Dale’s Special Family Ch. 05

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Lara Sherwood is Lynda and Dale’s aunt. She lives next door to them. Ironically, she had move to Texas a few years before Dale’s transfer to the exact same area. She is the one who got them into same apartment duplex.

Lara is their mother’s kid sister. The statuesque woman is forty-one and looks ten years younger. Honey blonde hair and a natural bronze skin enhance a unique beauty. A well-endowed chest and a set of legs that make an ass out of themselves round out the youthful appearance.

Lara has been working as a professional model. A set of curvy, long legs brings in the money. Dale claims are the finest set of gams ever created. The tall blonde wears the short skirts or shorts to show them off. Whenever walking thorough a public place, like a mall, men–and women, turn to look at the fantastic pair!

Lara is close to her nephew and the gorgeous Mexican wife. She thinks them a handsome pair. The tall blond often amuses that if they weren’t kin sex would have been an option.

The middle age woman has been bisexual since her teen years. It is the reason observing the nephew’s exotic looking bride so closely at the wedding. The Latina is a very sexy woman. Bettie is the most beautiful female she has ever seen in a wedding gown. It is a shame they haven’t met earlier.

Dale always has the hots for the magnificent aunt. Especially admired was a superbly sculptured ass. To him the youthful aunt had the finest, spherical shaped cheeks ever seen on a woman.

Once as a kid, Dale peeked on the sexy aunt sleeping. The sexy relative was lying in the prone on the bed naked with butt upward. Dale jacked off looking at the wonderful ass. The lust to penetrate the tight hole started then and has never stopped.

Events taking place this summer night would lead to having the fantasy both wanted. Lara would become the fourth member of the special family group. Being daring would bring the hot aunt to the collective family bed.

Bettie have just finished taking her nightly bath. She stands in front of the bedroom mirror with a towel wrapped around a firm, slender body. Lynda’s reflection is spotted at the door. The scheming wife smiles.

“I really wish I could be more like Lynda,” Bettie whines out loud. “I want these titties to be larger.”

Lynda enjoys looking at the pretty Latina body. She thought Dale had picked well when it came to a wife. Bettie’s words surprises the peeking sister-in-law.

There is a wonder if a sexual rivalry for his affection has developed. There was never an attempt to cause one to occur. If Bettie is starting to feel challenged, Lynda would happily leave and never, ever come around.

The towel drops. The gorgeous beauty stands in front of the mirror completely naked. Standing so Lynda’s reflective image is kept in vision, Bettie begins to apply body cream. The liquid pours over a perky rack where rivers of the lotion slither down the compacted and firm body.

The fluid is slowly rubbed onto the freshly cleans body slowly. At each breast a circular application leading to an erect nipple is done. Each dark nub is kneads suggestively.

The lovely Latina’s hands then moves down a taut abdomen in a leisurely manner. The lotion is spread across a flat stomach with caressing fingers. A cute belly button is briefly played with.

“Lynda has bigger tits, fuller hips, an’ so beautiful.” Bettie laments.

Starting with one leg at the ankle, the teasing brown skinned beauty bends over. The lotion is massaged in at the base of the foot. The hot Latina works with an unhurried style up the leg to the inner thigh. This technique is repeated on the other leg.

A small tight ass and crotch is in full view of the peeking sister-in-law while application continues. Lynda could see the black haired lined slit clearly. The glistening pink lips spread open as the sexy sister-in-law bends over.

Becoming aroused by the scene and wishing to ensure no rivalry has started, Lynda enters the bedroom. Stealthily, she moves up behind Bettie. Reaching around the dark haired angel’s slender body, soft hands are place tenderly on the brown naked titties.

“Your breasts are so firm, an’ your nipples are perfect,” she whispers.

“Do’ya really think so?” Bettie asks leaning back.

“Oh yes,” the blonde ex-stripper responds wistfully, squeezing the swollen nipples harder.

“Ohhhhh,” Bettie moans.

