I knew that I was closer than I could have imagined being to orgasm without having done it. I was on a razor’s edge.

Carol gripped my balls firmly. Not a heavy squeeze, but just enough of a grip to be uncomfortable while also being incredibly hot. Her body moved in and she seemed to straddle my left leg as she leaned in to whisper, “Okay, baby boy. You get to cum, but only when I tell you. Understand?”

I must have whimpered, “Yes.”

“I don’t think I heard you properly. That didn’t sound very respectful,” she breathed as she squeezed my testicles a shade harder.

“Yes, ma’am, Aunt Carol, ma’am!”

“That’s better, young man. We’ll have some manners on this farm.”

I could feel the moisture and grind of Carol’s vulva on my thigh. There was a bit of friction between her hairy crotch and my hairy leg. I wanted to see all of it. To feel all of it. But, she was definitely in control. My grip on the shower wall was turning my knuckles white.

“Okay, my Good Boy, you’re going to stand upright, turn around slowly, and not shoot that thing off when you see me here all hot, wet, and dripping down my thighs. I guess, down yours too. Now, stand upright.

I did, and I felt her hand slide back over my balls and up to my ass. That was so unexpectedly nice.

“Now turn around,” she said as I did. I saw that she was not only soaked and naked, but she had her left hand flicking her prominent clit which I could see through her full bush. I’m afraid I licked my lips.

“Okay, now, we don’t want to make any more messes do we, young Hunter?”

“No ma’am, we don’t,” I said as respectfully as I could while trembling.

“Good, so Auntie C is going to take care of this mess right here,” she said as she moved in, embraced me, and then slid down my body to her knees. Somehow even on her knees, Carol was in charge. I felt her hands slide around my waist and there was pressure as she gripped my cock right at the base. Firm. So firm it was almost painful. Then, suddenly, she swallowed me whole.

Now, I’m no monster cock, despite the joke earlier. I’m average. Painfully average maybe. But, never had I come across someone who would fearlessly pounce on me all the way down to my belly. It was fast, west, hot, and intense. The grip on the base seemed to keep me from losing it right there, because my will didn’t have that kind of power. When she pulled back, she looked up at me and smiled.

“Good boy, now give Auntie C your cum. Cum in mouth and I will eat you up,” she looked like she just might. And down she went back onto my cock. Slower this time with a swirl of the tongue and a twist of her grip, and I lost control. Damned near consciousness. I began to tremble, spasm, my head shot forward in a headbutt, and I think I coughed. But, I definitely came. Harder than I’d ever cum before. It was almost scary. And it seemed to last forever. I reached out and grabbed the shower wall to hold on as Carol bobbed up and down and swallowed every ounce I could produce.

When I came back down to earth, she pulled back and sat on her heels. Licking her lips, she grinned.

“Such a good boy. We’ll get you trained up right in no time.” Carol stood up and looked me right in the eye as she moved in to kiss me. The taste of my jism on her lips and her hand in my hair. I wanted to move in permanently. Who needs college? Who needs a life?

“Now, finish cleaning up that naughty cock of yours, dry yourself and meet me in the bedroom.”

“Ma’am, yes ma’am,” I whispered.

She walked out, grabbed a towel, and walked toward the house. I scrubbed the cock a bit and turned off the water. As I reached for a towel I heard her call out, “Katie’s gonna love to hear about this. Don’t be long, my clitty is aching.”

I’m gonna need a bigger Spring Break.

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