Daddy Seeded Me for Good

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My Dad and I have been fucking each other. It all began when my Mother was away for a weekend. Daddy visited me in my bedroom and had me suck his dick. Since then he has been taking me with his bare cock. I figure since I am over eighteen I can have the man I love.

It all came crashing down when my Mom caught us. Mom was going out to shop so my Dad and I decided to have sex while she was gone. Unfortunately, my mother forgot something and she turned around and came back home.

I will never forget her face when she walked in on us. I was riding my Dad’s stiff cock. All I heard was my Mom’s voice.

“Oh my God!”

I turned to see my mother standing there. It was strange. I pulled off of my Dad and gathered up my clothes and walked to the bathroom. Mom and Dad proceeded to have a loud fight. I stayed in the bathroom until I heard the front door slam. Dad said my mother had gathered some clothes together and had left. He didn’t say where she was going.

All I can tell you was the sex became more intense. We immediately went back to my bedroom. Daddy told me to lie on my stomach. He pulled my ass up from the bed. He pried my legs apart. I knew my pussy was exposed to bahis firmaları him. I soon felt the tip of my Dad’s cock at my opening. He entered me hard and filled me with his man cock.

I just remember screaming at my Dad to fuck me hard. He did just that. My Dad has a long, fat dick. He pushed into me as hard as he could. He never used a rubber when we had sex. He always said it felt so much better when he could feel my pussy muscles wrapped around his hard member.

I liked it better that way as well. Daddy drilled me deep after my Mom left us. I know I begged him to seed me. We had talked about my Dad making me pregnant. I wanted that so much. Daddy stretched my pussy that day. We both became so excited. He finally ended giving me what I wanted.

Daddy grunted a few times and then he unloaded. I tightened around his hardness as my Dad soaked my pussy with his sticky love cum. I can still the heat when he seeded my body. I took every drop of his spunk that day. Daddy collapsed on my back as we both tried to compose ourselves. Daddy whispered that he hoped he made me pregnant soon.

A lot of things happened after Mom caught us. Mom filed for divorce. Daddy said she kaçak iddaa didn’t want the farm but she ended up with all the savings. Things were going to be tight for awhile, my Dad said. I didn’t care as long as I had my Dad as my lover. I have to admit, our lovemaking got more intense after Mom left.

We didn’t have to sneak around anymore. I was in my Daddy’s bed every night now. I couldn’t believe how often my Dad could go. We tried so many positions in bed. Our favorite was always with me on top of my Dad. I would slide up and down his thick prick. Daddy would bring his ass up from the bed and fill me that way.

I did like this position as my Dad could reach up and fondle my tits. He would squeeze them roughly and pull on my nipples. I would scream loudly as he worked on my tits. This would always bring us to an intense orgasm. Daddy always seemed to have plenty of cum to give to me. He would flood my tummy with his loving every time.

It didn’t take long before I missed my period. When I tested myself I found out I was finally pregnant. My belly is now showing somewhat. It gets my Dad so horny these days. We still have these intense sex sessions. Daddy still loves to give kaçak bahis my pussy a good fucking.

I’m beginning to show my baby bump. It only seems to make me more horny. In the evening, Dad and I will be in bed together. He will have me get on all fours. I slide a pillow under my belly. Dad will place his large hands on my waist and then he slides into my gaping pussy. I am glad we are out in the country. I tend to scream a lot as I feel Dad’s big pecker going in and out of me.

My muscles get wrapped tight around Dad’s thick cock. He knows exactly how to turn me on. I love the feel of his mushroom reaching deep inside my belly. He stirs his cock around, rubbing against my pussy walls. I tend to have one orgasm after another. I often beg for Dad’s cock. I tell him to never pull out of me. About this time, Dad usually loses control and he floods me with his seed.

That is the best part for me. I love feeling his warm seed flowing into my body. It makes me feel like a woman. Once Dad is finished he pulls out and has me clean off his spent prick with my mouth. I will take as much of his cock as I can down my throat. I will look up at his face to see his expression. I often feel like I am his young whore who he uses daily.

I don’t know what will happen once I begin to show more. People are already beginning to talk. I really don’t care about all the gossip. I can’t wait to have my Dad’s baby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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