“An’ look at your pretty bush,” Lynda adds sliding a comforting hand between the curvy legs. “That hair is such a pretty raven black. Remember, mine is so pale”.

“Really?” Bettie query.

“Yes,” Lynda adds, “Look”.

Lynda tugs down a pair of jogging shorts. A set of athletic legs spread for examination. A tee-shirt is pulled off while a pink pussy is displayed.

“Wow,” exclaims Bettie looking at blond triangle between smooth legs, “I’ve forgotten how hot you look.”

The golden pussy fur is gently stroked. It becomes very wet and sticky. A mischievous grin appears on the young wife’s face.

“You, bitch,” Lynda realizes, enjoying the loving kartal escort fingers, “That is a con you just pulled on me!”

“Damn straight it is,” the young wife, admits, “If ya want my pussy, just come in.” An adventurous finger probes the pink slit.

“But I like lookin’ at your beautiful body,” Lynda admits reaching for the dark haired pussy. “You move so sexy.” A forefinger and thumb captures the engorged clit.

Bettie stops rubbing Lynda’s cunt. Wet digits are place in the sexy blonde’s mouth. A pink tongue slowly licks the sister-in-law’s hot pussy juice from the fingers.

“You taste incredible,” a set of ruby lips smacks.

“Thanks, Hon/” Bettie admits, “It makes me feel much better to know we’re not rivals.”

“Rivals?” the turned on sister-in-law smiles, “No, sweet lips, we’re lovers.”

The big-breasted blond is then pushed backwards out of the bathroom and onto the large queen sized bed. The scheming Latina wedges between a set of dancer’s legs. A set of tender young digits spreads a pair of cunt lips wide apart.

Bettie drops to knees. A hot tongue then begins licking a swollen clit. The sexy former stripper slowly elevates a set of tanned legs.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Lynda moans enjoying the action.

A hot tongue parts the pink pussy lips. The sexy black haired siren enters the blond trimmed, wet slit. An excited tip darts in and out teasingly.

The wet pussy begins opening and closing involuntarily in spasmodic action. The cunt tries to grab the hot tongue to keep it inside. Lustful Latina pushes lips aggressively on the wet hole.

Bettie rubs Lynda’s hot clit with a long middle finger. This adds to the grown pleasure waves building in the young blond. Her sister-in-law tongue fucks expertly.

The soft moans coming from the master bedroom catches Dale attention. He quietly creeps to the door and peers inside. He sees the girl-girl scene and grins.

His sexy spouse is eating his equally sexy sister’s pussy. A naturally brown bare ass faces him. A beautiful sight it is.

The wet cunt lips are inviting as Bettie wiggles slender hips. Dale smiles thinking she has become a real cunt hound. As each day goes by, her lesbian desires seem to grow.

A husband’s cock begins to grow. A pair of tight trousers is unzipped and dropped. A newly released hard cock is stroked.

While masturbating, the young husband slowly enters the bedroom. Neither Lynda nor Bettie are aware of his presence. The turned on spouse is only inches from the hot naked ass.

Holding a hard cock by the shaft, the unsuspecting love tunnel is lined up while stepping closer. With precise aim, the stiff dick head shoves deep inside of dark haired hotbox.

“Ahhhhhhh!” she squeals.

The sexy wife quickly looks behind. Dale’s hard cock is already half way inside of a juicy pussy. She smiles and opens wider to accept the rest of the invading shaft.

“God, Baby,” she says lustfully, “You just can’t resist my pussy.”

“You know you like it, my oversexed wife,” he responds shoving the hard cock all the way in.

“Mmmmh,” Lynda moans wiggling a fine ass again, “You do feel nice.”

Dale fucks with long deep strokes. The hot wife returns to Lynda’s hot pussy once again. Her face is buries deeper as cunt licking increases.

“Fucccccccccck,” Lynda whimpers.

A set of firm hips thrust against the pleasure making tongue. A hot pussy grinds against the pleasure making mouth. The erotic dancer’s body humps and twists to the sexy Latina’s active tongue.

Dale watches Bettie eat Lynda while deeply penetrating the hot cunt. A set of firm hips thrust back automatically accepting the big hard cock deeper.

“Oh god,” Bettie coos hotly, “You’re touchin’ all the right spots, baby.”

This causes the raven-haired vixen to speeds up the licking and sucking of the sexy blond cunt. Lynda’s body increases the vacillating. A golden blond head flips back and forth.

“Oh damn you, bitch!” she says in a high-pitched squeak, “You’re such’a good cunt lover!”

“Eat that pussy faster, my lesbo wife,” the pumping Dale huffs, “Suck all those juices.”

“Ahhhhhhhh!!” Lynda groans loudly. “My cunny’s explodin’!” She happily wails, “Ohhhhhhhh fuck! Oh sweet fuck!”

Lynda’s body vibrates in response to the arriving orgasmic waves. A gorgeous pussy’s juices flow into Bettie’s mouth. The sex driven sister-in-law hungrily laps at the escaping fluids.

“Sweet Jesus!” Lynda cries feeling the pleasure making lips work, “That’s gotta be the best cunt suckin’ ever!!”

“Fuckkkkkk, Bettie,” Dale groans hoarsely feeling sudden climax happen, “You’re sooooooo tight!” Cum rushes to exit the stiff rod. “Gooooood God!” He screams wildly as sperm blast into the young wife’s cunt, “Iiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Sensations run rampant throughout the solid, masculine body. Warm sperm floods in buckets as a young pussy tightens. The hot cum quickly fills the vaginal cavity and oozes down between the firm inner thighs.

“Oh darlin’!” Bettie maltepe escort bayan gasps feeling the large cock twitch and pulsates, “Oh my God!” A set of brown legs trembles uncontrollably. “Yessssssssss! I’m cummmmmmmmin’!”

The young wife rocks savagely against the ramming cock. She is consumed with sexual lust. The beautiful young body quivers with passion.

Momentarily the three of them holds motionlessly recovering from the climaxes. Dale looks over at his hot sister. She lay on the bed with a wonderful glistening pussy.

“How about you, Sis?” Dale asks removing a still hard cock, “Do’ya want some this too?”

“Oh, yes, please give me some too, Baby,” she groans holding out a set of inviting arms, “This girl would like to feel her brother’s cum inside her now.”

Dale moves around his wife and onto the bed. A tee shirt is strips off while climbing on top of Lynda. A set of firm legs immediately rises. They wrap around a solid back.

A swollen cock head slides inside of the taboo love hole. She moans softly in his ear as stiff rod goes deeper. Soon the brother’s hard cock quickly up to the hilt.

“Fuck me Baby,” Lynda hisses, “Take me to the fantasy I’ve always wanted.”

A stiff cock pumps faster. The forbidden passion immediately takes over as he fucks mercilessly. A hard cock plunges deep inside the sibling’s hot pussy.

Bettie straddles Lynda’s face. The freshly fucked pussy lowers onto her sister-in-law’s open mouth. The sex-hazed blonde’s tongue quickly attacks the offering cunt.

Lynda licks her brother’s cum from the pink pouty pussy lips. The hot tasty snatch responds by getting wetter. Noisy lapping of emitting juices sound into the room.

“Oh nice,” Lynda hisses, “Put that tongue to work, baby.”

Dale sucks on a pink, erect nipple as a hard cock slides pass the hungry pussy up. His sister’s twat is surprisingly tighter than normal. He bites the tender nipples as a strong orgasm approaches.

Lynda sucks and washes the dark haired pussy wildly. The mix love juices are greedily devoured. A greedily mouth slurps and sucks unabatedly.

“God, girl,” Dale groans, “I’m gonna fill your hot pussy with my cum!”

“Yes,” Lynda pants, removing her mouth from Bettie’s cunt, “Shoot it deep inside of me, big brother!”

“Ohhhhhh!” Dale screeches feeling a ball sac tighten, “You’re one hot fuckin’ whore!” He yells loudly as sperms boils up the cockshaft, “You’re a slut cunt supreme!” The engorged cock throbs uncontrollably as the cum erupts.

“Oh yes, baby!” she moans as the taboo thick liquid enters a throbbing pussy, “It’s so hot! It’s so fuckin’ hot!”

Dale pumps a spewing cock rapidly into Lynda. The sperm discharges wildly into a quivering love cavern. A flat pelvis humps against the pumping rod to capture all of the sweet juices.

“You’re such’a great stud, dear brother,” Lynda groans shivering with the final wave of the climax.

Lynda quickly returns to sucking out Bettie. The sexy blonde’s hot tongue laps and licks with abandonment. An anxious mouth nibbles on the dark haired clit.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Bettie wails, “Eat me, woman! Suck out all your brother’s juices!”

The hot wife rocks and shakes as a climax peaks. A set of firm hips hump rapidly against the pleasure making mouth passionately. A last trembling rolls thorough the taunt Latina body.

She collapses on the bed next to Lynda. Dale crawls up on the other side of his sister. They all smile in silence.

“Hey, guys,” Lynda being the first to speak, “Let’s do something really wild.”

“Like we haven’t been?” Dale quips.

“Whatcha got in mind?” Bettie asks.

“Let’s get really darin’,” Lynda suggests, “Let’s go fuck in the back yard.”

“That’s insane,” Dale, argues, “We could get caught!”

“That’s why I wanna do it!” the sexy sister enlightens, “It’s dangerous. We could be seen.”

“I dunno, Sis,” Dale half-heartedly debates, “We could end up deep shit if catches.”

“I like the idea,” Bettie chirps up.

“You do?” the surprised husband awes.

“Yeah!” the sexy wife states, “It’s really a hot idea! So..So..So..evil!” She giggles.

Lynda sits up and leans over. A large titty brushes against his bare chest. A mischievous look appears in the pale blue eyes.

“Let’s go for it, big brother,” she urges in a soft voice, “Let’s risk being caught.” She reminds with a chuckle, “Besides, you know a stripper can’t resist gettin’ naked in public.”

Bettie then sits up and leans into him. A full boob rubs against his chest. A set of dark brown eyes also has a devious look.

“Let’s be unconventional,” Bettie advocates in an exaggerated hot Latino voice, “Let’s challenged society’s norms.” The pretty young wife adds lightly, “Besides our neighbors just might enjoy a cheap thrill.”

Dale was weakening. He didn’t know if it is the two beautiful women leaning over him, or it is the titties massaging his chest. Then it could be the rising erection occurring. But the turned on husband knew he wouldn’t escort pendik win this argument.

“Ok,” Dale concedes, “Let’s do it!”

Both girls squeal with delight. Each gives him a deep kiss. Then they kiss.

The trio hops off the bed. Bettie stops briefly at the dresser door. A silver dildo is pulled out.

“When the hell did’ya git that?” Dale asks surprises.

“I’ve have it for awhile,” she answers with a smirk.

The taboo trio then leaves the bedroom. They march nakedly across the living room. Dale noticed their nipples were as hard as his dick. All were ready for this exotic scene.

Lynda opens the door. The warm night air is inhaled deeply. The ex-stripper’s fabulous chest looks even nicer to the other two.

All step onto a cement surface. The night sky is cloudy. A slight summer breeze is stimulating.

There is an eight-foot fence that surrounds the back yard. That is no guarantee the adventurous threesome wouldn’t be seen. Many of the neighbors’ homes are second storied. Anyone could spot the trio in the back yard.

Bettie takes up a position in a patio chair. The young wife straddles the arms with slender brown legs. It was appearant that an oversensitive was being exposed cunt for the silver dildo.

Lynda grabs Dale’s hard shaft. She leads the taller sibling to the middle of the yard. The lusting sister lays down spread-eagled.

“Here you go, big brother,” she invites huskily, “My pussy is ready for another good fuck.”

“It’s showtime,” Dale says dropping to knees.

Between the curvy legs, the hot brother then leans down and captures a pink, stiff nipple. He feels a gentle hand rub his neck and ears.

“I just can’t get enough of your cock,” Lynda sighs, “Your dick is my master.”

“You’re a cunt, sis,” Dale hisses alternating between the nipples, “You’re a whore with no scruples.”

“I don’t see you sayin’ no to my pussy.” The lust filled sister arches a slim back for better access to the large flesh mounds. “You seemed to be ready to bone me even if it means bein’ spotted.”

“That’s your fault,” the turned on brother remarks sucking in an erect nipple.

“Say what!?” Lynda yips out as a wet cunt rubs against the rock hard cock, “How’s that?”

“If you weren’t suck an easy piece of ass,” Dale flippantly remarks sucking in the other nipple, “I would be fuckin’ you so often.”

“Yeah. Right,” Lynda rebuffs indifferently. “Fuck your sister now!” A set of dancer’s legs cross around his back as she orders, “Take me to the fantasy I’ve always wanted!”

Dale needs no more encouragement. A full cock slides into the perfectly fitted cunt. The legs grip even tighter. Pussy muscles suddenly tense. They adhere around the stiff cock shaft milking it for all the taboo cum!

Lynda looks up at the masturbating Bettie saying, “Git that cunt ready, slut!” She hotly predicts, “I’m gonna eat that pussy raw!”

“You really like my wife’s cunt?” Dale groans pumping deeply, “Dontcha?”

“I hav’ta,” Lynda confesses, “I love you so much that I hav’ta have the cunts you love as well.”

She pulls him closer. They French kiss passionately. A pair of tongues lustfully dances.

Dale place pecking kisses on a cute ear and then down a long neck. He nibbles and kisses both nipples on top of the enhanced mountains. The hot brother’s lust is rising.

His sister, his lover, has his passions. She’s one exotic woman. A sex machine extreme.

The taboo cock just can’t go deep enough. A set of large balls slaps off the wet pussy lips. The whacking sounds echoes into the night.

The sounds increase the passions. Dale ram faster and harder. He is bringing his hot sister to a climax.

“Motherfuck,” Lynda groans, “I’m already cumin’!”

The wetness of the wonderful pussy suddenly increases. It causes him to become hotter. Hot sperm rises in an erected shaft.

“Sis,” the hot brother pants, “I’m cumin’ as well!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Lynda shrieks.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Dale screams.

A kiss becomes deeper Young, fit bodies press together hotly in a passionate embrace. The forbidden lovers bounce with unrestricted lust.

“Fuck me raw!” Dale loudly groans, “I feel my cum rushin’ out!”

The sensation of the orgasm causes the humping strokes shortened. The arriving thrill waves impede motion. Dale’s body spasms like an epileptic seizure.

Lynda’s cunt muscles flex around the stiff pole. The sexy blond’s body gyrates faster. The pale blue eyes widen and a set of ruby lips open with the feeling of the climaxic sensation.

“Oh sweet Mary!” she exclaims in a pant,” I’m gonna cum again!”

The lusting brother is stimulated even more to his sister’s climaxing. A forbidden dick pumps faster and deeper. Once again a set of big balls whacks against a firm ass.

“I’m gonna fuck you raw, my bitch sister!” Dale grunts savagely, “I’m gonna fuck ya to death!”

Lynda’s knees rise. The pussy canal feels even better to the sex driven brother. The rhythm increases into a humping frenzy.

“I’m gonna cum in ya, sis!” Dale shouts behind clinched teeth. “I’m gonna fill your whore twat!”

“That’s right, baby!” a masturbating Bettie cheers over the silver dildo hum, “Fuck your sister hard!” She then orders hotly, “Open wide, cunt! Be my husband’s slut!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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